Nail Polish Talk: April Was…Interesting

Nail Polish Talk is a once a month feature where I talk about my adventures in nail polish.

I think I want to do nail polish talk as a monthly thing, since that’s where it seems to be going.

This month, I wore Harriet from Julep, I did some ombre nail art with Rich In Color and A Lit-Teal Bit Of Love (Nicole by OPI) and Dining Al Frisco (OPI), Tammi by Julep and Peace & Love & OPI by OPI.

Nail Polish Project- April 2015 Collage

I really liked Harriet, and it’s such a pretty coral.  It’s definitely good anytime of year but especially during spring and summer.  I used Lilou and for the dots, and the white was part of a nail art kit.  I didn’t like how they turned out, but I seem to have better luck with dots than with stripes.  Maybe I’ll better luck if I use something like washi tape?

I’ve wanted to do something ombre for a while, and while I’ve done a sort-of ombre thing with a different shade of one color before, I’ve never done a couple of colors on each individual nail.  I went with Rich In Color from Nicole by OPI, Dining Al Frisco from OPI and A Lit-Teal BIt Of Love from Nicole by OPI.  Dining Al Frisco didn’t show up on its own, but I do think it blended in with the other two colors really well.  It was really hard to get a good picture of what it really looked like, and unfortunately, that picture was the best I could do.

It was my first time doing an ombre effect on one nail and it was pretty messy!  I did like using a sponge make-up wedge, and I found that pouring out a little bit of nail polish at time was a really good idea, otherwise the nail polish dries after a while.  I definitely picked the wrong kind of nail polish for it, because chrome/metallic nail polish, especially when you have two on one nail. I think next time (and there will be a next time) I will not do two chrome/metallic colors together.

I really had to decide if I wanted to count them or not.  So, once I wear a color, that’s it for that bottle.  And as much as I want to stick with that, I also felt like I couldn’t really get a good feel for either color, and part of why I’m doing this is to figure out which colors I would wear again.  It feels weird to re-think this but I also didn’t take nail art into consideration.  Like, do I want to count colors I use for things like dots and stripes?  It’s not enough to get a good feel for the colors, and I honestly couldn’t give my opinion on the colors I used, but there’s a part of me that feels like I’m cheating.

I’m not completely sure what my final decision is, but I think for now, it won’t count.  And that the “rules” may change over time.

Anyway, I also wore Tammi by Julep, which I really liked.  It’s a fun yellow/green, and while it’s good for spring and summer (which seems to be a few of the colors I’ve worn lately), it would also be good during winter for a fun splash of color.

The last color of the month was Love & Peace & OPI, which I really liked!  It’s a duchrome, and I like that it goes back and forth between purple and a gray-green sort of color.  I can’t stop looking at it!  I liked it enough to buy, and then I wasn’t sure about it, but now that I’m wearing it, I think I made a good choice!

I skipped the April Maven box, mostly because I need a nail polish break (and I did buy a couple of bottle of nail polish but I’ll talk about that in a little bit).  More specifically, I think I needed a Julep break.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Julep, and I think it’s awesome that there are curated nail polish boxes, but I just needed a skip. Which I also did for May,  but that’s because the colors reminded me a little too much of colors I already have…and wasn’t into enough to get.

Nail Polish- April 2015

I did end up buying the Morgan Taylor Cinderella nail polish I was talking about last month.  I got Best Ball Gown Ever and If The Slipper Fits, which is part of the Cinderella collection they have.  I got them as a duo boxed set, because for some reason, I couldn’t buy them individually (but it worked out to the same price, so it didn’t really matter if I got them separately or together).  Right off the bat, they seem perfect for winter, and I think it’s because of the different shades of blue.  I can’t wait to wear them!

Have an awesome May!

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