I’m Still Here!

I know my last post was on Monday…and I actually had to check since I couldn’t remember when my last post was!

Monday was the last time I wrote anything, so my 2 ideas from the first couple weeks have been “blown up.”  It was really more killing people off and wrapping up some loose ends very loosely but at least I gave an ending to them.  I did write around 1,000 words for the roller derby one, and while I’m still feeling pretty lackluster, I feel positive that I will reach 50,000 words.  If that means piecing together a few beginnings and some random things I write, then that’s what I’ll do.

I think I’ll start writing tomorrow, or maybe even tonight, if I feel so inclined.  But definitely tomorrow.  Taking a few days off will hopefully help- maybe that break will help me out and I’ll get a second wind.  Not that I had one in the first place, but something would be nice, even if it’s a few wisps of excitement.  I haven’t been reading a lot this month, but I suppose I should finish those couple books I’ve been reading for a few months. 

That’s it for today, so have a good weekend!

A Little Funny Amongst A Sea Of Uninspiring Words

This year, I’m feeling really uninspired.  So what is my plan?  Blow up both of my novels and start over!  Instead of writing about mermaids and being mistaken for an assassin, I will be writing about a gang war based on roller derby!

Yes, you read that properly.  I need a new idea, and I found one yesterday.  A friend got this great idea yesterday, based on how some gangs have taken on Raider’s colors.  But since I know nothing about football, I decided to adapt it…for roller derby!  I wanted to go with gymnastics or ice-skating, but that wouldn’t work very well, so I went with roller derby! 

My total wordcount is a few hundred words over 26,000, so I’ll be working on a plot and the characters the next few days, so that’ll give me some time to work on it and feel inspired. 

After that update, let’s go on to the funny!

  • “I open my words and my mouth comes out.” (Um, I’d really like to see this happen)
  • It was completely ridiculous, and poor planning on the part planner’s part.  (I honestly don’t know what to say about this.  There are no words)
  • “So we have to let more fridges die in the hopes we will catch the assassin?” (Um…okay)
  • No common factors at all, they’ve never even walked in the same side of the street.”  (Again, I have no words)
  • “We dion’t know,” said agent blue.  “We’re still trying to figure that out, because their very good at figuring out their tracks.” (Good lord)

I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to just dump my 2 ideas and start over.  They weren’t going anywhere, and when in doubt, blow things up!

Yay For Write-Ins!

I had a productive day yesterday, and feel very glad I went to a write-in yesterday. 

I managed to write a lot more than I have been (at least since the weekend), and I’m definitely at the same point for both of them now, so that’s always good.  I’m roughly 3 days behind for both novels, so catching up completely and ending up with a combined 100,000 is not out of the question.  I just need to write a little more everyday and hope that I can have a couple days where I write an insane number of words. 

  • The Mermaid One: 11,689 words!  I’ve been focusing a lot on the other mermaids in the world, and the different clans they have, which has been a big help.  I think I’m going to be writing more about the magical sanctuaries too, so that’ll be fun, and I get to write about fairies and stuff!
  • The Mistaken Identity one: I’m at 11,670.  I think my problem with this one is that I didn’t do enough planning for it.  I didn’t have a clear idea of it before I started, and I’m really starting to feel that.  I’ll give it another week, and if it’s something I’m still struggling with, I’ll drop it.

I’m at 23,359 right now, and I’m aiming to be 2 days behind by the end of the weekend.  There isn’t that much to report, but I think I’ll be posting some of my funny typos this weekend.   





Just Writing

This year, I feel like all my NaNo posts are boring.  I know I did 3 novels last year, and so I had a lot to talk about, while this year, I’m barely keeping up with 2 novels. 

  • The Mermaid Novel: Originally, I was going to do Poppy’s journals and what was going on in the present.  However, I’ve decided to write a journal entry every once in a while, write about her family and friends, and write about the effect her death has on all the other mermaids and magical creatures.  That’s working about a lot better, but I’m finding I care about her friends and family less and less, so they may make random appearances.  I did some writing for it, but not a lot, so I’m at 10,709.
  • The Mistaken Identity One: I actually worked on yesterday, which is good, especially since it’s been several days since I worked on it.  I’m still not sure what I want to do with it, but I may need to inject a lot more silliness into it.  I’m at 8,559, and hoping to keep working on it.

So, my total right now is 19,268.  I’m not sure what I’ll have to report tomorrow, but hopefully it’ll be something more interesting than what I have been posting.

And I’m Back!

I didn’t have much to talk about yesterday, hence no post. 

