Currently Obsessed With: January 2020

I feel like it’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these!  This is my monthly recap post, and they’re few and far between these days.  But since I’m journaling more, I thought it would be fun to start doing them again.  I ended up writing this post a little bit later than I wanted to but I got distracted by other things.  Better late than never!

Especially because I’m writing everything down in my Currently 2020 workbook.  I can only speak for January, obviously, but it was really fun to write down the good things that happened and the stuff I read, watched and listened to.

I’m not going to lie, drawing isn’t something I typically do.  When I do, I go for things like flowers.  I go for something super basic.  But considering creating is something I want to focus on this year, I felt like a pencil and paper was pretty appropriate.  And while I don’t know why I went for circles, I just know I wanted to draw a bunch of circles!

Inspired By:

1917.  This actually sparked an idea for me in terms of a NaNo project, and the idea of trying to get a message to people in perilous times really speaks to me for some reason.  I haven’t worked out how I’d do it, but it is hovering in the background as an idea.

Journaling.  I just feel like handwriting things now, and I think I’m having as much fun picking out pens as I am making lists and writing how my month went.  I honestly forgot how much I liked and missed journaling, and I really am glad I’m doing it again.  I just want to write all the things, even if it’s the alphabet!

Shutterbean!  I love her blog so, so much, and her blog is a big reason why I started journaling again.  I’ve been using her food journal for months, which has been interesting but helpful, and I love seeing the photos she shares from her own life.

What I Watched:

On Netflix, I watched V Wars, which was really cool.  It ended up being on in the background while I did other stuff so at some point, I might re-watch it.  A virus turns people into vampires, and two friends find themselves on opposing sides, and that definitely caught my interest.

I also re-watched old episodes/watched new episodes of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the t.v. show with Melissa Joan Hart back in the day, but I also love how different/dark this version is.

I’ve been re-watching the Blacklist, and for the first time ever, I’m actually watching Dr Who live.  I stopped watching somewhere during the Peter Capaldi years (when it disappeared off Netflix) , so I have some seasons I need to catch up on.  I’m determined to catch up one day.  Maybe soon, I’ll go back and re-watch from the beginning.

Movie-wise, I saw 1917, which was really good, and Dolittle, which was pretty enjoyable.  I have to say, Robert Downey Jr is a pretty solid choice to be Dolittle.


Well, quite a lot.  This is 99% a book blog.  But Navigating The Stars and Stay Sexy And Don’t Get Murdered stand out as audio books, which I don’t do nearly enough.  And Zero Repeat Forever made the list because it was my book club read.

Thinking About:

Going to therapy!  I used to go years and years ago, and stopped.  Part of me feels like I don’t have anything to talk about but there are a few things I want to work on and process.

Also, blanket storage.  I have a ton of crocheted blankets, with 3 in progress, plus a couple more I want to work.  I’m not at a point where I need storage, but it’s something I’m going to have to do at some point.

Listening To:

The My Favorite Murder backlog.  I have gone back to the first episode and listening to old episodes when I need something different to listen to.  I’ve done a couple of audio books, plus I have one going right now, so it’s on the back burner temporarily, but it always makes me feel better!  Now that I’m not on the Saturday schedule- I don’t mind working Saturdays but I’m also glad my Saturday shifts are done- I should be able to get a little more listening time in, whether it’s a book or podcasts.

As far as music goes, I haven’t been listening to a lot.  But there are two songs I’ve been listening to a lot: Wicked Game by Emika, and Burn It Down by Fitz And The Tantrums.  I haven’t been in a music mood lately, and if I do listen to music, it’s on for a couple of minutes before I switch to something else.

Dream Life:

Here’s the thing with dreams: I know I dream.  I remember dreaming.  I know they’re really vivid.  I just can’t remember my dreams for the life of me.

Well, for the most part.  I remember the occasional dream, and I’ve taken to keeping my phone next to me in case I wake up, remember a dream, and can type it in my dream notes.

The only dream I remember having is this one: the dream where Blockbuster was still open.

That’s it.  That’s the dream.  It’s the only detail I remember.  I wish I could add more detail but I honest-to-goodness can’t.  Maybe this month, I’ll have some dreams I can share.  There’s one that super-weird but I’m going to be terrible and not tell you now, because I want to save it for the next recap, just in case it’s my only one.


Therapists!  I need to find someone who takes my insurance, and I know there’s one place I can go, but I’m curious to see what else is out there.  I suppose I could have done this in the Thinking About section, but I think I’m going to leave it here.

Craft supply storage!  I wanted to organize my pens and notebooks a little more, so I spent some time researching rolling carts.  I have since gone to Michael’s and purchased a couple of carts, and getting that semi-organized will be really nice!

Eating + Drinking:

Tea And Water.  Mostly because I had a cold for about a week or two, and coffee tasted terrible.  That’s how I knew I was sick…because normally coffee is not terrible.  Smoothies too, because I’ve really wanted to eat fruit, and berries looked good, but because I am weird, I can only have berries in smoothies.

