Gilmore Girls 2×20: Help Wanted

Help Wanted originally aired May 7, 2002.  This episode was written by Allan Heinberg and was directed by Chris Long.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

Help Wanted opens with Lorelei and Rory going to Luke’s, only to find it’s closed.

Here’s the deal with this episode: Richard’s secretary from his old firm isn’t willing to leave the firm because he’s not able to match her salary.  He and Emily talk about not going forward with Richard’s own business, and don’t consider hiring someone until Lorelei mentions it.  She offers to help out until he gets a secretary hired.

Dean finds out that Jess is gone and what happened.  Rory is surprised that Dean didn’t yell or otherwise cause a scene and Lorelei tells Rory that she should be glad things are okay.  And with Jess gone, Rory and Dean can start over.  Rory apologizes to Taylor for hitting the bench that had a sign for his store on out, and tries to explain that it was partially her fault.  Taylor, however, is only the first to say that it’s completely Jess’ fault, as he was the one driving.

Richard has a launch party for his new business, and this is when Emily learns that Rory has a fractured wrist.  Emily wants to talk about it at the party, even though Lorelei clearly doesn’t want to.  You’d think Emily- who’s pretty concerned about appearances and the proper time to do things- would want to wait.  Emily, naturally, thinks Lorelei was being irresponsible, which is when Rory interrupts to say that she and Jess should be blamed equally.

Rory and Lorelei have a fight/conversation in the hallway about how Rory is tired of everyone acting like she’s a mindless idiot being led around by a guy and that she’s tired of everyone acting like she had no role in the accident.  Lorelei believes that since Rory wasn’t driving, she isn’t to blame at all- if she is, the blame she gets is miniscule in comparison to Jess.  We can’t forget about how an accident wouldn’t have happened if Dean were driving, because Dean’s a more responsible driver than Jess. Rory makes an interesting point that Lorelei doesn’t know how Jess was driving, and makes a snarky-to-me comment about how Jess is the Anti-Christ and wanted them to get into an accident.

This is when Lorelei says that Jess is going to be blamed no matter what, and that Lorelei wins because Jess has since left Stars Hollow.  Jess isn’t Rory’s friend, and that Jess is a kid who is out-of-control and has no respect for her or Luke.   Rory goes home, we see Lane in the new music store…and Luke is back from a fishing trip.  Rory has some coffee, and tells Luke that it wasn’t Jess’ fault, which Luke knows.


I have quite a few thoughts on this episode!

I TOTALLY get Rory’s frustration.  I mean, people are acting like it’s completely Jess’ fault, and they are not at all willing to hear her side.  I also understand Jess was the one driving, and why he’s getting all the blame for it.  I also understand that Jess has a certain reputation in town…and that it’s not a good one.  I understand that it’s easier to blame the bad kid who gets into trouble.

But it’s frustrating, because they don’t know what happened.  I’m really frustrated with Lorelei in this episode, because I think she’s being really unfair.  For all she knows, Jess could be a really good driver who just happened to get into an accident. I just think Lorelei is not willing to look past her dislike of Jess, and is looking for reasons to not like him.

Yes, Rory got hurt in an accident that happened while Jess was driving, and I understand Lorelei isn’t happy about this.  But I also think she’s going overboard with the whole “I win because Jess is gone” thing.  Also: I very much dislike that what Rory has to say doesn’t matter at all.  It’s pretty honest of Lorelei, but accidents can happen regardless of how responsible the driver is.  If anyone else were driving, everyone would have moved on already, and it wouldn’t be a big deal.  The only reason why it’s a big deal is because Jess was there.

Favorite Lines/Moments:

Waitress: “We don’t have a coffee bowl, sorry.”

The closing scene, when Rory tells Luke that the accident wasn’t Jess’ fault

Pop Culture:

Wu Tang Clan

Episode Wrap-Up/Rating:

I thought this episode was a pretty good episode.  There are definitely a few things to think about, especially the thing in the hallway at the party.  Help Wanted gets 4 mugs of coffee.

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