Gilmore Girls: Season 2 Wrap-Up

I finally finished Season 2!  It feels like it took forever…because it kind of did, but now it’s time for my season recap!

Numbers Time!

There are a total of 22 episodes, 2 of which got a rating of one mug of coffee, and 6 got 4 mugs of coffee.  Looking at season 2 overall, nothing really blew me away.  Or came close to blowing me away, which is probably why Season 2 got 2.81 mugs of coffee overall.

Also looking at overall ratings, this season was more on the side of meh.  It had some great moments, and some not so great moments, like anything else.  Which is interesting, because I felt like I enjoyed it even though it was more meh than I remembered/was expecting.


I am not a Rory/Dean fan, which I think is pretty evident.  I think Dean has a tendency to be super-jealous and sometimes I think he over-reacts to things.  But that’s just me…and if you have a different opinion, I’d actually be really interested to hear why.

Lorelei and Max only lasted a few episodes before Lorelei called off the wedding, which wasn’t a big surprise, because it seemed like there was a hint of getting married because it was expected.  I don’t doubt her feelings for Max, because it did seem like they were there.  It just felt like he was more interested in commitment than Lorelei ever was, so I’m actually glad she called it off before actually getting married and then realizing she didn’t want to be married.  Assuming that’s what was going on, because who knows if that’s what was really going on?

Also: Lorelei and Chris.  It just never seems to work out for them, in terms of timing. Although, I don’t like them as a couple, but I get that if they ever get together without something happening, they’ll be the family they should have been.

Other Stuff:

There were things that made no sense whatsoever.  Like, Lorelei’s bachelorette party. Why on earth would she have it a place where her 16-year-old daughter is old enough to attend?  Never mind the fact that Rory gets in for the sake of the episode, but considering how close they are, and that they’re best friends, you’d think Lorelei would take that into consideration.  Also, what would have happened if Rory couldn’t get in?  Would they have to go do something else, or would Rory go home?

And there’s Mia, who owns the Independence Inn.  I get that this was probably the best place to introduce her, but for someone who is so important to Lorelei, why is it that she’s never mentioned until now?

One of the biggest questions for me was why Emily and Richard never tried to bring Lorelei back home.  And why Mia never sent Lorelei home.  I can get Lorelei being resistant to not going home, so did Mia try to but decided not to push it, or did Mia just accept it, no questions asked?

The whole Jess thing: I feel like I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say.  At least, from what we’ve seen so far.  Jess has issues, and he didn’t make a good impression on the people from Stars Hollow, and to some degree, I feel like they see what they want to see.  We do see a few moments where Jess is actually sort of nice, and I (sort of) wish people gave him a chance.

Bonus Features:

It didn’t occur to me until a few weeks ago, but I think it would be fun to watch all of the bonus features, and talk about them.  At some point, I’ll do season one, which really could pop up at any time.  There’s a compilation of the different arguments throughout the season, the film by Kirk from a few episodes ago, a few deleted scenes, and Gilmore Girls translated into other languages.  And one of the episodes had random trivia throughout the episode, which I haven’t watched yet.  The thing about Gilmore Girls being translated was really interesting, because how do you translate some of the pop culture stuff that’s specific to the U.S.?  Some of it doesn’t seem to translate well, and some stuff just doesn’t translate well to begin with, so it was interesting to see how Gilmore Girls was translated into French, Italian and German.

The most interesting deleted scene was from Sadie, Sadie, the first episode of the season.  Rory is making a pro/con list of why Lorelei should marry Max, and wants Lorelei to consider it.  It is a pretty big, serious, important decision, and Lorelei (understandably and responsibly) doesn’t want to make her decisions based off of a list of Rory’s.  What’s most interesting is that even in this scene, Lorelei doesn’t seem completely sure about getting married, and it seemed to me that her getting married because people expected her to say yes was a factor.  Or I’m reading too much into it.  So who knows?

Final Thoughts:

I already gave my overall rating for the season (2.81 mugs of coffee in case you’ve forgotten) and I think I’ve said pretty much everything I’ve wanted to say.  I do feel like I’ve gotten better at summarizing/recapping episodes and at balancing my thoughts with what happened in the episode.  Also, I feel like quite a few pop culture references went over my head.  It is fun to try to figure them out, but sometimes I feel like they are a bit too obscure.  At least for me.

I’ll be taking a break from all Gilmore Girls-related things next week, but my Season 3 recap will start on September 2.

Gilmore Girls 2×22: I Can’t Get Started

I Can’t Get Started originally aired May, 21, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and John Stephens and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with Sookie, Rory, Lorelei and Michel listening to the song that Sookie wants to walk down the aisle to.  A couple seats have opened up, so Sookie asks Lorelei and Rory if they have anyone else they want to add…and Lorelei says she’ll see if Richard and Emily want to come.

Friday Night Dinner: Lorelei talks about two funny words: oy and poodles.  She coins a new catchphrase: “Oy, with the poodles already,” which is the result of putting oy and poodles in the same sentence.  She also invites Richard and Emily to Sookie’s wedding, and they both think it’s a pity invite because somebody canceled a week before the wedding.

