Gilmore Girls 2×13: A-Tisket, A Tasket

A-Tisket, A-Tasket originally aired on February 5, 2002.  This episode was directed by Robert Bertinger and was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open up this episode with Rory and Lorelei shopping for baskets.  We have another town event, and with this one, baskets get auctioned off.  Lorelei goes up front to look for more baskets, and runs into Miss Patty, who has a picture of Lorelei in her wallet for the purposes of setting Lorelei up with somebody.

Miss Patty sends Lorelei some resumes of guys for Lorelei to date, and Lorelei totally decides that she needs to shut this down, before Miss Patty goes really overboard with setting Lorelei up with somebody.  We also see Jackson and Sookie talk about how Jackson should renew the lease on his place.

We see some of the bidding on the baskets- Lane’s cousin bids on her basket, Jess outbids Dean on Rory’s basket, and Jackson doesn’t bid on Sookie’s basket at all- Kirk is the lucky winner of Sookie’s basket.  We learn that Jackson didn’t bid on Sookie’s basket because he thought they should move in together.  Sookie was apparently supposed to know this the other day, but didn’t pick up on it.  Keeping it brief: why couldn’t Jackson just talk to Sookie about moving in during their first conversation about the lease on his place?  I’ve never experienced the whole let’s move in together conversation, but wouldn’t that make more sense than bringing it up without actually bringing it up?

We also see random guys bidding on Lorelei’s basket before Lorelei asks Luke to help her- which he does.  Lane also had this whole convoluted plan to have the picnic with Henry, but it doesn’t work out, and Lane goes home upset.  Jackson works things out with Kirk to get Sookie’s basket, Mrs. Kim isn’t happy with the whole Henry situation, because the pay phone wasn’t working and he called Lane at home, and tells Lane it isn’t going to work out.

So…what I really want to talk about is Jess out-bidding Dean.  It’s no surprise that Dean is not happy Rory wants to have the picnic with Jess.  He doesn’t care if it’s tradition because it’s not for school and she’s not getting graded.  I’m not one to point out when guys are possessive or jerks or anything like that- it’s a combination of not paying attention to it, and not caring about it either way, but for some reason, Dean brings out this need for me to point it out.

Dean thinks Rory is hurting by doing this, and her telling him not to make a big thing out of it definitely doesn’t work.  Dean talks to Lorelei about the whole thing, and how he doesn’t trust Jess, because Jess gets into fights at school (when he bothers to show up), and he just knows Jess is going to get Rory into trouble because she just has to be nice to people.

It’s just…having seen every single episode, like, 3 or 4 times, I know Jess isn’t as bad as everyone else makes him out to be.  We see him be nice to Rory in this episode.  Yes, Jess has issues.  And yes, Jess is doing things like out-bidding Dean on the basket to get a reaction of Dean.  If Dean would STOP FREAKING REACTING to what Jess was doing, it probably wouldn’t be as fun for Jess.

Anyway, Lorelei tells Dean that trust is a big part of loving someone, and that Rory isn’t going to do something that will mess things up.  Also, she tells him that flying off the handle isn’t going to help things.

We do see Jess being nice to Rory.  There are quite a few things about Rory I like, but there are a lot of times when I find her to be slightly unbelievable.

Like the time she apparently tried to read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand at the age of 10, before giving it another try when she was 15.  What 10-year-old tries to read The Fountainhead?  Her reading it at 15 is a little bit more believable, but not by much.  And she can get through Ayn Rand and Tolstoy but can’t get through Hemingway?  I’m totally going off of my own experience here, but what 10-year-old even knows about The Fountainhead?

Here’s what happens next: Lorelei tells Rory about her concerns about Jess, and how she and Dean are concerned that she’s going to get hurt.  Rory’s argument is that they don’t know Jess, and he’s not as bad as they think he is.  This is when we see Lorelei mention how Rory is young and naive and gives people a chance when she shouldn’t.  Lorelei has known guys like Jess, and knows he’s trouble.

At Friday night dinner, things are quiet, and Emily finally gets them to tell her why they’re fighting because Rory gets a page from somebody.  Lorelei assumes it’s Jess, because Rory won’t tell her who it is, and Rory eventually excuses herself to Richard’s study.  Emily agrees with Lorelei, who wants to like Jess but can’t.  Rory can’t see how bad Jess is, and won’t take Lorelei’s word for it, but Emily wants Lorelei to stick to her guns, and set boundaries.  I disagree with Emily’s statement that Lorelei needs to do whatever it takes to keep Rory from making stupid decisions- changing her curfew or locking up Rory if necessary.  And Lorelei being Rory’s eyes, ears and brains is…frustrating to say the least.

Here’s where my thoughts get a little weird.  I would like to acknowledge that I am not a parent, so I do not know what all that entails and how challenging it can be.  I know they’re worried about Rory hanging out with Jess, and they don’t want her to get hurt or make decisions.  That one part of it.  But here’s the other part: Rory can’t be sheltered from bad, horrible people forever.  She’s going to make mistakes (as we see in later seasons), and sometimes, it takes getting hurt for something to sink in.  Not that I’m saying that Jess needs to hurt Rory in anyway, because I’m not.  Something about Rory and how young she is and she doesn’t know any better bothers me.  My initial reaction is that she’s not going to learn it if she’s sheltered but I haven’t given it any further thought.

Lorelei and Rory make up, because Lorelei wants to trust Rory’s judgment, and because Lorelei’s a little freaked out that Emily agreed with her.  I never got the vibe that she really does trust Rory, because while she said it, she was just (understandably) not willing to hear what Rory says.

Pop Culture:

Ghostbusters, Dungeons And Dragons

Favorite Lines:

Sookie, to Jackson: “Are you pregnant?”

Mrs. Kim, to Lane, about Henry: “You’re sure he was Korean?”

Final Thoughts:

I have so many thoughts about this episode, but I think I’ve managed to hit the important, non-rambly ones.  This was a great episode, and I really liked it because there’s a lot going on.  It gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×12: Richard In Stars Hollow

Richard In Stars Hollow originally aired on January 29, 2002.  This episode was written by Frank Lombardi and was directed by Steve Gomer.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open this episode with another weird Friday night dinner, in which Emily is asking Lorelei if she’ll ever get married, because there’s only enough room for Emily, Richard, Lorelei and Rory, and if Lorelei gets married, they’ll have to move someone to the annex that Emily wants to buy.  They decide to move Cecile in the event that Lorelei gets married.

