Gilmore Girls 3×5: Eight O’Clock At The Oasis

Eight O’Clock At The Oasis originally aired October 22, 2002.  This episode was written by Justin Tanner and was directed by Joe Ann Fogle.

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Graphic

We start off this episode with Lorelei telling Rory a joke on their way to the diner.  A family has taken over the diner, which seems to be a weekly thing, and it definitely annoys Luke.

From there, Lorelei goes to an auction that some committee or group or something is hosting, and naturally, Emily is a part of it. Michel goes with her, and meets a guy named Payton at the auction. She has to ask Emily to get his number, which is hard for Lorelei, but seems to make Emily happy. They make plans for a couple dates- dinner, and a David Bowie concert the next week. The first date doesn’t go well, so Lorelei decides to not go to the concert with Payton.

This doesn’t go over well for Emily, who accuses Lorelei of never giving someone a second chance, and being judgmental.  Lorelei says that they just weren’t compatible.  Lorelei later gets a call from Richard, who is playing golf with Payton’s dad, and he’ll assist the damage of what Lorelei’s done, since Payton’s mother could take it the wrong way.  Lorelei doesn’t think there’s anything weird about not going on a second date with Payton, but it’s a very big deal to Emily and Richard since it could affect Emily’s relationship with Payton’s mother.  Lorelei eventually apologizes to Emily for not thinking about how a date or two with Payton would affect Emily if it didn’t work out, and eventually agrees to go to the concert with Payton.

That’s the major goings on of the episode, but we meet Dwight, who is new to Stars Hollow.  Lorelei agrees to water his lawn while out of town, and Rory helps out once, only to have trouble turning the water off.  She pages Dean, who doesn’t answer, and so she goes looking for Luke or someone else to help her…only to run into Jess, who does help her.  They do talk but it’s a little awkward, and Dean finally answers her page, so Jess turns the water back on.


So, Lorelei dating a guy Emily knows…definitely the more interesting part of the episode.  I kind of get where Lorelei is coming from, in regards to wondering why Payton’s mom would care if they didn’t go to the concert.  People decide to not go on second dates all the time, and I think Emily’s comment of Lorelei not giving people a second chance a little uncalled for.  I think this is a case where Payton and Lorelei just aren’t going to be a thing.

But Emily lives in a very different world than Lorelei, and while it doesn’t make to Lorelei (or Richard), Emily does live in a world where not going on a second date with someone can have disastrous effects.  I do like that Lorelei apologizes for not thinking about how the lack of a second date would affect Emily.

And pagers!  Wow.  This kind of dates the show a little, doesn’t it?  But it’s like a look back in time, so it’s all good.

Favorite Lines/Scenes:

Nothing jumped out at me in this episode.

Pop Culture:

David Bowie

Episode Rating:

I liked this episode.  It didn’t make me go “oh my god, that was completely awesome, and I totally love it” but it also didn’t give me the urge to throw something at the t.v. because I’m full of rage.  It is a pretty solid episode, so it gets 3 mugs of coffee.


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