Gilmore Girls 3×10: That’ll Do Pig

That’ll Do, Pig originally aired January 14, 2003.  This episode was written by Shelia R. Lawrence and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open up with episode with the town getting ready for the winter carnival.  Lane’s band can now practice in Lorelei’s garage, so the rehearsal space problem is now solved!

There’s all sorts of things happening at Chilton!  Paris is seen not paying attention in math, and since there’s a light agenda for the supplemental student council meeting, Paris decides to cancel it.  Which means Francie decides that it’s a good time to have the meeting anyway, because she has a “time-sensitive” issue.  Francie was so surprised that Paris canceled the meeting that she didn’t mention it, and “couldn’t find” Paris later, when Francie did want to bring it up.  Francie wants to use the funds for the class gift (a telescope) to have Prom or homecoming or something at some mansion, since it’s suddenly free.  It gets passed, but Rory is done trying to be the go-between for France and Paris.

Richard’s mother, Trix, stops by for Richard’s birthday unexpectedly, and she wants to see where Lorelei lives and works.  Emily goes to Lorelei’s house to make it look presentable, since it’ll be Emily’s fault that it looks like it normally does.  Rory is excused for this dinner because she’s young and should have fun at the Winter Carnival.

Rory is now friends with Dean after they run into each in town and go have some coffee at Westin’s. Dean has applied to a 4-year university, and it’s all because of Rory going on about college and Harvard.  He has no idea how he’ll deal with her dating Jess, but they do decide they can be friends.

Richard’s mother gets a tour of Lorelei’s house, but says nothing about it, and then they go off to dinner at the Inn while Rory goes to the Carnival.  Jess doesn’t want to go, but when they run into Dean and his sister, and Dean’s sister invites Rory to go to the carnival with them, Jess changes his mind.  This is when Jess finds out Rory and Dean are friends, and while he’s not mad, he still would have liked for her to tell him.

Dean is waiting for Clara by the bathroom when Jess stops by to tell Dean about how pathetic he is. Dean says he and Rory are just friends, and since that worked out for Jess…well, Dean seems to think it’ll work for him.

Trix says she wants to live in the U.S. again, for a multitude of reasons, which makes Richard happy, and Emily not so happy.  So Emily takes her time eating dinner.

The episode ends with Rory and Lorelei talking about their night.


So.  Things are relatively calm in this episode, other than Emily not being happy about Richard’s mom being in town, and possibly coming back on a more permanent basis.  I do love Lorelei the first, and there’s something very regal about her.

The only major thing I want to talk about is what Dean is up to!  He really is waiting for Jess and Rory to break up, isn’t he?  It’s weird, though, because after the whole thing at the dance marathon, you’d think he’d be done with Rory.  It’s like he’s expecting Jess to completely mess things up with Rory, so he can be her knight in shining armor, and make sure she’s okay.  It kind of makes Dean a bit annoying, because one episode, he’s totally done with Rory and wants nothing to do with her, and now he’s waiting for her and Jess to break up so they can get back together.  He really needs to make up his mind!

I kind of agree with Jess about Dean having an ulterior motive for being friends with Rory.  At least we now know what was going on with Dean in the last episode, and I had completely forgotten about it!

And I really dislike Francie for deciding to go ahead with the meeting, knowing Paris wasn’t going to be there.  Paris does deserve to not be so focused all the time, and Francie has decided to use that to her advantage.

Favorite Line:

Paris, to Rory: “Have you had eggnog?”

Pop Culture:

Korn, Weezer, Victor Hugo, Betty Boop, Stuart Little, Spice Girls

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode, and it’s nice to have something a little fun after the last couple of episodes!  It wasn’t completely amazing, but it wasn’t completely horrible.  It’s a pretty solid episode, and it gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×9: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving originally aired November 26, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Kenny Ortega.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory watching Grey Gardens, and how they were reminded of themselves.

From there…Thanksgiving!  Sookie is freaking out that Bob will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at the Inn.  Emily arrives at the Inn to make sure that Lorelei and Rory will be at Thanksgiving.  Emily reminds Lorelei that it was Richard who set up at the meeting at Yale, not her.

At Chilton, Paris is upset that she’s not able to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, and that the volunteers who aren’t trying to get into Harvard are selfish because they don’t get anything out of it, while she does.

While getting flowers for all the Thanksgiving dinners they’re going to, Jess sees Rory, but when he kisses her, she insists on not doing it in front of Taylor’s because Dean might see.  Jess tells her that Dean is going to have to get over it.  And when Lorelei sees Dean in the market, she tells him that they can still be friends, even if he and Rory aren’t together anymore.

Rory and Lorelei have big plans for Thanksgiving- they’re going to Lane’s, Sookie’s and Luke’s before making their way to Emily’s. Lorelei tries not to eat tofurkey at Lane’s, listens to Sookie talk about how deep-fried turkey is wrong, and at Luke’s, they just have a chance to relax before heading over to the insanity that is Thanksgiving with Emily and Richard.

