Book Talk: If I Stay, The Movie

Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature where I talk about book-ish things that aren’t book reviews!

Today’s discussion is about If I Stay, which I saw yesterday in theaters yesterday.

Here’s the non-spoilery part of my review: I think fans of the book will like If I Stay.  For those who haven’t read If I Stay- you will like this movie if you like books/movies  that deal with similar topics…but if that’s not your thing, you may or may not like this movie, so maybe read some reviews of the movie before making up your mind.

Now, onto the part where I spoil the movie- so if you don’t want movie spoilers, stop here! (Or skip down to where I talk about the soundtrack- there’s a note there saying that spoilers are done).

So, I liked If I Stay a lot!  It’s weird, because I thought it was a great adaptation, but as a movie…not so much.  I mean, I still liked it, but it’s one of those books that seems hard to translate to the big screen.  With all of the flashbacks, and the amount of time you spend in Mia’s head…I wasn’t sure how well it would work in a movie, which is so very visual.

There was a lot of voice-over narration by Mia, which wasn’t annoying.  At least to me, but other people may be annoyed with it. And, as you’d expect, there are changes made to the movie.  Like, the name of Adam’s band is Willamette Stone, and not Shooting Star, like it is in the book.  And the distraction used to get Adam into the ICU is different- those are the only two major changes, but there are a few minor ones throughout the movie.  And of course, not all of Mia’s flashbacks made it into the movie.  Which I didn’t mind, because that would be a lot of flashbacks.  And I get why quite a few of them are so focused on Adam and her relationship with them, but I do wish that some of the flashbacks were more focused on her family.

Still, I get the idea of focusing on why she should stay, even when she has so many reasons to go.  And the flashbacks really stood out, because you really do see how much her life is going to change if she stays, and what she’s no longer going to have if she stays.

And the music!  The music was awesome, and I loved that we got to see Willamette Stone play!  And I loved that we saw Mia play the cello- which actually makes me curious those scenes.  Like, did they get shots of Chloe Grace Moretz holding the cello, and then have someone actually play the cello, and then do whatever it is they needed to do to make it look like Moretz was playing the cello?  Because I kind of feel like that’s what was done…although, if she really could play the cello like that, I’d be really impressed (but I also think we would have heard about that).  Still, whoever is playing the cello did a great job.

Overall, I felt like the movie stayed pretty true to the heart of the book, and one thing that really surprised me was the ending of the movie.  So, the movie ends with Mia waking up, and choosing to stay- just like it happened in the book.  I really was expecting there to be another scene after that, but I was also glad that the movie ended the way it did in the book, because anything else would have felt so inauthentic.

I will say that lead to one of my favorite moments, because the screen goes white as she’s deciding, and everyone was waiting to see what would happen, and then she woke up, and then the screen went to black, and everyone was just kind of sitting there…and when the credits started rolling, you could hear someone say “No!”  And then we all laughed…and the mood definitely shifted after that, because you could hear all kinds of sniffling going on in the movie, so it was good to have that moment.  Which isn’t all the surprising, really.  Oh! There were quite a few funny moments throughout the movie, which was actually really nice, because it balanced the overall seriousness really well.

Now that I’m done talking about the movie…I thought I’d talk about the soundtrack to the movie, because with a movie-centric movie, I can’t leave it out!  

The soundtrack is great, I wholeheartedly recommend the soundtrack.  Movie soundtracks aren’t something I’m typically drawn to, but I knew I had to check out this soundtrack in particular, because I knew the songs would be awesome, and I’m glad I wasn’t wrong.  You can’t go wrong with any of them, and the ones by Willamette Stone (Adam’s band) are particularly great. But I thought I’d share a few of the songs that really stood out to me as great choices.

1- Promises by Ben Howard.  This song gets me so emotional every time I listen to it, and it’s such a good choice for the soundtrack.

2- Halo by Ane Brun and Linnea Olsson.  It’s a great cover of Halo- and at first, I didn’t even realize that it was Halo, but I couldn’t figure out why it seemed so familiar.  I also love that it’s accoustic, because it fits Mia and her cello so well.

3- Heal by Tom Odell.  It’s such a beautiful song, and it’s perfect for both book and movie.

Hope everyone has a happy week!

Currently Obsessed With Interlude: The Music Edition

I normally share some of my favorite songs from the month in my currently obsessed with feature, but in June, I was on such a music kick that I decided I needed an entire post to share some of what I’m listening to!

The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack:

After seeing TFIOS last month, I knew I had to get the soundtrack, because the music was amazing!  The entire soundtrack is amazing, and goes so well with both book and movie, but there are a few songs that I absolutely love.

1- Let Me In by Grouplove.  It just goes so well with both book and movie.

