Nail Polish Talk: February Seems To Be An Interesting Nail Polish Month

I thought I’d talk about nail polish today!  I am a huge fan of nail polish, and as I started to jot down some notes about this month’s nail polish fun, I realized I had way more to talk about than I could possibly fit in my next currently obsessed with post.

Let’s start with the colors I wore this month!

Nail Polish Project- February 2015 Collage

I wore Julep’s Marjorie, Nicole by Opi’s Please Red-Cycle with Julep’s Hartleigh as a top coat, followed by Keiko and Dawn, both by Julep.

I remember nothing about Marjorie.  Nothing.  The only thing I have on it is that I’d maybe wear again. Clearly, it didn’t stand out that much, but at least my notes started to get more detailed after that.

Beauty- February 2015

For Valentine’s week, I wore Please Red-Cycle, which I ended up getting at Target this month, because the closest thing to a good Valentine’s color is something I want to wear closer to Christmas.  I don’t have many reds or pinks, and the ones I do have aren’t good Valentine reds or pinks, so I cracked and got something new.

I also wore Hartleigh on top, which was a freebie included in my Julep box for February.  I totally wasn’t expecting it, since they (very infrequently) will throw in something fun.  I don’t know that I would have picked it out on my own, and it really is perfect for Valentine’s day.  I don’t know that I picked the right shade of red for it, and I think a lighter color would have made it stand out more, but overall, it looked fine.  It was really hard to remove, as in the color was easy to take off, but the glitter stayed on, so I had to soak my nails in nail polish remover.  Even then the hearts had to be peeled off.

I got Keiko in February’s Julep box, and I’m not sure how I feel about it!  I took a chance on it, and I was intrigued by the description of a charred olive shimmer.  I think it’s better suited as an accent nail, and with 2 coats, it was more of a brown-black with no shimmer whatsoever.  It grew on me by the end of the week, but if I do it as a main color, I think it needs something glittery and holographic, like Adele by Julep on top to give it something special.

This week, I’m wearing Dawn by Julep, and I really like it!  It’s a pretty yellow that’s really good for spring and summer.  It is thin and a little streaky with one coat, so I definitely needed two coats to even it out.

Maven- Feb 2015

As for the Maven box, I was really glad I have the option to customize my box this month, since I ended up swapping out all of my colors! Don’t get me wrong, I like the It Girl box, and most of the time, I love the colors right away or they end up growing up.  At the very least, I’m much more willing to try out the colors in that particular group the other ones.  Well, except for lately.  Carla’s not my color out (and I’m way too pale for it to look good on it), Becky isn’t my thing (and is too close to a couple of other colors I’ve had for at least a year and never worn), and I decided against Colton because it’s too similar to other colors I have and like.

I already talked about Keiko, and I also got Hazel and Brandis.  Hazel looks so pretty, and I really need a violet like that!  And I don’t have turquoise, so I’m excited about wearing Brandis.

I’m both nervous and excited about March’s box, because I opted for the mystery box.  Once again, I’m not into the colors (Janet is too light for me, Ming isn’t appealing at all, plus I have a sort of brighter shade of that color somewhere but the idea of jelly nail polish is intriguing and Nedra is similar to several shades of indigo and gray-blue I have).  I thought about the St. Patrick’s day box they had,  but as I have some great shades of green and gold and even white, I opted not to get it.

I’m intrigued by the mystery box, where I’ll be getting colors from previous Maven boxes.  It’s a total surprise, so it’ll be fun to see what I get.  But at the same time, I’m nervous about taking a chance, because it’s possible I’ll get colors I’m not into or don’t like or colors I have or are too similar to ones I have.  But I’m intrigued enough to take a chance, and I’ll definitely talk about it next month!

That is the one thing I’ve noticed lately, with swapping out colors and skipping boxes- I don’t know if it’s because I have enough nail polish that it was bound to happen eventually, or if it’s something else.  Like maybe I need to try new colors.

Anyway, that’s all the nail polish talk for today!  Hope today is awesome for everyone!

Currently Obsessed With: Nail Polish!

Currently Obsessed With is a once-a-month (but sometimes more) feature where I talk about the things I’m currently into and up to.

Currently Obsessed With

Nail polish is one of my favorite things to talk about.  I always share what I get in the Julep monthly Maven box, which I love, because I get nail polish every single month.

One of my goals for this year (which I mentioned in this post) was to start wearing a different color each week. I have a lot of nail polish, which is great in some ways because I have a ton of colors to choose from and the chances of me picking a color to match the season, a holiday, my mood or a special event is very high.

At the same time, though, I sometimes find myself wishing I had more, because nothing seems to fit or I’m bored with what I have.  I’m somewhere in the low 80’s in terms of nail polish.  I should not be bored with that many bottles of nail polish.  As a result, I tend to use the bottles of nail polish that are most recent, because I never know what to wear.  As much as I love nail polish, I’m also starting to feel like it’s becoming a huge problem, for those reasons.  It’s more than I could ever possibly wear.

