Gilmore Girls 3×4: One’s Got Class And The Other One Dyes

One’s Got Class And The Other One Dyes originally aired October 15, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Steven Robman.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic


This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory at Luke’s, where Lorelei is telling Rory about the silly premonitions she’s been having about her own death.

Let’s see…band practice in the music shop isn’t working out for the band, so Lane has to figure out a way to get to Hartford for band practice a few times a week.  We see Lane try to ask her mom, who tells her about all of the schools Lane is applying to. They’re all religious and approved by their minister, and Lane decides it’s time to rebel…by dying her hair purple.  Lane freaks out at the last minute, when her mom gets home, and realizes she can’t let her mom see her hair, so Rory has to go back to the beauty supply store to get Lane’s hair back to normal.  Rory seems really annoyed with Shane in this episode, but other than Rory helping Lane, we don’t see much of her in this episode.  At least, there’s nothing that really adds to Rory’s story.

Lorelei also gets asked to speak at Stars Hollow High about her success in business, and promises to get Luke to speak as well.  The talk, however, doesn’t go so well, because they keep asking questions about how Rory and how different Lorelei’s life would be.  Debbie Fincher, who asked Lorelei to speak, clearly is not happy with how this talk went, because afterwards, she and a group of moms find Lorelei in town, and aren’t happy that Lorelei was preaching about how it’s okay to get pregnant at 16. They think she should have fended the kids off and changed the subject, which clearly didn’t work for the kids.  They, of course, think she’s a horrible mother, but Lorelei isn’t going to ignore something or sugar-coat it just because it’s uncomfortable.

Luke and Jess also have a talk about how Jess isn’t treating Shane well, and how Jess isn’t going to wait around for someone, hoping she’ll change her mind and suddenly notice him.  He leaves the diner, and the episode ends with Lane and Rory and Lorelei coming up with a plan so that Lane doesn’t have to quit the band.


The one thing I really have thoughts on is the scene with the moms and Lorelei. Lorelei did try to get back on topic, but it clearly didn’t work.  I can understand why the moms are upset.  I mean, it’s something that they’d want to talk to their kids about themselves.  At the same time, though, ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away, and Lorelei being honest and open about it is very her.  Admittedly, the moms don’t seem like to the type who would really talk to their kids about teenage pregnancy or anything like that.  They seem like the kind of moms who try to ban books because the material isn’t appropriate for teens.

Actually, as far as the Luke/Jess conversation goes, I think Jess does have a point, even if he was being kind of jerky about it.  And that’s pretty much all I’m going to say, because of future spoilers.

Actually, I want to talk about Rory for a second.  I’m getting really annoyed with how annoyed she is with Shane.  For someone who’s insistent that she wants to be with Dean and is in love with him, she’s clearly not over the whole Jess thing.  She really does not to make up her mind…and that is all.

Favorite Moment:

Lorelei seeing Lane run around town with bleach in her hair

Pop Culture:

Lawrence Welk, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, U2, Jimmy Buffett, Leave It To Beaver

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode, but not a lot happens to move things along.  It’s pretty much a throw-away episode, but it had it’s funny and interesting moments.  This episode gets 3 mugs of coffee.


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