Gilmore Girls 2×13: A-Tisket, A Tasket

A-Tisket, A-Tasket originally aired on February 5, 2002.  This episode was directed by Robert Bertinger and was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 2 Graphic

We open up this episode with Rory and Lorelei shopping for baskets.  We have another town event, and with this one, baskets get auctioned off.  Lorelei goes up front to look for more baskets, and runs into Miss Patty, who has a picture of Lorelei in her wallet for the purposes of setting Lorelei up with somebody.

Miss Patty sends Lorelei some resumes of guys for Lorelei to date, and Lorelei totally decides that she needs to shut this down, before Miss Patty goes really overboard with setting Lorelei up with somebody.  We also see Jackson and Sookie talk about how Jackson should renew the lease on his place.

We see some of the bidding on the baskets- Lane’s cousin bids on her basket, Jess outbids Dean on Rory’s basket, and Jackson doesn’t bid on Sookie’s basket at all- Kirk is the lucky winner of Sookie’s basket.  We learn that Jackson didn’t bid on Sookie’s basket because he thought they should move in together.  Sookie was apparently supposed to know this the other day, but didn’t pick up on it.  Keeping it brief: why couldn’t Jackson just talk to Sookie about moving in during their first conversation about the lease on his place?  I’ve never experienced the whole let’s move in together conversation, but wouldn’t that make more sense than bringing it up without actually bringing it up?

We also see random guys bidding on Lorelei’s basket before Lorelei asks Luke to help her- which he does.  Lane also had this whole convoluted plan to have the picnic with Henry, but it doesn’t work out, and Lane goes home upset.  Jackson works things out with Kirk to get Sookie’s basket, Mrs. Kim isn’t happy with the whole Henry situation, because the pay phone wasn’t working and he called Lane at home, and tells Lane it isn’t going to work out.

So…what I really want to talk about is Jess out-bidding Dean.  It’s no surprise that Dean is not happy Rory wants to have the picnic with Jess.  He doesn’t care if it’s tradition because it’s not for school and she’s not getting graded.  I’m not one to point out when guys are possessive or jerks or anything like that- it’s a combination of not paying attention to it, and not caring about it either way, but for some reason, Dean brings out this need for me to point it out.

Dean thinks Rory is hurting by doing this, and her telling him not to make a big thing out of it definitely doesn’t work.  Dean talks to Lorelei about the whole thing, and how he doesn’t trust Jess, because Jess gets into fights at school (when he bothers to show up), and he just knows Jess is going to get Rory into trouble because she just has to be nice to people.

It’s just…having seen every single episode, like, 3 or 4 times, I know Jess isn’t as bad as everyone else makes him out to be.  We see him be nice to Rory in this episode.  Yes, Jess has issues.  And yes, Jess is doing things like out-bidding Dean on the basket to get a reaction of Dean.  If Dean would STOP FREAKING REACTING to what Jess was doing, it probably wouldn’t be as fun for Jess.

Anyway, Lorelei tells Dean that trust is a big part of loving someone, and that Rory isn’t going to do something that will mess things up.  Also, she tells him that flying off the handle isn’t going to help things.

We do see Jess being nice to Rory.  There are quite a few things about Rory I like, but there are a lot of times when I find her to be slightly unbelievable.

Like the time she apparently tried to read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand at the age of 10, before giving it another try when she was 15.  What 10-year-old tries to read The Fountainhead?  Her reading it at 15 is a little bit more believable, but not by much.  And she can get through Ayn Rand and Tolstoy but can’t get through Hemingway?  I’m totally going off of my own experience here, but what 10-year-old even knows about The Fountainhead?

Here’s what happens next: Lorelei tells Rory about her concerns about Jess, and how she and Dean are concerned that she’s going to get hurt.  Rory’s argument is that they don’t know Jess, and he’s not as bad as they think he is.  This is when we see Lorelei mention how Rory is young and naive and gives people a chance when she shouldn’t.  Lorelei has known guys like Jess, and knows he’s trouble.

At Friday night dinner, things are quiet, and Emily finally gets them to tell her why they’re fighting because Rory gets a page from somebody.  Lorelei assumes it’s Jess, because Rory won’t tell her who it is, and Rory eventually excuses herself to Richard’s study.  Emily agrees with Lorelei, who wants to like Jess but can’t.  Rory can’t see how bad Jess is, and won’t take Lorelei’s word for it, but Emily wants Lorelei to stick to her guns, and set boundaries.  I disagree with Emily’s statement that Lorelei needs to do whatever it takes to keep Rory from making stupid decisions- changing her curfew or locking up Rory if necessary.  And Lorelei being Rory’s eyes, ears and brains is…frustrating to say the least.

Here’s where my thoughts get a little weird.  I would like to acknowledge that I am not a parent, so I do not know what all that entails and how challenging it can be.  I know they’re worried about Rory hanging out with Jess, and they don’t want her to get hurt or make decisions.  That one part of it.  But here’s the other part: Rory can’t be sheltered from bad, horrible people forever.  She’s going to make mistakes (as we see in later seasons), and sometimes, it takes getting hurt for something to sink in.  Not that I’m saying that Jess needs to hurt Rory in anyway, because I’m not.  Something about Rory and how young she is and she doesn’t know any better bothers me.  My initial reaction is that she’s not going to learn it if she’s sheltered but I haven’t given it any further thought.

Lorelei and Rory make up, because Lorelei wants to trust Rory’s judgment, and because Lorelei’s a little freaked out that Emily agreed with her.  I never got the vibe that she really does trust Rory, because while she said it, she was just (understandably) not willing to hear what Rory says.

Pop Culture:

Ghostbusters, Dungeons And Dragons

Favorite Lines:

Sookie, to Jackson: “Are you pregnant?”

Mrs. Kim, to Lane, about Henry: “You’re sure he was Korean?”

Final Thoughts:

I have so many thoughts about this episode, but I think I’ve managed to hit the important, non-rambly ones.  This was a great episode, and I really liked it because there’s a lot going on.  It gets 4 mugs of coffee.

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