Friday night dinners are some of my favorite scenes because they’re usually entertaining.  This one, however, has me confused.  I get that mausoleums have limited space, and the Gilmore’s have used this one for years, but…wouldn’t Emily take into account that Lorelei might get married someday?

Moving on, dinner continues with Lorelei telling Rory to not ask Emily what they’re eating before asking Richard how retirement is going. He’s been unusually observant and has noticed things he’s never noticed before.

We move on to a meeting of the Franklin, where Paris isn’t happy about the fact that she and Rory are the only ones who care about the paper and winning the Oppenheimer award.  We then find ourselves at Emily and Richard’s house, where Richard is telling Emily how he wants to go on her errands with her.  She suggests going to the club, even though it’s a Wednesday afternoon.

Lorelei and Rory are having a movie night, and while Rory is picking out a movie, she sees a couple kids looking at a movie that’s a little too old for them, and tells Kirk while Lorelei is talking to Emily about how Richard is driving her crazy.  She wants Lorelei to take him off her hands for a day and Lorelei agrees.  The next day, Lorelei is trying to get Rory to skip school so she’s not alone with Richard for the day.  When Richard arrives, they read the paper before going to Luke’s, where Lorelei ends up ordering a grapefruit because Richard thinks it’s the best way to start off your day.  Lorelei heads to work while Richard wanders around town, and it turns out that they are short on linens.  Richard stops by, having seen the town, and he asks her where her work jacket is before going to sit down.

Richard tells Lorelei there are no tablecloths, and overhears Lorelei talking on the phone with Manny about the linens, and just needing something to get through the night.  He’s not happy with how she handled a business call, because flirting isn’t an appropriate way to handle things.  He goes on about proper procedure, and how he’s telling her this for her own good.  Lorelei needs to listen, because Richard knows how to properly conduct himself in a position of authority.

As much as I like Richard- I think I’ve critisized him the least- he was really frustrating in this scene!  I mean, hospitality and insurance are two very different fields, and just because he acted a certain way doesn’t mean it’s going to work for Lorelei.  Lorelei can be a flirty character, but I didn’t get that sort of vibe from her, so Richard and I clearly have different definitions of what flirting is.

While this is going on, Rory and Paris are trying to find something for their article about the seedy underbelly of Stars Hollow, and don’t find anything until we learn of the Rory curtain…and that most of the movies in the store have been moved to the section behind the movie curtain.  Paris is glad they finally have an article, while Rory just wanted the movie on a higher shelf.

Lorelei and Richard get back to Lorelei’s house, where they decide to get Chinese food from Al’s, and Richard sees Rory’s room. which has a ton of books and a board full of Harvard memorabilia.  Rory and Lorelei have a menu full of food to order.  Richard believes that Rory is learning how to be wasteful, even though Lorelei says they’ll be eating the left-overs for a week.  He’s also not happy that Rory wants to go to Harvard, and that he can help Rory get into Yale.  He thinks it’s ridiculous that Rory wants to go to Harvard, and thinks that it’s because Lorelei wants her to go there.

Dean arrives with Rory’s car, but Richard insists that Rory can’t have it because it’s not safe.  He and Dean go to have Gypsy check it out, and Richard finally says it’s safe for Rory to drive.  Rory goes to get the food, and Lorelei and Richard talk about how Richard wasn’t offering constructive criticism and how he doesn’t have to think Rory’s car is safe because it’s her decision, and he just has to deal with it.  Richard knows he’s there because Emily asked Lorelei to invite him over, and how he never thought about retirement.  He feels like he’s gone from a productive member of society to being a decrepit old man going to the club on a Wednesday afternoon.

He goes home to tell Emily that his day was good, and that he’s going to organize his stamp collection.  The episode ends with Richard sitting in his study.

So, I found this part really interesting.  Lorelei does have a point when she says that it’s not up to Richard to think the car is safe, but at the same time, I see where Richard is coming from.  I mean, Dean did build the car with the help of father, and Richard is concerned about Rory’s safety.  As for the Harvard-Yale thing, I know there’s this huge rivalry between the two schools, but it’s a little unfair to say going to Harvard is ridiculous just because he went to Yale.  He does have a point when he says that he can help Rory get into Yale and set things up, and it seems like Lorelei doesn’t want to consider it because Richard went there.

Favorite Line Or Scene:

None for this episode

Pop Culture:

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde

Final Thoughts:

This was an interesting episode- I feel like I’ve said everything I wanted to say, which isn’t much.  It did show a different side of Richard, and how much of his identity is wrapped up in work.  It can’t be easy being retired when it’s something you never wanted.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×11: Secrets And Loans

Secrets And Loans originally aired January 22, 2002.  It was written by Linda Loiselle Guzik and was directed by Nicole Holofcener.

Secrets And Loans starts off with Lorelei waiting at Luke’s for Rory.  Rory comes in with her PSAT scores, and isn’t happy that she did better in math, because verbal is her thing.  Lorelei tells her that she did great, and that it’s only her PSAT’s, so it doesn’t matter as much.  They make plans to see Rocky Horror to celebrate.

It is very Rory to worry about doing better with the math section…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  Also, this is one of those things that dates the show, because the scoring system for the SAT’s has changed since this episode originally aired.

We next see Lorelei on the porch, when her foot goes through the porch.  As it turns out, they have termites that have caused $15,000 in damage.  Lorelei is worried, because she doesn’t have that kind of money.

At Chilton, Paris, Madeleine and Louise are talking about their PSAT scores, and Paris is trying to get Rory to talk about her score.  This scene definitely highlights the competitiveness of Paris, and how she sees Rory as a threat academically.

We next find the Gilmore Girls at home, where Lorelei can’t sleep because she “hears” the termites.  They end up at Sookie’s house, where Jackson is hiding in the closet for 2 reasons.  One, he wears picture pajamas, and two, Sookie didn’t want to turn them away.  Lorelei talks about how her involvement in the community won’t get her a loan at the bank she talked to.

Rory goes to see Lane, who has been AWOL, and Mrs. Kim chases Rory out of the house because Rory is a carrier for termites.  Rory goes home and is telling Lorelei about how Mrs. Kim sprayed her with a water hose because she didn’t want termites to get into her house and eat the antiques.  Lorelei has been turned down by a bunch of banks when Rory suggests talking to Emily.  Lorelei refuses to consider it, and tells Rory not to tell Emily.

At dinner, the termites come up, because Lorelei has a headache, and Rory explains to Emily what is going on, even though Lorelei is giving her a look and tells her not to say anything.  Rory and Lorelei are telling 2 very different stories.  Lorelei isn’t happy with Rory, who had no right to bring it up because Lorelei told her not to.  It really isn’t an option for Lorelei.