It’s the nice thing about getting new nail polish every month: I don’t really think about what I’m going to wear, because I’m good for most of the month.  But when you have enough nail polish to wear a different color every week for around a year-and-a-half with no repeats and I get bored…that’s not good either.  It means there’s a lot of nail polish that I’m not wearing.

I love getting it, I really do.  But lately, I’ve been skipping it, because I’m not into any of the colors. It’s either something I know I wouldn’t wear and/or wouldn’t look good on me because I’m too fair-skinned to pull it off (wintermint) or it’s something similar to other shades I already have (eggplant or charcoal grey).  Even when there are colors I like that aren’t similar to ones I already have (a grey-ish teal), I’m not in love with it to take a chance on it.

For New Years, I did my nails in several different metallic/chrome colors- gold and silver mostly, with some glitter. The two different shades of silver I picked?  I am utterly convinced they are the exact shade of silver.  If I didn’t know they were two completely bottles, I never would have known that they were two different bottles.  I don’t need 3 slightly different variations of navy blue or silver or eggplant or any other color to the point of not being able to tell the difference once I’m actually wearing it.

As much as I love nail polish, I’m also starting to feel like it’s becoming a huge problem, for those reasons.  It’s getting a bit out of control, and yet, I don’t want to give it up either.

Having skipped the last few months of Julep boxes (for reasons mentioned above), I’ve been going to my nail polish collection, which is basically what prompted this whole thing in the first place.

I started noticing that I tend to go to the same few colors whenever I don’t have a shiny new bottle of nail polish.  And I realized that with the amount of nail polish I have, I really should be wearing a different color every week.  And how I had so many options that I couldn’t actually pick a color.

It’s going to be a special project for 2015.  Every week is going to be a different color of nail polish, and once I wear a certain color, I cannot use it for the rest of the year, regardless of when I got it.  I’ve been keeping track with a spreadsheet, so I know what I’ve worn and when I wore it.  Notes are also helpful.  Like if a polish is thin and/or streaky and needs 2 coats for full coverage or if I find something hard to remove or something else entirely.

Taking pictures is still kind of weird, but I’m getting used to it, and I’m sure I’ll get better at it every week. Also: you really need to take pictures at the right time, because let me tell you, if I wait a few days, my nails get chipped so fast!  I blame it on the fact that I deal with paper a lot at work, and then needing to wash my hands all the time.  I also want them to actually look nice when I take the pictures.  Be glad I lotion up before taking pictures because I refuse to inflict my dry, winter hands on y’all.

There’s part of me that’s hoping I’ll be able to weed out some of it.  I still don’t know what to do with it, but I’ll cross that bridge if/when I get to it.  But with the amount of colors I have, and the fact that I have bottles I’ve never worn (or barely worn), it might be good to actually weed those colors out in order to make room for colors I know I’ll wear.

And even though it’s been a few weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m much more conscious of the colors I’m picking out- I thought about doing red one week, but after looking it?  It’s a good Christmas red and it would also work really well for either 4th Of July or Memorial Day or even Valentine’s Day, so I opted for a different color.  I’m so much more conscious of when I wear certain colors now.

It’s definitely something I’ll be sharing throughout the year.  I’m not sure how often, and if it’ll be part of my month in review posts, or a completely separate post, and if it’ll be monthly, weekly, or every few months.  If I opt of the Maven box, I’ll likely do it in place of that (like I did in my last currently obsessed with post), but other than that, it’ll randomly pop up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Currently Obsessed With: January Has Passed

Currently Obsessed With is a once-a-month (but sometimes more) feature where I talk about my favorite things from the last month.


Yet again, I opted out of the Julep Maven box for January (but I did get February’s box!).  Instead, I have pictures of the polish I’ve worn for the last month, since one of my goals for the year is to wear a different color every week, with no repeats allowed.

Nail Polish Project- January 2015 Collage

I really liked the SpaRitual one, and it makes me think of oceans and mermaids and (randomly) Elsa from Frozen.  I did notice it was thin, and needed 2 coats for more even coverage, but overall, I think it might be my favorite I’ve worn this month. But Octavia and Into The Night are pretty.  And I used a matte top coat for Into The Night- although I wished I had thought of at least one nail just on its own, but it’s basically what you see in the picture but not matte.  As for Catrina…I didn’t really like it.  I mean, yellow is an awesome color, but this shade didn’t work for me.  I think I’m much too pale to wear it.

I also need to take pictures same day or within a day or two of doing my nails.  Clearly, there were a couple weeks when I was feeling too lazy to take a picture, given there were some chipped nails.  But perfectly polished nails can be over-rated.  Let’s be real, with the cooking and hand-washing I do throughout the day, my nails get chipped.


I’ve been crocheting up a storm!  Remember that super-secret project I was working on?  I can talk about it now!

Crochet- January 2015 Blanket Collage

I made a baby blanket for my cousin, and it turned out well!  Except for the part where I got half done, realized it was super-crooked to the point that nothing would make it more straight, and had to re-do half of it.  I am amazed of the magic that borders work, which straightened it out to the point that I think only I would notice.  It turned out so well, and I loved the blue.  Also: the grey was great, and I’m glad I picked grey instead of the sandstone the pattern recommended.  I do wish the white was a brighter white, because I think the blue and grey would stand out more, but the softer white is a cozy baby blanket kind of white.  Plus, the white was a pound of white, and the last thing I need is more white yarn.