And soup.  Again, I was sick for a bit, so soup sounded good.  Plus, I had some leftover, frozen turkey from Thanksgiving I wanted to use up, and turkey soup was really comforting.

Grateful For:

A new year!  I don’t know why, but this year, I’ve felt a need for a fresh start and setting goals/intentions/resolutions for the year.  I just feel so excited about what I want to do for this year.

Time to write.  I’ve been journaling and blogging- mostly at the library because I really want to work it in somehow.  Saturday morning is my usual writing time, and it took some time to figure out when else I could write, but I’m glad I took the time to write on different days and times, instead of just not writing.  It’s kind of nice, when traffic is really terrible, to stop at the library and write until traffic dies down.

And I’m also grateful Mysterious Galaxy is staying open!  I was sad to hear that they lost their lease, but they have since found new owners and a new location, so I’ll be able to go to book club and the really cool author events they have!

The Good Things:

I’m actually going to share this page, and while it’s pretty simple, I also really like it!  Mostly because I really want to write down this quote from The Bone Houses that I really liked somewhere.  I wanted to fill the page with something cool.  Making note of quotes from the books I read…I don’t usually do that, but there’s been a few that I liked enough to write down.

As for good things that happened, I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory but there are the things I wanted to remember for the beginning of the year.

Some of it, I already talked about, like journaling, a fresh start, and Mysterious Galaxy staying open.  Getting organized- I’ve made a good start with looking at storage options, but now it’s time to actually do it.

But I mostly just want to talk about the book signing for Chosen by Kiersten White!  She’s also fun to see, and I love going to her book signings.  I’ve never seen Buffy, even though I always meant to after going to the signing for Slayer last year.  Thankfully, you don’t need to have watched Buffy in order to read the book, which is nice.  I can say I’m going to watch it someday as much as I want, but who knows?  Maybe it’s something I’ll actually get around to doing this year.  Don’t quote me on that, because I told myself I was going to watch it all before this signing, and I never did so…yeah.  Following through is not always my strong suit.

I honestly think that’s all for this recap.  I’ll see everyone soon, and for now, enjoy the sunset!

Around The Internet

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while, but I never manage to actually get around to doing it!  I figured now might be a good time to share some of the really interesting (and weird, in some cases) things I’ve stumbled across the last few months.

And here’s a few things that I would definitely file under “This Week In WTF:”

This one definitely went longer than I thought, but hopefully, I’ll do another one of these soon!

Currently Obsessed With: Well, June Was Exciting!

Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature where I talk about my favorite stuff and interesting things from the last month and also where I talk about what’s been going on in my life!

I can’t believe the year is half over already!  It’s definitely summer- which isn’t saying much, because I live in San Diego, and summer lasts for most of year.

I actually had an exciting June!

The biggest news of the month is that I bought a car!  I had a car accident in early May, and I may have totaled my car, so it was time for another car.  It was slightly scary, because it was the first time where I was more involved in the car buying process.  With my last car, my grandma paid for it, and I didn’t particularly what kind it was, as long as I could reach the pedals.  This time, though…it’s my first time actually picking out what car I want/paying it for myself.  It’s a big purchase, so I wanted to make sure I got a car I liked, since I’ll be spending quite a bit of time in it.  I ended up getting a 2013 Jetta, which I really love!  So it’s new-ish, but still used.  And the more I drive it, the more I love it, so I’m really glad I went with the car I did!


I bought a bunch of books this month!  Too many e-books to name, but I did buy a few in print!  This month’s print haul is quite a random assortment, as you can see below.

Top To Bottom: Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh, We Two by Gillian Gill, What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick, Creepy Cute Crochet and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Top To Bottom: Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh, We Two by Gillian Gill, What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick, Creepy Cute Crochet and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I mean, you have your romance, a biography about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, your YA contemporary, crochet and a cookbook.  So it’s certainly a random assortment.

I’m actually excited about having another cookbook, but I’ve been using the crock-pot one a bunch!  Like, most of the cooking I’ve done has been in the crock pot.  On a semi-related note: I’ve used the crock-pot so much that I bought a second one.  If I had cats, I’d be going to in crazy cat lady territory, but I’m definitely borderline crazy crock-pot lady.  It’s oval, which will be good for things on skewers (I’ve seen this as a recipe) and for roasts, because then I won’t have to cut them in half to get them to fit.  And it’ll be easier to make more things and then freeze them for later, because I’ll be able to slow cook 2 different dishes at once.  Maybe I need to look at other crock-pot cookbooks…though it would only add to the obsession, and I don’t really need to be more crock-pot obsessed.

T.V. & Movie Talk:

I saw The Fault In Our Stars, which I loved as much as I loved the book, and I was trying to decide on the small kleenex packs you throw in your purse or the box of kleenex…and the box won out, which is good, considering I cried for most of the movie. And I also saw How To Train Your Dragon 2, which I think I liked as much as the first one (if not slightly more).