Rory telling Emily about the termites even after Lorelei specifically told her not to was really irritating.  You’d think she’d know by now that it’s not an option for Lorelei.  And to do it with no regard for what Lorelei wants just because she thinks they should ask Emily…it’s just irritating.  

We see Dean and Rory talk, and we also Lorelei on the phone with the bank, before Emily calls and tells Lorelei that she set up a meeting at her bank for Lorelei.

Rory sees Lane in a cheerleading uniform, and starts…well…judging Lane for being a cheerleader.  Lane says that Rory isn’t around as much because of school and Dean, and Lane just wanted to try it.  She also doesn’t have to justify it to Rory.

What is going on with Rory in this episode?  She’s also judgy because Lane wanted to try something different…because Lane is now part of the group that they used to make fun of.  I never thought of it before, but this is really an interesting moment in the Lane/Rory friendship.  I mean, Rory’s at Chilton and Lane isn’t, and this moment really shows how different their lives seem because their lives really seem to be going in different directions.

Luke takes a look at the foundation, and offers to loan Lorelei the money, but Lorelei turns it down.  We see Lorelei go to the bank for the meeting, only to get turned down for the loan.  The only way to get is to have someone co-sign the loan, which Emily knew would happen.  Lorelei (begrudgingly) asks Emily to co-sign the loan, and is doubting Emily’s motives for doing it- which is that she just wanted to do something nice for Lorelei.

I do like that Lorelei is trying to take care of it on her own, but also seems to realize that Emily co-signing the loan is the only way to get her back to normal.

We see Rory at the pep rally, and actually see Lane cheering.  Rory apologizes to Lorelei, who tells Rory that she has the right to fix any problems without interference from Richard and Emily, and that Rory needs to respect that.  Mostly because Lorelei has a track record for keeping Rory alive, and because Rory has yet to see Lorelei mess things up.

Lane and Rory make up after the pep rally, and Lane assures Rory that she’s still the same.

At Friday night dinner, things are really quiet.  Lorelei apologizes to Emily, because she’s not used to people- meaning Emily- to do nice things with no strings attached.  Emily accepts Lorelei’s apology before telling her that her DAR meetings will be held at the inn from now on.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Nothing from this episode jumped out at me

Pop Culture:

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Coyote Ugly

Final Thoughts:

This is another episode that is meh for me.  Rory is acting kind of bratty in this episode, first with telling Emily about the termites and then with Lane about the cheerleading.  It’s like Rory has no sense of boundaries.  I totally get Lorelei doesn’t want to go to Emily for help again and why it’s not an option for her, but I’d like to think that it would be a last resort for her if nothing else worked out.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×10: The Bracebridge Dinner

The Bracebridge Dinner originally aired December 11, 2001.  It was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Chris Long.

We open with a snow-man making contest.  Is that the right way to say it?  Snow-man making?  Or is building the right word?

I live in San Diego, it’s not like I need to know these things.

Moving on…Lorelei and Rory are building a snowman.  And they’re talking about what they’re going to do while Rory’s on vacation.

At the inn, Roon is cleaning, and is afraid to clean the artwork, because he thinks an alarm is going to go off.  He and Michel clearly don’t get along.  We also see Sookie and Jackson in the kitchen talking about mushrooms, which Sookie needs because they are hosting the Bracebridge Dinner.  The group doing this bought out the inn in order to have this event, which includes music and a recreation of a 19th century meal.  Jackson ends up as the squire of Bracebridge, because he’s the only one who can fit into the costume.

At Friday night dinner, Lorelei asks Richard about their travel plans, because they usually go out of town this time of year.  This year, however, they’re not going anywhere, and Rory talks about how it’s nice to stay home sometimes.  Richard goes to make some calls, and we learn that Richard is still having some trouble at work.

At the inn, Sookie is talking to the extra people they’ve hired about what they’re expected to do.  Lorelei comes in and tells Sookie that the dinner is canceled, because the group is in Chicago. and they got snowed in…with no way to get to the inn.  Later on at Luke’s, they decide to invite all of their friends over, since there’s all of the food.  And since the inn will be empty, they can all spend the night at the inn.

Jess gets into a fight, and Dean breaks up it.  We also see Lorelei and Rory at home, looking at Christmas cards, including one of a really ugly baby, and one Christopher sent.  They talk about how there’s an empty room, which Rory wanted to save for Richard and Emily, and how it can’t hurt to invite them.

We finally get to the Bracebridge Dinner, and Babette and Mory are the first to arrive, much to the dismay of Mory.  Paris stops by to drop off some stuff for the paper…so they seem to be getting along at the moment.  Well, as good as Paris and Rory can get along, at any rate.

Lorelei stops by the kitchen to check up on things, and sees Roon ACTUALLY CHANGING IN THE KITCHEN.  One, how did no one notice this until Lorelei walked in?  Two, why would anyone change clothes in the kitchen?  Especially when you’re in A FREAKING INN.  There has to be somewhere else he could go.

We see Sookie trying to figure out what the dish needs, because she knows what ingredient is needed…and it turns out that she’s forgotten the word for salt.  Actually, I may have answered my own question…of course Sookie wouldn’t notice someone changing clothes in the kitchen until Lorelei points it out.

Lorelei talks to everyone once they’ve arrived and put their things in their room, and tells them that there are horse-drawn carriages for everyone.  Dean goes with her younger sister, we see Luke and Lorelei talking, and we see Richard and Emily enjoying themselves.  We also see Jess and Rory talking, and Jess wants to know what Rory and Dean talk about.  Jess thinks that Dean doesn’t really seem like Rory’s kind of guy, based on what Jess has seen of Dean in class.

I’m not even going to comment on what Jess said, other than to agree with him.

Back at the inn, dinner is served, and we see Mrs. Kim asking Lane about why no one said grace.  Lane tells her that they said it quietly, and she asks Babette if they said grace.  Babette laughs…but then says grace.  Lorelei gets Kirk to break character.

And then we get to the big event of the episode.  Richard is telling a story about a trip he took to Prague with Emily, and Taylor says that Richard is pretty interesting for an insurance man.  We learn that Richard is retired, much to the surprise, of, well, everyone.

It’s now bedtime, and Lorelei finally tells Rory that Chris had called and invited Rory to stay with him.  Lorelei apparently didn’t take it well, because she has dibs on this time of year, and she had plans, and she doesn’t want Rory to spend time with her stepmother…even though Chris and Sherry are only dating.