I took a little bit of a crochet break, because I was feeling burnt out after making a baby blanket, but now I’m back to crocheting!  I’m doing a ton of smaller projects, because my brain and my hands cannot handle something bigger.  So a blanket I started almost a year ago is on hold again.

Crochet- January 2015 Project Collage

I’ve made a couple of cowls- one in Hufflepuff colors (black and yellow) and a grey/variegated yarn.  I like both, but the grey/multi-colored yarn is really pretty!  Why is grey + color so awesome?  Seriously, it is.  I have no idea how I managed to twist the multi-colored- it seemed to happen somewhere in the making of it, and not in the chain.  Either way, I love the colors.  I also started on a hat for St. Patrick’s Day (which reminds me that I need to start on something for Valentine’s Day), and it’s the unfinished green thing you see in the middle.


I’m trying really hard to not buy books, because I have so many books that I haven’t even read yet!  It didn’t completely work, because I did get some e-books- California by Edan Lepucki, Grounded by G.P. Ching, Love Is The Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson and Open Road Summer by Emery Lord, plus I pre-ordered Breaker by Emma Raveling.  Still, because I have a tendency to buy books only to not read them, I’ve decided to not buy a ton of books this year.  I can’t do a complete book ban, but I definitely want to reserve buying books that I know I am genuinely excited about and know I’ll read right away.  Or if I’m going to a book signing.  Like in March, when Gail Carriger is doing a book signing here in San Diego!  I am super-excited about that.  As for audible, I got Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres, and I’ve been interested in reading it ever since I read a book by the same author about Jonestown.


I haven’t really watched much t.v. this month.  For the most part, I’m randomly watching stuff on Hulu as it comes up, and there’s only a handful of things I’m keeping up with right now.  I’ve been watching the currently airing season of Downton Abbey, which I’m so going to have to re-watch, because I’m somewhere in season 2, and I’m sort of confused about what’s going on, and yet I still want to watch it.  And I’ve been watching NCIS and Sleepy Hollow and American Horror Story because I know they’re on.

I just really dislike the t.v. season once Christmas is over, because it feels like 1 or 2 weeks of new episodes followed by, like, 3 weeks of re-runs.  It’s annoying, and makes me not want to watch t.v, since it feels like everything is on at the most random times.

Around The Internet:

So many things!  Check out my pinterest board for everything I’ve pinned- although it is annoying when I want to pin something, and can’t because there’s no picture.  Thankfully, it’s not often, but I may have to bookmark those and share them.

Still, I liked that there’s this guy that took pictures of what people were reading on the subway.

If I were a children’s book, it would be Everyone Poops.  Here’s what this says about me, taken directly from the quiz: You’re the cynical one with a sarcastic sense of humor. You always keep it real, even if it grosses people out. You’re basically a star. This is definitely an amusing quiz.*

*I am definitely not cynical, and while I try to keep it real, I don’t do it to the point of grossing people out…I hope.  As for the sarcastic sense of humor, let’s just say that my nickname is Snark Ninja for a reason.

Time’s 100 Best YA Novels is a slideshow, as is their 100 Best Children’s Books.  (If you want a non-slideshow version, the two links below have it in list form, although if you google it, I’m sure you’d find a list with no problem).  I’m generally not critical of these kinds of lists, but these 2 have left me with so many questions and thoughts.  Their definition of children’s books seems oddly specific while YA is very vague and broad, and how they apply it is super-inconsistent.  Some series get one entry, while other series have multiple entries.  Some authors get several books, while others only get one.  Basically, I want to know more about the selection process.

And one final thing, since my mini-rant is over: an interesting article about how diversity isn’t reflected on the Times’ Best Of YA list, with a focus on how Native Americans are portrayed in some of the books on the list.  She also has one for the Children’s list.  It’s interesting to think about (especially for me, because it’s not something I’ve HAD to think about).


I finally got 1989, which, for those who don’t know, is the new Taylor Swift album.  I’m super-late to that album, but I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days.  Days, I tell you!  I rarely buy full albums for actual artists- usually full albums are soundtracks, but given how much I love Blank Space and Shake It Off…and the tail end of her new single, I knew I had to get it.

It’s Taylor Swift, but more subtle.  Any song would do well as a single.  I have my favorites (Style, Out Of The Woods, Bad Blood and Wildest Dreams) but I honestly can (and have) listened to the entire album over and over and over.  And I’m still not sick of it.  It really is her best album yet…but if you hate that Taylor Swift has gone pop, and thought she was better when she was country (I know you’re out there), you really need to give it a chance!

Other than Taylor Swift, I haven’t really listened to a lot of music.  I hate the remix of Hanging Tree that’s randomly been playing on the radio.  Can we stop remixing songs just because we can?  Because if there’s a song that shouldn’t be remixed, it is that song.

