Gilmore Girls 2×17: Dead Uncles And Vegetables

Dead Uncles And Vegetables originally aired April 16, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with Emily calling Lorelei and leaving several voice mails about the DAR meeting at the end.

We next find ourselves at the Inn, where Emily is tasting soup for a DAR event.  She talks to Sookie about her wedding while Lorelei is talking to Luke, whose Uncle Louie died.  Let’s see…Emily arranges all sort of samples and other wedding things for Sookie while Lorelei is helping out at diner while Luke is taking care of his uncle’s funeral.  And a guy opens up a produce stand across the street from Taylor’s market.  Jackson is worried about Sookie, because their wedding went from simple to completely nuts.  Luke asks the town Revolutionary War re-enactors to come to Louie’s funeral because he was a veteran, but they tell Luke they’re not coming because Louie was mean and rude and didn’t participate in town stuff.  Sookie eventually realizes that her wedding plans are completely ridiculous and decides it needs to go back to normal.

Lorelei is at the diner when Emily arrives.  Emily, of course, isn’t happy because Sookie changed all of her wedding plans back to normal, and blames Lorelei.  Lorelei thinks Emily was planning Lorelei’s wedding, which is something Emily gave up on a long time ago.  Emily wanted a Russian-themed wedding for Lorelei, but pretty much says it’s irrelevant because she’s probably standing in the reception hall.

The funeral does happen, but it’s just Luke and Lorelei, when the re-enactors come.  They go back to the diner, where there’s the usual  post-funeral lunch…all for Luke, of course.  The episode ends with people telling stories about Louie.


I think that’s the shortest recap I’ve ever done…if only they were always so easy to recap!  I honestly don’t have any thoughts about this episode.  I really don’t.  It was an okay episode, and I can’t even muster up any thoughts on Emily and Lorelei’s conversation at the diner!  If there’s anything that I’d rant about, you’d think it would be that.  I actually forgot about this episode until I watched it again.  There were some funny moments, but not the most memorable episode.

Pop Culture:

The Romanov’s. I Dream Of Jeanie

Favorite Conversation:

 Emily, to Sookie: Is she always this scattered?

Sookie: She’s the sanest person I know.

Emily: That’s very sad.

Episode Wrap-Up:

The only thing I have to add is that this episode is just…kind of…there.  It’s like a filler episode or something, since the last 4 will be dealing with the season finale arc.  Well, I’m assuming the last 4 are dealing with the season finale arc, but it’s been a while…so anything is possible at this point.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee.

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