Emily comes in, because she can’t share a room with Richard, but ends up going for a walk because she can’t sleep.  She runs into Richard in the lobby, and he apologizes to her for retiring and not telling her.  He tells her what happened, and he starts to tell her about their financial situation before she tells him they should go to bed.

The next morning, everyone goes home, and Lorelei and Rory take a ride on the horse-drawn carriage, seeing that someone has destroyed this really nice snowman.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

The 2 times we saw Mrs. Kim

Jess: I’ll wait for the clog dancing.

Pop Culture:

Mr Potato Head, Anne Heche talking to aliens, The Shining, Monopoly, Dr Doolittle, Bjork, Hotel California, Days Of Our Lives

Final Thoughts:

I liked this episode, which was a surprise because I haven’t liked an episode since the 2nd one.  I am curious about Emily and Richard’s financial situation, because it seems a little inconsistent.  Like, they can afford Rory’s tuition and a maid and a cook, and they seem to be well-off…but Richard starts going into detail about how he quit, so he had to forgo some stock options and some of his pension.  Then again, well-off when Richard is working is different than living off a pension and whatnot.

This was a fun episode to watch, and not nearly as dramatic as the last few have been.  It’s not, like, amaze-balls or anything, but it’s not god-awful or annoying.  This one gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×9: Run Away, Little Boy

Run Away, Little Boy originally aired November 11, 2001.  It was directed by Danny Leiner and was written by John Stephens.

We start off this episode with Lorelei getting a wedding present, and wanting to return the ice cream maker someone sent her.  However, there is nothing saying who this gift is from, and Lorelei is determined to figure out who sent it.

At Chilton, each class gets assigned an act from Romeo and Juliet.  Rory gets teamed up with Madeleine, Louise and Paris, because apparently Rory can’t be assigned to work with anyone else in her class.  Each group is supposed to do their own interpretation of the scene, which will be half of their final grade…so no pressure or anything.

Rory gets home to find that Lorelei is still making calls, trying to figure out who sent the ice cream maker.  Lorelei heads off to class, where she gets asked out by a guy in her business class, but she turns him down.

Back at Chilton, Paris announces that traditional Elizabethan is their interpretation, because the point is to get an A, not turn the scene into a Vegas lounge act.  Doesn’t reinterpreting the scene in your own way show you understand the themes?  There’s no doubt Paris and Rory have a good grasp on Shakespeare, and my guess is that Louise does do.  So as smart as they are, sticking to the original doesn’t show you understand what’s going on.  Rory is Juliet because Juliet has more than 3 lines and is supposed to be chaste and Tristan joins the group, which saves Brad, who we met a few minutes earlier, from being Romeo.

At the inn, Lorelei tries to donate the ice cream maker, and has this conversation with Sookie about how Lorelei hasn’t gone on any dates, even though Lorelei has moved on since breaking off her engagement.  After talking about it with Sookie, Lorelei says she’ll reconsider.

Paris isn’t happy that 2 other groups are practicing in the great hall, even though she reserved it in advance.  Paris, being Paris, is worried about people seeing their interpretation, so rehearsal gets moved to Miss Patty’s.  Rory asks Lorelei for advice, because of her kissing Tristan after she and Dean broke up.  While Lorelei loves Rory’s honesty, she also thinks it’ll do more harm than good.  While the group (minus Tristan) waits for Miss Patty’s class to leave, Rory heads over to Doosey’s, because Dean is working, and Tristan is headed over there.  Tristan gives Dean a hard time, and Dean is not happy that Tristan and Rory are playing Romeo and Juliet.  Rory apologizes and says she’ll pretend like Tristan doesn’t exist when the project is over.  Dean doesn’t know why she’s apologizing.

I get that Dean doesn’t like Tristan and Rory playing Romeo and Juliet, and that Dean doesn’t like how Rory and Tristan are thrown together a lot.  While slightly weird that Rory is consistently paired with the same 3 or 4 people throughout her Chilton years, I also realize that with an already large cast of characters, they’re only going to focus on a select few of Rory’s classmates.  Rory shouldn’t have to apologize to Dean because he doesn’t like Rory and Tristan working on a class project and she shouldn’t have to avoid Tristan just because Dean doesn’t like him…especially since Rory and Tristan seem to have several classes together.

We move on to Luke’s, where Lorelei tells Rory about her date.  Dean wants to see Rory practice, and decides he’s just going to do it even though Rory doesn’t want him to.  This is why I am not a fan of Dean.  I get he doesn’t trust Tristan but it’s also like he doesn’t trust Rory, which is irritating.  We also see Rory talking to Tristan at school, and she asks him to not mention the kiss.  I definitely got this vibe that it meant nothing to Rory, but it seemed to have meant something to Tristan.

We see Rory’s group rehearsing, and it seems like Tristan knows his lines, but is pretending like he doesn’t know them.  Paris tells them they’re staying until they get it right, and Rory asks Dean to leave, because they need to rehearse and Dean is making things worse.  Tristan just ups and leaves.

Moving on to the next big scene: the play itself.  Tristan’s not there, Brad’s transferred to a different school, and Paris is freaking out because there is no Romeo.  We learn Tristan is getting sent to military school because he acted like an idiot, so Paris fills in as Romeo.  Once the play is over, we see Lorelei and Sookie talking about how Luke goes hot and cold with his emotions, and Sookie says it’s because Luke is into her, and how he sees her go from guy to guy, and that when he saw the guy she went on a date with, he likely wondered if she would go out with everyone before she went out with him.  Lorelei seems pretty resistant to the idea that Luke is into her, but apparently everyone can see it except for Lorelei…and probably Luke too.

At the diner, Lorelei tells Luke about how she’s not good at the whole dating thing, and asks Luke if he’s good at it.  She tells him she doesn’t have a lot of people she can trust, but does have the town and Sookie and Rory and hopefully Luke…who says she does have him as someone she can trust.

Favorite Line:

Rory, in reference to Paris pulling out a sword: “Tell me you didn’t just have that lying around.”

Pop Culture:

Emily Post

Final Thoughts:

This is one of those episodes that reminds me of how I really dislike Dean.  I am wondering if there’s a part of me that looks for how irritating Dean is and for reasons to not like him…and then acts all pissy because of something that is out of Rory’s control.  And the ice cream maker!  It’s admirable Lorelei wants to return it, but we never learn who sent it.  I never thought of this before, but I wonder if Emily sent it.  We know that Emily told Lorelei she was saving for when Lorelei does get married, and it mysteriously appears with no note months after the wedding is called off.  It was just okay for me, so this one gets 2 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×8: The Inns And Outs Of Inns

The Inns & Outs Of Inns originally aired November 20, 2011.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Michael Katleman.