I am leaving you with Take Me To Church by Hozier.  I so need the entire album, especially if it’s anything like this song.

Happy February!

Currently Obsessed With: September Was Just Weird

Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature where I talk about my favorite stuff and interesting things from the last month and also where I talk about what’s been going on in my life!

Nails & Beauty:

So far, I really like the customizable Maven box from Julep!  The September box was my first box after upgrading, and I’m actually glad that I upgraded my Maven box, because the ability to customize to my box is really great when there’s a color I’m not sure about or a color I KNOW I don’t want.  For September, I knew I didn’t want one of the polishes and that actually worked out great, because I was in desperate need of their Freedom Polymer top coat.  I was really happy that I was able to swap out the color I didn’t want for a top coat I really needed.

Maven Sept 2014

Left To Right: Ryan, Mahima, Freedom Polymer Top Coat

I really liked Ryan, which has a matte finish to it.  And I was really intrigued by Mahima, which is gold but not a sparkly, metallic or chrome gold that I’m used to!  I wasn’t sure about it as a creme nail polish, but I was reminded very much of gold leaf that’s used in paintings from hundreds of years ago.

Left To Right: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

Left To Right: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

Remember last month, when I talked about the Urban Decay Naked3 palette?  I actually like it a lot! The colors are really neutral, and they’re great for everyday use.  I’m sure someone who’s much more comfortable and confident in their make-up applying skills would be able to create some awesome looks from it, but it’s great for people (like me) who want something really simple in the morning. My only issue is that some of the colors don’t show up really on someone with really fair skin, to the point that even I had trouble telling if I had any on or not.  Granted, I’ve only tried Dust, Burnout, Buzz, and Liar, and Dust and Buzz are my favorites.  Still, I really like the colors, and it’s one of my favorite palettes that I’ve actually used.


I’ve been crocheting a bunch this month!  I tested out a crown pattern for a friend, I made a bunch of face scrubbies, a scarf, I finished the cowl I was working on and I started a washcloth.  I like that the scarf is really textured and wavy, which doesn’t show up very well in the picture.  As for the cowl, I like the color, but I don’t like it as one solid color- it definitely needs a stripe of color every once in a while.  And when I tried it on…it felt like I was being choked a little bit, so I don’t know if I maybe needed to add some extra stitches, or if I maybe need to block it, or if that’s how cowls are supposed to be…I’ve never worn a cowl (or made one, for that matter) so I have no clue if it’s just how cowls are or if it’s the pattern and needs to be a little bigger or what’s going on.

Crochet Sept 2014 Collage

And I abandoned that green shell hat I was working on.  It seemed like it was going to be way too big, and it seemed like each row took FOREVER to do…once I got to the shell part of. One of these days, I’m going to have to completely frog it, so I can use the yarn for something else.  I also tested a pattern for fingerless mitts…well, I got through the one, and now I just need to do the other one.  Hopefully it’ll start cooling down so I can start working on my blanket again too.  Plus, I have my eye on a few other projects, so there may be more news on that front.


Book Haul Sept 2014

I got Seriously Delish, which is a cookbook by Jessica Merchant…who also has a totally awesome food blog.  I haven’t made anything from it yet, but everything looks so good!  And I want to make almost every single recipe in the book, which is super-rare for me.  I also got Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein, and I’m really curious about this Code Name Verity companion novel, especially since I’m reading Code Name Verity right now.

I’m also starting to come out of my reading slump!  Talking about it helped a lot, and I’m starting to get back in the swing of (reading) things.  Seriously, my reading habits are starting to get back to normal, so I think the worst of it is over.


I have been watching so much t.v. that I’ve decided to do a completely different post about it that’s coming up in the next few days.  I will say that it’s partly because fall t.v. is back and partly because I’ve been watching a couple shows on netflix.

Around The Internet:

I’ve come across a lot of interesting things this month, and while I only pick a few to share every month, this month I’ve decided to do a separate post because there are quite a few articles I have thoughts about, and I just want to talk about them a little more.

I will say that I’ve made these crescent sausage bites before, and they go over sowell, and these Nutella brownies are completely awesome.  And I was intrigued by this crock-pot BBQ chicken.


So, I actually have NO music for this month.  My listening to stuff time has been really sporadic lately, and whatever listening time I do have is trying to keep up with a small number of the podcasts I managelisten to.  I hate having to cut down on the number I listen to, but the time just isn’t there right now.  Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the ones that I’ve been listening to.

  1. Welcome To Nightvale.  I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s not going to stop me from mentioning it again! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Night Vale, you should check it!  It’s what you’d get if you mixed Stephen King, those conspiracy theories people who are on History Channel shows and NPR were mixed together.  I’m sure other people have better descriptions than me, but it’s delightfully weird.
  2. The Book Riot podcast.  I’m a big fan of Book Riot, and their main Book Riot podcast is fun to listen to.  They talk about all kinds of book-ish things, and I’ve heard of some really cool books and news stories because of their podcast.
  3. Alohomora.  I love this Harry Potter re-read podcast.  I look forward to every episode, because the discussion is always interesting, and brings up things I never thought of before.
  4. We’re Alive.  I’m really sad that this audio drama podcast is over, but I’m looking forward to see if/what the people behind it come up with next.
  5. The History Chicks.  It’s been a while since they’ve had an episode, but I like that each episode is an overview on different women from history, with the occasional fictional woman thrown in. I also love that each post on their website talks about each woman and has books, movies and resources on each woman they talk about.

