Currently Obsessed With: May Happened!

Currently Obsessed With is a once-a-month (but sometimes more) feature where I talk about my favorite things and the interesting things I find from the last month.

Currently Obsessed With

It’s June!  And we’re almost half-way through the year, which is weird.  It went by really fast.  And speaking of it being June, I had a birthday a few days ago.  I didn’t do much, other than go to the mall and get some lotion from Bath And Body Works ($5 sales are very dangerous, I’m amazed I walked out with a couple of things) and watched part of the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.  And I made a cinnamon roll cake.  It was yummy!


I’ve been crocheting (of course) and I made a couple of bags.  They’re quite stretchier than I expected, but that’s fine, since I’ve used one to bring in lunch and snacks to work.  I’ve been working on my blanket too, and it’s slowly getting bigger.  It’s long enough to keep half of my legs warm, and right now, it feels like I have so much more to go…and it also feels like I don’t have enough yarn to go.  But I’ll deal with it if it gets to that point, which will be quite a while at the rate I’m going.

Crochet- May 2015 Collage

I’m working on a dishcloth, so I’ll be making a few of those since I have a bunch of cotton yarn that I don’t know what to do with. I did take a look through my stash a week or so ago, and there’s quite a bit of yarn I need to find projects for.  I know I’m not done with the blanket I have, but I am thinking about starting another one, using some yarn I forgot I had, as well as some left-over yarn from other projects.  A blanket seems like a good way to use it up, and it may come out completely ugly, since not all of the colors go together, but I don’t care, as long as I use it up.  Some of the left-over yarn…I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do several color changes in one row, since I have a bunch of yarn that I don’t want to get rid of, but isn’t enough to do anything else with.


I didn’t get anything in print this month, but I pre-ordered Winter, and got a few assorted e-books: Say Yes To The Marquess by Tessa Dare (if I buy enough romance, maybe I’ll read it?), Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (for book club, and I’m having trouble getting into it, and so I’m very much considering checking out the audio book from the library, because I really think I’ll get through it if I listen to it), Where The Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller, Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld, and UnSouled by Neal Shusterman (all of which I’ve read, and wanted to have a copy of),  and Wildflower by Alecia Whittaker and The Second Mango by Shira Glassman (just because, but really, it’s because they were, like, 1.99 and it’s rare for me to find those sales through B&N for books I don’t have, but I love B&N, so whatever).

I also got Dangerous Deception from audible, and at the very least, I want to re-listen to Dangerous Creatures, because I’ve been on a re-listening kick lately, so after I finish the Parasol Protectorate and Ancillary Justice, I’ll probably move on to that. And go back to Ruby Red, since I’ve had to put it on hold for the second time recently.


I haven’t seen any movies since Age Of Ultron, but I have been watching t.v.!  Of course, I’ve seen all of the finales for the shows I watch, and I’m really curious about where some of them are going to go in the next season (especially Once Upon A Time, I wasn’t expecting that to happen, so I hope everything works out okay).  I don’t really watch a lot of the summer stuff, except for Food Network Star, and I keep meaning to watch So You Think You Can Dance, but I always forget to.  I’m trying something different this summer, in that I’m putting my HuluPlus subscription on hold.  Which is actually pretty awesome, and I don’t really use it during the summer, so I’m trying that out to see how it goes.

On Netflix, I’ve been watching Doctor Who, and I’ve finished the 7 seasons that Netflix has.  It’s fun, and I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it.  My favorite Doctors (from favorite to least favorite) are David Tenant (I wasn’t sure about him at first, but I really liked him), Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith.  I know there’s another Doctor after Smith, but I’m not there yet, so I don’t where he’d fit in.  And as for the Companions, (favorite to least favorite), Rose is awesome, Donna is hysterical, the Ponds were pretty cool, and Clara (who’s not memorable to me, even though I just finished a season with her in it) and Martha (who seemed really boring and didn’t have much of a personality) were tied for least favorite.

I’m trying to figure out what to watch next, but I think I want to finish Breaking Bad, and after that, I might watch Sons Of Anarchy. I’ve been wanting to re-watch Gray’s Anatomy from the beginning, just to see how much the show has changed.  (I have watched season 1, and maybe I’ll randomly watch episodes).  And I’ve pretty much abandoned my Gilmore Girls re-watch, and I saw it in my Netflix queue the other day, and that reminded me that I pretty much abandoned it.  I should start watching it again, maybe after Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy so I can actually feel like I’m focusing on it properly?  I am definitely not going to make promises, though, because I feel like I’ve said I’m going back to it and never do, and if I am going to start watching it again, I actually want to make sure I’m actually going to do it.