Lorelei finally makes her way into Luke’s, after taking over half an hour to get inside, but Rory and Dean ordered breakfast without her, and are ready to go by the time Lorelei sits down.  She apologizes to Luke for freaking out, which I kind of forgot about, but Luke was never mad at her.

Paris is running for student body president, and needs Rory to run as her vice-president so that she’ll get elected.  Paris pulls the Harvard card, knowing it’ll get Rory to run for vice-president.  Rory does agree, but isn’t sure about spending the summer in Washington D.C. for a leadership conference.  Rory also gets her cast off.

At the rehearsal dinner, we learn that wearing a kilt is a family tradition, and Jackson isn’t happy that Sookie is going along with it.  We also learn that Chris is having problems with Sherry, which is why he’s been around a little more.  The night before Sookie’s wedding, things change between Lorelei and Chris, and it seems like things are actually going to work out between them.  Or: things are headed in that direction.

At the diner, Luke goes up to his apartment, and finds Jess.  Jess actually wants to come back to Stars Hollow, and knows that things are going to have to be different. Mostly because Jess proved everyone right when Luke took Jess in.  As Jess leaves, Luke tells him that Rory and Dean are still together and that things are going well between them.

We finally get to Sookie’s wedding, where Emily and Richard do show up, because not attending would be rude.  Also: Sherry is pregnant, and any chance of Lorelei and Chris being together is effectively ruined.  Because Chris wants to do the right thing, and be there for this child.  He never forgave himself for missing out on being a part of Rory’s life, and so he goes back to Boston.

Rory sees Jess, kisses him, and then runs off, freaking out and not wanting Jess to say anything.  Rory shows up, tells Lorelei she’s going to Washington D.C. and the season ends with Lorelei and Rory walking down the aisle.


We’ve finally arrived at the season finale!  I can’t believe I’m headed to season 3.

Oy with the poodles already!  This, for me, is a classic Gilmore Girls line, and I feel like it’s a secret handshake or something, because this is one of the most memorable lines of the entire series.  You know someone’s a Gilmore Girls fan if they understand what you mean when you say it.

Also: Rory kissing Jess.  I don’t know what to think, especially after the end of the last episode, where Rory is convinced that Dean is going to be her only boyfriend.  Even though Rory seems to feel something for Jess, it’s still a little weird to me that she would kiss Jess.  However, I understand not wanting him to say anything, and for her reaction afterwards.

However: Lorelei and Chris.  As for Chris not being around when Rory was growing up, I do sort of wonder how much of it was Chris being a 16-year-old and how much of it is Lorelei.  Because we know their parents wanted them to get married, and I’m pretty sure it’s been said that Chris wanted to get married but Lorelei didn’t.  Did Chris flake out, or did he not know where to find Lorelei after she left home, or did she not want him super-involved or something?  Actually, it seems like it took Chris a long time for him to get his life together, so that could be it.  It happened, and part of me wants to know why, but I don’t think we’ll get that question answered.  I get Lorelei being upset, because it did seem like things were going to work out between them for once, but I don’t blame Chris for wanting to do the right thing with Sherry. Especially after not being a part of Rory’s life for so long.

And one last thing: how on earth is Rory able to run for student body vice-president at the last minute?  It seems like something you have to do ahead of time, and not a few days before the actual election because Paris wants to better her chances of winning.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei: “Oy with the poodles already!”

Pop Culture:

Girl Interrupted, Little Debbie, Disney Princesses, Sleepless In Seattle, “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

Episode Wrap-Up:

It’s a pretty decent season finale, and we are ready to go for season 3!  Things were wrapped up pretty well, but there are some things that will make season 3 pretty interesting.  I Can’t Get Started gets 4 mugs of coffee.


Gilmore Girls 2×21: Lorelei’s Graduation Day

Lorelei’s Graduation Day originally aired May 14, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbitt.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with Rory and Lorelei going to Sookie’s for breakfast.  Lane wants to practice drumming on their pots and pans, and Lorelei suggests giving out aspirin as the wedding favors.

This episode is all about Lorelei’s graduation from her community college.  Lorelei invites Sookie and Jackson, in addition to Rory, but she’s also hesitant to invite her parents.  Rory ignores this and talks to Emily and Richard, giving them the invitation. Lorelei doesn’t think they’ll be interested in coming, since she never graduated from high school, went to college and got married and because she humiliated them when she got pregnant with Rory.

While Lorelei is focused on her graduation, Rory gets a call from Jess…and then ditches school to go visit him in New York.  She finds this awesome present for Lorelei, but forgets it on the bus.  That bus turned out to be a local bus (and not an express bus) so Rory missed Lorelei’s entire graduation ceremony.  Emily and Richard do attend the ceremony, and Lorelei does seem glad they came- even getting a picture with them after the ceremony.  Emily goes overboard and has a camera guy filming the entire ceremony.  A couple of Lorelei’s classmates (one of whom is played by Seth MacFarlane) comment on Emily and her “precious” child.

