Around The Internet #32

Hi!  We’re back with another edition of Around The Internet, where I share the interesting things I find on the internet.  Enjoy!

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Around The Internet #31

Hi!  Well, I didn’t think I’d be sharing some of the cool stuff I’ve found so soon, but here we are.  I hope you find something that catches your interest from the links below.

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Around The Internet #30

Hi!  It’s been a while.  It’s like I’ve disappeared from this little corner of the internet I call home…because I have disappeared.  I just haven’t been in a blogging or reading mood the last few months.  It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve picked up a book, or thought about blogging.  Honestly?  I lost motivation and interest for a while.  That and school has kept me a little bit busy.  But here I am, looking at drafts of posts that have been hibernating for months, so my apologies that many of these links are months old at this point.  I still hope you find something interesting from the links below.

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School Is Back In Session

It’s something I’ve mentioned in my monthly wrap-up posts, but I wanted to do a post specifically about it.

I’m back in school!  My goal is get into a health information technology program, and once I graduate from that program, there is a test I can take which, assuming I pass, means I’ll be a registered health information technician.  So I’ll basically be certified to do the job I’m currently doing, plus a few other things.

That’s going to be a long ways off, because I’m doing all of the prerequisite stuff I need to get into the program and to graduate with an associate’s degree.

Let’s talk about summer classes!

Summer school was definitely interesting!  I took three classes, so I was really busy for a couple of months.  I took math (to get it out of the way), English (I needed it to take a lot of other classes) and medical terminology (to even get into the HIT program, and as a pre-req for another class to get into the HIT program).

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I ended up with an A in English.  I would have been annoyed with myself if I did.  After book blogging for so long, it was really fun to talk about books.  I felt like that actually made the class easier!  I liked the books we read- Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet and The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Society, and the third book was a book we got to choose.  Of course I went with Illuminae, which was a very good decision on my part.

My other A was medical terminology, which wasn’t a surprise because I’ve worked in healthcare for over 8 years now.  Also, if I got anything lower, I would have been really disappointed in myself.  It really was a great class, and with the discussion posts, we got to apply what we were reading to a real life situation.  I learned a lot and I’m actually finding it’s making my job easier!

Math was the one I was worried about, and the first couple of weeks were rough.  I’ve never been a math person, and I’ve always struggled with it.  But I somehow got a B, and it was the one class where I didn’t particularly care what my grade was, as long as it was a grade that meant I didn’t have to take it again.

Math was definitely interesting.  I worked super-hard that first week, only to have a professor change one week in…and all of the homework I did that first week didn’t count for my grade.  It was super-frustrating, but at least I knew that material pretty well.  A different professor meant a completely different grading system and a completely different access code for My Math Lab because he used a different book.

On the plus side, though, we had unlimited attempts for the tests, so I could take it as many times as I wanted until I got the grade I wanted.  And it was the same for the homework- if we got a problem wrong, we could get similar problems until we got it right.  That helped a lot because for the stuff I struggled with, I could do it over and over until I got right and understood it.

I can honestly tell you I have not used trigonometry in over 10 years, when I was last in school.  And I’m pretty sure I will not actually need it in the future, but it was a requirement that is now done, and I will never have to worry about it again.

And now that the fall semester has started, let’s talk about that!

This part is going to be a lot shorter, because I’m only a couple weeks in.

History is really interesting.  I’m taking Native American history, since I’m not really familiar with their history.  It’s a lot of reading and discussion posts with a few tests.  Since I’ve always loved history, so I’m not super-worried about this class.  There is some supplementary material given to us every week, like movies or websites to check out.  But the workload isn’t too bad.

Astronomy is pretty similar to history in that it’s reading and a few participation exercises each week.  There are videos and links to extra material for both astronomy and history, and with both classes, there’s a lot of structure and support from the professors.  It really feels like they want us to do well.

Unfortunately, I don’t get that same feeling with human anatomy and physiology.  The material itself is fine, but a few weeks in, and I’m finding this class to be frustrating.  The tests are really strange- there is some repetition with the questions, in that some of the questions show up several times but with a slightly wording.  Some of the answers are bizarre- you see answers like brain, all of the above, heart, liver.  And some of the questions are worded really weird.

