Gilmore Girls 3×7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? originally aired on November 11, 2002.  This episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and was directed by Kenny Ortega.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open this episode with the town getting ready for the annual 24-hour dance marathon.  Lorelei is trying to find a dance partner, while Taylor wants Luke to have a coffee stand at the dance marathon.

So, pre-marathon stuff going on: Lorelei gets a dance partner in Stanley Appleman, until he bails on her because Miss Patty decided to show his wife a picture of Lorelei.  And the 75th anniversary of the school paper is coming up, and Paris doesn’t want it ruined on her watch, so there are Saturday plans to work on it.  Until Rory agrees to be Lorelei’s dance partner if Paris agrees to postpone it for a week, which she does.  And that is because Jamie stopped by Chilton the day before to see Paris, because thinking about her was a really big distraction, so Paris was in a really good mood for once.

And then the dance marathon happens.  Lorelei is determined to win this year, and things are going along as they usually do for the marathon.  Dean stops by to watch Rory dance, and things are going well until Jess and Shane show up.  Rory is unusually annoyed that Jess is there with Shane.

Sookie and Jackson are having a few issues,  because Jackson wants to have 4 kids in 4 years, and Sookie doesn’t.  She gets some advice from Lorelei, which is to tell Jackson, so that Sookie and Jackson can work it.  Of course, Sookie gets all tongue-tied, and it doesn’t come out right, resulting in Jackson being mad, and taking it out on Lorelei, but that’s resolved by the end of the episode.

Still, it isn’t until one of the heels that Lorelei is wearing breaks that things start going downhill.  Rory can barely keep moving at this point, so Dean makes sure that Rory keeps dancing.  However, Rory is going on and on about Jess being there with Shane, and how the marathon is there for people to dance, not for people to watch.  And that is when Dean and Rory break up.  Dean is tired of pretending like Rory and Jess don’t like each other, and he can’t ignore it anymore.  Dean leaves, and after a minute of standing on the dance floor not moving, Rory leaves as well.

We find her at the dock, and she is joined by Jess, who thinks Dean is a jerk for yelling, and for breaking up with her in public…but they do agree that the stuff Dean said is right.

We go back to the marathon, to find that there are two couples left…only for the couple to not be able to dance anymore, leaving Kirk and his partner to be the last couple standing.  Lorelei is confused about why Kirk won and where Rory is, until Patty tells her that Rory left a while ago.

Kirk is running around the gym while Lorelei comforts a crying Rory.


This is one of my favorite episodes, and I love that most of the action happens at a 24-hour dance marathon.  It’s episodes like this that make me wish I lived in a small town like Stars Hollow.

Really quick: Jackson and Sookie.  I get Sookie was taken off guard, and that’s why she initially agreed.  It makes sense she would tell Lorelei, who actually had pretty good advice in terms of talking to Jackson.  And it is very Sookie and Jackson to have it not come out right and for Jackson to react the way they did.

So, Rory and Dean are over.  I don’t even know where to begin with this.  I get Rory being upset, and it’s definitely been a long time coming.  I don’t think it was fair to break up with Rory so loudly, but I also think it’s about time Dean and Rory broke up.  Rory’s been interested in Jess for quite some time, and I’m glad Dean finally realized he can’t ignore it anymore.  I can understand denying it, but everybody has their limits, and Dean clearly found his limit.

Now that Rory and Dean aren’t together anymore, and Rory has a (better) chance at being with Jess.  And hopefully, Rory will stop acting so weird around Jess.  It’s sad for Rory, of course, but I’ve never been a fan of Rory/Dean, so I’m sort of glad.  Let’s see…I don’t think I have anything else to say about Dean and Rory breaking up…without spoiling things, of course, so I’ll just not add anything else.

Favorite Line:

Lorelei, on the phone with Stanley Appleman: “Did you tell her I don’t want to sleep with you?”

Pop Culture:

Tiny Tim, Riverdance, Rocky, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor

Episode Rating:

I really liked this episode, and there’s a lot that happens, especially in terms of Rory’s relationships.  Dean and Rory are no more, and it would appear that she and Jess are destined to be a couple.  This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.


2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 3×7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

  1. What is Kirk’s dance partner’s name? Is it Donna Delaney? Is that what Miss Oatty says? “The winner is Donna Delaney and Kirk”?

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