Hope everyone has a great October!

Currently Obsessed With: Why Is August Over?

Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature where I talk about my favorite stuff and interesting things from the last month and also where I talk about what’s been going on in my life!

So.  It’s September!  I’m not in school, haven’t been for several years, and yet it’s weird to me that it’s September!  I just really want it to be 70 degree weather again, because the 80 to 90 degree weather has gone on for too long!

Nails & Beauty:

From Left To Right: Joyce, Kirti, Tammi, Priscilla

From Left To Right: Joyce, Kirti, Tammi, Priscilla

I really like this month’s Maven box!  I particularly liked Joyce, which surprised me, because red isn’t a color I normally go for. And I loved Kirti, which wasn’t a big surprise, since it was the one I figured I’d like.  I don’t know why, but I have been a big fan of the orange nail polishes I’ve worn.  Tammi- the yellow-green- was the one I wasn’t sure about it all, but I liked it a lot more than I expected!  I also bought Priscilla last month, and it’s part of Julep’s birthstone collection.  It really does remind me of emeralds, which is the birthstone for May.  It’s a full-coverage glitter, and I loved it!  As it’s glitter, it was a pain to remove, but it was worth it! And it didn’t chip that much, which is weird for a glitter polish, but I liked that it didn’t chip much after a week of wearing it.

I finally upgraded to the next tier in the Maven box subscription, starting with the September box, and I like the idea of being able to switch out a color I don’t like.  I don’t know how often I’ll do it, but it’s nice to have that option because sometimes, there are colors I’m not sure about, which is great for that random month when I like another color.  I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts about it once I’ve had it for a few months.

China Glaze's X-Ta-Sea, Left, and OPI's Into The Night, Right

China Glaze’s X-Ta-Sea, Left, and OPI’s Into The Night, Right

I did get a couple of other bottle of nail polish recently- X-TA-SEA from China Glaze, and Into The Night from OPI.  I like both, but I kind of like the OPI one a little bit better.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Last Call, Left, and Fresh Lip Treatment in Honey, Right

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Last Call, Left, and Fresh Lip Treatment in Honey, Right

Also: I am on a weird make-up kick right now, which is weird, because it’s something I wear only every once in a while.  But I LOVE this tinted lip treatment from Fresh.  I like that the color is really light, but it’s really moisturizing, which is awesome, because my lips do get chapped, and it really helps!

I love this eyeshadow from Urban Decay, and have it in Last Call.  I love that how much the color shows up, and even though I’ve only worn it a handful of times, I liked it so much that I just got the Naked3 palette, which I think will be better for everyday life, while Last Call seems better suited for something fun.  (More on the Naked3 palette next month, after I’ve used it).


I started a cowl, which is almost done, and I’m still working on that hat.  It’s taken me a while, and I feel like I’ve been working on it for months.  I think I’ll really like the cowl, and it’s a powder blue…and I’ll be glad when the hat is finished. I have a few other projects in mind, and I’ll be glad when it cools down so I can start working on that blanket again.


Top, The Lemonade Cookbook by Alan Jackson (no, not the country singer), and The Family Cooks by Laurie David

The Lemonade Cookbook by Alan Jackson (no, not the country singer), and The Family Cooks by Laurie David

I doubt it’s surprising I got more cookbooks- I just can’t stay away from them!  I do have a few I have my eye on, but I think I’m going to wait a bit, until I cook a bit more from the ones I have.  On the plus side, I should have quite the cookbook wish-list when I am ready for more cookbooks…

I’m probably going to make exceptions for Seriously Delish, because her blog is awesome, and Joy The Baker’s Homemade Decadence.  Joy, by the way, also has an awesome blog and an awesome cookbook!

And my audible credit this month went to You Look Different In Real Life by Jennifer Castle, which I’m looking forward to listening to!  It’s an interesting idea, and I’m hoping I like it a lot!

T.V. And Movies:

Last month, I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy, which was so fun to see!  And the soundtrack is just as fun- after seeing it, I knew I had to get the soundtrack.  I ended up seeing it in IMAX 3D, which I actually really liked.  I also saw The Giver and If I Stay in August, but there are spoilers in both reviews, so just keep that in mind if you click on over.

I haven’t been watching much t.v.- at least, not much on Netflix/Hulu.  I’m slowly making my way through Blue Bloods (still! but I am on season 2 now) and I’ve watched most of the pilot of Flashpoint, which I’ve randomly seen a few episodes of and liked.  Really, I’ve had the Food Network or the History Channel on in the background, because I’ve needed background noise while I stare at pinterest and random things on the internet.  But I am glad that fall t.v. is coming back soon, because I’ve missed my usual rotation…which may cut into catching up on other shows time, but who knows?