Naturally, college applications come up, as some of the other guests have grandchildren who are also applying to college.  Lorelei seems shocked that Rory applied to several other colleges.  Lorelei, of course, wants to know what other colleges, and Rory doesn’t want to tell Lorelei that she applied to Yale.  Richard, according to Lorelei, forced Rory’s hand, even if she doesn’t know.  Because Rory’s nice, and not applying would hurt Richard’s feelings.  And even when Rory says that she would be able to stay at home if she went to Yale, Lorelei accuses Emily of putting the idea in Rory’s head.  Even Rory saying that she figured it out on her own doesn’t change Lorelei’s mind about the fact that Richard and Emily got Rory to apply to Yale.

Lorelei ends up going outside, and Emily goes to talk to her.  Lorelei is not receptive to Yale being a back-up plan or an alternative to Harvard, because it’s been about Harvard for 17 years.  Emily makes a statement that Lorelei hates them so much that she can’t let Rory have one piece of Richard and Emily’s life, even if it’s Rory’s choice.

They go home, and since they didn’t eat at Emily’s, they realized they didn’t have to skip on eating rolls that day.  Lorelei knows that wherever Rory goes to school, Rory will have a great time and become a better person but still gets a weird feeling anytime her parents are involved.  They stop by to see Sookie, who is really drunk…but also really funny.  And we see Lane, who is still confused as to why Dave wants to go on a date with her.

Rory finally decides that it’s okay to kiss Jess in public, and when Jess goes to throw some trash away, he sees Dean, who apparently saw Jess and Rory kiss.  Dean is giving Jess a really hard time, and it really seems like he’s trying to provoke Jess.  Jess, by the way, isn’t going to fight Dean because of Rory, but Dean is done trying to be nice to Jess.

The episode ends with Lorelei and Rory going home.


Before I get to the really interesting stuff…Paris.  Paris is sometimes hysterical of how she acts!  In this case, the fact that people might want to do something nice for others on Thanksgiving, and help out somewhere didn’t seem to occur to her.  It’s almost like her attitude is that they’re taking away a spot from her, who needs it because her reason for helping is better than their reason.

So, Thanksgiving dinner with the Gilmore family.  The Yale stuff is still a really big issue, and it’s not surprising that Lorelei is ignoring Emily because of what Richard did.

The whole thing about Lorelei not understanding the college application process…I felt like that carried over into this episode, because Lorelei seems truly shocked that Rory would apply to other schools.  A school like Chilton would probably frown upon applying to only one college, but even then, it’s ridiculous to assume that Rory’s going to apply to just one school.  I get Rory doesn’t want to mention applying to Yale, but Rory’s smart enough that she can figure out on her own that she could live at home if she went there.

This is really the first time where I’ve felt like Rory is more open to going to a college that is not Harvard.  And for the first time, I wonder if it’s something Lorelei has latched onto, and Rory doesn’t want to say anything for fear of hurting Lorelei’s feelings.  While we’re told that it’s what Rory wants, bits and pieces of other episodes have come back.  Like when Rory went to that guys house to talk about applying to Harvard, and how Lorelei’s happy with whatever Rory wants?  I think I remember Richard telling Lorelei that Rory only wants to go to Harvard because she thinks Lorelei wants her to go there at one point.  I’m sure Lorelei will be happy with wherever Rory goes, but I think they’ve focused on Harvard so much that Lorelei doesn’t know what to do with the idea that Rory would consider other schools.

I’m feeling like the whole Harvard thing is more Lorelei than Rory, because Lorelei really does seem so resistent to Rory even applying to other schools…even non-Yale ones.  It just really seems like Lorelei doesn’t have a good grasp of applying to college. Of course, this could have been avoided with actual communication, but then…you really wouldn’t have any conflict…

And I want to end on Dean and Jess really quick.  I know Dean is up to something, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is.  But I think it’ll come up soon.  It’s like Dean is trying to provoke a fight so Rory will dump Jess for fighting Dean or something.

Favorite People:

No favorite line, but Mrs. Kim is always funny, and drunk Sookie was absolutely hysterical.

Pop Culture:

West Side Story, Deep-Fried Turkey

Episode Rating:

I really liked this episode, and I liked four Thanksgiving dinners!  And by the way, I’ve had tofurkey, and I don’t think it’s that bad…but I can barely manage one Thanksgiving dinner, much less 4.  This episode had a really good balance of funny and serious. This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls Episode 3×8: Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin originally aired November 19, 2002.  The teleplay is by Amy Sherman-Palladino, and the episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Sheila Lawrence.  This episode was directed by Steven Robman.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open this episode with Lorelei and Rory slowly walking to Luke’s after the 24-hour dance marathon.  It took them so long to get there that it’s time for Rory to go to school.  Jess and Rory see each other, and are all awkward.  Lorelei, of course, has to explain to Luke that Rory and Dean are not together, and that Jess and Rory are now together.  Luke thinks it’s a good idea, and hope Rory will be a good influence on Jess.  Lorelei thinks it’s time Rory had a Jess.

At Friday night dinner, Emily isn’t happy with the salad, because walnuts keep appearing in it, no matter how many times she has the maid re-do it.  Rory and Richard go into the kitchen for some soda (Rory) and ice (Richard).  He tells her he’s going to visit Yale one weekend, and he asks Rory if she wants to come.  Rory, being Rory, agrees to go.  When she tells Lorelei, however, Lorelei wants to go back inside, because she thinks Richard is up to something.

