Gilmore Girls 2×6: Presenting Lorelei Gilmore

Presenting Lorelei Gilmore originally aired November 6, 2001.  It was written by Sheila R. Lawrence and was directed by Chris Long.

We open this episode with the requisite Friday night dinner.  Lorelei and Rory arrive to find that Richard and Emily are fighting about Richard turning down invitations to events on their behalf, and how Emily is the co-chair of an important fundraiser and how she’ll look bad if they don’t go.  Rory wants to leave, but it’s really entertaining to Lorelei, who says it’s dinner theater.  Finally, Richard and Emily notice Lorelei and Rory are there, and they’re just standing there awkwardly as the credits start rolling.

Another week where I comment on the opening scene!  This time around, I found myself wondering why Emily can’t go by herself.  Granted, appearances are really important to Emily (and probably important to her friends and acquaintances) but couldn’t she tell people Richard couldn’t make it, or bring someone with her?  It’s a little weird to me but then again, the world I live in is very different than Emily’s.

We next see Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s, where we have this moment where Jess comes down to help out Luke, wearing a Metallica shirt…and Luke tells Jess to go change into proper clothes, because he’s not wearing proper work attire.  This sets up a great moment later on in the episode.

Emily is having tea with her friends, and learns how much she’s missed out on over the last few weeks.  Rory stops by to get a book, and meets Emily’s friends.  Next thing we know, Rory’s home, and telling Lorelei how she’s going to be in the ball.  Lorelei doesn’t like this, because I think it’s pretty well-established at this point that the life Emily and Richard has doesn’t appeal to her, and she talks about how when she ran away from that life, she thought Rory would be running with her.

There are random moments like these when the thought that Rory might want bits and pieces of that life never occurs to Lorelei.  It’s really like Lorelei assumes that because she doesn’t want it, Rory won’t want it either.  Was part of it Emily?  Probably.  And was part of it Rory wanting to make Emily happy even though a debutante ball isn’t her thing?  Also likely.  But seriously, I really felt like it never occurred to Lorelei that Rory might want it.

Rory’s father is supposed to present her to society, and Chris agrees…and actually shows up to do it.  Chris shows up driving a Volvo, gives Rory the compact Oxford English Dictionary that he couldn’t afford to buy back in season one.  Lorelei makes fun of Chris for driving a Volvo, and is surprised that Chris has a job and is driving a car.

Emily and Lorelei went shopping, and Rory is good on pantyhose for quite some time…because Emily is convinced Rory needs 12 pairs.  Richard can’t pick up his suit, Emily says she’ll get it, and Lorelei asks if things are okay, and Emily says things are fine.  Patty teaches Dean and Rory how to waltz, while Chris and Lorelei talk about how Chris likes the stability of having a job.

Now we get to the part of the episode where things get a little more interesting.  Rory arrives and gets ready, while Lorelei (surprise, surprise) is at the bar.  Lorelei is surprised that she and Rory were there before Emily, who isn’t happy with the folding chairs and how the debutante ball looks.  Emily and Richard didn’t come together, and we see them fighting about how Richard didn’t want to come.  Richard is tired of all of the social responsibilities.  We learn that Richard is getting phased out at work, and how he doesn’t want to do something different, even though Emily says he could do something different.  Rory comes out and says she’s next…so Lorelei goes out, and watches Rory get presented to society with Emily, who says that nothing has turned out the way it was supposed to.

After it’s over, we see Lorelei, Rory, Dean and Chris walking through Stars Hollow.  Dean needs to get out of the tux, Chris needs to go bed early because he needs to go back to Boston, and Lorelei and Rory are hungry.  Chris and Lorelei talk and says that since Chris is now living in Boston, he can come see them, and if traffic’s bad, he could spend the weekend.  This is when we learn that Chris is seeing someone named Sherry, who told him to get it together, or he would lose her…so he got it together.  He goes home, while Lorelei looks a little disappointed by Chris seeing someone.

Remember when Jess wore the Metallica shirt, and Luke said it wasn’t proper work attire, and that it was setting up something later on?  Well, here is that moment, when we see Jess dressed exactly like Luke!  Definitely amusing.

We end the episode with Lorelei going to see Emily, just to hang out, and how Lorelei is there if Emily needs anything.

Favorite Lines And/Or Scenes:

Nothing really jumped out at me in this episode.

Pop Culture:

Trident Gum, Endless Love, George Lucas, Spinal Tap, Metallica

Final Thoughts:

There’s more recap than commentary in this one, but…there’s not much I actually want to comment on this week.  I’m not surprised by Emily’s reaction to Richard’s work problems, and I can get the social responsibilities are tiring…but what do you expect, when you have the life you do?  This was an okay episode, so it gets 2 mugs of coffee.

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