More Random Music

How long has it been since I talked about 90’s music?  I think it’s been a while, but since 90’s music has been on my mind lately, I just need to talk about it.  It’s become a slight obsession lately, and it makes me think of my middle school years, when I actually started listening to something besides country music.  It’s definitely nostalgic, which is kind of weird.  Like, am I really getting to the point where I’m remembering the music I used to listen to and wishing that the 90’s weren’t over?  Apparently so.

So, I also officially LOVE Hank Green!  I got his So Jokes album, and it’s hysterical.  I love Accio Deathly Hallows (The Annotated Version) and his random chats with the listener.  It was hard not to smile, and I definitely had to hold back the laughter at times.

And I really like The Avengers score too.  It makes everything feel so much more epic and dramatic than normal.  Seriously, I need to listen to more movie scores.

And of course, I’ve been listening to podcasts.  One of my current favorites is Authors Are Rockstars, and I just love all the interviews they post.  Maybe I need a few more…

That’s all I can think of for today, so I’ll be back tomorrow with another Top 10 Tuesday!

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