Gilmore Girls: Season 2 Wrap-Up

I finally finished Season 2!  It feels like it took forever…because it kind of did, but now it’s time for my season recap!

Numbers Time!

There are a total of 22 episodes, 2 of which got a rating of one mug of coffee, and 6 got 4 mugs of coffee.  Looking at season 2 overall, nothing really blew me away.  Or came close to blowing me away, which is probably why Season 2 got 2.81 mugs of coffee overall.

Also looking at overall ratings, this season was more on the side of meh.  It had some great moments, and some not so great moments, like anything else.  Which is interesting, because I felt like I enjoyed it even though it was more meh than I remembered/was expecting.


I am not a Rory/Dean fan, which I think is pretty evident.  I think Dean has a tendency to be super-jealous and sometimes I think he over-reacts to things.  But that’s just me…and if you have a different opinion, I’d actually be really interested to hear why.

Lorelei and Max only lasted a few episodes before Lorelei called off the wedding, which wasn’t a big surprise, because it seemed like there was a hint of getting married because it was expected.  I don’t doubt her feelings for Max, because it did seem like they were there.  It just felt like he was more interested in commitment than Lorelei ever was, so I’m actually glad she called it off before actually getting married and then realizing she didn’t want to be married.  Assuming that’s what was going on, because who knows if that’s what was really going on?

Also: Lorelei and Chris.  It just never seems to work out for them, in terms of timing. Although, I don’t like them as a couple, but I get that if they ever get together without something happening, they’ll be the family they should have been.

Other Stuff:

There were things that made no sense whatsoever.  Like, Lorelei’s bachelorette party. Why on earth would she have it a place where her 16-year-old daughter is old enough to attend?  Never mind the fact that Rory gets in for the sake of the episode, but considering how close they are, and that they’re best friends, you’d think Lorelei would take that into consideration.  Also, what would have happened if Rory couldn’t get in?  Would they have to go do something else, or would Rory go home?

And there’s Mia, who owns the Independence Inn.  I get that this was probably the best place to introduce her, but for someone who is so important to Lorelei, why is it that she’s never mentioned until now?

One of the biggest questions for me was why Emily and Richard never tried to bring Lorelei back home.  And why Mia never sent Lorelei home.  I can get Lorelei being resistant to not going home, so did Mia try to but decided not to push it, or did Mia just accept it, no questions asked?

The whole Jess thing: I feel like I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say.  At least, from what we’ve seen so far.  Jess has issues, and he didn’t make a good impression on the people from Stars Hollow, and to some degree, I feel like they see what they want to see.  We do see a few moments where Jess is actually sort of nice, and I (sort of) wish people gave him a chance.

Bonus Features:

It didn’t occur to me until a few weeks ago, but I think it would be fun to watch all of the bonus features, and talk about them.  At some point, I’ll do season one, which really could pop up at any time.  There’s a compilation of the different arguments throughout the season, the film by Kirk from a few episodes ago, a few deleted scenes, and Gilmore Girls translated into other languages.  And one of the episodes had random trivia throughout the episode, which I haven’t watched yet.  The thing about Gilmore Girls being translated was really interesting, because how do you translate some of the pop culture stuff that’s specific to the U.S.?  Some of it doesn’t seem to translate well, and some stuff just doesn’t translate well to begin with, so it was interesting to see how Gilmore Girls was translated into French, Italian and German.

The most interesting deleted scene was from Sadie, Sadie, the first episode of the season.  Rory is making a pro/con list of why Lorelei should marry Max, and wants Lorelei to consider it.  It is a pretty big, serious, important decision, and Lorelei (understandably and responsibly) doesn’t want to make her decisions based off of a list of Rory’s.  What’s most interesting is that even in this scene, Lorelei doesn’t seem completely sure about getting married, and it seemed to me that her getting married because people expected her to say yes was a factor.  Or I’m reading too much into it.  So who knows?

Final Thoughts:

I already gave my overall rating for the season (2.81 mugs of coffee in case you’ve forgotten) and I think I’ve said pretty much everything I’ve wanted to say.  I do feel like I’ve gotten better at summarizing/recapping episodes and at balancing my thoughts with what happened in the episode.  Also, I feel like quite a few pop culture references went over my head.  It is fun to try to figure them out, but sometimes I feel like they are a bit too obscure.  At least for me.

I’ll be taking a break from all Gilmore Girls-related things next week, but my Season 3 recap will start on September 2.

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