Currently Obsessed With: The April Edition

So, Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature that I started at the beginning of the year to talk about all of my favorite things and latest obsessions.  I can’t believe this is my fourth one already!

So: nail polish seems to be a regular occurence with these posts, which is due to the ever-awesome Julep Maven Box, which you can see in the picture below.

Left To Right: Mariska, an add-on, Bailey, Fiora and Maren

Left To Right: Mariska, an add-on, Bailey, Fiora and Maren

So, it’s not the best photo, but I liked Mariska enough to get it as an add-on, but I haven’t worn it yet.  And I haven’t worn Maren yet either, but I have worn Fiora and Bailey.  I liked Fiora more than I expected, and while I like Bailey as color…it wasn’t the best polish to actually use.  It seemed gloopy, and it felt like it took forever to dry, which is pretty unusual for Julep.  However, Monaco, which was in one of the Maven boxes (not my usual one, unfortunately) is a similar color that isn’t gloopy, so I’d honestly go with that one instead.

I haven’t been crocheting much, so I’ve only done a little bit of work on my blanket.  So, no picture of it this month.  Partly because I haven’t worked on it much, but mostly because I forgot until right now, and quite frankly, I don’t really feel like it.  😦

I haven’t been in a reading mood the last week or two, which is weird for me.  I did go to the L.A. Festival Of Books with some friends and I had fun!  It took place on a Saturday and Sunday, and we went on the Saturday.  I didn’t make it into see John Green, because I didn’t get a ticket online, and I figured there would be no way I could get in to see him.  But I did see a panel on the YA stage with Kelley Armstrong (whom I haven’t read), Rachel Hawkins, Neal Shusterman, and the guy who wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles.  It was actually a great panel, and I liked hearing all of them talk!

I also went to the panel that Tahereh Mafi was on (with a couple other people I now want to read).  It was such a fun panel, and Tahereh is so adorable!  Actually, it was a pretty interesting, entertaining and hilarious panel, and I’m really glad I went to that panel.  It’s definitely a cool event, and there are a ton of booths.  I kind of wish I had gone to more panels, because you can only wander the booths so many times before you get a bit tired of them.  There is definitely a lot to look at, and I think one of my favorite things was this huge wall type thing where people could write what books inspired them.  I really wish I got a picture of it, because it was so amazing to see what books inspired people.  Plus, I went to Roscoe’s for the first time, and they have amazing waffles!

I haven’t been in much of a reading mood, but I have been in a t.v. watching mood.  I’ve been catching up on Nashville, which is cool, but I’ve spent a lot of the week making my way through Breaking Bad.  I know I’m way behind a lot of other people as far as Breaking Bad goes, but I can’t stop watching it!  While I do like to watch things live (because I weird like that), I’m also glad I don’t have to wait to watch the episodes

And I think I’m going to wrap this up with some music!  I’ve been listening to Lindsay Stirling a lot, and I am such a huge fan of hers!  Also, I’ve only listened to her new album once, but I’m already in love with it.  I even pre-ordered her album.  I rarely buy full albums, much less pre-order them, but I was just so excited I couldn’t help it!

1- Electric Daisy Violin from her self-titled debut album.  I could totally listen to this song on repeat!

2- Crystallize from her self-titled debut album.  Also a great song I could listen to on repeat.

3- Beyond The Veil from Shatter Me.  It’s such a great song, and while it’s different than her previous songs, it’s a good kind of different.

4- Shatter Me from Shatter Me, with Lzzy Hale.  Oh my god!  This is one of my new favorite songs!

5- Moon Trance from her self-titled debut album.  It’s a good song for Halloween, but I like that there’s this creepy feel to it.

That’s it for this edition of what I’m currently obsessed with!  I hope everyone has an excellent day today!

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