Gilmore Girls 2×10: The Bracebridge Dinner

The Bracebridge Dinner originally aired December 11, 2001.  It was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Chris Long.

We open with a snow-man making contest.  Is that the right way to say it?  Snow-man making?  Or is building the right word?

I live in San Diego, it’s not like I need to know these things.

Moving on…Lorelei and Rory are building a snowman.  And they’re talking about what they’re going to do while Rory’s on vacation.

At the inn, Roon is cleaning, and is afraid to clean the artwork, because he thinks an alarm is going to go off.  He and Michel clearly don’t get along.  We also see Sookie and Jackson in the kitchen talking about mushrooms, which Sookie needs because they are hosting the Bracebridge Dinner.  The group doing this bought out the inn in order to have this event, which includes music and a recreation of a 19th century meal.  Jackson ends up as the squire of Bracebridge, because he’s the only one who can fit into the costume.

At Friday night dinner, Lorelei asks Richard about their travel plans, because they usually go out of town this time of year.  This year, however, they’re not going anywhere, and Rory talks about how it’s nice to stay home sometimes.  Richard goes to make some calls, and we learn that Richard is still having some trouble at work.

At the inn, Sookie is talking to the extra people they’ve hired about what they’re expected to do.  Lorelei comes in and tells Sookie that the dinner is canceled, because the group is in Chicago. and they got snowed in…with no way to get to the inn.  Later on at Luke’s, they decide to invite all of their friends over, since there’s all of the food.  And since the inn will be empty, they can all spend the night at the inn.

Jess gets into a fight, and Dean breaks up it.  We also see Lorelei and Rory at home, looking at Christmas cards, including one of a really ugly baby, and one Christopher sent.  They talk about how there’s an empty room, which Rory wanted to save for Richard and Emily, and how it can’t hurt to invite them.

We finally get to the Bracebridge Dinner, and Babette and Mory are the first to arrive, much to the dismay of Mory.  Paris stops by to drop off some stuff for the paper…so they seem to be getting along at the moment.  Well, as good as Paris and Rory can get along, at any rate.

Lorelei stops by the kitchen to check up on things, and sees Roon ACTUALLY CHANGING IN THE KITCHEN.  One, how did no one notice this until Lorelei walked in?  Two, why would anyone change clothes in the kitchen?  Especially when you’re in A FREAKING INN.  There has to be somewhere else he could go.

We see Sookie trying to figure out what the dish needs, because she knows what ingredient is needed…and it turns out that she’s forgotten the word for salt.  Actually, I may have answered my own question…of course Sookie wouldn’t notice someone changing clothes in the kitchen until Lorelei points it out.

Lorelei talks to everyone once they’ve arrived and put their things in their room, and tells them that there are horse-drawn carriages for everyone.  Dean goes with her younger sister, we see Luke and Lorelei talking, and we see Richard and Emily enjoying themselves.  We also see Jess and Rory talking, and Jess wants to know what Rory and Dean talk about.  Jess thinks that Dean doesn’t really seem like Rory’s kind of guy, based on what Jess has seen of Dean in class.

I’m not even going to comment on what Jess said, other than to agree with him.

Back at the inn, dinner is served, and we see Mrs. Kim asking Lane about why no one said grace.  Lane tells her that they said it quietly, and she asks Babette if they said grace.  Babette laughs…but then says grace.  Lorelei gets Kirk to break character.

And then we get to the big event of the episode.  Richard is telling a story about a trip he took to Prague with Emily, and Taylor says that Richard is pretty interesting for an insurance man.  We learn that Richard is retired, much to the surprise, of, well, everyone.

It’s now bedtime, and Lorelei finally tells Rory that Chris had called and invited Rory to stay with him.  Lorelei apparently didn’t take it well, because she has dibs on this time of year, and she had plans, and she doesn’t want Rory to spend time with her stepmother…even though Chris and Sherry are only dating.

Emily comes in, because she can’t share a room with Richard, but ends up going for a walk because she can’t sleep.  She runs into Richard in the lobby, and he apologizes to her for retiring and not telling her.  He tells her what happened, and he starts to tell her about their financial situation before she tells him they should go to bed.

The next morning, everyone goes home, and Lorelei and Rory take a ride on the horse-drawn carriage, seeing that someone has destroyed this really nice snowman.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

The 2 times we saw Mrs. Kim

Jess: I’ll wait for the clog dancing.

Pop Culture:

Mr Potato Head, Anne Heche talking to aliens, The Shining, Monopoly, Dr Doolittle, Bjork, Hotel California, Days Of Our Lives

Final Thoughts:

I liked this episode, which was a surprise because I haven’t liked an episode since the 2nd one.  I am curious about Emily and Richard’s financial situation, because it seems a little inconsistent.  Like, they can afford Rory’s tuition and a maid and a cook, and they seem to be well-off…but Richard starts going into detail about how he quit, so he had to forgo some stock options and some of his pension.  Then again, well-off when Richard is working is different than living off a pension and whatnot.

This was a fun episode to watch, and not nearly as dramatic as the last few have been.  It’s not, like, amaze-balls or anything, but it’s not god-awful or annoying.  This one gets 3 mugs of coffee.

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