Rory is waiting for Lorelei at home, and clearly feels bad about missing Lorelei’s graduation.  Lorelei is very hurt by this, because she and Rory are close, and Rory is the reason why Lorelei did the graduation ceremony in the first place.  Rory is upset that she missed it because she was acting selfish, and starts punishing herself.  Lorelei thinks that Rory went to New York to see Jess because Rory is falling for Jess, and that Rory ditching to see Jess does mean something.  Rory is convinced that Dean will always be her boyfriend, and doesn’t want to hear that she may like Jess.  The episode ends with Lorelei deserving to go out with Rory to celebrate her graduation.


I don’t have a lot of thoughts on this episode.  One random thing: I was quite surprised to see Seth MacFarlane in the opening credits, but managed to figure out his character in a minute or two.  I know Jon Hamm makes a cameo later on the series, but I can’t remember which season.  Like, I wonder how many people have made appearances on this show that I totally missed because I wasn’t paying attention?  I may have to be on the look-out for this, but I have the feeling that some of them might go over my head.

Getting back on topic: I get why Lorelei doesn’t want her parents to attend, and why she thinks they won’t attend the ceremony.  But missing her high school graduation…wouldn’t that be more reason for them to attend this one, even if it is a community college?  Maybe I’m just being too hopeful.  She does seem glad they came after the ceremony is over, and Richard and Emily did show up, which has to count for something, right?

Also: Rory ditching school to see Jess in New York.  I think there is something to what Lorelei said about it meaning something, Actually, given how Lorelei feelings towards Jess over the last couple of episodes, I’m surprised Lorelei was fairly calm about Rory seeing Jess.  I don’t know if it’s because they’ve exhausted this particular conversation, or if Lorelei decided to not make an issue of it because she’s upset that Rory missed her graduation or if it’s something completely different.  But I’m glad Lorelei didn’t make a big thing about it, because Rory clearly felt bad about what happened.

I kind of expected more to happen, considering the next episode is the season finale, but with a lot going on the last couple episodes and with the upcoming finale, maybe this odd mix of filler that sort of moved things along was necessary?

Favorite Lines And/Or Scenes:

Nothing stood out to me in this episode

Pop Culture:

Sting, Mick Jagger, The Graduate

Final Thoughts:

I have nothing else to add.  It’s a pretty decent episode, and has a few moments that are memorable enough.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×20: Help Wanted

Help Wanted originally aired May 7, 2002.  This episode was written by Allan Heinberg and was directed by Chris Long.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

Help Wanted opens with Lorelei and Rory going to Luke’s, only to find it’s closed.

Here’s the deal with this episode: Richard’s secretary from his old firm isn’t willing to leave the firm because he’s not able to match her salary.  He and Emily talk about not going forward with Richard’s own business, and don’t consider hiring someone until Lorelei mentions it.  She offers to help out until he gets a secretary hired.

Dean finds out that Jess is gone and what happened.  Rory is surprised that Dean didn’t yell or otherwise cause a scene and Lorelei tells Rory that she should be glad things are okay.  And with Jess gone, Rory and Dean can start over.  Rory apologizes to Taylor for hitting the bench that had a sign for his store on out, and tries to explain that it was partially her fault.  Taylor, however, is only the first to say that it’s completely Jess’ fault, as he was the one driving.

Richard has a launch party for his new business, and this is when Emily learns that Rory has a fractured wrist.  Emily wants to talk about it at the party, even though Lorelei clearly doesn’t want to.  You’d think Emily- who’s pretty concerned about appearances and the proper time to do things- would want to wait.  Emily, naturally, thinks Lorelei was being irresponsible, which is when Rory interrupts to say that she and Jess should be blamed equally.

Rory and Lorelei have a fight/conversation in the hallway about how Rory is tired of everyone acting like she’s a mindless idiot being led around by a guy and that she’s tired of everyone acting like she had no role in the accident.  Lorelei believes that since Rory wasn’t driving, she isn’t to blame at all- if she is, the blame she gets is miniscule in comparison to Jess.  We can’t forget about how an accident wouldn’t have happened if Dean were driving, because Dean’s a more responsible driver than Jess. Rory makes an interesting point that Lorelei doesn’t know how Jess was driving, and makes a snarky-to-me comment about how Jess is the Anti-Christ and wanted them to get into an accident.

This is when Lorelei says that Jess is going to be blamed no matter what, and that Lorelei wins because Jess has since left Stars Hollow.  Jess isn’t Rory’s friend, and that Jess is a kid who is out-of-control and has no respect for her or Luke.   Rory goes home, we see Lane in the new music store…and Luke is back from a fishing trip.  Rory has some coffee, and tells Luke that it wasn’t Jess’ fault, which Luke knows.


I have quite a few thoughts on this episode!

I TOTALLY get Rory’s frustration.  I mean, people are acting like it’s completely Jess’ fault, and they are not at all willing to hear her side.  I also understand Jess was the one driving, and why he’s getting all the blame for it.  I also understand that Jess has a certain reputation in town…and that it’s not a good one.  I understand that it’s easier to blame the bad kid who gets into trouble.