We open with our go-to opening of Friday night dinner.  Richard is in Akron for business, and is miserable there, which Rory doesn’t like,  This is the perfect opportunity for Emily to bring up Rory sitting for an oil portrait that will go in Richard’s study.

We go from Friday night dinner to Lorelei and Luke talking about owning a business.  Lorelei has a potential location for the inn she wants to open with Sookie- the property Rachel, Luke’s ex, found back in season one.  We learn that the inn is owned by Fran, the lady who owns Westin’s Bakery, so Sookie and Lorelei go to talk to Fran about buying the Dragonfly Inn.  Fran is surprised, but doesn’t want to sell it, because she has no siblings and no children, and it’s really the closest thing to family Fran has, so Fran is going to own it forever.  It was sort of amusing to see Sookie and Lorelei ask Fran about what will happen to the inn when Fran dies…without actually mentioning Fran dying.  Fran doesn’t get what they’re getting at, so Fran goes back to work, and asks them if they want a cupcake because they look so sad.

Meanwhile, Lane and Rory come across a “crime scene” at Doosey’s Market.  Taylor is convinced that a crime was committed because someone was murdered, when, in reality, it was just a chalk outline with some crime scene tape around the outline.  It turns out to be a prank.  We are talking about Stars Hollow here, so of course it’s a prank.

Back at the inn, Sookie is telling Lorelei and Rory about a dream she had about everyone and Fran.  Michel comes in and tells everyone to pretend like they’re working because the big boss is there.  Lorelei and Rory go out into the lobby to see Mia, who apparently is the owner of the Independence Inn.  The three girls catch up at Luke’s, where we learn Luke was a Trekkie, and always helping people around town when he was younger.  Mia misses small-town life after seeing Taylor and Luke argue about Jess being the prime suspect for the chalk outline.  Mia talks about how the inn is really successful because of Lorelei and how she feels redundant because Lorelei is doing a great job and how she remembers when Lorelei first came to the inn almost 15 years earlier with Rory.

After that, Lorelei is telling Sookie about how it never occurred to her to tell Mia about wanting to open her own inn, especially after everything Mia has done for her.  We also learn Mia has been there for Lorelei the most.  Emily calls, interrupting the conversation Lorelei and Sookie are having.  Rory isn’t sitting still, and Lorelei suggests having reading sitting and reading a book, which Emily eventually agrees to.

If Mia is such an important person in Lorelei’s life, why is this the first time we even HEARD of her?  I want to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, and am hoping that the reason why we’ve never heard about Mia before because there was never a good way to work it in.  When you factor in all of the recurring characters, I can get why we’ve never heard of Mia before.

Moving on, Mia, Rory and Lorelei go to the town meeting, and see Luke, who is also on his way to the meeting.  It looks like Lorelei and Rory are going to be on time for once, but when we get there, we learn the meeting has started early because the business community wanted to talk about the “Jess” issue.  Luke wasn’t invited, because if he had taken care of it, there wouldn’t be a problem.  Luke’s not happy that the town thinks they were better before Jess got there.  Lorelei defends Luke and says he’s doing the best he can.  Luke leaves, as do Lorelei, Mia and Rory.  Rory goes off to check on Dean, while Lorelei finally tells Mia about wanting to open her own inn.  This is when we learn that Mia gets a lot of offers to sell the inn, but hadn’t considered it because she didn’t want to do that to Lorelei.

At the inn, Lorelei is distracted and has a huge fight with Sookie about opening their own inn.  Lorelei thinks they should look at other locations, because there is no guarantee they’ll be able to get the Dragonfly, since they pretty much have to wait for Fran to die, and Lorelei goes on about how unreliable Sookie is.  Sookie is really confused, because they were going forward with it and on the same page, and now they’re not on the same page.  They do make up, though.

At Friday night dinner, we see the oil portrait of Rory, reading.  Lorelei says the portrait is nice, but doesn’t have the reaction Emily was expecting, because Lorelei goes to apologize and then tells Emily about the fight with Sookie, and how the Independence Inn is going to be sold.  Lorelei isn’t taking it well, because she doesn’t like the thought of not being at the Inn, and Mia not being around, because it was her home for so long.  Emily accepts the apology but still seems upset about something.

We see Emily at the inn, meeting Mia for the first time.  Mia’s wanted to meet Emily, and tells her about the day Lorelei arrived at the inn with Rory and how Mia took Lorelei in because she’d want someone to do that for her daughter, while Emily would want someone to send her daughter home.

One thing I’m not sure about is if Emily and Richard knew where Lorelei went when she left home.  I feel like they’ve visited Lorelei and Rory when Rory was a baby, which would mean they knew where Lorelei was living.  Was it a while before Lorelei contacted her parents, so they had no way of knowing where she was until she was legally an adult?  Because I can see Lorelei not wanting to have a lot of contact with her parents, especially after leaving home.  And while it was thoughtful of Mia to take in Lorelei and Rory…why didn’t she send her back home?  Maybe Mia tried and decided not to push it after seeing Lorelei’s resistance?

The episode ends with Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s, eating.

Favorite Scenes:

Anytime Michel was on screen, especially the scene were Rory was (wrongly) translating what Michel said to Mia

Pop Culture:

Danger Will Robinson, Star Trek/Trekkies, Glitter, To Kill A Mockingbird, Holden Caufield

Final Thoughts:

Just…so many unanswered questions!  It’s just…when you have 3 really stubborn and strong-willed people who have major communication issues- plus a whole host of other issues- you have moments where no one is willing to see the other person’s side…you wonder about things.  At any rate, this one was okay.  We sort of learn about Lorelei’s early days in Stars Hollow, which really isn’t mentioned on the show…there’s only one other time we learn about her arrival in Stars Hollow that I can remember, and I believe it’s in a future season.  This episode gets 2 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×7: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter originally aired November 11, 2001.  This episode was written by Joan Binder Weiss and was directed by Dennis Erdman.

This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s and are talking about how it’s busier than normal because they can’t get a table.

Lorelei’s car won’t start, so she calls Michel for a ride to work.  Meanwhile, Rory is rearranging her backpack so all of her reading-for-fun books can fit.  Lorelei keeps asking why she needs different books, and Rory’s explanation is that she needs to be able to switch between different books if she’s not in the mood for a particular type of book.

