Gilmore Girls 2×5: Nick And Nora/Sid And Nancy

Nick and Nora/Sid And Nancy originally aired October 30, 2001.   It was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Michael Katleman.

We start off this episode with Rory not wanting to be late for school because she has new classes, her locker’s been moved and she needs to find the best way to her classes and time to get a new locker in case the one they assigned to her doesn’t open or something.  Lane comes in with an order for the music store near Rory’s school, and we see Taylor comes in with boy scouts.

Back to Luke, who is now carrying all kinds of groceries and runs into Lorelei.  We learn that Luke’s nephew is coming to stay with Luke because his sister can’t handle Jess.  Lorelei asks Luke a lot of questions, like how old Jess is, how long he’s staying and what sort of trouble Jess is in and Lorelei is concerned about Luke being able to handle it and how Luke needs to ask Liz some questions.

At school, Paris and Rory see each other and Rory tries to get Paris to agree to co-existing peacefully, because they’re going to be working on the paper together and have classes together.  Paris tells her the time of the first school newspaper meeting- which is after school, at 4 pm.

Here’s another random annoyance with Chilton.  It’s Chilton, this fancy, expensive private school that offers obscure Russian poetry and Shakespeare during summer school BUT DOESN’T HAVE A PERIOD SET FOR THE SCHOOL NEWSPAPER?  You’d think Chilton would be able to fit in the school paper as a class.

We take a quick break to see the arrival of Jess, who looks like your typical bad boy.  Before we know it, we’re back at Chilton, where Rory is waiting for the newspaper meeting to start, only to hear talking in the room where they’re meeting.  She goes in to find that the meeting started at 3:15, and Paris had given her the wrong time- on purpose, naturally, because we’re talking about Paris.

Rory gets assigned to cover the re-paving of the faculty parking lot.  After it’s over, Rory runs into Max before they head in different directions.  Paris sees this, of course, and is probably figuring out how to use it against Rory.

At the diner, Lorelei asks Luke about Jess, because she wants to meet him.  Luke says he’s out, but minutes later, Jess arrives, only to go upstairs.  Lorelei suggests Luke and Jess come over for dinner the next night.  Rory arrives, complains about  Paris, and says she hasn’t run into Max, even though she’s in one of his classes, before telling Lorelei about running into him in the hall.

Rory gets to the next newspaper meeting early, and we learn how successful the past editors would be, all because Madeline asked if she could write a gossip column.  The teacher wants Paris to give Rory better articles…which, for this episode, is to interview the teacher voted most popular.  Naturally, it’s Max, and Paris gave it to Rory because she’ll be able to get something really special and in-depth.

At dinner, Sookie is convinced there isn’t enough food, when Jess and Luke arrive.  There’s not a lot to note here, but Jess seems intrigued by Rory’s books and says he doesn’t read much.  He ends up on the patio, with a beer, when Lorelei goes out to talk to him about how lucky he is to have Luke.  He doesn’t like her little speech, and thinks it’s because she’s really naive or sleeping with Luke.  Lorelei tells Luke, who is tired of Lorelei giving him condescending advice.  She thinks he’s in over his head, and since she’s had a kid, she knows more than Luke.  Before Luke leaves, he mentions that Lorelei got lucky with Rory, especially since Lorelei got pregnant at 16.

Lorelei was particularly irritating in this scene.  Her intentions may have been good, but they didn’t really come across that way.  Luke does have a point in that Lorelei got SUPER lucky with Rory.  The next morning, Lorelei refuses to into the diner, and wants Rory to get something for her.  Luke will only give her one coffee and one danish, and then gets a call from Taylor, because Jess did something.  Later on, we learn that Jess may have taken some money of the jar that’s related to saving the bridge in town.  Jess isn’t happy about being there, and I don’t blame him.  They walk by the lake on their way home, and Luke ends up pushing him in.

Rory interviews Max, and it’s really awkward at first but have a nice moment.  Later, Rory is working on the article when Luke comes over, regretting taking Jess in but Lorelei reassures him, and they make up.  Luke goes home, to tell Jess that he will not fall off the face of the earth, only for Jess to go out, run into Rory and give her a book back.  He seems to take to Rory, more so than anyone else in town.  The episode ends with both of them going their own way.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei: Jackson grows fruit and then scares people with it.

Pop Culture:

The Breakfast Club, Oliver Twist, Dr. Laura

Final Thoughts:

I’ve wavering between not liking this one and thinking it’s just okay.  Lorelei was irritating, even though she had really good intentions. Paris…she’s just Paris, but her pettiness is also annoying.  She grows on you though.  As for Jess…let’s just say it’ll be an interesting season with Jess around.  Stuff gets set in motion, but it’s also an episode I sort of don’t really think about.  It gets 1.5 mugs of coffee.

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