Around The Internet:

You can check out everything on Pinterest.  Which, by the way, I started adding the date in the pin description so I actually have an idea about when I’m pinning stuff.

It rained spiders in Australia.  I’m terrified of spiders, so I’m glad I wasn’t there for that.  It’s an interesting article, and if it had to be somewhere, Australia is where I can picture it happening.

This is an interesting map about the most popular book set in each state.

This story about a student-athlete who committed suicide was heart-breaking.  You never know what people are going through.

I loved this post about ballet and race.  (I totally want to read Tiny Pretty Things, by the way.  It looks amazing).

11 Icelandic Words And Phrases- my favorite is On With The Butter.

This post about the One Woman In Serious Literature is hysterical.  I totally want to know what books inspired this post.  And it brings up why I dislike so much the “strong, independent woman.”  It totally conjures up a certain type of character that irritates me immensely, and this post pokes at the that.  (I couldn’t pin it to pinterest, unfortunately, so you won’t find it there).


I haven’t been listening to a lot of music over the last month, but I do love these songs.

  • Riot by Sara Haze.  I believe it’s a cover of the Rascal Flatts song (which I haven’t heard), but I love her version of it, and it totally sounds like a song she would write.

  • See You Again by Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa.  It totally makes me want to cry every time I hear it.

  • Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon.  It’s a fun song!

  • Geronimo by Sheppard.  Like Shut Up And Dance, it’s a fun song.

Happy June!

Currently Obsessed With: April 2015

Currently Obsessed With is a once-a-month (but sometimes more) feature where I talk about my favorite things from the last month.

Currently Obsessed With

April was super-boring for me, and I am bummed I found out about YALL West after it happened.  I’m totally going next year (assuming it is happening next year, and that it’s in Southern California).  And I didn’t go to the LA Times Festival Of Books, because I wasn’t really interested in any of the panels or speakers enough to go up, and I didn’t really want to go up for just walking around yet.

I also got my hair cut, and I’ve been really lazy about taking a picture of it.  Maybe I’ll actually get around to that this month.


I don’t know why I have this one as its own section, since this one is going to be its own post from now on. Habit, probably, but you can check out that post here.


I’ve been crocheting!  It seems like lately, I’ve only been crocheting when I was at my knitting/crochet group, because that was the only time I could muster up enough energy to actually crochet anything.  But last month, I made a hat, started on a bag, and I worked on a blanket I started last year.

It’s been too warm the last few days to work on the blanket, but I’m hoping it cools down enough that I can work on it at least a little.  It’s not that long yet, so I’m still at a point where I can still work on it when it’s really warm outside, but it is just long enough that it does keep me warm.


I got a few books this month.  I’ve been trying not to buy books, because I have so many I haven’t read, and I’m trying to read some of them before I buy more books.  It’s actually working pretty well, and if/when I buy books, it’s probably going to be books super-on-sale or ones I absolutely need to read right away.

Books- April 2015

Anyway, I got Burn Out, ACID, & Control from Mysterious Galaxy.  I’ve only been there for random book signings, and I keep meaning to go back to actually shop but never manage to, which is weird, because it’s a genre bookstore, and totally my kind of bookstore.  But I had to drive up to Escondido for a week, and I was like, I can sit in traffic for over an hour, or I can do something fun and wait it out, so I opted for waiting it out and doing something fun, because that totally made more sense.  And since I had to pass the exit for Mysterious Galaxy, it made perfect sense for me to stop by.

I also got a couple of crochet books (not pictured, but maybe next month) from the totally awesome Heather and Mike and I’m really looking forward to making new things!  And my Audible pick is Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet by Jamie Ford, which I’m excited about listening to. I feel like I say that a lot, but it’s true, even though I’m completely horrible at listening to audio books.  And I’ve resolved to listen to them more.  I think things have calmed down enough that I’m actually able to focus on them, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be listening to more soon!


I saw Age Of Ultron yesterday, and it was so much fun!  There was a pretty good crowd, but I was expecting more of one…but then again, it’s the benefit of going to a theater that’s not super busy.  And if I’m going to watch something like Age Of Ultron, it’s going to be opening weekend, when there’s a ton of people, because it’s always fun to sit in a crowded theater for something like that.  At least for me, but I totally get why people avoid theaters on opening weekend.  You know how Marvel always has 2 scenes, one a little bit into the credits, and one that’s post credits?  Leave once you see the mid-credits one, because that’s the only one.

I’ve been watching Dr Who (finally!).  I love Rose, and Eccleston was pretty aweome, but I don’t know how I feel about Tennant yet.  I’m about to start season 3, so maybe he’ll grow on me?  I am sad about Rose going, but it makes sense that the companions would change.  And for some weird reason I cannot explain, I totally imagined Daleks as Ewok-type creatures.

