Gilmore Girls 2×22: I Can’t Get Started

I Can’t Get Started originally aired May, 21, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and John Stephens and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with Sookie, Rory, Lorelei and Michel listening to the song that Sookie wants to walk down the aisle to.  A couple seats have opened up, so Sookie asks Lorelei and Rory if they have anyone else they want to add…and Lorelei says she’ll see if Richard and Emily want to come.

Friday Night Dinner: Lorelei talks about two funny words: oy and poodles.  She coins a new catchphrase: “Oy, with the poodles already,” which is the result of putting oy and poodles in the same sentence.  She also invites Richard and Emily to Sookie’s wedding, and they both think it’s a pity invite because somebody canceled a week before the wedding.

Lorelei finally makes her way into Luke’s, after taking over half an hour to get inside, but Rory and Dean ordered breakfast without her, and are ready to go by the time Lorelei sits down.  She apologizes to Luke for freaking out, which I kind of forgot about, but Luke was never mad at her.

Paris is running for student body president, and needs Rory to run as her vice-president so that she’ll get elected.  Paris pulls the Harvard card, knowing it’ll get Rory to run for vice-president.  Rory does agree, but isn’t sure about spending the summer in Washington D.C. for a leadership conference.  Rory also gets her cast off.

At the rehearsal dinner, we learn that wearing a kilt is a family tradition, and Jackson isn’t happy that Sookie is going along with it.  We also learn that Chris is having problems with Sherry, which is why he’s been around a little more.  The night before Sookie’s wedding, things change between Lorelei and Chris, and it seems like things are actually going to work out between them.  Or: things are headed in that direction.

At the diner, Luke goes up to his apartment, and finds Jess.  Jess actually wants to come back to Stars Hollow, and knows that things are going to have to be different. Mostly because Jess proved everyone right when Luke took Jess in.  As Jess leaves, Luke tells him that Rory and Dean are still together and that things are going well between them.

We finally get to Sookie’s wedding, where Emily and Richard do show up, because not attending would be rude.  Also: Sherry is pregnant, and any chance of Lorelei and Chris being together is effectively ruined.  Because Chris wants to do the right thing, and be there for this child.  He never forgave himself for missing out on being a part of Rory’s life, and so he goes back to Boston.

Rory sees Jess, kisses him, and then runs off, freaking out and not wanting Jess to say anything.  Rory shows up, tells Lorelei she’s going to Washington D.C. and the season ends with Lorelei and Rory walking down the aisle.


We’ve finally arrived at the season finale!  I can’t believe I’m headed to season 3.

Oy with the poodles already!  This, for me, is a classic Gilmore Girls line, and I feel like it’s a secret handshake or something, because this is one of the most memorable lines of the entire series.  You know someone’s a Gilmore Girls fan if they understand what you mean when you say it.

Also: Rory kissing Jess.  I don’t know what to think, especially after the end of the last episode, where Rory is convinced that Dean is going to be her only boyfriend.  Even though Rory seems to feel something for Jess, it’s still a little weird to me that she would kiss Jess.  However, I understand not wanting him to say anything, and for her reaction afterwards.

However: Lorelei and Chris.  As for Chris not being around when Rory was growing up, I do sort of wonder how much of it was Chris being a 16-year-old and how much of it is Lorelei.  Because we know their parents wanted them to get married, and I’m pretty sure it’s been said that Chris wanted to get married but Lorelei didn’t.  Did Chris flake out, or did he not know where to find Lorelei after she left home, or did she not want him super-involved or something?  Actually, it seems like it took Chris a long time for him to get his life together, so that could be it.  It happened, and part of me wants to know why, but I don’t think we’ll get that question answered.  I get Lorelei being upset, because it did seem like things were going to work out between them for once, but I don’t blame Chris for wanting to do the right thing with Sherry. Especially after not being a part of Rory’s life for so long.

And one last thing: how on earth is Rory able to run for student body vice-president at the last minute?  It seems like something you have to do ahead of time, and not a few days before the actual election because Paris wants to better her chances of winning.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei: “Oy with the poodles already!”

Pop Culture:

Girl Interrupted, Little Debbie, Disney Princesses, Sleepless In Seattle, “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

Episode Wrap-Up:

It’s a pretty decent season finale, and we are ready to go for season 3!  Things were wrapped up pretty well, but there are some things that will make season 3 pretty interesting.  I Can’t Get Started gets 4 mugs of coffee.


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