Rory stops by Luke’s after school one day, but things are still weird between her and Jess.  And, of course, the trip to Yale, in which Emily and Richard talk about their time there.

And then…they arrive at the main administration building, where we learn that Richard has set up an interview with the Dean Of Admissions.  Lorelei isn’t happy, and even Emily is surprised.  And this is when Richard starts talking about how Lorelei doesn’t understand the college admission process, because she never went to college.  It’s his job to make sure that Rory knows her options, because Rory’s education isn’t something that is going to be left to chance.  Lorelei goes outside to call a cab, and Emily follows her to tell her that applying to Yale could make Rory look even better to Harvard.

Rory finishes her interview, and isn’t happy that she didn’t have time to prepare.  She would have worn something different and would have had her transcripts and letters of recommendation ready if she had known.  And she tells Richard that she would have gone through with the interview if he had just asked her, because she wanted to do it right.

She and Lorelei go back to Stars Hollow, where they eat tacos at the diner.  Jess and Rory make up excuses to leave, and Luke tells Lorelei about the ground rules he has for Rory and Jess.  Lorelei, however, tells him that they’re totally together at the moment, and Luke decides he has to go looking for them.

After Rory meets up with Jess, she goes to talk to Dean.  She apologizes for treating him horribly and for doing the things he said she did.  She’s surprised that he hasn’t told his mom yet, and answering the door with his mom being really nice to her would have been weird for Rory knowing that his mom is going to hate him soon.  And his sister is going to hate her when she finds out they’re not together. Dean makes a snarky comment about how horrible it is that someone doesn’t like her, but they both hope that one day, Dean doesn’t hate her anymore.

The episode ends with Rory and Lorelei looking at Yale brochures.


Even before I knew who wrote the episode, I knew Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote it, because there are some issues between Lorelei and Richard.

I normally love Richard, but he made me so mad in this episode!  I agree that Rory needs to look at all of her options, and not just focus on Harvard, but then again, we don’t see her think about other schools.  We just see her focus on Harvard, so it’s pretty one-sided.

I don’t think Richard went about it the best way, and I really think Rory would have down the interview if Richard asked her.  Plus, it’s an interview for an Ivy League school, and that’s not something you just spring on someone, especially someone like Rory, who needs to go in really prepared.

I thought Richard went a bit overboard when he was talking about how he’s in a better position to help Rory because he went through the college application process.  It totally makes it sound like he’s better than Lorelei because he knows what Rory is going through.  And that you can’t understand the process if you don’t go through it.  I kind of agree that Rory has a good chance of getting into Yale since Richard went there, but wouldn’t Chilton be offering support and guidance?  Unfortunately, his good intentions didn’t go over well, and I think he could have gone about it a little differently.  Also, I know Lorelei is insistent that Rory is going to Harvard, but I think she also needs to be a little more open to the idea that Rory could apply to other schools.

Oh!  Rory applying to Yale, which makes her look better to Harvard.  That seems a little off to me. Like, why and how would Harvard know if someone’s applied to Yale and Princeton?

And Rory talking to Dean…when he made the snarky comment about people not liking Rory…I was all, Go Dean!  Because Rory is so worried about people hating her, and it was actually kind of nice to see him point it out that not everyone is going to like her.

Favorite Line/Scene:

None for this episode

Pop Culture:

The Donner Party, the Wiffenpoofs, Perry Como, Nancy Reagan’s war on drugs, Oprah’s book club, Romeo And Juliet

Episode Rating:

I really liked this episode, and I feel like this one opens up the possibility of Rory thinking about colleges other than Harvard.  No ASP episode is complete without tension between Lorelei and her parents. This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? originally aired on November 11, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Kenny Ortega.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open this episode with the town getting ready for the annual 24-hour dance marathon.  Lorelei is trying to find a dance partner, while Taylor wants Luke to have a coffee stand at the dance marathon.

So, pre-marathon stuff going on: Lorelei gets a dance partner in Stanley Appleman, until he bails on her because Miss Patty decided to show his wife a picture of Lorelei.  And the 75th anniversary of the school paper is coming up, and Paris doesn’t want it ruined on her watch, so there are Saturday plans to work on it.  Until Rory agrees to be Lorelei’s dance partner if Paris agrees to postpone it for a week, which she does.  And that is because Jamie stopped by Chilton the day before to see Paris, because thinking about her was a really big distraction, so Paris was in a really good mood for once.

And then the dance marathon happens.  Lorelei is determined to win this year, and things are going along as they usually do for the marathon.  Dean stops by to watch Rory dance, and things are going well until Jess and Shane show up.  Rory is unusually annoyed that Jess is there with Shane.

Sookie and Jackson are having a few issues,  because Jackson wants to have 4 kids in 4 years, and Sookie doesn’t.  She gets some advice from Lorelei, which is to tell Jackson, so that Sookie and Jackson can work it.  Of course, Sookie gets all tongue-tied, and it doesn’t come out right, resulting in Jackson being mad, and taking it out on Lorelei, but that’s resolved by the end of the episode.