But it’s frustrating, because they don’t know what happened.  I’m really frustrated with Lorelei in this episode, because I think she’s being really unfair.  For all she knows, Jess could be a really good driver who just happened to get into an accident. I just think Lorelei is not willing to look past her dislike of Jess, and is looking for reasons to not like him.

Yes, Rory got hurt in an accident that happened while Jess was driving, and I understand Lorelei isn’t happy about this.  But I also think she’s going overboard with the whole “I win because Jess is gone” thing.  Also: I very much dislike that what Rory has to say doesn’t matter at all.  It’s pretty honest of Lorelei, but accidents can happen regardless of how responsible the driver is.  If anyone else were driving, everyone would have moved on already, and it wouldn’t be a big deal.  The only reason why it’s a big deal is because Jess was there.

Favorite Lines/Moments:

Waitress: “We don’t have a coffee bowl, sorry.”

The closing scene, when Rory tells Luke that the accident wasn’t Jess’ fault

Pop Culture:

Wu Tang Clan

Episode Wrap-Up/Rating:

I thought this episode was a pretty good episode.  There are definitely a few things to think about, especially the thing in the hallway at the party.  Help Wanted gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×19: Teach Me Tonight

Teach Me Tonight originally aired April 30, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Steven Robman.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with Rory and Lorelei waiting in line at Taylor’s market.  The town movie night is coming up, and when Lorelei learns that Taylor’s showing The Yearling again.  Lorelei annoys Taylor into letting her pick the movie.

This episode…doing a short summary of this episode is going to be hard.  Good thing I didn’t get too used to doing short episode recaps, but I’ll do what I can!

The short version: Lorelei is planning the big movie night in the town square.  I think it’s the annual movie “festival” but movie night seems much more appropriate given there’s only one movie being shown, with a short film by Kirk before the movie.  Jess isn’t doing well in school. because he has really bad attendance and doesn’t do his homework when he does bother to show up.  So Luke enlists the help of Rory, because Luke thinks Jess might actually listen to Rory, instead of a professional tutor. Dean is out of town, because he really needs to visit his grandma in Chicago, and Rory is worried about telling him that she’s studying with Jess.  Lorelei thinks that Rory shouldn’t tutor Jess if Rory feels the need to hide it from Dean.  Jess and Rory go out for ice cream on the condition that Jess studies when they get back…and that is when the shit hits the fan.

They get into a car accident, and Rory has minor wrist fracture.  Lorelei is- very understandably- upset that Rory is the emergency room because of a car accident in which Jess was driving.  While Rory is getting checked out one last time, Lorelei goes in search of Jess.  She obviously blames Jess, since he was driving, but she also blames Luke for bringing Jess to Stars Hollow, because his nephew almost killed Rory, which would not have happened had Luke listened to a town full of people who don’t like Jess and who think Jess is a whole lot of trouble.  She talks about he kept pushing Jess and Rory together even though he knew it made her nervous and that she (and Luke, for that matter) should have put a stop to it.  Especially Luke, because he had an obligation to not only the town, but to her.

Luke is clearly sorry about Rory, but finally tells Lorelei that at least she knows where Rory is okay and where she is, and he has to go find Jess and make sure he’s okay. And that it’s too bad if it cuts into her screaming time.  Luke finds Jess at the dock, and they just sit there.

Rory makes it home, we see the very strange short film by Kirk, followed by The Yearling.  And it is at the move in the square that we learn that Luke took Jess to the bus station in the middle of the night and sent him home.


I have quite a few thoughts about this episode.  I kind of agree with Lorelei when she talks about how if Rory has to hide it from Dean, maybe she shouldn’t be tutoring Jess. They have been having some issues lately, and it seems like her friendship with Jess is a major part in that.  Yes, Rory is a good kid and wants to help Jess, but she does it even though she knows it won’t go over well with Dean.  At the same time, she shouldn’t have to turn it down because of Dean, so I’m not completely sure what to think.  Although…would Rory have agreed if Dean were still in town?

Also: I get Lorelei being really worried about Rory, and I get her being upset in an accident that happened while Jess driving.  I get that Lorelei being upset is why she went to the diner and said and did the things she did.  I get blaming Luke is just as easy as blaming Jess, so even though I think Jess almost killing Rory is an exaggeration and calling Jess Luke’s punk nephew is a bit…excessive, I totally understand where she’s coming from.  Although…Lorelei has hated Jess from the beginning, and she’s not willing to get past that.  I am the first to admit that Jess has major issues, and why people don’t like him and he’s easy to blame, but I was sort of glad when Luke finally brought up how she knows Rory is okay.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Chris, about making Lorelei some coffee: “One bag of coffee per cup of water, right?”

Pop Culture:

Steely Dan, The Clash, School House Rock

Episode Wrap-Up:

The only thing I have to add is that I really liked this episode!  It’s what happens after the accident that I find really interesting, and so Teach Me Tonight gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×18: Back In The Saddle Again

Back In The Saddle Again originally aired April 23, 2002.  This episode was written by Linda Loiselle Guzik and was directed by Kevin Dowling.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with another Friday night dinner, where a hungry Lorelei and Rory are waiting for Richard to join them.

