Let’s Hit Shuffle, Shall We?

I’m feeling in a particularly random mood, so I decided to hit shuffle and see what comes up.  Unless there’s a song from the last time I did this, in which case I shall skip over it.

  1. Mis Disarray by the Gin Blossoms.  Another Gin Blossoms song?  Cool!  I actually really like this song, and No Chocolate Cake really reminds me of New Miserable experience.  This song is no exception to that.
  2. No Reins by Rascal Flatts.  Country music!  I really like this song.  Actually, I just love pretty much everything they do.  It just speaks to me.
  3. Give It Up by Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls.  Words cannot express how much I LOVE Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls.  It took me a few listens to figure out that it was about Cedric.  Poor Cedric.  But I love how you sort of have to pay attention to the lyrics to get its connection to Harry Potter.
  4. Breath by Michelle Branch.  Maybe iTunes is telling me to listen to Michelle Branch more?  Because this is the second time she’s appeared on this list.  I love this song, and for some reason, I always want to cry when I listen to it.
  5. Hydra Lab from the Captain America: The First Avenger score.  Ignoring the fact that I have never seen Captain America, I really like the score.  While there a few songs that stand out, this isn’t one of them.  It’s still a cool song and all, and I’m slowly becoming a fan of Alan Silvestri.
  6. Me And Emily by Rachel Proctor.  I love this song, and it’s something I listen to every once in a while.  Mostly when I need some cheering up, and no, I have no clue why it does.  I think this is the song she’s most known for, because I have no clue what else she’s done.
  7. Everywhere by Moustache.  Love this song!  Seriously, it is a great song.  I think it’s the music that drew me in, but overall…it’s just amazing.
  8. Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton.  Add her to the list of people I had forgotten I even had.  I may have to listen to the 3 songs I have by her again, because it’s been a long time.  It’s definitely one of my favorites…when I remember I have it, of course.
  9. Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood.  Have I mentioned how much I love Carrie Underwood?  Because I do.  I love this song (like how I love pretty much every song on this list.  There’s something sad and yet dramatic about it.
  10. 23 Days by SHeDAISY.  Wow, lots of country music today!  I’m not complaining, mind you, but I kind of forgot I had SHeDAISY on my iPod.  I do like this song, but it’s not one of my favorites by them.

That’s all for today…tomorrow will be another exciting Top 10 Tuesday post!


Today, I’m taking a break from talking about music and podcasts and I’ll be talking audiobooks!

For the longest time, I didn’t like audiobooks.  Something about listening to them bothered me, and I just couldn’t get over the idea of listening to books. But my attitude towards them has changed.  If it means more people are reading, then I’m all for that.  And I listen to podcasts, so why not books?

The couple I’ve listened to had really good narrators, and while I take notes of what I’m thinking, it’s been kind of cool listening them.  I still have a few to get through, but I’m contemplating getting an Audible subscription.  I did get a free audiobook via The History Chicks.

As for buying them, I honestly don’t know if I’ll do that.  Between the library, and possibly audible, I think I’m good on audiobooks for now.  But if I find something I really like, I might end up buying it.  But we shall see, and I’ll definitely keep talking about them as I keep listening to them.

I just can’t believe it took me so long to listen to audiobooks.  Seriously.

Random t.v. thoughts: I watched the Olympic trials for female gymnastics over the weekend, and it was really exciting.  It was so sad to see Nastia fall on bars (twice!) and her fall the second night was so scary!  And it’s sad because bars is like, her event.  It was exciting to see Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber make the team, but not surprising.  But sad to see Nastia not make the team.  It looks like a good team, and I can’t wait until the Olympics start!

Have a lovely Monday!

The Listening Continues

Remember when I talked about how I downloaded a bunch of lectures from iTunes?  I finally started listening to some of them.  It’s about time, because they’ve just been sitting there, not being listened to.  Plus, I got through my podcasts pretty fast this week, needed to something to listen to, and then remembered I downloaded a bunch of stuff from iTunes U ages ago.

