Gilmore Girls 2×11: Secrets And Loans

Secrets And Loans originally aired January 22, 2002.  It was written by Linda Loiselle Guzik and was directed by Nicole Holofcener.

Secrets And Loans starts off with Lorelei waiting at Luke’s for Rory.  Rory comes in with her PSAT scores, and isn’t happy that she did better in math, because verbal is her thing.  Lorelei tells her that she did great, and that it’s only her PSAT’s, so it doesn’t matter as much.  They make plans to see Rocky Horror to celebrate.

It is very Rory to worry about doing better with the math section…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  Also, this is one of those things that dates the show, because the scoring system for the SAT’s has changed since this episode originally aired.

We next see Lorelei on the porch, when her foot goes through the porch.  As it turns out, they have termites that have caused $15,000 in damage.  Lorelei is worried, because she doesn’t have that kind of money.

At Chilton, Paris, Madeleine and Louise are talking about their PSAT scores, and Paris is trying to get Rory to talk about her score.  This scene definitely highlights the competitiveness of Paris, and how she sees Rory as a threat academically.

We next find the Gilmore Girls at home, where Lorelei can’t sleep because she “hears” the termites.  They end up at Sookie’s house, where Jackson is hiding in the closet for 2 reasons.  One, he wears picture pajamas, and two, Sookie didn’t want to turn them away.  Lorelei talks about how her involvement in the community won’t get her a loan at the bank she talked to.

Rory goes to see Lane, who has been AWOL, and Mrs. Kim chases Rory out of the house because Rory is a carrier for termites.  Rory goes home and is telling Lorelei about how Mrs. Kim sprayed her with a water hose because she didn’t want termites to get into her house and eat the antiques.  Lorelei has been turned down by a bunch of banks when Rory suggests talking to Emily.  Lorelei refuses to consider it, and tells Rory not to tell Emily.

At dinner, the termites come up, because Lorelei has a headache, and Rory explains to Emily what is going on, even though Lorelei is giving her a look and tells her not to say anything.  Rory and Lorelei are telling 2 very different stories.  Lorelei isn’t happy with Rory, who had no right to bring it up because Lorelei told her not to.  It really isn’t an option for Lorelei.

Rory telling Emily about the termites even after Lorelei specifically told her not to was really irritating.  You’d think she’d know by now that it’s not an option for Lorelei.  And to do it with no regard for what Lorelei wants just because she thinks they should ask Emily…it’s just irritating.  

We see Dean and Rory talk, and we also Lorelei on the phone with the bank, before Emily calls and tells Lorelei that she set up a meeting at her bank for Lorelei.

Rory sees Lane in a cheerleading uniform, and starts…well…judging Lane for being a cheerleader.  Lane says that Rory isn’t around as much because of school and Dean, and Lane just wanted to try it.  She also doesn’t have to justify it to Rory.

What is going on with Rory in this episode?  She’s also judgy because Lane wanted to try something different…because Lane is now part of the group that they used to make fun of.  I never thought of it before, but this is really an interesting moment in the Lane/Rory friendship.  I mean, Rory’s at Chilton and Lane isn’t, and this moment really shows how different their lives seem because their lives really seem to be going in different directions.

Luke takes a look at the foundation, and offers to loan Lorelei the money, but Lorelei turns it down.  We see Lorelei go to the bank for the meeting, only to get turned down for the loan.  The only way to get is to have someone co-sign the loan, which Emily knew would happen.  Lorelei (begrudgingly) asks Emily to co-sign the loan, and is doubting Emily’s motives for doing it- which is that she just wanted to do something nice for Lorelei.

I do like that Lorelei is trying to take care of it on her own, but also seems to realize that Emily co-signing the loan is the only way to get her back to normal.

We see Rory at the pep rally, and actually see Lane cheering.  Rory apologizes to Lorelei, who tells Rory that she has the right to fix any problems without interference from Richard and Emily, and that Rory needs to respect that.  Mostly because Lorelei has a track record for keeping Rory alive, and because Rory has yet to see Lorelei mess things up.

Lane and Rory make up after the pep rally, and Lane assures Rory that she’s still the same.

At Friday night dinner, things are really quiet.  Lorelei apologizes to Emily, because she’s not used to people- meaning Emily- to do nice things with no strings attached.  Emily accepts Lorelei’s apology before telling her that her DAR meetings will be held at the inn from now on.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Nothing from this episode jumped out at me

Pop Culture:

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Coyote Ugly

Final Thoughts:

This is another episode that is meh for me.  Rory is acting kind of bratty in this episode, first with telling Emily about the termites and then with Lane about the cheerleading.  It’s like Rory has no sense of boundaries.  I totally get Lorelei doesn’t want to go to Emily for help again and why it’s not an option for her, but I’d like to think that it would be a last resort for her if nothing else worked out.  This episode gets 2.5 mugs of coffee.


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