Copper is a band that I found randomly on iTunes.  And in my now-apparent quest to listen to a lot of music I don’t listen to very often, I thought I would turn the spotlight on Copper.

The Fragile Fall: I love By Now, Turn, and Need, but I really like a lot of the other songs too.  Why don’t I listen to them more?  I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot the last few Mondays.  But it’s really good, and I’m glad I came across them.

Take My Chances: I love this album!  I don’t love it as much as The Fragile Fall, but it’s still an album I really like.  I love Broken Sky, Take My Chances and Make You Mine.

There’s nothing else to add, so I’m sorry for such a short post.  But I’ll be back tomorrow with a (hopefully) longer post.

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