Around The Internet:

I’ve seen so many cool things this month!  I’ve decided to go for my favorites and the really interesting posts.

My all time favorite thing I’ve heard about is this letter J.K. Rowling sent to a teen who lost her family in a shooting.  J.K. Rowling is just awesome.

This DIY creepy doll mobile was posted ages and ages ago, but I just came across it for the first time, and I so want to make it!

Apparently, people think that Stephanie Meyer is going to ruin people’s childhoods by producing a movie adaptation of a Lois Duncan book and that makes me so mad, because if it were literally anyone else, no one would even care.  I just hate that people are making assumptions based on their hatred of her previous work, which has nothing to do with producing a movie. I want it to do well, but I have the feeling that if it’s “horrible” (and that’s totally subjective) and it completely bombs, Stephanie Meyer is going to get blamed, even if it has nothing to do with her ability as a producer.

I thought this post about YA and New Adult was interesting.

And I really want to make these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and these sausage muffins.

Finally, I thought this list of books by women under 50 is one to check out!  I really want to read some of these books now.


I bought a ridiculous amount of music last month, but weirdly enough, I didn’t get a chance to listen to much of it…mostly because there were some songs I couldn’t get enough of.  I normally pick a few songs to share, but this month, I’ve decided to share the entire playlist, because I just can’t pick a few to share.

Currently Obsessed With: Where Did July Go?!?!?!

Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature where I talk about my favorite stuff and interesting things from the last month and also where I talk about what’s been going on in my life!

I can’t believe July is over.  Really, I can’t!  It went by really, really fast!

Nails (And A Bit Of Beauty):

Left To Right: Linden, Dawn & Braiden, Add-On is Lissa

Left To Right: Linden, Dawn & Braiden, Add-On is Lissa

After skipping the Maven box for a couple months, I’m back to getting it again!  I’ve tried out all of the colors, and I’m not a big fan of Dawn, which is the yellow one.  It’ll be fine as an accent color, or maybe on my toes, but I can’t picture myself wearing it.  Linden and Lissa (Linden’s from my box, and Lissa is an add-on) are great, and while I like Braiden as a color and a glitter-y, texturized nail polish, it’s also a major pain to take off, so I may not wear it often.  Also, I wish the picture came out better, but that really is the best one I could get…

Also: I’m kind of obsessed with the matte top coat from Nicole by OPI.  Plus, I got a reflective top coat from Sephora’s Formula X for Sephora line, so I’m looking forward to trying that out.  I also got a nail hydration treatment from Sephora’s Formula X For Sephora line, because my nails have been cracking and peeling, so I’m hoping this will help.  Not wearing nail polish may also help, but that never seems to last long…

Left To Right: Formula X Nail Hydration Treatment, Formula X Reflective Top Coat, Nicole By OPI Matte Top Coat, Too Faced LashGASM

Left To Right: Formula X Nail Hydration Treatment, Formula X Reflective Top Coat, Nicole By OPI Matte Top Coat, Too Faced LashGASM

I used to be a big Sephora person years ago, but due to unfortunate circumstances, could no longer afford to shop at Sephora. And then I got into the habit of not going, which is probably good for my bank account, because Sephora is a bit on the pricey side.  But I kind of miss it, because for some reason, it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as getting beauty products at CVS or Target.


I got the most amazing mascara, and I love it to pieces.  I’ve tried a few different mascara over the years.  Like a bottle of mascara from Tarte, and I think I used it once for a cousins wedding last year.  I’ve also liked Clinique’s naturally glossy mascara. But the LashGASM mascara from TooFaced is my current obsession!  I’m usually a lip gloss and nail polish person, and I’ll sometimes wear mascara.  I may have spent $20 on a bottle of mascara, but it’s so worth every penny, because my eye lashes look amazing!  Not even kidding.

Let’s Talk Books:

So, I’ve been on quite the print kick this month!  I’m very much an e-book girl, but for whatever reason, print seems to be my reading thing right now, so I’ll go with it.  I’ve been in this weird reading funk where I’m reading stuff, and liking it, but I really haven’t been super-jazzed about anything.  And as much as I love my e-reader, e-books aren’t completely doing it for me, so I’ll probably be reading quite a few print books and listening to quite a few audio books.  Also, I haven’t wanted to read as much, which is bugging me, because reading is one of my things, you know?  I suppose it was bound to happen at some point, given how much I read, so maybe…I need to figure something out.  Like, reading, but not as much or something.

I usually get one book a month with audible (this month’s credit went to Gated by Amy Christine Parker), but I also got Septimus Heap (random audible sales are awesome!), Roanoke Vanishing and Beholding Bee.  I’m not sure why I got more audio books, since I have quite the backlog of audio books, but I’ve been in a mood for them, so why not add a few more?  Also: listening seems to get me reading.

As for print, you can see them below.

Lots and lots of books!

Lots and lots of books!

As you can see, it’s quite the stack.  I’m really hoping one of them will get me out of this reading slump I’m in.