Still, it isn’t until one of the heels that Lorelei is wearing breaks that things start going downhill.  Rory can barely keep moving at this point, so Dean makes sure that Rory keeps dancing.  However, Rory is going on and on about Jess being there with Shane, and how the marathon is there for people to dance, not for people to watch.  And that is when Dean and Rory break up.  Dean is tired of pretending like Rory and Jess don’t like each other, and he can’t ignore it anymore.  Dean leaves, and after a minute of standing on the dance floor not moving, Rory leaves as well.

We find her at the dock, and she is joined by Jess, who thinks Dean is a jerk for yelling, and for breaking up with her in public…but they do agree that the stuff Dean said is right.

We go back to the marathon, to find that there are two couples left…only for the couple to not be able to dance anymore, leaving Kirk and his partner to be the last couple standing.  Lorelei is confused about why Kirk won and where Rory is, until Patty tells her that Rory left a while ago.

Kirk is running around the gym while Lorelei comforts a crying Rory.


This is one of my favorite episodes, and I love that most of the action happens at a 24-hour dance marathon.  It’s episodes like this that make me wish I lived in a small town like Stars Hollow.

Really quick: Jackson and Sookie.  I get Sookie was taken off guard, and that’s why she initially agreed.  It makes sense she would tell Lorelei, who actually had pretty good advice in terms of talking to Jackson.  And it is very Sookie and Jackson to have it not come out right and for Jackson to react the way they did.

So, Rory and Dean are over.  I don’t even know where to begin with this.  I get Rory being upset, and it’s definitely been a long time coming.  I don’t think it was fair to break up with Rory so loudly, but I also think it’s about time Dean and Rory broke up.  Rory’s been interested in Jess for quite some time, and I’m glad Dean finally realized he can’t ignore it anymore.  I can understand denying it, but everybody has their limits, and Dean clearly found his limit.

Now that Rory and Dean aren’t together anymore, and Rory has a (better) chance at being with Jess.  And hopefully, Rory will stop acting so weird around Jess.  It’s sad for Rory, of course, but I’ve never been a fan of Rory/Dean, so I’m sort of glad.  Let’s see…I don’t think I have anything else to say about Dean and Rory breaking up…without spoiling things, of course, so I’ll just not add anything else.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei, on the phone with Stanley Appleman: “Did you tell her I don’t want to sleep with you?”

Pop Culture:

Tiny Tim, Riverdance, Rocky, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor

Episode Rating:

I really liked this episode, and there’s a lot that happens, especially in terms of Rory’s relationships.  Dean and Rory are no more, and it would appear that she and Jess are destined to be a couple.  This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×6: Take The Deviled Eggs…

Take The Deviled Eggs…originally aired November 5, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

This episode opens with Lorelei wanting to call the catalog companies they currently get catalogs from, and get rid of the duplicate catalogs they’re getting.  Lorelei ends up abandoning the project.

So.  We have a town meeting, which are some of my favorite scenes in the series.  Taylor is mad about birds taking care of business all over town, and wants to do something about it.  The town meeting keeps getting interrupted by the man who’s taking Patty out on a date.  And the town loner has put in a request for a protest, which is denied by Taylor before he ends the meeting.

Jess has a car, and Luke wants to know how Jess is going to pay for insurance and repairs and maintenance.  And he’s curious about where Jess got the money.  Luke talks to Gypsy about the car, and if it was legit, which it was.  We find out Jess has a part-time job at Wal-Mart, which is how he got the money for the car.

We also find out that Rory and Chris have been talking when Rory gets an invitation to Sherry’s baby shower.  Rory apologizes, especially since Lorelei thinks it is weird that Rory never told her.  Well, until now.  The reverend and the rabbi (who use the same building for their services) have agreed to let the town loner stage his protest there, which doesn’t go over well with Taylor.

Rory gets baby blanket, and we learn that Lane’s mom still hasn’t given her the “where babies come from” talk.  Lane sees Jess’ car, and it does not go over well with her.  Rory thinks it’s nothing to be upset over, and yet she also seems annoyed that Jess has a car.

Lorelei drops Rory off, and somehow manages to find herself at the baby shower, instead of shopping. Sherry’s friend Maureen organized the shower, and Chris’ place has had a makeover, including the alphabetizing of the famous C.D. collection.  As it turns out, Lorelei is the only mother there, since no one else has time for guys…or just a lack of free time in general.  Sherry asks for some book recommendations from when Lorelei was pregnant, but as Lorelei was pregnant at 16, she doesn’t have any.  Sherry wants to know where Lorelei got her parenting information, since it didn’t come from parenting books.

Sherry, apparently, isn’t a baby person, and has scheduled a c-section because work is crazy for Sherry.  Lorelei excuses herself, and Sherry thanks her for talking to Chris, who’s amazing and super-involved.  She wasn’t sure if she was going to keep the baby or go it alone, since she and Chris had a rocky stretch.  She’s thankful for whatever Lorelei said, because he came back to her and GiGi (short for Georgia, their daughter’s name).  And Sherry definitely feels like she and Lorelei were in the same position.

