Gilmore Girls 2×18: Back In The Saddle Again

Back In The Saddle Again originally aired April 23, 2002.  This episode was written by Linda Loiselle Guzik and was directed by Kevin Dowling.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with another Friday night dinner, where a hungry Lorelei and Rory are waiting for Richard to join them.

In this episode, Rory is working on a school project- the school business fair.  Rory, unsurprisingly, is working with Paris, Madeleine and Louise, but is also working with a couple others on this project too.  Every group has to come up with a product for teens, and their final project will be presented at the school business fair.

Michel’s mother is in town, Sookie is having issues with her wedding invitations, and things seem really awkward between Dean and Rory.  Plus, Dean seems to be randomly showing up at the house and is calling Rory a lot.

This episode is really about Richard being the parent advisor for Rory’s project.  He initially declines, but ends up changing his mind, and realizes that he doesn’t like being retired.  Which is no big shock, considering he’s mentioned that he’s always wanted to work.  What seemed to be the turning point was Rory’s group not winning.  Paris isn’t happy about this, because, well, that’s Paris.  Richard isn’t happy either, and even though Rory says it’s fine that they didn’t win, Richard still goes up to the headmaster and has a talk with him.

As for the Rory and Dean stuff…Rory tells Lorelei that everything is fine, and there have no more incidents.  She’s also not sure why Dean is feeling insecure, since she spends so much time with him.  Lorelei has a talk with Dean later on, and tells him that maybe he should give Rory some space, and relax on all the phone calls and visits.  She thinks he should let Rory go to him for a change.  The episode ends with Dean sitting on the porch, with one question/statement: “She likes him, doesn’t she?”


I know my recap is a bit scattered, but it seems like the best way to recap everything.  Plus, I hit the major points of the episode, which is really good if I’m going to share my thoughts.

I don’t really have anything to say about Richard not wanting to be retired, but I do want to talk about the Dean/Rory stuff.  I’ve definitely been hard on Dean sometimes, and I do wonder if I’m a bit too hard on Dean.  He does seem pretty clingy and jealous at times, and for me, he also seems to over-react at times.  I’m not sure if Dean’s talking about Rory liking Jess as a friend, or if he thinks Rory is into Jess, or if he thinks Jess is into Rory.

I honestly can’t remember what I originally thought about Dean and Rory’s relationship, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t paying too much attention to it.  This time around, I’m not really liking Dean and Rory together.  Dean does have some good qualities, like being loyal and calling when he says he’s going to, and watching Rory shop for books even though he’s not into reading like Rory is.  I know this is going to sound horrible, but I think Dean is kind of going the teensiest bit overboard.  I understand why he’s acting the way he is, but…for some reason, it’s really starting to bother me, and I’m not normally not bothered by boyfriends who act clingy and jealous.

Pop Culture/Favorite Moments:

I’m sad to say that I wasn’t paying enough attention to get a favorite line or moment.  As for pop culture references…I know they’re there, they just went over my head this week!

Episode Wrap-Up:

I have nothing to add, and I’m sort of amazed that this is another short one!  I was expecting more to happen, but this one seems like another filler episode.  It was an okay episode, but things that happen in this episode will play out over the last few episodes of this season…and show up in season 3.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee!

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