2- Boom Clap by Charli XCX.  It’s just a fun song to listen to!

3- While I’m Alive by STRFKR.  Something about the music makes me think of Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd.

Julie Fowlis:

I’ve actually been a fan ever since I heard her on the Brave soundtrack, and I decided I needed to round out her music by getting the albums I didn’t have.  She’s a Scottish singer, and primarily sings in Gaelic, and even though I have no clue what she’s singing about, I can’t help but love her!

1- Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird a’ Chuain (My Love Is On The High Seas)

2- Puirt-a-beul Set.  This song totally makes me want to dance…

3- Tunes Set.  …and so does this one.

4-Ho bha mi, he bha mi (Ho I Was, He I Was).  Such a beautiful song.


I first came across them on Pandora, and I love that they do covers on the cello!  I don’t normally seek out covers, especially acoustic ones, but I actually liked listening to it without looking at the songs just to see if I could figure out which song I was listening to.

1- Smooth Criminal.  I shared this last time, but thought it was worth sharing again!

2- Use Somebody (originally done by Kings Of Leon).  It’s my other favorite song by them right now, and I just love it.

An Assortment Of Songs

1- Sing by Ed Sheeran.  I totally thought this was a Justin Timberlake song at first, before realizing it was Ed Sheeran.  It’s such a fun song.

2- Interception from the Beautiful Creatures soundtrack.  I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

3- In Your Grave by Jaymes Bullet.  For some reason, I can totally picture this song on Nashville.

So…that’s actually quite a bit of music!  I’m actually going to leave you with one more song- 10k Tattie by Manran.

Crazy World

I came across Anna Graceman while browsing the music section in iTunes.  For some reason, her album jumped out, and that led me to the couple of singles she has on iTunes.

Crazy World is my favorite of the two- but I still like Showtime.  The video is cool, and it has this “I totally filmed random stuff while out and about” feel to it.  Be sure to check out Anna Graceman at her website.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the video!

Author Playlists

I got the idea for this post after discovering that Rachel Caine (one of my new favorite authors) wrote out a playlist of the music that got her through Undone.

I honestly don’t pay too much attention to what other authors listen to when writing.  Like, I like making playlists for all my NaNo novels.  And while authors might mention a band or two in the aknowledgements or something, it was the first time I had actually seen an author post a song by song list.  So when Unknown was available for download from the library, the first thing I did was check to see if she had a playlist at the end of the book.  She did, so I’ll have to check it out.

But for now, let’s focus on the Undone playlist.  What’s cool is that all of the songs I’ve heard fit the book really well.  Here are some of the songs, and my thoughts:

  • Life Is Beautiful by Sixx: A.M.  First, I love the name of the band (or what I assume to be the name of the band).  And it’s one of my new favorite songs.
  • Citizen/Soldier by 3 Doors Down.  It’s been forever since I’ve listened to them, but I just love how the song sounds.
  • Give It Up by LCD Soundsystem: This is such a fun song!  It makes me want to dance awkwardly.  And, for some bizarre reason, learn how to play the guitar.
  • Believe by The Bravery.  This is actually a good song to get lost in.  And relax to.
  • Tess Don’t Tell by Ivy.  I love how this song sounds, and I love having it on in the background.  I need to see if she has anything else available so I can check it out.
  • Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa.  Another current favorite that makes me want to sing along.

And I really can’t want to check out some of the ones from Unknown.  I think I even have a few of them, but the thing I like the most is that I’ve discovered a lot of music I’ve never heard before.  And I’ll even have the chance to check out some people I’ve heard of but never actually listened to before.

I’m really fascinated with this, because it’s always interesting to see what music authors listen to, and what music gets them through their novel-writing process.  To see what inspires them or their novels.

I don’t think I’ll be looking for what music authors listen to, but I will be paying more attention to it…if I happen to come across it.  Especially because music and writing go so well together.

Stayed tuned for a Top 10 Tuesday post tomorrow!

Let’s Hit Shuffle, Shall We?

I’m feeling in a particularly random mood, so I decided to hit shuffle and see what comes up.  Unless there’s a song from the last time I did this, in which case I shall skip over it.