Lorelei ends up in the bathroom, needing a break, and Rory follows her to make sure she’s okay. Lorelei is not happy, and thinks Sherry is copying her as far as names go.  You know, 2 syllables, two of the same letter.  On the way home, Lorelei is still thinking about the baby shower, and Rory suggests they devil egg Jess’ car.

The next day, there’s the town loner protest.  Unfortunately, the banner drops and they can’t figure out what the town loner is yelling, so they try to figure out what he’s protesting.  Due to the smell of the deviled eggs, every one leaves the town square.


I’m going to start off with Jess having a car.  I don’t get why Rory seems annoyed Jess has a car, because previously, she was very insistent that Jess was not completely to blame for the accident. Although, it could be because she’s just annoyed with Jess in general right now.

So, the baby shower.  Sherry is definitely the type to read a ton of parenting books, and I can’t say that her scheduling a c-section is a surprise, it does seem to fit with her character.  But the whole “where did you learn about how to parent a child if you didn’t read parenting books” thing was sort of irritating.  Yes, it’s Sherry, but Sherry and Lorelei were pregnant at very different times in their lives, and Lorelei was pregnant way before Sherry, so that might have something to do with it.

Her talk with Lorelei…I don’t even know where to start.  I have the feeling that Sherry doesn’t know Chris and Lorelei were together during her rocky stretch with Chris.  Yes, Chris went back to her, but there’s something grating about the way she went on and about being thankful for what Lorelei did. Why would she assume it’s because of Lorelei?  For all she knows, Chris might want to the chance to be a parent to GiGi, since he never really had that chance with Rory.

And comparing her situation to Lorelei’s?  I’m not really getting the comparison, other than the potential for single parenthood and the whole unplanned pregnancy thing.  Am I missing something, or is Sherry just really weird?

Favorite Line:

Andrew, during the town meeting: “I’d rather have bird crap fall on my head.”

Pop Culture:

Boo Radley, Haight-Ashbury, drinking the Kool-Aid

Episode Rating:

Sherry really is a strange person and she seems to be in her own world, and a bit-of-touch with,..well…the rest of the world.  Still, this was a really good episode, and it seemed to bring up some really interesting things for Lorelei.  This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×5: Eight O’Clock At The Oasis

Eight O’Clock At The Oasis originally aired October 22, 2002.  This episode was written by Justin Tanner and was directed by Joe Ann Fogle.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We start off this episode with Lorelei telling Rory a joke on their way to the diner.  A family has taken over the diner, which seems to be a weekly thing, and it definitely annoys Luke.

From there, Lorelei goes to an auction that some committee or group or something is hosting, and naturally, Emily is a part of it. Michel goes with her, and meets a guy named Payton at the auction. She has to ask Emily to get his number, which is hard for Lorelei, but seems to make Emily happy. They make plans for a couple dates- dinner, and a David Bowie concert the next week. The first date doesn’t go well, so Lorelei decides to not go to the concert with Payton.

This doesn’t go over well for Emily, who accuses Lorelei of never giving someone a second chance, and being judgmental.  Lorelei says that they just weren’t compatible.  Lorelei later gets a call from Richard, who is playing golf with Payton’s dad, and he’ll assist the damage of what Lorelei’s done, since Payton’s mother could take it the wrong way.  Lorelei doesn’t think there’s anything weird about not going on a second date with Payton, but it’s a very big deal to Emily and Richard since it could affect Emily’s relationship with Payton’s mother.  Lorelei eventually apologizes to Emily for not thinking about how a date or two with Payton would affect Emily if it didn’t work out, and eventually agrees to go to the concert with Payton.

That’s the major goings on of the episode, but we meet Dwight, who is new to Stars Hollow.  Lorelei agrees to water his lawn while out of town, and Rory helps out once, only to have trouble turning the water off.  She pages Dean, who doesn’t answer, and so she goes looking for Luke or someone else to help her…only to run into Jess, who does help her.  They do talk but it’s a little awkward, and Dean finally answers her page, so Jess turns the water back on.


So, Lorelei dating a guy Emily knows…definitely the more interesting part of the episode.  I kind of get where Lorelei is coming from, in regards to wondering why Payton’s mom would care if they didn’t go to the concert.  People decide to not go on second dates all the time, and I think Emily’s comment of Lorelei not giving people a second chance a little uncalled for.  I think this is a case where Payton and Lorelei just aren’t going to be a thing.

But Emily lives in a very different world than Lorelei, and while it doesn’t make to Lorelei (or Richard), Emily does live in a world where not going on a second date with someone can have disastrous effects.  I do like that Lorelei apologizes for not thinking about how the lack of a second date would affect Emily.

And pagers!  Wow.  This kind of dates the show a little, doesn’t it?  But it’s like a look back in time, so it’s all good.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Nothing jumped out at me in this episode.

Pop Culture:

David Bowie

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode.  It didn’t make me go “oh my god, that was completely awesome, and I totally love it” but it also didn’t give me the urge to throw something at the t.v. because I’m full of rage.  It is a pretty solid episode, so it gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×4: One’s Got Class And The Other One Dyes

One’s Got Class And The Other One Dyes originally aired October 15, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Steven Robman.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic


This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s, where Lorelei is telling Rory about the silly premonitions she’s been having about her own death.