So, I’ve been listening to The Sociology Of Mass Communication.  It’s interesting, and since they’re all like an hour and a half-ish, it’ll take me a while to get through them.  Plus, I get to learn stuff.  It’s the only one I started listening to, but for now it’ll work, because it will take me a while to get through the entire class.  But it’s nice to have something to listen to when it’s a light podcasting week or I want something different.

Audiobooks!  For the longest time, I couldn’t get into audiobooks.  But I’ve downloaded a bunch from the library, and the one I’m listening to right now is pretty good.  I’m not sure if I’m an audiobook fan yet, but by the time I get done with the ones I have, I’ll have a pretty good idea.

Oh!  I liked last weeks experiement, where I hit shuffle and talked about the first ten songs that played.  I think I’m going to randomly do that, because it was a lot of fun.

That’s all the music “news” I can think of for now…have a wonderful Monday!

Let’s Share Some Podcasts

I can’t remember the last time I talked about podcasts, and since there’s quite a few new ones I’ve found, I figured it was time to share some of them!

I love YA, and decided to search for YA book related podcasts…and found a couple I think I’ll like.  One is Authors Are Rockstars, and it looks like they interview authors.  I’ve only listened to their most recent episode, in which they interviewed Elizabeth Norris.  Her book was already on my to-read list, and after listening to the interview, I think it’s moved up to one of the top spots.  The other is YA Literature Review, which also seems to focused on interviews.  But there seem to be quite a few reviews too, which is cool.

I’m also listening to The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe, and they talk about comic books, movies, and anything pop culture.  I know nothing about comic books, but it’s still cool to listen to, and they talk about all kinds of stuff, so it’s not like I’m really confused or anything.  And even I can kind of keep up with the comic book talk.

The last couple I want to share are Jim Harold’s Campfire and the Paranormal Report.  I’m a big fan of Weird News Radio, and he’s mentioned his other podcasts a few times, so I thought I would give both of them a listen.  They’re both interesting, and I like hearing all of the ghost stories on the campfire.  Plus, I like hearing about different paranormal topics on the Paranormal Report.

There’s still a bunch of podcasts I’m not sure about, so if I decide I want to keep listening to them, I’ll definitely be sharing them!


Copper is a band that I found randomly on iTunes.  And in my now-apparent quest to listen to a lot of music I don’t listen to very often, I thought I would turn the spotlight on Copper.

The Fragile Fall: I love By Now, Turn, and Need, but I really like a lot of the other songs too.  Why don’t I listen to them more?  I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot the last few Mondays.  But it’s really good, and I’m glad I came across them.

Take My Chances: I love this album!  I don’t love it as much as The Fragile Fall, but it’s still an album I really like.  I love Broken Sky, Take My Chances and Make You Mine.

There’s nothing else to add, so I’m sorry for such a short post.  But I’ll be back tomorrow with a (hopefully) longer post.


The group I’ve been listening to over the last week or so has been Cavo.  They popped up on the recommendations thing on iTunes, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now.

The Painful Art Of Letting Go is really good.  It’s a really good debut.  I love Waiting For Silence, Gone, and Painful Art.  Something about the entire album resonates with me, and like a lot of the groups and artists I’ve talked about in the past, I don’t listen to them enough.

Bright Nights*Dark Days is the other one I have, and it’s really good!  Champagne, Crash and Ghost are my 3 favorites but there’s something about their music that’s interesting.  Bright Nights has a slightly different sound to it than The Painful Art Of Letting Go, but Bright Nights is a good follow-up.  I was reminded of Painful Art a couple times though.

I can’t wait to get their new album- I hope it’s as good as The Painful Art Of Letting Go and Bright Nights*Dark Days.  I don’t have anything else to add, so I’ll be back tomorrow!


I like Santana, and since it’s been a while since I’ve listened to him, I thought it be a good time to give him a listen.  There’s such a good balance between instrumental songs and song with lyrics.  And the album art is always so interesting!

