Gilmore Girls 2×7: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter originally aired November 11, 2001.  This episode was written by Joan Binder Weiss and was directed by Dennis Erdman.

This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s and are talking about how it’s busier than normal because they can’t get a table.

Lorelei’s car won’t start, so she calls Michel for a ride to work.  Meanwhile, Rory is rearranging her backpack so all of her reading-for-fun books can fit.  Lorelei keeps asking why she needs different books, and Rory’s explanation is that she needs to be able to switch between different books if she’s not in the mood for a particular type of book.

Lunchtime, part one: Rory is sitting at a table by herself, listening to music, and reading when a counselor arrives, wanting to talk to Rory when she’s done eating.  The counselor and the headmaster are concerned about Rory’s social behavior at school, because she talks to people in class, but doesn’t socialize outside of class, except for the Franklin.  Lunch is when Rory catches up on reading, and disagrees (super politely, of course) when the counselor says that colleges and universities don’t look too kindly on loners…because loners are those guys that wear outdated clothing and walk around with duffel bags.  The counselor thinks that Rory is denying she has a problem, and how it could affect her future because good grades aren’t enough, even though Rory seems to think so.

Later, Rory tells Lorelei about what happened at school, while Kirk is fixing Lorelei’s car.  Lorelei thinks it’s ridiculous and is mad that the counselor did that to Rory, and doesn’t want Rory to doubt herself because schools like Chilton try to stamp out every vestige of individuality a person has.

Mini-Rant: It is not ridiculous for Rory to be involved.  She spends a lot of time with her classmates, so the counselor and Headmaster are not out of line.  Seriously.  And why is it a problem all of a sudden?  It wasn’t a problem before, why now?  And you’d think Rory would be more involved, since it’ll get her into Harvard.  Apparently her freaking out about not having the extracurriculars Paris does in season one didn’t last very long.

Lorelei goes to the school, and meets with Headmaster Charleston and talks to him about how she raised Rory to do what she wants as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, and doesn’t get why listening to a Walkman and reading a book is hurting Rory.  She disagrees with the Headmaster when he says that it’s hurting Rory.  Based on Lorelei’s lack of participation, Headmaster Charleston seems to think Rory not participating is because Lorelei isn’t involved with anything.  He hopes she will find a group to volunteer with, especially if she wants to do what’s best for Rory.

Rory arrives home, wondering why Lorelei didn’t pick her up.  Lorelei fills her in on the meeting, and has been thinking about how they did the Chilton thing so Rory could get into Harvard.  Lorelei suggests going along with the “fanatics” that run Chilton, since they write the recommendations that will get Rory into Harvard.

Mini-Rant #2: Yes, it is hurting Rory because she’s not getting involved and making herself stand out from all the other A+ students who will be applying to Harvard!  And heaven forbid those “fanatics” educating Rory do their damn job by making sure she goes off into the world able to socialize with other people and getting involved with things and participating instead of just watching from the sidelines.  And raising Rory to do whatever the hell she wants is kind of backfiring…at least in my opinion.

Lunchtime, part two: Rory goes to sit by herself, but changes her mind at the last minute, and sits with a group of girls…who turn out to be the secret sorority at Chilton- the Puffs.  Paris asks Rory her secret for sitting with them, and Rory mentions that she just sat down.  Paris asks Rory to talk her up, because her entire future is dependent on getting into the Puffs.

At Friday night dinner, Emily brings up Lorelei’s meeting, and how humiliating it was after everything they did to get Rory into Chilton.  Emily blames Lorelei for Rory’s lack of involvement, when Lorelei reveals that she’s joined the Boosters.  At the Booster Club meeting, they are talking about the fashion show fundraiser they’re planning.  Lorelei volunteers the inn, and tells Emily about how Emily is going to be one of the models since she was so concerned about her education.

The fashion show happens, it is a huge success, and when Lorelei gets back, she tells Rory that the Puffs are coming by in the middle of the night to take Rory out to breakfast…when, in reality, they’re going to the school for the Puff induction ceremony.  Rory doesn’t want to go along with it but does anyway, only to get caught.  The headmaster lectures them and talks about possibly suspending them and giving them detention and how they’ll have to do extra credit to maintain their grades.  Rory talks about how it’s unfair she’s getting in trouble for doing what the headmaster said, and how she has a boyfriend and friends and is really close to Lorelei, but they don’t see it because she doesn’t live there.  He says she won’t be suspended, because they may have acted hastily in her case and Lorelei picks up Rory who explains what happened.

Mini-Rant #3: How does the headmaster go from considering suspension to not suspending Rory?  If it was only considered, why would change his mind out suspending her?  Anyway, yes, they did make a snap judgement about Rory at school, and didn’t see what her life was like outside of school, but I also understand why they acted they did.  And who the hell is Rory friends with?  I mean, there’s Lane and Dean, who are only friends her own age.  Other than that, we have Sookie and Lorelei- and I’m not completely sold on other people in Stars Hollow, because I’ve never gotten a friends with Rory vibe from any of them.  So, like, does Rory have a bunch of friends that we don’t know about because it was never mentioned on the show?  I think I’m going with Rory having a super-small group of friends, because if she did have other friends, I’m pretty sure we would have seen them.

Luke and Lorelei have a fight about the best way to Hartford and how Luke shouldn’t date a Chilton mom, who thought he was cute.  The episode ends with Rory sitting a table by herself, reading when one of the Puffs asks if she can sit there.

Favorite Lines:

Michel: “I am not talking to Carol, she ate all of my cheese.”

Pop Culture:

Macarena, Walkman, Wizard of Oz, Disney, Barry Manilow

Final Thoughts:

Well, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking around to read this post!  There’s just a lot going on, and some things I need to rant about…so…this episode is my least favorite episode to date, and is easily the most frustrating one to watch.  This episode gets 1 mug of coffee.


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