In this episode, Rory is working on a school project- the school business fair.  Rory, unsurprisingly, is working with Paris, Madeleine and Louise, but is also working with a couple others on this project too.  Every group has to come up with a product for teens, and their final project will be presented at the school business fair.

Michel’s mother is in town, Sookie is having issues with her wedding invitations, and things seem really awkward between Dean and Rory.  Plus, Dean seems to be randomly showing up at the house and is calling Rory a lot.

This episode is really about Richard being the parent advisor for Rory’s project.  He initially declines, but ends up changing his mind, and realizes that he doesn’t like being retired.  Which is no big shock, considering he’s mentioned that he’s always wanted to work.  What seemed to be the turning point was Rory’s group not winning.  Paris isn’t happy about this, because, well, that’s Paris.  Richard isn’t happy either, and even though Rory says it’s fine that they didn’t win, Richard still goes up to the headmaster and has a talk with him.

As for the Rory and Dean stuff…Rory tells Lorelei that everything is fine, and there have no more incidents.  She’s also not sure why Dean is feeling insecure, since she spends so much time with him.  Lorelei has a talk with Dean later on, and tells him that maybe he should give Rory some space, and relax on all the phone calls and visits.  She thinks he should let Rory go to him for a change.  The episode ends with Dean sitting on the porch, with one question/statement: “She likes him, doesn’t she?”


I know my recap is a bit scattered, but it seems like the best way to recap everything.  Plus, I hit the major points of the episode, which is really good if I’m going to share my thoughts.

I don’t really have anything to say about Richard not wanting to be retired, but I do want to talk about the Dean/Rory stuff.  I’ve definitely been hard on Dean sometimes, and I do wonder if I’m a bit too hard on Dean.  He does seem pretty clingy and jealous at times, and for me, he also seems to over-react at times.  I’m not sure if Dean’s talking about Rory liking Jess as a friend, or if he thinks Rory is into Jess, or if he thinks Jess is into Rory.

I honestly can’t remember what I originally thought about Dean and Rory’s relationship, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t paying too much attention to it.  This time around, I’m not really liking Dean and Rory together.  Dean does have some good qualities, like being loyal and calling when he says he’s going to, and watching Rory shop for books even though he’s not into reading like Rory is.  I know this is going to sound horrible, but I think Dean is kind of going the teensiest bit overboard.  I understand why he’s acting the way he is, but…for some reason, it’s really starting to bother me, and I’m not normally not bothered by boyfriends who act clingy and jealous.

Pop Culture/Favorite Moments:

I’m sad to say that I wasn’t paying enough attention to get a favorite line or moment.  As for pop culture references…I know they’re there, they just went over my head this week!

Episode Wrap-Up:

I have nothing to add, and I’m sort of amazed that this is another short one!  I was expecting more to happen, but this one seems like another filler episode.  It was an okay episode, but things that happen in this episode will play out over the last few episodes of this season…and show up in season 3.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee!

Gilmore Girls 2×17: Dead Uncles And Vegetables

Dead Uncles And Vegetables originally aired April 16, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with Emily calling Lorelei and leaving several voice mails about the DAR meeting at the end.

We next find ourselves at the Inn, where Emily is tasting soup for a DAR event.  She talks to Sookie about her wedding while Lorelei is talking to Luke, whose Uncle Louie died.  Let’s see…Emily arranges all sort of samples and other wedding things for Sookie while Lorelei is helping out at diner while Luke is taking care of his uncle’s funeral.  And a guy opens up a produce stand across the street from Taylor’s market.  Jackson is worried about Sookie, because their wedding went from simple to completely nuts.  Luke asks the town Revolutionary War re-enactors to come to Louie’s funeral because he was a veteran, but they tell Luke they’re not coming because Louie was mean and rude and didn’t participate in town stuff.  Sookie eventually realizes that her wedding plans are completely ridiculous and decides it needs to go back to normal.

Lorelei is at the diner when Emily arrives.  Emily, of course, isn’t happy because Sookie changed all of her wedding plans back to normal, and blames Lorelei.  Lorelei thinks Emily was planning Lorelei’s wedding, which is something Emily gave up on a long time ago.  Emily wanted a Russian-themed wedding for Lorelei, but pretty much says it’s irrelevant because she’s probably standing in the reception hall.

The funeral does happen, but it’s just Luke and Lorelei, when the re-enactors come.  They go back to the diner, where there’s the usual  post-funeral lunch…all for Luke, of course.  The episode ends with people telling stories about Louie.


I think that’s the shortest recap I’ve ever done…if only they were always so easy to recap!  I honestly don’t have any thoughts about this episode.  I really don’t.  It was an okay episode, and I can’t even muster up any thoughts on Emily and Lorelei’s conversation at the diner!  If there’s anything that I’d rant about, you’d think it would be that.  I actually forgot about this episode until I watched it again.  There were some funny moments, but not the most memorable episode.

Pop Culture:

The Romanov’s. I Dream Of Jeanie

Favorite Conversation:

 Emily, to Sookie: Is she always this scattered?

Sookie: She’s the sanest person I know.

Emily: That’s very sad.