Lunchtime, part one: Rory is sitting at a table by herself, listening to music, and reading when a counselor arrives, wanting to talk to Rory when she’s done eating.  The counselor and the headmaster are concerned about Rory’s social behavior at school, because she talks to people in class, but doesn’t socialize outside of class, except for the Franklin.  Lunch is when Rory catches up on reading, and disagrees (super politely, of course) when the counselor says that colleges and universities don’t look too kindly on loners…because loners are those guys that wear outdated clothing and walk around with duffel bags.  The counselor thinks that Rory is denying she has a problem, and how it could affect her future because good grades aren’t enough, even though Rory seems to think so.

Later, Rory tells Lorelei about what happened at school, while Kirk is fixing Lorelei’s car.  Lorelei thinks it’s ridiculous and is mad that the counselor did that to Rory, and doesn’t want Rory to doubt herself because schools like Chilton try to stamp out every vestige of individuality a person has.

Mini-Rant: It is not ridiculous for Rory to be involved.  She spends a lot of time with her classmates, so the counselor and Headmaster are not out of line.  Seriously.  And why is it a problem all of a sudden?  It wasn’t a problem before, why now?  And you’d think Rory would be more involved, since it’ll get her into Harvard.  Apparently her freaking out about not having the extracurriculars Paris does in season one didn’t last very long.

Lorelei goes to the school, and meets with Headmaster Charleston and talks to him about how she raised Rory to do what she wants as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, and doesn’t get why listening to a Walkman and reading a book is hurting Rory.  She disagrees with the Headmaster when he says that it’s hurting Rory.  Based on Lorelei’s lack of participation, Headmaster Charleston seems to think Rory not participating is because Lorelei isn’t involved with anything.  He hopes she will find a group to volunteer with, especially if she wants to do what’s best for Rory.

Rory arrives home, wondering why Lorelei didn’t pick her up.  Lorelei fills her in on the meeting, and has been thinking about how they did the Chilton thing so Rory could get into Harvard.  Lorelei suggests going along with the “fanatics” that run Chilton, since they write the recommendations that will get Rory into Harvard.

Mini-Rant #2: Yes, it is hurting Rory because she’s not getting involved and making herself stand out from all the other A+ students who will be applying to Harvard!  And heaven forbid those “fanatics” educating Rory do their damn job by making sure she goes off into the world able to socialize with other people and getting involved with things and participating instead of just watching from the sidelines.  And raising Rory to do whatever the hell she wants is kind of backfiring…at least in my opinion.

Lunchtime, part two: Rory goes to sit by herself, but changes her mind at the last minute, and sits with a group of girls…who turn out to be the secret sorority at Chilton- the Puffs.  Paris asks Rory her secret for sitting with them, and Rory mentions that she just sat down.  Paris asks Rory to talk her up, because her entire future is dependent on getting into the Puffs.

At Friday night dinner, Emily brings up Lorelei’s meeting, and how humiliating it was after everything they did to get Rory into Chilton.  Emily blames Lorelei for Rory’s lack of involvement, when Lorelei reveals that she’s joined the Boosters.  At the Booster Club meeting, they are talking about the fashion show fundraiser they’re planning.  Lorelei volunteers the inn, and tells Emily about how Emily is going to be one of the models since she was so concerned about her education.

The fashion show happens, it is a huge success, and when Lorelei gets back, she tells Rory that the Puffs are coming by in the middle of the night to take Rory out to breakfast…when, in reality, they’re going to the school for the Puff induction ceremony.  Rory doesn’t want to go along with it but does anyway, only to get caught.  The headmaster lectures them and talks about possibly suspending them and giving them detention and how they’ll have to do extra credit to maintain their grades.  Rory talks about how it’s unfair she’s getting in trouble for doing what the headmaster said, and how she has a boyfriend and friends and is really close to Lorelei, but they don’t see it because she doesn’t live there.  He says she won’t be suspended, because they may have acted hastily in her case and Lorelei picks up Rory who explains what happened.

Mini-Rant #3: How does the headmaster go from considering suspension to not suspending Rory?  If it was only considered, why would change his mind out suspending her?  Anyway, yes, they did make a snap judgement about Rory at school, and didn’t see what her life was like outside of school, but I also understand why they acted they did.  And who the hell is Rory friends with?  I mean, there’s Lane and Dean, who are only friends her own age.  Other than that, we have Sookie and Lorelei- and I’m not completely sold on other people in Stars Hollow, because I’ve never gotten a friends with Rory vibe from any of them.  So, like, does Rory have a bunch of friends that we don’t know about because it was never mentioned on the show?  I think I’m going with Rory having a super-small group of friends, because if she did have other friends, I’m pretty sure we would have seen them.

Luke and Lorelei have a fight about the best way to Hartford and how Luke shouldn’t date a Chilton mom, who thought he was cute.  The episode ends with Rory sitting a table by herself, reading when one of the Puffs asks if she can sit there.

Favorite Lines:

Michel: “I am not talking to Carol, she ate all of my cheese.”

Pop Culture:

Macarena, Walkman, Wizard of Oz, Disney, Barry Manilow

Final Thoughts:

Well, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking around to read this post!  There’s just a lot going on, and some things I need to rant about…so…this episode is my least favorite episode to date, and is easily the most frustrating one to watch.  This episode gets 1 mug of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×6: Presenting Lorelei Gilmore

Presenting Lorelei Gilmore originally aired November 6, 2001.  It was written by Sheila R. Lawrence and was directed by Chris Long.

We open this episode with the requisite Friday night dinner.  Lorelei and Rory arrive to find that Richard and Emily are fighting about Richard turning down invitations to events on their behalf, and how Emily is the co-chair of an important fundraiser and how she’ll look bad if they don’t go.  Rory wants to leave, but it’s really entertaining to Lorelei, who says it’s dinner theater.  Finally, Richard and Emily notice Lorelei and Rory are there, and they’re just standing there awkwardly as the credits start rolling.

Another week where I comment on the opening scene!  This time around, I found myself wondering why Emily can’t go by herself.  Granted, appearances are really important to Emily (and probably important to her friends and acquaintances) but couldn’t she tell people Richard couldn’t make it, or bring someone with her?  It’s a little weird to me but then again, the world I live in is very different than Emily’s.

We next see Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s, where we have this moment where Jess comes down to help out Luke, wearing a Metallica shirt…and Luke tells Jess to go change into proper clothes, because he’s not wearing proper work attire.  This sets up a great moment later on in the episode.