Let’s see…band practice in the music shop isn’t working out for the band, so Lane has to figure out a way to get to Hartford for band practice a few times a week.  We see Lane try to ask her mom, who tells her about all of the schools Lane is applying to. They’re all religious and approved by their minister, and Lane decides it’s time to rebel…by dying her hair purple.  Lane freaks out at the last minute, when her mom gets home, and realizes she can’t let her mom see her hair, so Rory has to go back to the beauty supply store to get Lane’s hair back to normal.  Rory seems really annoyed with Shane in this episode, but other than Rory helping Lane, we don’t see much of her in this episode.  At least, there’s nothing that really adds to Rory’s story.

Lorelei also gets asked to speak at Stars Hollow High about her success in business, and promises to get Luke to speak as well.  The talk, however, doesn’t go so well, because they keep asking questions about how Rory and how different Lorelei’s life would be.  Debbie Fincher, who asked Lorelei to speak, clearly is not happy with how this talk went, because afterwards, she and a group of moms find Lorelei in town, and aren’t happy that Lorelei was preaching about how it’s okay to get pregnant at 16. They think she should have fended the kids off and changed the subject, which clearly didn’t work for the kids.  They, of course, think she’s a horrible mother, but Lorelei isn’t going to ignore something or sugar-coat it just because it’s uncomfortable.

Luke and Jess also have a talk about how Jess isn’t treating Shane well, and how Jess isn’t going to wait around for someone, hoping she’ll change her mind and suddenly notice him.  He leaves the diner, and the episode ends with Lane and Rory and Lorelei coming up with a plan so that Lane doesn’t have to quit the band.


The one thing I really have thoughts on is the scene with the moms and Lorelei. Lorelei did try to get back on topic, but it clearly didn’t work.  I can understand why the moms are upset.  I mean, it’s something that they’d want to talk to their kids about themselves.  At the same time, though, ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away, and Lorelei being honest and open about it is very her.  Admittedly, the moms don’t seem like to the type who would really talk to their kids about teenage pregnancy or anything like that.  They seem like the kind of moms who try to ban books because the material isn’t appropriate for teens.

Actually, as far as the Luke/Jess conversation goes, I think Jess does have a point, even if he was being kind of jerky about it.  And that’s pretty much all I’m going to say, because of future spoilers.

Actually, I want to talk about Rory for a second.  I’m getting really annoyed with how annoyed she is with Shane.  For someone who’s insistent that she wants to be with Dean and is in love with him, she’s clearly not over the whole Jess thing.  She really does not to make up her mind…and that is all.

Favorite Moment:

Lorelei seeing Lane run around town with bleach in her hair

Pop Culture:

Lawrence Welk, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, U2, Jimmy Buffett, Leave It To Beaver

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode, but not a lot happens to move things along.  It’s pretty much a throw-away episode, but it had it’s funny and interesting moments.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×3: Application Anxiety

Application Anxiety originally aired October 8, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Gail Mancuso.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open this episode with Lorelei and Rory watching one of the Brady Bunch variety shows.  Rory’s application to Harvard comes in the mail, and Rory can’t believe she was watching the Brady Bunch Variety Hour when her application came.

Rory has a lot of application anxiety, and she and Lorelei spend some looking over her application and talking about it, while Lane is working on a drummer-seeks-band ad.  On the interests section, Rory has to decided to circle everything except sports and is going to do her essay on Hilary Clinton.  Paris organizes a seminar and the two people invited to speak talk about how circling everything in the interests section shows the student is trying too hard because one can’t be interested in everything.  One of the panelists is a college admissions person, and talks about how he can’t read another essay on Hilary Clinton.  They have all of these do’s and don’ts, and they pretty much describe Rory.

We also have a Friday night dinner, where we learn Emily has been collecting college-issues of magazines for Rory, and Emily’s stories are stressing out Lorelei.  Lorelei and Rory have a few moments of insanity in Richard’s study before calming down enough to be near Emily for the night.

Lorelei talks to Headmaster Charleston, who suggested a meeting with someone who went to Harvard.  Lunch gets set up, and we meet Darrin and his family.  They’re big on meal-time quizzes, and at one point, Rory excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She meets Darrin’s third child, who isn’t on the Ivy League conveyor belt.  Her parents made it seem like she was on drugs or something, instead of not going to an Ivy League school.  When Lorelei finally comes looking for Rory because she needs to get a question right, Rory thanks her for not putting her on the conveyor belt.  Darrin calls a couple days later, and leaves a message saying that Rory is made for Harvard.

Lane also finds a band and Taylor brings up the idea of a soda shop, which the town agrees to.