Episode Wrap-Up:

The only thing I have to add is that this episode is just…kind of…there.  It’s like a filler episode or something, since the last 4 will be dealing with the season finale arc.  Well, I’m assuming the last 4 are dealing with the season finale arc, but it’s been a while…so anything is possible at this point.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×16: There’s The Rub

There’s The Rub originally aired April 9, 2002.  This episode was written by Sheila R. Lawrence and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with Lorelei and Rory at the diner, where there’s a lot of construction going on.  Lorelei gets a phone call from Emily, who has a certificate for a weekend at a nearby spa.  Lorelei makes it sound so good that Emily decides to go with Lorelei, since it’s good for 2 people.

Rory will be alone for the weekend, and we see Rory at Chilton, where Paris is upset that she got an A- on an assignment or a test.  Rory has plans, but she offers to help Paris after their quiz the following week.  Lorelei and Emily check in at the spa while Rory tells Dean she wants to be alone because she can eat Indian food and do laundry exactly the way she likes it.  Rory is worried that Dean is mad, but he says he’s more confused than anything else.

Emily is starting to annoy Lorelei, who goes into a quiet room in order to get some peace and quiet.  Rory is doing laundry and is ordering Indian when Paris comes over.  Rory says she can only study for an hour when Jess arrives with a care package from Luke.  She invites Jess to eat with her and Paris, while Lorelei and Emily get ready to go out for dinner because tofu isn’t appealing to them.

A guy is checking out Emily, while Paris, Jess and Rory have this conversation about Jack Kerouac and Jane Austen.  Dean calls because he’s on his way over to say hi in person, and arrives to find Jess leaving.  Dean is mad, and pretty much yells at Rory because she lied to him about wanting to be alone.  Rory is trying to explain, but can’t seem to get the words out.  Paris says it’s because she saw Jess at the diner once and wanted Rory to set something up.  Dean apologizes for yelling while Rory tells him it’s justified.

Emily dances with the man who was checking her out and ends up leaving because she practically cheated on Richard.  She blames Lorelei for letting them eat at the bar and says Lorelei kept pushing it even though Lorelei says they were having a good time and weren’t fighting.  It’s not how Emily wanted to act in front of her daughter, so they decide to leave the spa early.

They talk about how Lorelei and Rory are best friends first and mother and daughter second, while Lorelei and Emily are mother and daughter always.  Emily talks about how she was taught to be a role model to her child and not best friends with her child.  They steal the robes in their rooms as a way to bond before going home.

At the diner, Lorelei and Rory talk about the spa and everyone coming over.  Rory goes to pay while Lorelei is heading out to do some stuff.  She thanks Luke for the care package, but he has no clue what she’s talking about.  Rory asks Jess about it, and we learn Jess lied about Luke sending it over.  Lorelei sees Dean outside, and tells him Rory didn’t want Jess there and that she wouldn’t lie about wanting him there.


There are a couple things I wanted to talk about.  First, the talk Emily and Lorelei have at the end of the episode.  We frequently see how different the relationships are between Lorelei and Rory and Lorelei and Emily.  And even the relationship between Rory and Emily.  So it was nice to see that Emily does want a relationship with Lorelei.  It was also nice to see how Lorelei and Emily have different approaches to parenting and what Emily learned.  And how Lorelei wanted her and Rory to have a different relationship than the one Lorelei had with Emily.

And now we go to Dean, who is so dang frustrating!  I don’t get why he’s so convinced Rory was lying, because technically, she was home alone until Paris and Jess came over unexpectedly.  I also think Dean should be apologizing to Rory because she didn’t ask Jess to come over and Rory just wanted to do the nice thing and invite Jess to have some food.  He’s definitely possessive and most certainly jealous.  I get he doesn’t like Jess and that he doesn’t particularly like Rory and Jess hanging out, and it’s really starting to seem like Dean feels threatened by other guys who show an interest in Rory.  Granted, there’s not much to go on, since we only have Tristan and Jess as examples, but I’m kind of thinking Dean needs to tone it down a little.  Also, Rory not lying…I’m not sure what to say about that, so I’m just not going to say anything.

Pop Culture:

I wasn’t really paying attention to pop culture, and other than realizing the beat writers and Jane Austen being the only ones I have notes on, I have nothing!

Favorite Moments:

Lorelei and Jess telling Rory to burn the house because she ordered Indian food

Episode Rating:

I’m wavering between liking it and thinking it was an okay episode, but the Emily-Lorelei talk about mother-daughter relationships and the Lorelei-Dean talk at the end were particularly interesting.  There’s The Rub gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×15: Lost And Found

Lost And Found originally aired February 26, 2012.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Gail Mancuso.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We start off Lost and Found with Lorelei talking about to Rory about how she injured herself while cleaning out the rain gutters.

They arrive at Luke’s, where Lorelei goes to talk Luke into making breakfast for them, because she doesn’t want Cesar to make her pancakes.  Luke’s apartment is a mess, because Jess’ mom finally sent over all his stuff.  Later that night, Lorelei stops at the diner to talk to Luke while Rory gets some of the necessities for movie night.  She thinks Luke should get a bigger place, because the office-turned-apartment isn’t big enough for one person, much less two.  As Lorelei leaves, Luke asks her if she’s found someone to clean her rain gutters.  He volunteers Jess, but Lorelei says she needs to check with a couple people first.