  1. Mis Disarray by the Gin Blossoms.  Another Gin Blossoms song?  Cool!  I actually really like this song, and No Chocolate Cake really reminds me of New Miserable experience.  This song is no exception to that.
  2. No Reins by Rascal Flatts.  Country music!  I really like this song.  Actually, I just love pretty much everything they do.  It just speaks to me.
  3. Give It Up by Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls.  Words cannot express how much I LOVE Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls.  It took me a few listens to figure out that it was about Cedric.  Poor Cedric.  But I love how you sort of have to pay attention to the lyrics to get its connection to Harry Potter.
  4. Breath by Michelle Branch.  Maybe iTunes is telling me to listen to Michelle Branch more?  Because this is the second time she’s appeared on this list.  I love this song, and for some reason, I always want to cry when I listen to it.
  5. Hydra Lab from the Captain America: The First Avenger score.  Ignoring the fact that I have never seen Captain America, I really like the score.  While there a few songs that stand out, this isn’t one of them.  It’s still a cool song and all, and I’m slowly becoming a fan of Alan Silvestri.
  6. Me And Emily by Rachel Proctor.  I love this song, and it’s something I listen to every once in a while.  Mostly when I need some cheering up, and no, I have no clue why it does.  I think this is the song she’s most known for, because I have no clue what else she’s done.
  7. Everywhere by Moustache.  Love this song!  Seriously, it is a great song.  I think it’s the music that drew me in, but overall…it’s just amazing.
  8. Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton.  Add her to the list of people I had forgotten I even had.  I may have to listen to the 3 songs I have by her again, because it’s been a long time.  It’s definitely one of my favorites…when I remember I have it, of course.
  9. Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood.  Have I mentioned how much I love Carrie Underwood?  Because I do.  I love this song (like how I love pretty much every song on this list.  There’s something sad and yet dramatic about it.
  10. 23 Days by SHeDAISY.  Wow, lots of country music today!  I’m not complaining, mind you, but I kind of forgot I had SHeDAISY on my iPod.  I do like this song, but it’s not one of my favorites by them.

That’s all for today…tomorrow will be another exciting Top 10 Tuesday post!

A Little Experiment

Today, I thought I’d try something different…open up iTunes, hit shuffle, and talk about the first 10 songs that started playing.

  1. Shooting Fish In The Barrel by Draco And The Malfoys.  It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them, so maybe I should give them a listen.  I’m not at all surprised that wizard rock has appeared on the list.
  2. Laydown Our Sorrows by Sara Haze.  I was listening to her the other day!  Not this song, of course, but I seriously love her music.
  3. The Chamber Of Secrets from the Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets soundtrack.  I actually haven’t listened to this soundtrack in a long time, but I may have to listen to it, since I really want to listen to more movie scores.  Why not start with the ones I already have?
  4. Assemble from The Avengers score.  I love The Avengers score, and this is one of my favorite songs from it!
  5. Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne.  I kinda forgot I even had her on my iPod.  See, this is what happens when I put stuff on it, and then not listen to it.  But why do I get the feeling I’ll be listening to her as well this week?  I actually love this song too.
  6. Somewhere Tonight by The Gin Blossoms.  I love The Gin Blossoms.  Their music make me get all nostalgic and yet it makes me feel so much better.  This is a great song!
  7. Yeah by Kelly Clarkson.  I feel like I’m the only person who just loved My December.  And it’s one of my favorite songs too!
  8. Captured and Tortured from The Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part One soundtrack.  Another HP movie soundtrack!  I don’t remember this song at all, but Obliviate was really the only one that stood out to me.
  9. I’d Rather Be In Love by Michelle Branch.  Much like Avril Lavigne, I forgot I had Michelle Branch on my iPod.  This is a cute song…why do I not listen to it more?
  10. Stop And Stare by OneRepublic.  It isn’t my favorite OneRepublic song- it’s actually one of my least favorite songs by them.  That is all.

So, that was kind of interesting.  I had no idea what would pop up, and it was cool to see what did come up.  Clearly, I love Harry Potter-themed music.  And I really, really  need to listen to more movie soundtracks and scores, starting with the ones I happen to have.  Anyone have any movie soundtrack recommendations?  Or just music recommendations in general?  I’m open to anything…

More Random Music

How long has it been since I talked about 90’s music?  I think it’s been a while, but since 90’s music has been on my mind lately, I just need to talk about it.  It’s become a slight obsession lately, and it makes me think of my middle school years, when I actually started listening to something besides country music.  It’s definitely nostalgic, which is kind of weird.  Like, am I really getting to the point where I’m remembering the music I used to listen to and wishing that the 90’s weren’t over?  Apparently so.

So, I also officially LOVE Hank Green!  I got his So Jokes album, and it’s hysterical.  I love Accio Deathly Hallows (The Annotated Version) and his random chats with the listener.  It was hard not to smile, and I definitely had to hold back the laughter at times.

And I really like The Avengers score too.  It makes everything feel so much more epic and dramatic than normal.  Seriously, I need to listen to more movie scores.

And of course, I’ve been listening to podcasts.  One of my current favorites is Authors Are Rockstars, and I just love all the interviews they post.  Maybe I need a few more…

That’s all I can think of for today, so I’ll be back tomorrow with another Top 10 Tuesday!