T.V. And Movies:

I saw Lucy this month, which was really odd but interesting.  It started off super-weird, and I wasn’t sure if I should have gone with something else, but it turned out to be an okay movie.  Once you get past the set-up, it got a lot more interesting.  It definitely was more appealing than Planet Of The Apes and Transformers, which were the other two options…but I’d say wait until it’s available on RedBox or something if you’re interested in seeing it.

As for T.V., I haven’t been watching much of it.  I’m watching Gilmore Girls again, after a several month-long break.  I’ve also been watching Blue Bloods on Hulu, so I’ll keep watching that.  Oddly enough, it’s a CBS show (at least, Season 1 is), and that’s sort of confusing because CBS is weird, and only makes current shows available on their website.  But I’ll take it, even I need to hunt down the most recent season.

I actually really hate watching t.v. shows on the network websites, because I’ve always had HUGE issues with watching an entire episode.  Like, lots of buffering and poor issue quality, which really turned me off to watching stuff on the network site. Granted, that was several years ago, and it could have been my computer, but it was enough to make me never want to do that again.


There’s not much going on in the crochet department.  I’m working on another hat, and I’m currently looking at other projects, because I’m going to need one when my hat is finished.  Between Pinterest, ravelry and a few crochet books I have, I should be able to find something.  (And hopefully, I’ll already have the yarn for it).

Around The Internet:

There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there!

Like this article about an Oregon School Board reversing their pre-emptive ban on The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian.  Also: a school board gets rid of a summer reading list for incoming freshman, as talked about in this article.

I like this article that talks about where To Kill A Mockingbird would be shelved if it were published today.  It’s interesting to think about this in regards to other classics, and how people may categorize other books.

I’m not sure how I feel about a couple of the things mentioned in an article about YA heroines, but I do agree with the idea that we need to see all kinds of females in YA.  Also: this topic is a can of worms that really does warrant its own post.

A really interesting blog post about the grey areas of spoilers.  Eventually, I’m going to do a post on spoilers, because I can’t limit it to a couple sentences.

The science of old book smell.  I know there are people who really do like the smell of books, but sometimes, I feel like people say that to make themselves look super-impressive and are just lying about it.  As much as I love to read, I’ve never understood why some people love the smell of books.

E-book bundling needs to be a thing, so I’m glad HarperCollins is trying something out.  HarperCollins (more than the other 4 major publishers) seems to be more on-board with trying this stuff out.

Also: the Nostalgia Machine is totally awesome.  90’s music, here I come!


Speaking of music, I’ve been on a music kick this month!  Not enough to do a separate post, but I did get some new stuff recently so there will probably be more music next month.  Since this post is getting really long, I’m just going to leave you with a couple of my favorite songs right now.

1- Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX.  If you like Lorde, you’ll probably like Iggy.

2- Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.  I can’t stop singing along to this one.

I hope everyone has a great August and a great weekend!

Currently Obsessed With: The April Edition

So, Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature that I started at the beginning of the year to talk about all of my favorite things and latest obsessions.  I can’t believe this is my fourth one already!

So: nail polish seems to be a regular occurence with these posts, which is due to the ever-awesome Julep Maven Box, which you can see in the picture below.

Left To Right: Mariska, an add-on, Bailey, Fiora and Maren

Left To Right: Mariska, an add-on, Bailey, Fiora and Maren

So, it’s not the best photo, but I liked Mariska enough to get it as an add-on, but I haven’t worn it yet.  And I haven’t worn Maren yet either, but I have worn Fiora and Bailey.  I liked Fiora more than I expected, and while I like Bailey as color…it wasn’t the best polish to actually use.  It seemed gloopy, and it felt like it took forever to dry, which is pretty unusual for Julep.  However, Monaco, which was in one of the Maven boxes (not my usual one, unfortunately) is a similar color that isn’t gloopy, so I’d honestly go with that one instead.

I haven’t been crocheting much, so I’ve only done a little bit of work on my blanket.  So, no picture of it this month.  Partly because I haven’t worked on it much, but mostly because I forgot until right now, and quite frankly, I don’t really feel like it.  😦

I haven’t been in a reading mood the last week or two, which is weird for me.  I did go to the L.A. Festival Of Books with some friends and I had fun!  It took place on a Saturday and Sunday, and we went on the Saturday.  I didn’t make it into see John Green, because I didn’t get a ticket online, and I figured there would be no way I could get in to see him.  But I did see a panel on the YA stage with Kelley Armstrong (whom I haven’t read), Rachel Hawkins, Neal Shusterman, and the guy who wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles.  It was actually a great panel, and I liked hearing all of them talk!

I also went to the panel that Tahereh Mafi was on (with a couple other people I now want to read).  It was such a fun panel, and Tahereh is so adorable!  Actually, it was a pretty interesting, entertaining and hilarious panel, and I’m really glad I went to that panel.  It’s definitely a cool event, and there are a ton of booths.  I kind of wish I had gone to more panels, because you can only wander the booths so many times before you get a bit tired of them.  There is definitely a lot to look at, and I think one of my favorite things was this huge wall type thing where people could write what books inspired them.  I really wish I got a picture of it, because it was so amazing to see what books inspired people.  Plus, I went to Roscoe’s for the first time, and they have amazing waffles!