Emily is having tea with her friends, and learns how much she’s missed out on over the last few weeks.  Rory stops by to get a book, and meets Emily’s friends.  Next thing we know, Rory’s home, and telling Lorelei how she’s going to be in the ball.  Lorelei doesn’t like this, because I think it’s pretty well-established at this point that the life Emily and Richard has doesn’t appeal to her, and she talks about how when she ran away from that life, she thought Rory would be running with her.

There are random moments like these when the thought that Rory might want bits and pieces of that life never occurs to Lorelei.  It’s really like Lorelei assumes that because she doesn’t want it, Rory won’t want it either.  Was part of it Emily?  Probably.  And was part of it Rory wanting to make Emily happy even though a debutante ball isn’t her thing?  Also likely.  But seriously, I really felt like it never occurred to Lorelei that Rory might want it.

Rory’s father is supposed to present her to society, and Chris agrees…and actually shows up to do it.  Chris shows up driving a Volvo, gives Rory the compact Oxford English Dictionary that he couldn’t afford to buy back in season one.  Lorelei makes fun of Chris for driving a Volvo, and is surprised that Chris has a job and is driving a car.

Emily and Lorelei went shopping, and Rory is good on pantyhose for quite some time…because Emily is convinced Rory needs 12 pairs.  Richard can’t pick up his suit, Emily says she’ll get it, and Lorelei asks if things are okay, and Emily says things are fine.  Patty teaches Dean and Rory how to waltz, while Chris and Lorelei talk about how Chris likes the stability of having a job.

Now we get to the part of the episode where things get a little more interesting.  Rory arrives and gets ready, while Lorelei (surprise, surprise) is at the bar.  Lorelei is surprised that she and Rory were there before Emily, who isn’t happy with the folding chairs and how the debutante ball looks.  Emily and Richard didn’t come together, and we see them fighting about how Richard didn’t want to come.  Richard is tired of all of the social responsibilities.  We learn that Richard is getting phased out at work, and how he doesn’t want to do something different, even though Emily says he could do something different.  Rory comes out and says she’s next…so Lorelei goes out, and watches Rory get presented to society with Emily, who says that nothing has turned out the way it was supposed to.

After it’s over, we see Lorelei, Rory, Dean and Chris walking through Stars Hollow.  Dean needs to get out of the tux, Chris needs to go bed early because he needs to go back to Boston, and Lorelei and Rory are hungry.  Chris and Lorelei talk and says that since Chris is now living in Boston, he can come see them, and if traffic’s bad, he could spend the weekend.  This is when we learn that Chris is seeing someone named Sherry, who told him to get it together, or he would lose her…so he got it together.  He goes home, while Lorelei looks a little disappointed by Chris seeing someone.

Remember when Jess wore the Metallica shirt, and Luke said it wasn’t proper work attire, and that it was setting up something later on?  Well, here is that moment, when we see Jess dressed exactly like Luke!  Definitely amusing.

We end the episode with Lorelei going to see Emily, just to hang out, and how Lorelei is there if Emily needs anything.

Favorite Lines And/Or Scenes:

Nothing really jumped out at me in this episode.

Pop Culture:

Trident Gum, Endless Love, George Lucas, Spinal Tap, Metallica

Final Thoughts:

There’s more recap than commentary in this one, but…there’s not much I actually want to comment on this week.  I’m not surprised by Emily’s reaction to Richard’s work problems, and I can get the social responsibilities are tiring…but what do you expect, when you have the life you do?  This was an okay episode, so it gets 2 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2×5: Nick And Nora/Sid And Nancy

Nick and Nora/Sid And Nancy originally aired October 30, 2001.   It was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Michael Katleman.

We start off this episode with Rory not wanting to be late for school because she has new classes, her locker’s been moved and she needs to find the best way to her classes and time to get a new locker in case the one they assigned to her doesn’t open or something.  Lane comes in with an order for the music store near Rory’s school, and we see Taylor comes in with boy scouts.

Back to Luke, who is now carrying all kinds of groceries and runs into Lorelei.  We learn that Luke’s nephew is coming to stay with Luke because his sister can’t handle Jess.  Lorelei asks Luke a lot of questions, like how old Jess is, how long he’s staying and what sort of trouble Jess is in and Lorelei is concerned about Luke being able to handle it and how Luke needs to ask Liz some questions.

At school, Paris and Rory see each other and Rory tries to get Paris to agree to co-existing peacefully, because they’re going to be working on the paper together and have classes together.  Paris tells her the time of the first school newspaper meeting- which is after school, at 4 pm.

Here’s another random annoyance with Chilton.  It’s Chilton, this fancy, expensive private school that offers obscure Russian poetry and Shakespeare during summer school BUT DOESN’T HAVE A PERIOD SET FOR THE SCHOOL NEWSPAPER?  You’d think Chilton would be able to fit in the school paper as a class.

We take a quick break to see the arrival of Jess, who looks like your typical bad boy.  Before we know it, we’re back at Chilton, where Rory is waiting for the newspaper meeting to start, only to hear talking in the room where they’re meeting.  She goes in to find that the meeting started at 3:15, and Paris had given her the wrong time- on purpose, naturally, because we’re talking about Paris.

Rory gets assigned to cover the re-paving of the faculty parking lot.  After it’s over, Rory runs into Max before they head in different directions.  Paris sees this, of course, and is probably figuring out how to use it against Rory.

At the diner, Lorelei asks Luke about Jess, because she wants to meet him.  Luke says he’s out, but minutes later, Jess arrives, only to go upstairs.  Lorelei suggests Luke and Jess come over for dinner the next night.  Rory arrives, complains about  Paris, and says she hasn’t run into Max, even though she’s in one of his classes, before telling Lorelei about running into him in the hall.

Rory gets to the next newspaper meeting early, and we learn how successful the past editors would be, all because Madeline asked if she could write a gossip column.  The teacher wants Paris to give Rory better articles…which, for this episode, is to interview the teacher voted most popular.  Naturally, it’s Max, and Paris gave it to Rory because she’ll be able to get something really special and in-depth.

At dinner, Sookie is convinced there isn’t enough food, when Jess and Luke arrive.  There’s not a lot to note here, but Jess seems intrigued by Rory’s books and says he doesn’t read much.  He ends up on the patio, with a beer, when Lorelei goes out to talk to him about how lucky he is to have Luke.  He doesn’t like her little speech, and thinks it’s because she’s really naive or sleeping with Luke.  Lorelei tells Luke, who is tired of Lorelei giving him condescending advice.  She thinks he’s in over his head, and since she’s had a kid, she knows more than Luke.  Before Luke leaves, he mentions that Lorelei got lucky with Rory, especially since Lorelei got pregnant at 16.

