Gilmore Girls 3×6: Take The Deviled Eggs…

Take The Deviled Eggs…originally aired November 5, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Jamie Babbit.

This episode opens with Lorelei wanting to call the catalog companies they currently get catalogs from, and get rid of the duplicate catalogs they’re getting.  Lorelei ends up abandoning the project.

So.  We have a town meeting, which are some of my favorite scenes in the series.  Taylor is mad about birds taking care of business all over town, and wants to do something about it.  The town meeting keeps getting interrupted by the man who’s taking Patty out on a date.  And the town loner has put in a request for a protest, which is denied by Taylor before he ends the meeting.

Jess has a car, and Luke wants to know how Jess is going to pay for insurance and repairs and maintenance.  And he’s curious about where Jess got the money.  Luke talks to Gypsy about the car, and if it was legit, which it was.  We find out Jess has a part-time job at Wal-Mart, which is how he got the money for the car.

We also find out that Rory and Chris have been talking when Rory gets an invitation to Sherry’s baby shower.  Rory apologizes, especially since Lorelei thinks it is weird that Rory never told her.  Well, until now.  The reverend and the rabbi (who use the same building for their services) have agreed to let the town loner stage his protest there, which doesn’t go over well with Taylor.

Rory gets baby blanket, and we learn that Lane’s mom still hasn’t given her the “where babies come from” talk.  Lane sees Jess’ car, and it does not go over well with her.  Rory thinks it’s nothing to be upset over, and yet she also seems annoyed that Jess has a car.

Lorelei drops Rory off, and somehow manages to find herself at the baby shower, instead of shopping. Sherry’s friend Maureen organized the shower, and Chris’ place has had a makeover, including the alphabetizing of the famous C.D. collection.  As it turns out, Lorelei is the only mother there, since no one else has time for guys…or just a lack of free time in general.  Sherry asks for some book recommendations from when Lorelei was pregnant, but as Lorelei was pregnant at 16, she doesn’t have any.  Sherry wants to know where Lorelei got her parenting information, since it didn’t come from parenting books.

Sherry, apparently, isn’t a baby person, and has scheduled a c-section because work is crazy for Sherry.  Lorelei excuses herself, and Sherry thanks her for talking to Chris, who’s amazing and super-involved.  She wasn’t sure if she was going to keep the baby or go it alone, since she and Chris had a rocky stretch.  She’s thankful for whatever Lorelei said, because he came back to her and GiGi (short for Georgia, their daughter’s name).  And Sherry definitely feels like she and Lorelei were in the same position.

Lorelei ends up in the bathroom, needing a break, and Rory follows her to make sure she’s okay. Lorelei is not happy, and thinks Sherry is copying her as far as names go.  You know, 2 syllables, two of the same letter.  On the way home, Lorelei is still thinking about the baby shower, and Rory suggests they devil egg Jess’ car.

The next day, there’s the town loner protest.  Unfortunately, the banner drops and they can’t figure out what the town loner is yelling, so they try to figure out what he’s protesting.  Due to the smell of the deviled eggs, every one leaves the town square.


I’m going to start off with Jess having a car.  I don’t get why Rory seems annoyed Jess has a car, because previously, she was very insistent that Jess was not completely to blame for the accident. Although, it could be because she’s just annoyed with Jess in general right now.

So, the baby shower.  Sherry is definitely the type to read a ton of parenting books, and I can’t say that her scheduling a c-section is a surprise, it does seem to fit with her character.  But the whole “where did you learn about how to parent a child if you didn’t read parenting books” thing was sort of irritating.  Yes, it’s Sherry, but Sherry and Lorelei were pregnant at very different times in their lives, and Lorelei was pregnant way before Sherry, so that might have something to do with it.

Her talk with Lorelei…I don’t even know where to start.  I have the feeling that Sherry doesn’t know Chris and Lorelei were together during her rocky stretch with Chris.  Yes, Chris went back to her, but there’s something grating about the way she went on and about being thankful for what Lorelei did. Why would she assume it’s because of Lorelei?  For all she knows, Chris might want to the chance to be a parent to GiGi, since he never really had that chance with Rory.

And comparing her situation to Lorelei’s?  I’m not really getting the comparison, other than the potential for single parenthood and the whole unplanned pregnancy thing.  Am I missing something, or is Sherry just really weird?

Favorite Line:

Andrew, during the town meeting: “I’d rather have bird crap fall on my head.”

Pop Culture:

Boo Radley, Haight-Ashbury, drinking the Kool-Aid

Episode Rating:

Sherry really is a strange person and she seems to be in her own world, and a bit-of-touch with,..well…the rest of the world.  Still, this was a really good episode, and it seemed to bring up some really interesting things for Lorelei.  This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.


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