Book Talk: Cookbooks

Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature where I talk about non-book review bookish things.

Today is all about cookbooks!  I really like to cook and bake (but I prefer baking), and I feel like I’m always talking about the cookbooks I buy when I do my currently obsessed feature.  It just seems like the perfect time to talk about what I look for in a cookbook and why I’m so drawn to them.

I definitely like simplicity as far as cookbooks go- I like ingredients that I can get at one of the several grocery stores near my house.  I definitely like recipes that are simple and easy to make, and not overly complicated, with a lot of steps or ingredients.  I also look at how much certain ingredients are used- mostly spices, oils and vinegars- because if I’m going to buy cardamom or champagne vinegar or coconut oil, I really want to make sure it’s something I’m going to be using quite a bit.  I just don’t want a random assortment of spices that I only used that one time because it definitely takes away from the space I could be using for things I actually use on a regular basis.

While I’m a big fan of e-books and audiobooks, I actually prefer my cookbooks in print.  I have no problem setting up my laptop on a counter with a recipe I found on a blog or on pinterest.  But it does make me nervous, because I tend to be messy when I’m cooking (much more than normal cooking messes) and knowing me, I’d spill or splatter something all over my laptop.  I don’t mind as much if food splatters over the pages of a cookbook, but I’m really hesitant to have my computer right next to the stove.

And with print, I love pouring over every single recipe to see what I want to make- I just love marking which things I want to make, and adding notes when I do make things.  Things like if I’d make it again, if I made it at all, and any notes I have about the recipe, and why I would or wouldn’t make a recipe again.  I could do these things with a digital copy, but for whatever reason, I’d rather do this with a print copy.

Actually, now I’m curious if a majority of cookbooks are even available as e-books.  I’m sure some are, but it’s not something I’d even think to look at.  For some reason, I can’t see cookbooks being a big thing in terms of e-books.  And cookbooks are pretty visual, which is why I can’t see a lot of them being an e-book.  There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and if it’s what someone prefers, that’s cool with me.

I feel like cookbooks say a lot about people- what they like to cook and eat, and cookbooks definitely say a lot about the people behind them too.  I’ve never really thought about what my cookbook collection says about me- and going off of that, you’d get that I really like to cook, but not that I love to bake.  But other than that…I’m not really sure.  I may have to think about this.

And I’ve never thought about this before, but cookbooks do tell a story- certain smells and foods bring up certain memories, and they’re such a good peek into a certain place and time.  Like, I love seeing recipes from the 1800’s or some other time period.  It’s just so interesting to me to get a peek into a time and place where people ate something completely different than I do, and it’s cool to see how much has changed.

I know I’ve rambled a lot but I can’t help but love cookbooks!  Have a happy Thursday!

Currently Obsessed With: Well, June Was Exciting!

Currently Obsessed With is a monthly feature where I talk about my favorite stuff and interesting things from the last month and also where I talk about what’s been going on in my life!

I can’t believe the year is half over already!  It’s definitely summer- which isn’t saying much, because I live in San Diego, and summer lasts for most of year.

I actually had an exciting June!

The biggest news of the month is that I bought a car!  I had a car accident in early May, and I may have totaled my car, so it was time for another car.  It was slightly scary, because it was the first time where I was more involved in the car buying process.  With my last car, my grandma paid for it, and I didn’t particularly what kind it was, as long as I could reach the pedals.  This time, though…it’s my first time actually picking out what car I want/paying it for myself.  It’s a big purchase, so I wanted to make sure I got a car I liked, since I’ll be spending quite a bit of time in it.  I ended up getting a 2013 Jetta, which I really love!  So it’s new-ish, but still used.  And the more I drive it, the more I love it, so I’m really glad I went with the car I did!


I bought a bunch of books this month!  Too many e-books to name, but I did buy a few in print!  This month’s print haul is quite a random assortment, as you can see below.

Top To Bottom: Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh, We Two by Gillian Gill, What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick, Creepy Cute Crochet and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Top To Bottom: Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh, We Two by Gillian Gill, What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick, Creepy Cute Crochet and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I mean, you have your romance, a biography about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, your YA contemporary, crochet and a cookbook.  So it’s certainly a random assortment.

