My NaNo History

I thought it was time that I have a place where I talk about my past NaNo’s.  I have a page for current projects, why not have one for past projects?  If you’ve read my first post, then I’m sorry for being redundant, but if you haven’t, now you won’t have to go back to the very beginning!

So I first heard about NaNo in 2005, but decided I wouldn’t sign up because I wouldn’t have enough time.  I have regretted ever since, because it turned out I had more than enough time to do it.  I vowed I would do NaNo the next year.

2006: My first year doing NaNo, and I won!  Achieving Perfection is about Chloe, and the aftermath of a car accident that killed her grandparents and mom.  My wordcount was 50,027, so I barely won.

2007: My second year of NaNo, with another win.  We have A Twisted Life.  It’s about Hermione, who works at a museum, and chronicles her life working at a museum.  I won with 50,044, so another just-barely-won.  This year went down to the wire, just like last year.

2008: This was my 3rd year, and my 1st year doing 2 novels.  I did 2 novels because I had 2 ideas and couldn’t decide which one to do, so I decided to go with both.  First we have Bodies, which is the sequel to A Twisted Life, and Hermione’s life as a museum employee continues.  We also have Stab My Back, and I still have no clue what it’s about.  It’s loosely based off a song by the All-American Rejects, and I started it a few days in.  I started out with a different idea (a sequel to my 2006 novel) but the file got corrupted and I lost it.  I didn’t like where it was going, so I decided to go with Stab My Back.  I won both novels, with 50,003 for Bodies and 50,017 for Stab My Back.  I miraculously finished early for both novels.

2009: My fourth year, and I decided to keep up the 2-novel NaNo tradition.  First we have Look After You, which is about Lindsay and how she ended up in the Witness Protection Program.  The other novel is The Quest For Pants, which is about Alannah looking for her pants.  Because they were stolen by a demented washing machine.  I won both novels, with 50,071 for Look After You and 50,022 for The Quest For Pants.  I didn’t finish early, going down to the wire for both.  I was absolutely convinced that finishing early in 2008 was a fluke.

2010, An Interlude: So, my non-writing writer’s group decided to do our own version of NaNo in May.  I found out a couple days before May 1st, so I didn’t have much time to get something together.  I ended up doing a sequel to Look After You, because I had a copy of it printed out in a binder, along with the character profiles I had done, plus some random stuff.  And thus, my Official, Magical NaNo binder was born, undergoing some modifications along the way.  I failed dismally, only writing 8,578 words.  My writing magic was apparently only in November.

2010: And finally, last year.  With oodles of time on my hands, I decided to up the ante and write 3 novels.  First, we have Turning Point, which is about 16-year-old Kiora, who ends up with secret service protection.  Second, we have Harry Potter And The Giant Prehistoric Chicken, which I feel is self-explanatory.  The giant prehistoric chicken is a bit of an inside joke, and a very funny story.  Basically, Harry needs to find the giant prehistoric chicken to defeat Voldemort.  And finally, we have Wildflower, which was my second attempt at a sequel for my 2006 novel.  I got halfway through, and had no idea what to do with it, so I had the main character rant and complain for 25k.  I won 3 times, which was truly a miracle.  Not only that, but I finished early for 2 of them, and on the 30th for the third.  I got 50,255 words for Turning Point.  It was the only one I didn’t finish early, even though I could have, because not finishing on the 30th seemed weird.  I wrote 50,707 for Harry Potter and 50,023 for Wildflower.  To see a more detailed account, select November 2010 from the drop down menu right under my archives.  It’s also the first year where I managed to write at least a couple hundred words over the 50k mark, instead of just barely winning.

2011, an interlude: In 2011, I did 2 straight months of Camp NaNoWriMo, with one novel each for July and August.  I did two fanfics.  In July, I did an NCIS fanfic, and got to 38,000 words before abandoning that project in favor of short stories for the rest of the month.  I reached my goal of 50k, and went to work on a Harry Potter fanfic inspired by several of the short stories I wrote in July.  I reached 50k in August, and have not written anything since then.  I’m currently working on my 2 novels for November.

2011: My hardest year to date.  I started out with 2 ideas.  One was a girl who was a mermaid, and died because of it.  The other was a woman who was mistaken for an assassin.  Getting 13,000 words in for both, I realized they weren’t working for me, so I killed people off and started over with a new idea.  I got 4,500 words into a novel about roller derby and the 2 street gangs that adopted the colors of 2 rival roller derby teams.  However, I liked the idea but I didn’t want to work on it in November.  So, I started another Harry Potter fanfic about Hermione and the trouble that ensues when the Ministry enacted a marriage law.  This was the one that I had the most energy for.  I decided to do a combined total of 50,00o words, which I managed to reach.

2012: 2012…I honestly can’t remember anything about 2012, other than I won.  So it is not the most memorable of years, and I’ll have to update 2012 after I take a look at what I wrote last year.

2013: This was another interesting year, in that I wrote quite a bit for a YA contemporary and got bored with it, only to start a different novel, and then back to my original idea.  I managed to win with just over 50,000 words!

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