I thought this episode was really interesting, and it’s pretty much because of Rory’s application anxiety.  Rory’s reaction during the college application seminar was interesting, because they really were describing Rory so well.  I get why Rory was upset or whatever, because she was doing everything they were talking about.  But, Rory really is the type of student to do what people want to hear.  And with so many people applying to Harvard, and the conversation about how they all have the same classes so they have the same GPA’s and they all have same extracurricular activities, so they all kind of blend together…like…I know Rory wants to go to Harvard, and she’ll do what she thinks will get her in, but at the same time, I don’t see Rory doing something interesting to separate herself from all of the other people who are also applying.

I do think that the lunch with Darrin and being able to ask him questions and talk to him helped (even though we never see it).  I do like that Lorelei is happy with whatever Rory wants to do, and that she actually talked to Headmaster Charleston to figure something out.  It’s Chilton, so you’d think a private, expensive, and fancy prep school would have more stuff in the way of college applications but we never see it.

Favorite Lines Or Scenes:

Nothing jumped out at me in this episode

Pop Culture:

All of the Brady Bunch Variety Shows, Sylvia Plath’s suicide, Charlie Rose, the Beetles, the Brat Pack, Ted Williams being frozen, the discussions the Kennedy’s had during meals, Urkel, Wu Tang Clan

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode, and Rory’s college application anxiety is very her, but I’m glad she was able to work through it.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×2: Haunted Leg

Haunted Leg originally aired October 1, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Chris Long.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

This episode opens with Friday night dinner, where things are still weird between Emily and Lorelei.  Rory tries to get a conversation going between all three of them, but it doesn’t work until Lorelei looks at the paper and sees that someone she knew killed her husband after she found him cheating on her.

In this episode, it’s back to school for Rory, who is busy with student council.  Francie, the senior class president, wants the skirts to be raised an inch-and-a-half, and Paris will “consider” it.  Which doesn’t go over well with Francie, because she pulls Rory into the bathroom, and tells her that she can make Paris ineffective as student body president, because Francie has more power than Paris, and Rory needs to make sure that Paris does what Francie wants.  And naturally, Francie has her own spin on what happened in the bathroom.  Rory convinces Paris to give in on the hemline issue, because no one is going to remember it by the end of the year.

Kirk asks Lorelei on a date, and she turns him down.  She also has lunch at Emily’s, where we learn that Emily called Chris, and that Chris still wants to be with Lorelei. Emily wasn’t going to sit by and watch things happen, because Chris and Lorelei belong together, and Sherry is just a complication.  Lorelei wants Emily to stay out of it, because Sherry is more than a complication.  Lorelei leaves the diner.

We have another Friday night dinner, in which Chris shows up to talk to Lorelei.  She hasn’t returned his calls, and him showing up at Emily’s is the only way for him to talk to her.  He never thought he would keep Rory from him, because he was always able to talk to her no matter what was going on between him and Lorelei.  This is when Rory comes in and tells him that Lorelei didn’t push her into this this, and they he promised at Sookie’s wedding that it would work, and he betrayed that.  She doesn’t need him because she has Lorelei and he can go be someone else’s dad.

Chris wants something different, but since Sherry is still pregnant, and Chris is still with her and planning on marrying Sherry, so things will have to stay as they currently are.  Emily asks Chris to leave, and he does.  Lorelei and Rory go back to Stars Hollow and decide to have a junk-food filled night at home.  Rory doesn’t want to go to Chris’ wedding but Lorelei tells her that she might want to reconsider because she might regret it one day.

Rory runs into Jess, who doesn’t seem to like that Rory is put out by him and Shane because she never wrote him letters or called him, and she was still with Dean.  He also wasn’t going to wait around for her like Dean would have.  The episode ends with Rory and Lorelei going home.


I really liked this episode.  As usually, the really interesting stuff doesn’t happen until the end.  It’s not surprising Emily would call Chris and I don’t blame Lorelei for being upset about this.  It has to be hard seeing Chris have what they never did.  But I think Emily did go a little overboard with it, even though her intentions were good.  And I think Lorelei might not have seen that Emily does what what’s best for her and Rory, even if they have very different ideas on what that is.

I also don’t blame Rory for not wanting to talk to Chris after what’s happened.  I am pretty irritated that he’d blame Lorelei- although I suppose I can understand why he’d think it was her doing.  Because it’s understandable that he’d mess up one too many times, and that eventually, Rory would get tired of understanding.  I think Lorelei was spot-on when she said Rory would forgive Chris eventually.  She is Rory, and she does have a pretty good capacity for forgiveness.

Rory and Jess: I don’t have much to say, but Jess does have a point when he said he wasn’t going to wait for her like Dean would.  Also: she is with Dean, so Rory shouldn’t be put out or annoyed that Jess is with someone else.  And while she may have started a letter to Jess, she clearly never called or sent anything to Jess.

And it’s been a while since I’ve said this but: what kind of school is Chilton?  I mean, I don’t remember student council ever having the ability to change much of anything. Granted, I was never involved in student council in school. but it just seems weird that they’d be able to get the librarian to resign or change the hemline of the school-required skirts.

Favorite Moment:

Emily looking at her watch during Paris’ speech

Pop Culture:

Jimmy Carter, Margaret Thatcher, Charlie Sheen, Annie Oakley, Noam Chompsky, Freaky Friday, the ice-skating scandal involving the French judges

Episode Rating:

This is a pretty good episode, and I’m glad there’s some resolution to the Chris/Lorelei thing.  And the whole thing with Emily and Lorelei was done really well, even though it irritated me a little.  This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.