I’m actually excited about having another cookbook, but I’ve been using the crock-pot one a bunch!  Like, most of the cooking I’ve done has been in the crock pot.  On a semi-related note: I’ve used the crock-pot so much that I bought a second one.  If I had cats, I’d be going to in crazy cat lady territory, but I’m definitely borderline crazy crock-pot lady.  It’s oval, which will be good for things on skewers (I’ve seen this as a recipe) and for roasts, because then I won’t have to cut them in half to get them to fit.  And it’ll be easier to make more things and then freeze them for later, because I’ll be able to slow cook 2 different dishes at once.  Maybe I need to look at other crock-pot cookbooks…though it would only add to the obsession, and I don’t really need to be more crock-pot obsessed.

T.V. & Movie Talk:

I saw The Fault In Our Stars, which I loved as much as I loved the book, and I was trying to decide on the small kleenex packs you throw in your purse or the box of kleenex…and the box won out, which is good, considering I cried for most of the movie. And I also saw How To Train Your Dragon 2, which I think I liked as much as the first one (if not slightly more).

I finally got caught up on Revenge, so I’m good to go for the fall.  I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but I’m not sure I want to go PPL or something else.  Also: I’m also open to t.v. suggestions. There’s no guarantee that I will get to it right away, and there’s always the chance that it’s on my queue already, but I’m definitely looking to find some new stuff to watch.

The pilot episode for Delirium is available on Hulu (but I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere, and if you need Hulu Plus or not) but I really liked it, and I hope somebody picks it up!


I finished my infinity scarf, and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it came out so much better than I expected!  I’m not too happy with the part that’s stitched together, but no one’s going to pay attention to that part of it, so it’s not a super big deal. I was working on a green cowl, but I was having issues with it, so I undid the entire thing and put it on hold. It’s not the pattern at all, I just wasn’t able to give it the attention it needed.

End Of June Crochet Projects

I made a beret, and I’ve started on another hat using the green yarn from the cowl.  I have a pretty good stash, so I can always do the cowl in a different color when I do go back to it.  For a while now, I’ve wanted to do a rainbow blanket, and I even have a couple different patterns I’m trying to decide on.  It’s just…I’m still working on the blue one that I haven’t worked on in forever, and I’d need quite an assortment of yarn.  But I was looking through my stash, and I have an assortment of Berroco yarn in almost the entire rainbow, so once I get some orange yarn, and figure out how many rows I want to do in each color, I’m ready to go for it.

I really am a mood yarn shopper, and I’m horrible at buying yarn with a project in mind, which accounts for random skeins. I usually have one or two of each, so I’m really glad I have the One Skein Wonder book for scarf and hat ideas.  Actually, it’ll be good to build a gift stash, so I’ll have it ready for the holidays and not be furiously crocheting last-minute gifts.  I think the scraps will be good for things like flowers, so I’ll probably be talking a look at flower patterns at some point.

Around The Internet:

I’ve definitely found some interesting stuff on the internet!  These are just a few of my favorites.

  1. Stephen King Money Tumblr.  This is absolutely hilarious!  I’ve seen a few articles about this author who has a book that came out a few years ago…that just happens to have the same title as a recent Stephen King book that’s only available in print.  People who were looking for the e-book version of King’s book clearly didn’t check to make sure that they bought the right book, so her royalty checks were a bit higher than normal…and she decided to blog what she spent the money on.
  2. This Buzzfeed article on why e-books are just as awesome as print…it’s nice to see the other side for once.  Both are awesome so let’s get along, okay?
  3. A really interesting article about an alternative to stronger female characters.
  4. And I love this post about Jamie and her as a reader.


Nothing this month!  2nd month in a row where I wasn’t super into the colors from the Maven Box, but I’m looking forward to getting the next box, because the colors are awesome!


I’ve been on such a music kick this month that this is going to be a completely separate post.  I will leave you with one of my favorite new songs this month- an acoustic cover of Smooth Criminal by a group called 2Cellos.