On top of that, with the tests I’ve taken so far, there are always a few questions that have nothing to do with the assigned material for the week.  It’s material that’s not in the book, or referenced anywhere in the class- no links to videos or things we need to read.  It’s frustrating, because it’s hard to study for a test when I don’t know what I need to study!  The workbook the teacher put together that we have to turn in at the end of the semester doesn’t completely match up with the textbook, so it’s hard to do that on a weekly basis.

Overall, my ultimate impression of this class is that the professor isn’t interested in engaging with us or the material.  I feel like we’re on our own, with no guidance from the professor at all.  Other than a few announcements the first day or two, there’s been radio silence from the professor.

This is a weird time to be in school.

I know teaching online is very different than teaching in-person, and that with COVID, a lot of people who aren’t used to teaching online/remotely now have to.  It would just be nice to feel like he’s putting in some effort, or interested in us learning the material.  I’ve gotten that from every other class, but unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.  I really am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, because it’s been a weird year but I am struggling with being understanding.

Still, I think I have some hope it will get better, but it is what is and in the end, I’m sure I’ll do just fine.

That’s all for today, and I hope today is a good one for you.

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Around The Internet #29

Good morning!

I hope you’re having a great week so far!  This is a really long one, but I just had too many cool things to share and I wasn’t willing to leave anything out.    As always, take what you need and I hope you find something cool.

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Around The Internet #28

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I’m back with another edition of Around The Internet, where I share really cool stuff I find on the internet.  I feel like I have some good ones this week, but as always, take what you need!

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Around The Internet #27

Hi there!  I’m back with another long edition of cool stuff I’ve found on the internet.  I hope you find what you need from the links below.

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Around The Internet #26

Happy Monday!

It’s definitely time for another round of around the internet.  It’s been a hard few weeks in the world, and I don’t know what to say.  There’s a lot I need to do to both educate myself and be a more active supporter of #blacklivesmatter.  Being passive is no longer enough, and we all need to be better and do better.  I hope you find what you need below.  Learn, take the time to listen, and stand up for those need it.

Have a good day,

It’s Tea Time: The Republic Of Tea And The Literary Tea Company

Good morning!

Since I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, I thought I’d share some of the tea I’ve been drinking.  If I’m not drinking anything from my Sips By box, I’m either drinking the Republic Of Tea or something from the Literary Tea Company.  Pretty much because that’s what I have, and even though I want to buy all the tea, I have more than enough tea to last a while.

First, I’m going to talk about the Republic Of Tea.

Banana Chocolate: I like this one.  It’s a good combination of banana and chocolate, and as much as I like that combination, the banana was a little overwhelming.

Strawberry Chocolate: The strawberry chocolate didn’t really come through, but it still tastes pretty good.  This one is another one I like, and I’ll drink what I have but I don’t know that I would buy it again once I’m finished.

Peppermint Chocolate: The chocolate didn’t come through but I could taste the mint.  It’s pretty good if my stomach isn’t feeling great, which does happen from time to time.  And it smells really good.

Wild Blueberry: I can smell the blueberries but I cannot taste them.  I still really like it but not as a flavored tea.  I’m assuming it’s supposed to be flavored but maybe not.  Either way, it’s a pretty good tea.

British Breakfast: I really, really like this tea.  It’s especially good in the morning or early afternoon, for some reason.  But I’d drink it any time of day.

As for the Literary Tea Company, here’s what I’ve been drinking:

Hans Christian Anderson: It’s really good.  I love the chocolate in it but I couldn’t taste the orange, and you’d think that would come through.  I mean, I still really like it and all, and I’d definitely get it again.

A.A. Milne: This is very Winnie The Pooh.  It’s fruity but has a zing to it, and is something Tigger would probably like.

J.M. Barrie: Like everything else I’ve mentioned, I really like this tea.  It tastes like chocolate!

Merida: I like the chocolate caramel combination, and it smells really good too.  It really does make me think of Merida, and now I want to watch Brave.  Anyway, this is a really good tea, and I’m glad I gave it a try.

You know what’s weird?  I didn’t even realize until I started writing that I gravitate towards chocolate tea.  Maybe it’s just what I’ve started off with or maybe it’s just what sounded good when I bought it.  Either way, there’s a lot of tea in my my future.

Have a great day,

Around The Internet #25

Hi!  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy right now.  If you need something to take your mind off things, I hope the links below help.

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