The Not-So-Current Projects

This page is completely devoted to the projects I’ve worked on in the very recent past, in one easy place, and may go back to someday.

Non-NaNo Projects:

  • Fred and Hermione: a fanfic I worked on for a couple years (I started it in high school and continued working on it my freshman year of college).  It’s a Fred/Hermione fanfic.  The title definitely needs to be changed, but I’ll keep Fred and Hermione for now.  Currently at 34,768 words
  • Snape and Tonks: I believe I started this one in high school, and it’s a side story to Fred and Hermione.  It’s a Snape/Tonks fanfic, and the title also needs to be changed.  It’ll stay the same for now, until something better jumps out at me.  Currently at 1,783 words
  • Have You Ever: A Draco/Hermione fanfic that I started in high school.  I need to listen to the song it’s based off of, but the title will stay the same for now.  Currently at 3,958 words

NaNo Novels:

  • Look After You: One of my 2009 novels; it’s about a girl who ends up in witness protection because she witnesses a murder.  I attempted back in May when my writer’s group did our own version of NaNo, but I didn’t get very far.  It’s the 1st novel I actually wanted to keep working on post-November, and made a very half-hearted attempt at working on.  I hate the title now, but there’s nothing jumping out at me.  With both the 2009 NaNo, and the 2010 sequel, I currently have 59,466 words
  • The Giant Prehistoric Chicken: a Harry Potter fanfic that I worked on in 2010.  This one brings my fanfic total to 4, but that’s okay with me.  Harry and friends end up in the underworld in order to resurrect the giant prehistoric chicken.  Currently at 51845 words
  • Turning Point: a novel I worked on in 2010, where 16-year-old Kiora gets secret service protection.  Her dad is the Secretary of Education, and there’s a lot of threats towards the Cabinet.  Currently at 58259 words.

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