Gilmore Girls 2×15: Lost And Found

Lost And Found originally aired February 26, 2012.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Gail Mancuso.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We start off Lost and Found with Lorelei talking about to Rory about how she injured herself while cleaning out the rain gutters.

They arrive at Luke’s, where Lorelei goes to talk Luke into making breakfast for them, because she doesn’t want Cesar to make her pancakes.  Luke’s apartment is a mess, because Jess’ mom finally sent over all his stuff.  Later that night, Lorelei stops at the diner to talk to Luke while Rory gets some of the necessities for movie night.  She thinks Luke should get a bigger place, because the office-turned-apartment isn’t big enough for one person, much less two.  As Lorelei leaves, Luke asks her if she’s found someone to clean her rain gutters.  He volunteers Jess, but Lorelei says she needs to check with a couple people first.

Rory asks her who she needs to check with, and wants to know why Lorelei isn’t giving Jess a chance, even when Lorelei said she would.  Lorelei still isn’t comfortable around Jess, and even tells Rory that she doesn’t have to like Jess, even though Rory does.  Lorelei finally agrees to let Jess have the job.  They also talk about why Lorelei liking Jess is so important to Rory- which is because they’re friend-ish and because he’s Luke’s nephew.

I found this whole scene interesting.  Lorelei has a point when she tells Rory that she doesn’t have to like Jess just because Rory does.  Lorelei doesn’t have to like Jess or give him a chance just because Rory wants her to.  Given Rory’s insistence that Lorelei like Jess, you’d think Lorelei would make more of an effort.  Then again, you have two very stubborn people and this is what happens when they don’t meet in the middle.

We see Luke and Jess apartment hunting, and that they can’t seem to agree on an apartment.  Jess also arrives to clean the rain gutters, where Lorelei actually seems to make a little bit of an effort with Jess.  Jess, of course, goes silent when around Lorelei, and Rory follows him outside to ask him why he carries on a conversation with her but no one else.  Jess tells Rory that he doesn’t have to get along with Lorelei just because she’s friends with Luke or because she’s Rory’s mom.  Rory counters his statement with one of her own: he should act civil if he cares about her in any way.

So: this is classic Rory- of course, this is because I’ve watched the entire series several times, and so I feel like I have a good feel for Rory as a character.  I know she wants them to get along, and they’ve (subtly) made it clear they don’t want to make an effort to give the other a chance.  It’s also interesting that they both say pretty much the same thing, but we also see them attempt to make an effort.  The lack of effort is sort of annoying.  If they tried, and they still didn’t like each other, I’d understand not wanting to give it a try.  But they’re not even trying, which makes it frustrating to watch.

Rory is browsing the Stars Hollow book sale, where Dean waits by a pile of books.  Rory wants to browse a little more, even though she tells Dean she’s looked at everything when…he notices she is not wearing the bracelet he made her.  She tells him she took it off because of a rash she got from her Spanish mid-term, but as the viewer knows from a couple episodes ago, she lost it at the dock.  Jess took it, and has been holding onto it this entire time.

Naturally, Rory is freaking out and even tells Lorelei what’s going on with her missing bracelet.  She can’t remember the last time she remembered having it on and is convinced Dean will be mad that she lost it.  Knowing Dean, he probably would be mad about that.  Because he gets mad about a lot of stuff.  They look all over town for her bracelet, and Lorelei even takes a break to help Luke look at an apartment that is in a building owned by Taylor.

We see Jess come out of Rory’s room- he says that he wanted to see if she had a particular book.  Which Rory does have.  Lorelei is suspicious, but doesn’t say anything.  Rory comes home, talks to Jess about the bracelet, and how Dean will read more into than he should.  She looks in her room again, finds the bracelet, goes to Lane’s house to tell her she can stop praying…

…and Lorelei tells Jess he’s a jerk for making Rory look all over town for the bracelet that means the world to her.  She accuses him of stealing it, which is ridiculous, because WE KNOW IT FELL OFF, but Jess gets blamed, because, well, someone needs to be blamed, and why not blame it on the town bad boy?  Jess thinks the Rory/Dean relationship should be re-evaluated, because Rory didn’t even notice it was missing until Dean said something.

This is also an interesting point.  Was holding onto the bracelet a really crappy thing to do?  Of course it was.  And was holding onto the bracelet while Rory was freaking out also a crappy thing to do?  Of course.

But Jess did ask an interesting question.  I don’t wear jewelry all the time or anything, but if I do, it’s probably going to be a necklace.  How do you not notice a bracelet is missing for several weeks?  I am not understanding this at all.  I get that Rory barely takes the thing off, and she clearly doesn’t pay attention to whether or not she’s actually wearing it.  It’s entirely possible that she’s so used to it that she doesn’t notice anymore.  But…IT’S ON HER FREAKING WRIST.  I don’t about anyone else, but that’s something I happen to see out of the  corner of my eye for most of the day.  I’d like to think I’d notice a missing bracelet.

Luke comes over and talks to Lorelei about how he owns the building next to the diner so Taylor can’t open up a collectible plate shop.  We learn that Luke thinks Rory would be a good influence on Jess, and the episode ends with Luke smashing a hole in their apartment.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei, to Luke: “Are you getting attacked by your possessions again?”

Pop Culture:

Calgon, Mission Impossible

Episode Wrap-Up/Rating:

I think I’ve covered all of the highlights.  I really liked this episode, and it brought up some interesting points for me- including stuff that I didn’t pay attention to the first few times I watched this episode.  Lost And Found gets 4 mugs of coffee!

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