Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature, where I talk about bookish things that aren’t book reviews- and this is the archive!

Book Talk, The Prequel (or Book Talk before it was officially a feature): Book Signings Are Pretty Awesome

Book Talk #1: Introducing Book Talk

Book Talk #2: The Giver Surprised Me, But In A Totally Weird Way

Book Talk #3: If I Stay, The Movie

Book Talk #4: Cookbooks

Book Talk #5: This Reading Slump Thing Is HORRIBLE

Book Talk #6: This Reading Slump Is Getting A Lot Better

Book Talk #7: Mockingjay, Part 1, With Spoilers!

Book Talk #8: Insurgent, The Movie (And Soundtrack)…With Spoilers

Book Talk #9: I Hate This Low-Energy Reading Funk Thing

Book Talk #10: A Few Random Bookish Thoughts

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