I haven’t been in much of a reading mood, but I have been in a t.v. watching mood.  I’ve been catching up on Nashville, which is cool, but I’ve spent a lot of the week making my way through Breaking Bad.  I know I’m way behind a lot of other people as far as Breaking Bad goes, but I can’t stop watching it!  While I do like to watch things live (because I weird like that), I’m also glad I don’t have to wait to watch the episodes

And I think I’m going to wrap this up with some music!  I’ve been listening to Lindsay Stirling a lot, and I am such a huge fan of hers!  Also, I’ve only listened to her new album once, but I’m already in love with it.  I even pre-ordered her album.  I rarely buy full albums, much less pre-order them, but I was just so excited I couldn’t help it!

1- Electric Daisy Violin from her self-titled debut album.  I could totally listen to this song on repeat!

2- Crystallize from her self-titled debut album.  Also a great song I could listen to on repeat.

3- Beyond The Veil from Shatter Me.  It’s such a great song, and while it’s different than her previous songs, it’s a good kind of different.

4- Shatter Me from Shatter Me, with Lzzy Hale.  Oh my god!  This is one of my new favorite songs!

5- Moon Trance from her self-titled debut album.  It’s a good song for Halloween, but I like that there’s this creepy feel to it.

That’s it for this edition of what I’m currently obsessed with!  I hope everyone has an excellent day today!

Currently Obsessed With #3: March Is Over Already?!?!?!

I can’t believe March is over already!  It seems like the year is going by so fast.  I really can’t believe it’s April already.

And that means it’s time for another round of what I’ve been up to and my favorite stuff from the month of March.

Like all the nail polish I got.  I’m such a fan of the Maven box, and it’s fun to get a box of things I know I’ll like.  To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure about the colors for March, since they scream spring, but I still liked them enough to get the box, plus two add-ons from a couple of the other boxes.  I also got a couple more bottles of green, and one of gold, which- very sadly- didn’t come in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Thankfully, I have other shades of green, but the new greens are much more St. Patrick’s day than the one I wore. Which, by the way, is the shade of green from the March Maven box.

My normal Maven box is It Girl, which has 3 full-sized bottles of nail polish, and included Princess Grace, Margaret and Lizanne, and I decided I liked Lilou and Harriet enough to add them in.  Plus Leah, Peyton and Zelda, which are two shades of green (Leah and Peyton) and gold (which is Zelda).

While I love getting new nail polish every month, it also means I’m getting new polish every month…which means I need somewhere to keep it all.  And so I got something to store it in, because I really had nothing else to keep it.  And I love having it because it’s all in one spot and can carry it to wherever I decide to do my nails.

March Nail Polish Collage

Left: March Maven Box, Top Right: Nail Polish Storage, Middle Right: March Maven Add-Ons, Bottom Right: My Belated St. Patrick’s Day Nail Polish

I’m also obsessed with all the good t.v. right now!  So many things, and it’s seems like I’m always watching something or catching up something.  Because, for some insane reason, stuff has to be on at the same time.  Like, Cosmos, Believe and Resurrection…how can I possibly pick between 3 great shows?  I’m really glad I have Hulu, because it’s the only way to keep up with everything!

I finally starting crocheting a blanket!  It’ll take a while, and hopefully it will be done by the time winter rolls around.  I’ve been working on it randomly, and I’m really getting into ripple blankets!  I definitely want to make another blanket, but I’m thinking shades of green for the next one.

Blanket End Of March Collage

The ripple isn’t showing up too well in the picture, but I think part of it is that it’s a small, gentle kind of ripple.  Well, it’s really more of a wave, but I still like it!

As for music…I haven’t been listening to much, but I will say that I’ve been listening to the Divergent soundtrack on repeat for the last couple of weeks.  It’s sooooo good and it fits the movie perfectly! Speaking of the movie, I thought Divergent was fantastic!  Four…I loved Four in the series but the movie made me love him even more.  I wasn’t sure about Kate Winslet as Jeanine, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good a fit she was.  And it was the same thing with Shailene Woodley!  She really is a good choice for Tris.

Back to the soundtrack!  I’m really into it, and I can’t listen to anything else right now.  So many great songs, but here are a few of my favorites.

1- Find You by Zedd- I can’t stop listening to it!  It’s definitely my favorite song right now (and my favorite song from the soundtrack)

2- Fight For You by Pia Mia- it somehow manages to make me feel better every single time I listen to it!

3-  Hanging On (The I See Monstas Remix) by Ellie Goulding- I love the song, and the remix is even more amazing.

4- Lost And Found (The Odesza Remix) by Pretty Lights- One of my new favorites, and I can’t wait to check out Pretty Lights other stuff.

5- Dead In The Water by Ellie Goulding- She’s featured pretty heavily on the soundtrack, which is okay with me because I love Ellie Goulding so much!

That’s it for the goings on from March!  I hope everyone has a lovely day!