Lorelei was particularly irritating in this scene.  Her intentions may have been good, but they didn’t really come across that way.  Luke does have a point in that Lorelei got SUPER lucky with Rory.  The next morning, Lorelei refuses to into the diner, and wants Rory to get something for her.  Luke will only give her one coffee and one danish, and then gets a call from Taylor, because Jess did something.  Later on, we learn that Jess may have taken some money of the jar that’s related to saving the bridge in town.  Jess isn’t happy about being there, and I don’t blame him.  They walk by the lake on their way home, and Luke ends up pushing him in.

Rory interviews Max, and it’s really awkward at first but have a nice moment.  Later, Rory is working on the article when Luke comes over, regretting taking Jess in but Lorelei reassures him, and they make up.  Luke goes home, to tell Jess that he will not fall off the face of the earth, only for Jess to go out, run into Rory and give her a book back.  He seems to take to Rory, more so than anyone else in town.  The episode ends with both of them going their own way.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei: Jackson grows fruit and then scares people with it.

Pop Culture:

The Breakfast Club, Oliver Twist, Dr. Laura

Final Thoughts:

I’ve wavering between not liking this one and thinking it’s just okay.  Lorelei was irritating, even though she had really good intentions. Paris…she’s just Paris, but her pettiness is also annoying.  She grows on you though.  As for Jess…let’s just say it’ll be an interesting season with Jess around.  Stuff gets set in motion, but it’s also an episode I sort of don’t really think about.  It gets 1.5 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 2 x 4: The Road Trip To Harvard

Season 2, Episode 4- The Road Trip To Harvard originally aired October 23, 2001.  It was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

We open this episode with Rory and Lorelei on the road.  Lorelei is complaining about forgetting her music, and needing to listen to AC/DC, while Rory needs to have map, and is complaining about how they don’t know where they are and where they’re going.

Lorelei calls Sookie, and asks her to tell Miss Patty, so the entire town has talked Lorelei’s broken engagement out of their system by the time they get back.  Lorelei also asks her to not worry about the cake, and would be horribly upset if Sookie had gone to the trouble of making this amazing cake…and what we know is that Sookie has made the cake, because she’s Sookie, but naturally, Lorelei doesn’t know that Sookie already made the cake.

They head to New Hampshire, where Lorelei has a friend who owns a B&B, only to learn that he’s sold it to a woman who has named it the Cheshire Cat and has redecorated it to look like a typical B&B.  They decide not to eat dinner, even though they’re hungry, because Lorelei doesn’t want to talk to any of the people staying there.  Lorelei and Rory have this…interesting…discussion about the broken engagment.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fight, but Lorelei and Rory have this talk about Max.  Lorelei clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, but Rory really does, and is going on about how Lorelei loves Max but is just scared, and is throwing their life away, and how Lorelei will regret it, and just won’t give it up, even though Lorelei says she doesn’t want to talk about it several times.

I thought this scene was really interesting, because they’re both insistent about talking or not talking about Max, and they aren’t listening to each other.  Rory brings up how close they are, and how they’re best friends.  I do love their relationship, and how close they are- they really are friends first, mother-daughter second, and this is the first time where you really see them not get along in any way.  To a certain extent, Rory has a point- they are close, but at the same time, Lorelei is trying to establish some sort of boundary where her relationships are concerned.  And Lorelei has an excellent point when she points out the fact that they’re best friends when they’re at a U2 concert.  I get Rory’s upset, but she just really needs to accept that Lorelei doesn’t want to talk about it.  They go to bed, and Lorelei says she’s sure about breaking off the engagement and that she wishes she loved Max.

This makes me wonder if she ever loved Max- and if she did, was it really enough to spend the rest of her life with him?  I mean, we randomly see them go out on a date but we never see Lorelei completely in love with him and excited about the wedding…it really did feel like she was going through the motions with Max sometimes.

The next morning, Rory apologizes, reads what Lorelei wrote in the guestbook and changes it to make it nicer.  They try to escape with no one noticing, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and (to their dismay) actually have to socialize with the other guests.  They manage to escape and take a trip to Harvard, where Lorelei takes Rory on a tour of the school, get coffee, sneak into a dorm and wander into a class.  Okay, how is it that they manage to sneak into a dorm?  I have never lived in one, and while this episode aired just over 12 years ago, you’d think there would be some sort of security…especially at a school like Harvard.  Yeah, that’s never mentioned because Lorelei just needs to have Rory in that dorm, but still a little strange.

Rory sits in on a class- which is my least favorite scene in the episode- and it’s just painful to watch.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s just wandering around or if it’s because she’s an exceptionally smart high school student pretending to be a college student, but it was still hard to watch.

So, they get back to the Cheshire Cat, and head home, where Lorelei looks like she’s going to cry as she looks at the hoopa.  It’s actually seems to be the first time she seems to show some emotion about her engagement.  Fast forward to Friday night dinner, where Lorelei did slides of their trip to Harvard.  Once it’s over, Emily wants to know why she took a trip so close to her wedding and if Max minded.  Lorelei clearly didn’t tell Emily that the wedding is off, and Emily automatically assumes Lorelei eloped so Emily couldn’t see Lorelei get married.  She does tell Emily, who says she’ll return the gift.  Rory reading while Lorelei is trying to figure out the gift was highly amusing.

After dinner, Rory hangs out with Lane, while Lorelei goes to Luke’s, and asks him about opening a line of credit.  I think he’s slightly confused by this question, but Lorelei has decided it’s time to move forward with opening her own inn.  She leaves the diner, and calls Sookie to talk about it as she heads home.

Favorite Lines:

Sookie, to Lorelei’s wedding cake: “You were a good cake, Clyde, never should have named you.”

Emily, about Lorelei’s thumb being in a picture: “This one makes me feel just like I’m in your finger.”

Pop Culture:

Hootie And The Blowfish, AC/DC, Liberace, Alice In Wonderland, Anarchy In The U.K., Louis And Clark

Final Thoughts:

This is probably my least favorite episode of the season…well, so far anyway.  Definitely the last season plus the start of season two.  There were some things that were a little too hard to believe (Harvard) and other things that were a little irritating (Rory wanting to talk about Max and not leaving it alone, when Lorelei clearly doesn’t want to talk about it).  I was bored watching it, and it was an episode that didn’t really stand out the first few times I watched it.  It gets 1 mug of coffee.