Rory asks her who she needs to check with, and wants to know why Lorelei isn’t giving Jess a chance, even when Lorelei said she would.  Lorelei still isn’t comfortable around Jess, and even tells Rory that she doesn’t have to like Jess, even though Rory does.  Lorelei finally agrees to let Jess have the job.  They also talk about why Lorelei liking Jess is so important to Rory- which is because they’re friend-ish and because he’s Luke’s nephew.

I found this whole scene interesting.  Lorelei has a point when she tells Rory that she doesn’t have to like Jess just because Rory does.  Lorelei doesn’t have to like Jess or give him a chance just because Rory wants her to.  Given Rory’s insistence that Lorelei like Jess, you’d think Lorelei would make more of an effort.  Then again, you have two very stubborn people and this is what happens when they don’t meet in the middle.

We see Luke and Jess apartment hunting, and that they can’t seem to agree on an apartment.  Jess also arrives to clean the rain gutters, where Lorelei actually seems to make a little bit of an effort with Jess.  Jess, of course, goes silent when around Lorelei, and Rory follows him outside to ask him why he carries on a conversation with her but no one else.  Jess tells Rory that he doesn’t have to get along with Lorelei just because she’s friends with Luke or because she’s Rory’s mom.  Rory counters his statement with one of her own: he should act civil if he cares about her in any way.

So: this is classic Rory- of course, this is because I’ve watched the entire series several times, and so I feel like I have a good feel for Rory as a character.  I know she wants them to get along, and they’ve (subtly) made it clear they don’t want to make an effort to give the other a chance.  It’s also interesting that they both say pretty much the same thing, but we also see them attempt to make an effort.  The lack of effort is sort of annoying.  If they tried, and they still didn’t like each other, I’d understand not wanting to give it a try.  But they’re not even trying, which makes it frustrating to watch.

Rory is browsing the Stars Hollow book sale, where Dean waits by a pile of books.  Rory wants to browse a little more, even though she tells Dean she’s looked at everything when…he notices she is not wearing the bracelet he made her.  She tells him she took it off because of a rash she got from her Spanish mid-term, but as the viewer knows from a couple episodes ago, she lost it at the dock.  Jess took it, and has been holding onto it this entire time.

Naturally, Rory is freaking out and even tells Lorelei what’s going on with her missing bracelet.  She can’t remember the last time she remembered having it on and is convinced Dean will be mad that she lost it.  Knowing Dean, he probably would be mad about that.  Because he gets mad about a lot of stuff.  They look all over town for her bracelet, and Lorelei even takes a break to help Luke look at an apartment that is in a building owned by Taylor.

We see Jess come out of Rory’s room- he says that he wanted to see if she had a particular book.  Which Rory does have.  Lorelei is suspicious, but doesn’t say anything.  Rory comes home, talks to Jess about the bracelet, and how Dean will read more into than he should.  She looks in her room again, finds the bracelet, goes to Lane’s house to tell her she can stop praying…

…and Lorelei tells Jess he’s a jerk for making Rory look all over town for the bracelet that means the world to her.  She accuses him of stealing it, which is ridiculous, because WE KNOW IT FELL OFF, but Jess gets blamed, because, well, someone needs to be blamed, and why not blame it on the town bad boy?  Jess thinks the Rory/Dean relationship should be re-evaluated, because Rory didn’t even notice it was missing until Dean said something.

This is also an interesting point.  Was holding onto the bracelet a really crappy thing to do?  Of course it was.  And was holding onto the bracelet while Rory was freaking out also a crappy thing to do?  Of course.

But Jess did ask an interesting question.  I don’t wear jewelry all the time or anything, but if I do, it’s probably going to be a necklace.  How do you not notice a bracelet is missing for several weeks?  I am not understanding this at all.  I get that Rory barely takes the thing off, and she clearly doesn’t pay attention to whether or not she’s actually wearing it.  It’s entirely possible that she’s so used to it that she doesn’t notice anymore.  But…IT’S ON HER FREAKING WRIST.  I don’t about anyone else, but that’s something I happen to see out of the  corner of my eye for most of the day.  I’d like to think I’d notice a missing bracelet.

Luke comes over and talks to Lorelei about how he owns the building next to the diner so Taylor can’t open up a collectible plate shop.  We learn that Luke thinks Rory would be a good influence on Jess, and the episode ends with Luke smashing a hole in their apartment.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei, to Luke: “Are you getting attacked by your possessions again?”

Pop Culture:

Calgon, Mission Impossible

Episode Wrap-Up/Rating:

I think I’ve covered all of the highlights.  I really liked this episode, and it brought up some interesting points for me- including stuff that I didn’t pay attention to the first few times I watched this episode.  Lost And Found gets 4 mugs of coffee!

