Today, I’m taking a break from talking about music and podcasts and I’ll be talking audiobooks!

For the longest time, I didn’t like audiobooks.  Something about listening to them bothered me, and I just couldn’t get over the idea of listening to books. But my attitude towards them has changed.  If it means more people are reading, then I’m all for that.  And I listen to podcasts, so why not books?

The couple I’ve listened to had really good narrators, and while I take notes of what I’m thinking, it’s been kind of cool listening them.  I still have a few to get through, but I’m contemplating getting an Audible subscription.  I did get a free audiobook via The History Chicks.

As for buying them, I honestly don’t know if I’ll do that.  Between the library, and possibly audible, I think I’m good on audiobooks for now.  But if I find something I really like, I might end up buying it.  But we shall see, and I’ll definitely keep talking about them as I keep listening to them.

I just can’t believe it took me so long to listen to audiobooks.  Seriously.

Random t.v. thoughts: I watched the Olympic trials for female gymnastics over the weekend, and it was really exciting.  It was so sad to see Nastia fall on bars (twice!) and her fall the second night was so scary!  And it’s sad because bars is like, her event.  It was exciting to see Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber make the team, but not surprising.  But sad to see Nastia not make the team.  It looks like a good team, and I can’t wait until the Olympics start!

Have a lovely Monday!

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