The group I’ve been listening to over the last week or so has been Cavo.  They popped up on the recommendations thing on iTunes, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now.

The Painful Art Of Letting Go is really good.  It’s a really good debut.  I love Waiting For Silence, Gone, and Painful Art.  Something about the entire album resonates with me, and like a lot of the groups and artists I’ve talked about in the past, I don’t listen to them enough.

Bright Nights*Dark Days is the other one I have, and it’s really good!  Champagne, Crash and Ghost are my 3 favorites but there’s something about their music that’s interesting.  Bright Nights has a slightly different sound to it than The Painful Art Of Letting Go, but Bright Nights is a good follow-up.  I was reminded of Painful Art a couple times though.

I can’t wait to get their new album- I hope it’s as good as The Painful Art Of Letting Go and Bright Nights*Dark Days.  I don’t have anything else to add, so I’ll be back tomorrow!

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