Who And What Is WCW?

About My Blog:

My idea for this blog started in late October 2010, when I decided to actually blog my attempt at NaNoWriMo. With loads of time on my hands, I attempted a very lofty goal of 150,000 words- 3 50k novels. I (somehow) managed to complete my goal, and decided I would never do 3 novels in one month ever again. I figured my blog would end shortly after the end of November, but found that I really liked this blogging thing. And for the first time since I started NaNo, I kept writing post-November for a while,  but now my writing is limited to blog posts and the November noveling insanity!

In January 2011, I came across a 100-book challenge on a blog, and decided that reading 100 books in a year would be an interesting challenge, and the blog that started out as a way to keep track of my NaNoWriMo progress turned into a book review blog.

About Me:

I’m Nicole, a 28 year-old from sunny San Diego, California. I have a B.A. in Sociology and am still considering going back to school. At one point I was considering public health and/or social work, but now going back to school for a master’s degree in library science is a strong possibility, especially since I started blogging.

When I’m not reading and blogging, you can find me watching t.v., cooking and baking, painting my nails, spending an insane amount of time on pinterest or crocheting.  But not all at the same time…although that would be quite interesting to see.  I’m also a huge fan of podcasts, and you can often find me listening to them while going about my daily life, often with a cup of coffee in hand!

What is this WCW nonsense?  Where did you come up with the name wingedcreature writes?  I honestly have no idea, but I do love fairies, and when I went to sign up for some random website, a lot of fairie related things were taken…so I just picked wingedcreature and it’s stuck.  It’s my all-purpose username, including my NaNo profile.  As for the writes part, well…I write.  Sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Who And What Is WCW?

  1. Hey Nicole,

    I just had a quick browse of your blog and I can not believe you managed to write 3 novels in a month! wow, well done.

    What exactly is NaNo? I have never heard of it.

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