Santana, his first album, is one of my favorites.  Evil Ways and Soul Sacrifice are two of my favorite songs.  It’s rare that I like every single song, but I think this is one of the very few things I can listen to all the way through.  The entire album is worth a listen.  The album art on this one is probably my least favorite.

From Abraxas, I like Singing Winds, Crying Beasts and Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen for my favorite songs.  But I like pretty much every song…again, a rarity for me.  The album art is really cool too.

Santana III: No One To Depend On is one of my favorite songs, as is Everybody’s Everything.  Oh, and Everything’s Coming Our Way is also pretty good!  While I don’t like it as much as Santana or Abbraxas, overall, it’s pretty good.  The album art is really interesting.

Caravanserai is my least favorite.  Nothing really stands out, and it sounds very different than the first three.  The best way to describe it is abstract.  But at least the album art is cool!

Borboletta: I think it might tie with Caravanserai as my least favorite album pf his that I have.  Borboletta is really similar to Caravanersai, which might be why I don’t really care for it.  It’s interesting, but there’s something very abstract about it.  And like pretty much every other album, it has really cool album art.

That’s it for today, so have a great Monday!

Norah Jones!

I have been listening to Norah Jones for the last week.  I had forgotten how much I like her.  There is something so relaxing and calming about her music.

I think Come Away With Me is my favorite album of hers, although The Fall is a pretty close second.  I think Feels Like Home would be my third pick, and Not Too Late would be last.  If I were going to rank them.

As for favorite songs, also tough.  But Shoot The Moon and Seven Years are probably my two favorites.  I also like Don’t Know Why and Come Away With Me…very cliché, I know.  But they’re both really good songs!  Chasing Pirates (from The Fall), Sunrise and Creepin’ In (from Feels Like Home) and Wish I Could (from Not Too Late) are some other favorites are mine.

Come Away With Me is probably the album that people are most likely to have, but I definitely recommend her other ones.  Seriously, go check them out.

I can’t wait to see what she produces next!

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Music?

I like music.  It’s fun to listen, and depending on my mood, I have quite a few things I can listen to.  Feeling dramatic?  I have soundtracks.  Something to work out to?  I have upbeat, fun music that keeps me going.  Feeling down?  I have “inspirational” and uplifting music.

Half the time I feel like I’m on some quest to find more music.  Pandora has introduced me to some great music.  As much as I want to expand my music collection, sometimes I just can’t seem to find something to listen to.  Like I have too many choices and n0thing seems to fit my mood.  Either that or I’m bored with my music. 

I definitely want to expand my musical horizons, but at the same time, I don’t want to overdo it, and find a lot of music I’ll only listen to a few times and then never listen to again. 

I think I’ll be listening to Pandora a lot more, since I’ve added a bunch of stations to it over the last few weeks or so.  Hopefully I’ll find something new to listen to!

Perhaps some new playlists are in order too.

I think that’s it for today, so have a great day!

5 Shows I’m Glad I Watch

Today’s post is about the 5 shows I’m glad I watch.  They are in no particular order.

  • NCIS: I’m so glad I “discovered” this show back in January.  There a lot I like about the show- from the character relationships to the dialogue to the characters in general, it’s on my must-watch list.
  • Once Upon A Time: It’s done by the same people who did lost, and I really like the show.  Plus, there are random things that end up on the show, and it’s interesting to see what they are every week.
  • House: I wasn’t sure about what it would be like with Cuddy gone, but it’s starting to get back to the show I love.  The last season or so, it got a little weird.  But it seems to be getting back on course.
  • Pan Am: It’s fun, and while I don’t usually watch the retro/period piece t.v. shows, this one got my interest.  It’s interesting to say the least, and I do like the fact that one of the girls is a spy.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: It’s another show that got a little weird for me, but at least no one’s having hallucinations about a dead fiancee that they’re having sex with.  The character relationships are interesting, not to mention complicated, and there’s always something crazy happening. 

So, some are new, some are old, and another, while not new, is new to me!  I’ll be glad when everything is back to it’s regularly scheduled programming, because I’m getting tired of re-runs.  Maybe I should start watching the food network again…