Gilmore Girls 2×21: Lorelei’s Graduation Day

Lorelei’s Graduation Day originally aired May 14, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbitt.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

This episode opens with Rory and Lorelei going to Sookie’s for breakfast.  Lane wants to practice drumming on their pots and pans, and Lorelei suggests giving out aspirin as the wedding favors.

This episode is all about Lorelei’s graduation from her community college.  Lorelei invites Sookie and Jackson, in addition to Rory, but she’s also hesitant to invite her parents.  Rory ignores this and talks to Emily and Richard, giving them the invitation. Lorelei doesn’t think they’ll be interested in coming, since she never graduated from high school, went to college and got married and because she humiliated them when she got pregnant with Rory.

While Lorelei is focused on her graduation, Rory gets a call from Jess…and then ditches school to go visit him in New York.  She finds this awesome present for Lorelei, but forgets it on the bus.  That bus turned out to be a local bus (and not an express bus) so Rory missed Lorelei’s entire graduation ceremony.  Emily and Richard do attend the ceremony, and Lorelei does seem glad they came- even getting a picture with them after the ceremony.  Emily goes overboard and has a camera guy filming the entire ceremony.  A couple of Lorelei’s classmates (one of whom is played by Seth MacFarlane) comment on Emily and her “precious” child.

Rory is waiting for Lorelei at home, and clearly feels bad about missing Lorelei’s graduation.  Lorelei is very hurt by this, because she and Rory are close, and Rory is the reason why Lorelei did the graduation ceremony in the first place.  Rory is upset that she missed it because she was acting selfish, and starts punishing herself.  Lorelei thinks that Rory went to New York to see Jess because Rory is falling for Jess, and that Rory ditching to see Jess does mean something.  Rory is convinced that Dean will always be her boyfriend, and doesn’t want to hear that she may like Jess.  The episode ends with Lorelei deserving to go out with Rory to celebrate her graduation.


I don’t have a lot of thoughts on this episode.  One random thing: I was quite surprised to see Seth MacFarlane in the opening credits, but managed to figure out his character in a minute or two.  I know Jon Hamm makes a cameo later on the series, but I can’t remember which season.  Like, I wonder how many people have made appearances on this show that I totally missed because I wasn’t paying attention?  I may have to be on the look-out for this, but I have the feeling that some of them might go over my head.

Getting back on topic: I get why Lorelei doesn’t want her parents to attend, and why she thinks they won’t attend the ceremony.  But missing her high school graduation…wouldn’t that be more reason for them to attend this one, even if it is a community college?  Maybe I’m just being too hopeful.  She does seem glad they came after the ceremony is over, and Richard and Emily did show up, which has to count for something, right?

Also: Rory ditching school to see Jess in New York.  I think there is something to what Lorelei said about it meaning something, Actually, given how Lorelei feelings towards Jess over the last couple of episodes, I’m surprised Lorelei was fairly calm about Rory seeing Jess.  I don’t know if it’s because they’ve exhausted this particular conversation, or if Lorelei decided to not make an issue of it because she’s upset that Rory missed her graduation or if it’s something completely different.  But I’m glad Lorelei didn’t make a big thing about it, because Rory clearly felt bad about what happened.

I kind of expected more to happen, considering the next episode is the season finale, but with a lot going on the last couple episodes and with the upcoming finale, maybe this odd mix of filler that sort of moved things along was necessary?

Favorite Lines And/Or Scenes:

Nothing stood out to me in this episode

Pop Culture:

Sting, Mick Jagger, The Graduate

Final Thoughts:

I have nothing else to add.  It’s a pretty decent episode, and has a few moments that are memorable enough.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.

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