Gilmore Girls 3×1: Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days originally aired September 24, 2002.  This episode was written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

This episode opens with Lorelei having a dream that she’s with Luke and is expecting twins.  She calls Rory for a dream analysis, and at first, Rory jokes about how Lorelei is secretly in love Luke and wants to have his children.  But then Rory tells her that it’s probably about how Lorelei is still upset about Chris having a child with Sherry.

There is an end-of-summer festival planned, and Sookie wants to re-decorate her house because she thinks it’s too girly for Jackson.  He insists the house is fine the way it is, but Sookie doesn’t believe him.

Rory is still in Washington, D.C. for her leadership thing, and there’s some sort of mixer or something with members of Congress.  Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Doug Ose make appearances as themselves.  Paris gets asked out on a date and doesn’t realize it until Rory points it out and is later seen freaking out when she’s getting ready.

Kirk is selling a skin-care line that turns out to go horribly wrong, and Lorelei gets Rory out of Friday night dinner.  Rory and Lorelei still aren’t talking to Chris, and they don’t know when they’ll talk to him again.  Lorelei still hasn’t told her parents about her and Chris not being together.

At the end-of-summer festival, Rory is looking around, and finally sees Jess making out with some blonde girl.  Rory is really upset with this, and this is when Lorelei finds out Rory kissed Jess.  Lorelei pretty much tells Rory to make up her mind, because Rory is being really unfair to Dean and is treating him like dirt because he doesn’t deserve it.  Dean manages to get back in town earlier than Rory expected, as he shows up when Lorelei and Rory are talking about the kiss with Jess, and Lorelei gives them some alone time.

Lorelei goes to Friday night dinner, where she tells her parents that she isn’t with Chris because he’s back with Sherry because she’s pregnant.  Emily wants a solid, adult reason for why Lorelei and Chris can’t be a family,, and how it affects Rory. Which Lorelei is aware of and isn’t something she’s taking lightly.  The right thing for Chris to do is be with Lorelei and Rory because they’re his family, not Sherry and his child with her.  It is agreed on that Chris is going to do the right thing with someone who will let him.  According to Richard, that’s something he never had with Lorelei, because she pushed him away.

Lorelei leaves while Richard and Emily are talking and she goes into Luke’s to have a cup of coffee.  Lorelei is pretty upset about everything and can’t believe that this is the second time she let herself hope for love and security and the whole package.  The time with Max was her fault, and this time, with Chris, the universe conspired against them.  And now, Chris gets to be there for Sherry while she’s pregnant, and he’ll be there for his child with Sherry.  Luke thinks she’ll find someone.  She goes home to Rory, who agrees that Lorelei is right and she was unfair to Dean, and wants to make things right with him.


I totally want to talk about the Emily-Lorelei conversation and the Lorelei-Rory conversation in this episode, because those are the two things that I found really interesting.  I think I’m going to tackle the Rory-Lorelei conversation first.  So, I’m not the biggest fan of Dean, but I think Lorelei does have a good point in that Rory needs to make up her mind, and that Rory isn’t being fair to Dean.  He really doesn’t deserve it, and while I think Dean is a little too insecure/jealous of any guy that Rory talks to, he does have some pretty good qualities that I tend to ignore.  And at this point, I feel like it’s pretty obvious that Rory likes Jess but doesn’t want to admit it.

As for Friday night dinner…Amy Sherman-Palladino really likes to throw in some doozies, doesn’t she?  It’s not that big of a surprise that Emily wants Lorelei, Chris and Rory to be a family, and she’s never liked the idea of Chris and Sherry, so it’s no surprise that Emily would think that Chris should be with Lorelei and not Sherry.  it would be ridiculous to not be with Sherry after all of the stuff that’s happened with Lorelei.

While Richard and Emily (but mostly Emily) still think Chris and Lorelei should be together because of Rory, is it really that good of an idea? It never seems to work out for them, and if it hasn’t worked out yet, it probably isn’t going to happen.  Also: Richard and Emily are being kind of unfair.  I get the whole thing was really embarrassing for them, but Lorelei apparently didn’t want Chris involved in Rory’s life. I don’t know how accurate their statements are, but I can see a 16-year-old Chris potentially not being involved with Rory’s life…but now I’m not sure what to think of Lorelei not wanting Chris involved in Rory’s life.  Again, I kind of wish someone would straight up say what happened, as opposed to all of the hinting and the different sides to everything.  Or maybe this just goes to show that sometimes, there are different perspectives and that there is no one (really easy) answer.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Paris, to Rory, when Jamie comes to pick her up: “Now get in the closet.”

Congressman Ose seeing Paris and sneaking back out

Pop Culture:

Senator Boxer and Congressman Ose appearing as themselves, Archie Bunker’s chair at the Smithsonian, Bono, Carson Daly, Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Episode Rating:

Amy Sherman-Palladino can really be counted on to make things interesting, especially at the end of each episode.  This season premiere starts off the season really well, and gets 4 mugs of coffee.