Gilmore Girls 3×10: That’ll Do Pig

That’ll Do, Pig originally aired January 14, 2003.  This episode was written by Shelia R. Lawrence and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We open up with episode with the town getting ready for the winter carnival.  Lane’s band can now practice in Lorelei’s garage, so the rehearsal space problem is now solved!

There’s all sorts of things happening at Chilton!  Paris is seen not paying attention in math, and since there’s a light agenda for the supplemental student council meeting, Paris decides to cancel it.  Which means Francie decides that it’s a good time to have the meeting anyway, because she has a “time-sensitive” issue.  Francie was so surprised that Paris canceled the meeting that she didn’t mention it, and “couldn’t find” Paris later, when Francie did want to bring it up.  Francie wants to use the funds for the class gift (a telescope) to have Prom or homecoming or something at some mansion, since it’s suddenly free.  It gets passed, but Rory is done trying to be the go-between for France and Paris.

Richard’s mother, Trix, stops by for Richard’s birthday unexpectedly, and she wants to see where Lorelei lives and works.  Emily goes to Lorelei’s house to make it look presentable, since it’ll be Emily’s fault that it looks like it normally does.  Rory is excused for this dinner because she’s young and should have fun at the Winter Carnival.

Rory is now friends with Dean after they run into each in town and go have some coffee at Westin’s. Dean has applied to a 4-year university, and it’s all because of Rory going on about college and Harvard.  He has no idea how he’ll deal with her dating Jess, but they do decide they can be friends.

Richard’s mother gets a tour of Lorelei’s house, but says nothing about it, and then they go off to dinner at the Inn while Rory goes to the Carnival.  Jess doesn’t want to go, but when they run into Dean and his sister, and Dean’s sister invites Rory to go to the carnival with them, Jess changes his mind.  This is when Jess finds out Rory and Dean are friends, and while he’s not mad, he still would have liked for her to tell him.

Dean is waiting for Clara by the bathroom when Jess stops by to tell Dean about how pathetic he is. Dean says he and Rory are just friends, and since that worked out for Jess…well, Dean seems to think it’ll work for him.

Trix says she wants to live in the U.S. again, for a multitude of reasons, which makes Richard happy, and Emily not so happy.  So Emily takes her time eating dinner.

The episode ends with Rory and Lorelei talking about their night.


So.  Things are relatively calm in this episode, other than Emily not being happy about Richard’s mom being in town, and possibly coming back on a more permanent basis.  I do love Lorelei the first, and there’s something very regal about her.

The only major thing I want to talk about is what Dean is up to!  He really is waiting for Jess and Rory to break up, isn’t he?  It’s weird, though, because after the whole thing at the dance marathon, you’d think he’d be done with Rory.  It’s like he’s expecting Jess to completely mess things up with Rory, so he can be her knight in shining armor, and make sure she’s okay.  It kind of makes Dean a bit annoying, because one episode, he’s totally done with Rory and wants nothing to do with her, and now he’s waiting for her and Jess to break up so they can get back together.  He really needs to make up his mind!

I kind of agree with Jess about Dean having an ulterior motive for being friends with Rory.  At least we now know what was going on with Dean in the last episode, and I had completely forgotten about it!

And I really dislike Francie for deciding to go ahead with the meeting, knowing Paris wasn’t going to be there.  Paris does deserve to not be so focused all the time, and Francie has decided to use that to her advantage.

Favorite Line:

Paris, to Rory: “Have you had eggnog?”

Pop Culture:

Korn, Weezer, Victor Hugo, Betty Boop, Stuart Little, Spice Girls

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode, and it’s nice to have something a little fun after the last couple of episodes!  It wasn’t completely amazing, but it wasn’t completely horrible.  It’s a pretty solid episode, and it gets 3 mugs of coffee.

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