Gilmore Girls 2×14: Should’ve Been Lorelei

Should’ve Been Lorelei originally aired February 12, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with Lorelei and Rory at an empty Luke’s.  Lane calls Rory at Luke’s, and we learn Lane is still grounded over the Henry thing and that Rory has an upcoming debate at Chilton.

From there, Rory and Paris do more prep for the debate- and they probably know more about doctor-assisted suicide than anyone.  Chris calls, and since he’s in the area, Lorelei invites him to Rory’s debate.  While walking to the bus the next day, Rory gets a call from Lane on the payphone Rory walks by, and tells Rory she NEEDS the latest Bella Sebastian single.  At least, it sounded like Bella Sebastian, but I couldn’t quite figure that part out.  Rory says she’ll try to get it.

We see the debate, and naturally, Chilton wins.  Chris arrives with Sherry, who we get to meet for the first time.  After the debate, Lorelei invites them over to the house.  This is when things start to get a little interesting, because Sherry and Lorelei talk in the kitchen while Lorelei is getting everyone something to drink.  Sherry talks about how she and Lorelei don’t need to be friends, and that she really wants to get to know Rory because of how important Rory is to Chris.  Sherry presses the issue of doing something Rory that night, even though they have their Friday night dinner.  Lorelei calls Rory to give her the heads up, and that it might be good to get it out of the way now.

A few hours later, Chris and Sherry stop by, and Chris and Lorelei head off to Friday night dinner, while Sherry and Rory go to a movie.  Chris and Lorelei talk about her conversation with Sherry and how Lorelei isn’t happy that Chris left her out of meeting Sherry, and how she’s in the picture because she’s Rory’s mom.  He mentions how he never met Max, and how he didn’t even know Lorelei was engaged until she called him from her bachelorette party.  She says it’s completely different.

Emily has this huge melt-down, and isn’t happy Rory is out with Sherry.  Chris and Lorelei try to work with Emily and Chris apologizes a few times, but Emily thinks they’re patronizing her.  Emily pretty much interrogates Chris about “that woman” before she stalks into the kitchen.

When Lorelei goes to talk to her, she demands to know how she could let Rory go with that horrible woman, who will get her claws into Rory and make that they’ll never see Rory again if Sherry has her way.  She makes sure that Lorelei knows how important it is to not let Sherry have her on weekends.  Emily is heart-broken because she had this image of Chris, Lorelei and Rory finally being a family and accuses Lorelei of taking too much time.  Emily thinks Lorelei should have been the one to help Chris get his life together, but because she took her sweet time, it was Sherry who helped with that.  Lorelei isn’t happy about Emily putting that on her, and tells Emily that even though she may have feelings for Chris, his happiness and well-being is more important to her.

Lorelei and Rory talk about their night at Luke’s later that evening, and the next morning, Chris and Lorelei have this…interesting conversation where Lorelei talks about how she unconsciously sabotaged every relationship she was in because she and Chris together was always in the back of her mind.  She’s ready to move beyond that because something about seeing him and Sherry triggered her need to let him go.  He’s mad that she’s blaming all of her relationship unhappiness on him, and he leaves the diner to find Rory so he he can say goodbye to her before he and Sherry leave.


Here’s what I’m thinking: I didn’t really like Sherry in this episode.  I think I was neutral about her in previous viewings, but this time around, I didn’t like how she pressed the issue of doing something with Rory.  I know Rory’s contact is limited to weekly phone calls, and you have to assume she only sees Chris whenever he decides to show up.  I feel like part of it is to set up the Emily stuff later in the episode, but I also get that this is a golden opportunity to get to know Rory and that she wants to take advantage of it.  Sherry’s kind of acting like she’s never going to see Rory ever again, so it has to be now OR ELSE BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN AND SHE’LL NEVER GET TO KNOW RORY.

Rory spending time with Max versus spending time with Rory…I’m a little torn because I get where both Chris and Lorelei are coming from.  It really isn’t that different, because Max and Sherry were/are potential step-parents to Rory, who should get to know the people her parents are seriously involved with.  Lorelei is the one who’s raising Lorelei, so I get why Max and Sherry are two different things to her.  It’s almost like Lorelei feels threatened by Sherry’s possible presence in Rory’s life, and is very protective of who gets to “mother” Rory.

As for Emily…she really got carried away with the evil step-mother bit.  I get her hopes and dreams for Lorelei, Chris and Rory, and I get her melt-down.  I felt bad for Emily, who just wants them to be a family after all this time.  Lorelei’s speech to Chris was a little unfair, and I don’t blame him for thinking she was blaming him for all her relationship problems.  In all honesty, it seems like Lorelei is in love with the idea of her and Chris being together, but doesn’t truly want to be with him.

Pop Culture:

The Godfather, Dr. Kevorkian, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone

Favorite Lines And Scenes:

Paris snapping her fingers at Rory during the debate because Rory isn’t talking fast enough

Brad’s classmate, opposing school, at debate: You look sick.

Brad, former Chilton student, to classmate: I feel sick.

Episode Wrap-Up:

I get where a lot of the characters are coming from, and I felt a little bad for Emily and Chris.  It’s a pretty good episode, but not amazing, so Should’ve Been Lorelei gets 4 mugs of coffee.