Gilmore Girls 3×9: A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving originally aired November 26, 2002.  This episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Kenny Ortega.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

This episode opens with Lorelei and Rory watching Grey Gardens, and how they were reminded of themselves.

From there…Thanksgiving!  Sookie is freaking out that Bob will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at the Inn.  Emily arrives at the Inn to make sure that Lorelei and Rory will be at Thanksgiving.  Emily reminds Lorelei that it was Richard who set up at the meeting at Yale, not her.

At Chilton, Paris is upset that she’s not able to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, and that the volunteers who aren’t trying to get into Harvard are selfish because they don’t get anything out of it, while she does.

While getting flowers for all the Thanksgiving dinners they’re going to, Jess sees Rory, but when he kisses her, she insists on not doing it in front of Taylor’s because Dean might see.  Jess tells her that Dean is going to have to get over it.  And when Lorelei sees Dean in the market, she tells him that they can still be friends, even if he and Rory aren’t together anymore.

Rory and Lorelei have big plans for Thanksgiving- they’re going to Lane’s, Sookie’s and Luke’s before making their way to Emily’s. Lorelei tries not to eat tofurkey at Lane’s, listens to Sookie talk about how deep-fried turkey is wrong, and at Luke’s, they just have a chance to relax before heading over to the insanity that is Thanksgiving with Emily and Richard.

Naturally, college applications come up, as some of the other guests have grandchildren who are also applying to college.  Lorelei seems shocked that Rory applied to several other colleges.  Lorelei, of course, wants to know what other colleges, and Rory doesn’t want to tell Lorelei that she applied to Yale.  Richard, according to Lorelei, forced Rory’s hand, even if she doesn’t know.  Because Rory’s nice, and not applying would hurt Richard’s feelings.  And even when Rory says that she would be able to stay at home if she went to Yale, Lorelei accuses Emily of putting the idea in Rory’s head.  Even Rory saying that she figured it out on her own doesn’t change Lorelei’s mind about the fact that Richard and Emily got Rory to apply to Yale.

Lorelei ends up going outside, and Emily goes to talk to her.  Lorelei is not receptive to Yale being a back-up plan or an alternative to Harvard, because it’s been about Harvard for 17 years.  Emily makes a statement that Lorelei hates them so much that she can’t let Rory have one piece of Richard and Emily’s life, even if it’s Rory’s choice.

They go home, and since they didn’t eat at Emily’s, they realized they didn’t have to skip on eating rolls that day.  Lorelei knows that wherever Rory goes to school, Rory will have a great time and become a better person but still gets a weird feeling anytime her parents are involved.  They stop by to see Sookie, who is really drunk…but also really funny.  And we see Lane, who is still confused as to why Dave wants to go on a date with her.

Rory finally decides that it’s okay to kiss Jess in public, and when Jess goes to throw some trash away, he sees Dean, who apparently saw Jess and Rory kiss.  Dean is giving Jess a really hard time, and it really seems like he’s trying to provoke Jess.  Jess, by the way, isn’t going to fight Dean because of Rory, but Dean is done trying to be nice to Jess.

The episode ends with Lorelei and Rory going home.


Before I get to the really interesting stuff…Paris.  Paris is sometimes hysterical of how she acts!  In this case, the fact that people might want to do something nice for others on Thanksgiving, and help out somewhere didn’t seem to occur to her.  It’s almost like her attitude is that they’re taking away a spot from her, who needs it because her reason for helping is better than their reason.

So, Thanksgiving dinner with the Gilmore family.  The Yale stuff is still a really big issue, and it’s not surprising that Lorelei is ignoring Emily because of what Richard did.

The whole thing about Lorelei not understanding the college application process…I felt like that carried over into this episode, because Lorelei seems truly shocked that Rory would apply to other schools.  A school like Chilton would probably frown upon applying to only one college, but even then, it’s ridiculous to assume that Rory’s going to apply to just one school.  I get Rory doesn’t want to mention applying to Yale, but Rory’s smart enough that she can figure out on her own that she could live at home if she went there.

This is really the first time where I’ve felt like Rory is more open to going to a college that is not Harvard.  And for the first time, I wonder if it’s something Lorelei has latched onto, and Rory doesn’t want to say anything for fear of hurting Lorelei’s feelings.  While we’re told that it’s what Rory wants, bits and pieces of other episodes have come back.  Like when Rory went to that guys house to talk about applying to Harvard, and how Lorelei’s happy with whatever Rory wants?  I think I remember Richard telling Lorelei that Rory only wants to go to Harvard because she thinks Lorelei wants her to go there at one point.  I’m sure Lorelei will be happy with wherever Rory goes, but I think they’ve focused on Harvard so much that Lorelei doesn’t know what to do with the idea that Rory would consider other schools.

I’m feeling like the whole Harvard thing is more Lorelei than Rory, because Lorelei really does seem so resistent to Rory even applying to other schools…even non-Yale ones.  It just really seems like Lorelei doesn’t have a good grasp of applying to college. Of course, this could have been avoided with actual communication, but then…you really wouldn’t have any conflict…

And I want to end on Dean and Jess really quick.  I know Dean is up to something, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is.  But I think it’ll come up soon.  It’s like Dean is trying to provoke a fight so Rory will dump Jess for fighting Dean or something.

Favorite People:

No favorite line, but Mrs. Kim is always funny, and drunk Sookie was absolutely hysterical.

Pop Culture:

West Side Story, Deep-Fried Turkey

Episode Rating:

I really liked this episode, and I liked four Thanksgiving dinners!  And by the way, I’ve had tofurkey, and I don’t think it’s that bad…but I can barely manage one Thanksgiving dinner, much less 4.  This episode had a really good balance of funny and serious. This episode gets 4 mugs of coffee.


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