Season One

Here are all of my Season One recaps!

Episode One: The Pilot Episode

Episode Two: The Loreleis’ First Day At Chilton

Episode Three: Kill Me Now

Episode Four: The Deer-Hunters

Episode Five: Cinnamon’s Wake

Episode Six: Rory’s Birthday Parties

Episode Seven: Kiss And Tell

Episode Eight: Love & War & Snow

Episode Nine: Rory’s Dance

Episode Ten: Forgiveness And Stuff

Episode Eleven: Paris Is Burning

Episode Twelve: Double Date

Episode Thirteen: Concert Interruptus

Episode Fourteen: That Damn Donna Reed

Episode Fifteen: Christopher Returns

Episode Sixteen: Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Strangers

Episode Seventeen: The Break-Up, Part II

Episode Eighteen: The Third Lorelei

Episode Nineteen: Emily In Wonderland

Episode Twenty: P.S. I Lo…

Episode Twenty One: Love, Daisies & Troubadours

Season One Wrap-Up

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