And I wasn’t that surprised by a recent event in Gray’s Anatomy.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I had a feeling it was going to happening when that episode started, so I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be.  But I was a sobbing mess after the episode last week.

Around The Internet:

I came across some fascinating and fun stuff this month.  You can check out everything over on Pinterest.

I love this post about Humans Of New York and a girl named Beyonce.  Humans Of New York is fascinating, I could spend hours looking at it.

Only a related note, Taking Back Detroit is equally interesting and worth checking out.

I love this interview with Laurie Halse Anderson and Courtney Summers.

This Buzzfeed quiz guessing your age based on your taste in books was a lot of fun, and totally spot-on for me.

And I love love love this post over at The Library Canary that’s an open letter to her YA self.  I love things like this.


I’ve been listening to a few things, but I’ve been listening to the band Joseph a lot.  On repeat, over and over, and I can’t stop listening.  I first heard about them on The Grapes Of Rad a while back, and they are a really talented group of sisters.  I know they’re on tour, and I think they’re coming to San Diego, which, if they are, I really need to get tickets to see them.  Seriously, check them out, I think they’re pretty awesome.

Happy Sunday and have an awesome May!

Currently Obsessed With #3: March Is Over Already?!?!?!

I can’t believe March is over already!  It seems like the year is going by so fast.  I really can’t believe it’s April already.

And that means it’s time for another round of what I’ve been up to and my favorite stuff from the month of March.

Like all the nail polish I got.  I’m such a fan of the Maven box, and it’s fun to get a box of things I know I’ll like.  To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure about the colors for March, since they scream spring, but I still liked them enough to get the box, plus two add-ons from a couple of the other boxes.  I also got a couple more bottles of green, and one of gold, which- very sadly- didn’t come in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Thankfully, I have other shades of green, but the new greens are much more St. Patrick’s day than the one I wore. Which, by the way, is the shade of green from the March Maven box.

My normal Maven box is It Girl, which has 3 full-sized bottles of nail polish, and included Princess Grace, Margaret and Lizanne, and I decided I liked Lilou and Harriet enough to add them in.  Plus Leah, Peyton and Zelda, which are two shades of green (Leah and Peyton) and gold (which is Zelda).

While I love getting new nail polish every month, it also means I’m getting new polish every month…which means I need somewhere to keep it all.  And so I got something to store it in, because I really had nothing else to keep it.  And I love having it because it’s all in one spot and can carry it to wherever I decide to do my nails.

March Nail Polish Collage

Left: March Maven Box, Top Right: Nail Polish Storage, Middle Right: March Maven Add-Ons, Bottom Right: My Belated St. Patrick’s Day Nail Polish

I’m also obsessed with all the good t.v. right now!  So many things, and it’s seems like I’m always watching something or catching up something.  Because, for some insane reason, stuff has to be on at the same time.  Like, Cosmos, Believe and Resurrection…how can I possibly pick between 3 great shows?  I’m really glad I have Hulu, because it’s the only way to keep up with everything!

I finally starting crocheting a blanket!  It’ll take a while, and hopefully it will be done by the time winter rolls around.  I’ve been working on it randomly, and I’m really getting into ripple blankets!  I definitely want to make another blanket, but I’m thinking shades of green for the next one.

Blanket End Of March Collage

The ripple isn’t showing up too well in the picture, but I think part of it is that it’s a small, gentle kind of ripple.  Well, it’s really more of a wave, but I still like it!

As for music…I haven’t been listening to much, but I will say that I’ve been listening to the Divergent soundtrack on repeat for the last couple of weeks.  It’s sooooo good and it fits the movie perfectly! Speaking of the movie, I thought Divergent was fantastic!  Four…I loved Four in the series but the movie made me love him even more.  I wasn’t sure about Kate Winslet as Jeanine, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good a fit she was.  And it was the same thing with Shailene Woodley!  She really is a good choice for Tris.

Back to the soundtrack!  I’m really into it, and I can’t listen to anything else right now.  So many great songs, but here are a few of my favorites.

1- Find You by Zedd- I can’t stop listening to it!  It’s definitely my favorite song right now (and my favorite song from the soundtrack)

2- Fight For You by Pia Mia- it somehow manages to make me feel better every single time I listen to it!

3-  Hanging On (The I See Monstas Remix) by Ellie Goulding- I love the song, and the remix is even more amazing.

4- Lost And Found (The Odesza Remix) by Pretty Lights- One of my new favorites, and I can’t wait to check out Pretty Lights other stuff.

5- Dead In The Water by Ellie Goulding- She’s featured pretty heavily on the soundtrack, which is okay with me because I love Ellie Goulding so much!

That’s it for the goings on from March!  I hope everyone has a lovely day!