I finally got caught up on Revenge, so I’m good to go for the fall.  I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but I’m not sure I want to go PPL or something else.  Also: I’m also open to t.v. suggestions. There’s no guarantee that I will get to it right away, and there’s always the chance that it’s on my queue already, but I’m definitely looking to find some new stuff to watch.

The pilot episode for Delirium is available on Hulu (but I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere, and if you need Hulu Plus or not) but I really liked it, and I hope somebody picks it up!


I finished my infinity scarf, and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it came out so much better than I expected!  I’m not too happy with the part that’s stitched together, but no one’s going to pay attention to that part of it, so it’s not a super big deal. I was working on a green cowl, but I was having issues with it, so I undid the entire thing and put it on hold. It’s not the pattern at all, I just wasn’t able to give it the attention it needed.

End Of June Crochet Projects

I made a beret, and I’ve started on another hat using the green yarn from the cowl.  I have a pretty good stash, so I can always do the cowl in a different color when I do go back to it.  For a while now, I’ve wanted to do a rainbow blanket, and I even have a couple different patterns I’m trying to decide on.  It’s just…I’m still working on the blue one that I haven’t worked on in forever, and I’d need quite an assortment of yarn.  But I was looking through my stash, and I have an assortment of Berroco yarn in almost the entire rainbow, so once I get some orange yarn, and figure out how many rows I want to do in each color, I’m ready to go for it.

I really am a mood yarn shopper, and I’m horrible at buying yarn with a project in mind, which accounts for random skeins. I usually have one or two of each, so I’m really glad I have the One Skein Wonder book for scarf and hat ideas.  Actually, it’ll be good to build a gift stash, so I’ll have it ready for the holidays and not be furiously crocheting last-minute gifts.  I think the scraps will be good for things like flowers, so I’ll probably be talking a look at flower patterns at some point.

Around The Internet:

I’ve definitely found some interesting stuff on the internet!  These are just a few of my favorites.

  1. Stephen King Money Tumblr.  This is absolutely hilarious!  I’ve seen a few articles about this author who has a book that came out a few years ago…that just happens to have the same title as a recent Stephen King book that’s only available in print.  People who were looking for the e-book version of King’s book clearly didn’t check to make sure that they bought the right book, so her royalty checks were a bit higher than normal…and she decided to blog what she spent the money on.
  2. This Buzzfeed article on why e-books are just as awesome as print…it’s nice to see the other side for once.  Both are awesome so let’s get along, okay?
  3. A really interesting article about an alternative to stronger female characters.
  4. And I love this post about Jamie and her as a reader.


Nothing this month!  2nd month in a row where I wasn’t super into the colors from the Maven Box, but I’m looking forward to getting the next box, because the colors are awesome!


I’ve been on such a music kick this month that this is going to be a completely separate post.  I will leave you with one of my favorite new songs this month- an acoustic cover of Smooth Criminal by a group called 2Cellos.


Book: Candyfreak by Steve Almond

Book Info: Published by Algonquin Books Of Chapel Hill; 266 pages; hardcover; borrowed from the library

Genre: Non-fiction/food

Find out more at: Goodreads~Barnes And Noble~Amazon~Author Website Summary: A self-professed candyfreak, Steve Almond set out in search of a much-loved candy from his childhood and found himself on a tour of the small candy companies that are persevering in a marketplace where big corporations dominate.

From the Twin Bing to the Idaho Spud, the Valomilk to the Abba-Zaba, and discontinued bars such as the Caravelle, Marathon, and Choco-Lite, Almond uncovers a trove of singular candy bars made by unsung heroes working in old-fashioned factories to produce something they love. And in true candyfreak fashion, Almond lusciously describes the rich tastes that he has loved since childhood and continues to crave today. Steve Almond has written a comic but ultimately bittersweet story of how he grew up on candy-and how, for better and worse, the candy industry has grown up, too.

Candyfreak is the delicious story of one man’s lifelong obsession with candy and his quest to discover its origins in America.

Candyfreak is definitely interesting.  Almond traveled around the country to explore a lot of the small, regional candy companies.  Honestly, it nice to learn about the candy companies I’ve never heard of.  Basically, you have Nestle/Mars/Hershey’s and then there’s everyone else.  It’s really sad that the smaller companies can only afford to be in small, local places.  How many candy bars have I missed out on because they’re not at one of the major companies?

This book definitely made me want a candy bar, and I loved Almond’s descriptions of the various treats he came across.  You can tell he has a love for candy and I really liked seeing his journey through the world of candy.

While I enjoyed the book, it was more about his experience than the actual history.  You get bits and pieces, but there isn’t as much history as I expected.  He also jumped around a little, and he sometimes went off-topic, which was slightly irritating by the end of the book.

Overall, I did like it, and it was interesting, so it gets a 3 out of 5.  It felt like there was something missing from the book, though.