I’m really struggling with writing this month, and I’m not sure why.  I love NaNo and everything, but I can’t seem to put forth some energy to write.  If I do write, it’s because I don’t want to get further behind.  I’m thinking about really downgrading my goals, and focus on one novel, or do both, but do 25k for each.  I think that’ll be my plan if I can’t muster up enough energy to do 2 50k novels. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I am at 6,671 for the mistaken identity one, and 10,151 for the mermaid novel.  My total wordcount is 16,822, so combined, I’m doing okay (and even ahead of schedule) but still not where I’d like to be. 

It’s okay, though, since I’m sure I’ll get it all sorted out, and I’ll be writing away in no time.

It’s Almost Over

Camp will be over in a couple days, and I’m relieved.  I like writing, and I’m glad I got these 2 fanfics out of my head, but after 2 months of writing pretty much everyday, I’ll be glad to take a much needed break.  I’m at 46,717 right now, so just over 3,000 words and I’ll be done.

As for my other writing, I didn’t do any last week.  I’m not too worried about it, since I’ve been doing more than my fair share of writing.  And I kinda wanted a break from the other stuff I’ve been working on.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how draining writing everyday was until I did it for almost two straight months!  I feel drained, and it really hasn’t been on my mind.

Not much else has been going on, otherwise.  I’ve been doing some reading, but I’ve read so much this month, that I need a little break from that too.  I do have several books I’m reading, and I’m on a waiting list for a few others, a couple of which I’m waiting very impatiently for.  So next month, I’ll probably have quite a few book reviews too.

I think that’s all for now, so have a great day!

Good Weekend For Writing

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about writing, so today is the day for talking about it!  Because a few days is a really long time and all. 

Things are going along pretty well, and I’m finally all caught up!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to 50k.  Actually, I’m sure I will, since I’m very determined to finish.  I’m not going to be working on this idea anytime soon, but I might pick it back up in a few months.  Most importantly, though, I need a break from writing.  Not completely, but I definitely want to slow things down.

I’m currently at 35,136 words, and wrote a total of 8,299 words on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get my word count back to normal!

Speaking of slowing things down, I think I might really slow things down.  Last week, I wasn’t in the mood to work on all 6 of my “side projects,” so I just did 3.  I think I’ll the other 3 this week and see how it all works out.  I’m not sure if that’s something I want to continue in September or October, but since I won’t be writing any 50k novels in the next 2 months, I might do all 6. 

It is something to consider for November, though.  I feel like I could handle 2 50k novels plus the 1500 or so words per week for the other 6.  One novel plus various projects is a lot different than 2 novels and various projects.  I was hoping to have at least one or two finished by November, but at the rate I’m going, I’m not sure if anything will be finished by then.  I guess I won’t know for sure until November.   

It’s weird though.  I’ve been writing something pretty much everyday, and it’s been fun.  But at the same time, weird too.  I’m definitely not used to writing so much, and it’s really different writing in a month that isn’t November.  And not the 15oo or so a week, but writing an actual novel in a non-November month!  It’s been hard to find the motivation the last couple months, but I manage to do it…somehow.

I’ll be back with more tales from my camping adventure!


Yesterday, I had this really unsettling dream.  It started off with me in backyard, and I was a very young child.  There was also a young boy, and then we were magically at a church, and we were in this small room watching tv.  There was this report of this girl who had gone missing a couple years earlier, and what she might look like now.  Then the reporters were talking about a girl who died because she went missing and they couldn’t find her in time.  It turned out they checked some area, and she was in on of the crates, which were conveniently not checked.  The guy who checked that particular area felt guilty because if he looked in the crates, she would have been alive.  I distinctly remember picking out a couple books and some jelly beans being knocked over.

The most unsettling part was when I woke up feeling like I was both of the girls who had gone missing.  I definitely got the impression that the case of the 2 different girls going missing were not related.  I’m not sure what it all means, because sometimes a dream is just dream.  Still, it was really unsettling, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

So: for something that’s not weird, Camp is going pretty well, and I’m not behind, but I’m not ridiculously ahead or anthing either.  Still doing some non-Camp writing, but no planning for November stuff.  I’m debating whether I should do it this month or next month.  We’ll see, though.  I really have been saying that a lot lately, haven’t I?  I’m just not really in the mood to do any planning, even though I know I should.

My current wordcount is 10,009.  Week 2 is upon us, and I’m not a big fan of week 2.  Still, I always manage to get through it, which is always amazing.  I’m also anxiously awaiting my pottermore welcome email, and I’m kind of-sort of checking my email obsessively to see if it’s there, even though I know it won’t be here this early.  I suppose it could be, but it would be a big surprise if it were.  They weren’t kidding when they said the clues would get easier over the course of a week.

I think that’s it, so have an amazing day everyone!

Camp Is Ending Soon!

Alright, Camp NaNo is coming to a close.  Well, for July anyway. 

I’ve been really bored with my NCIS fanfic since week 2/week 3.  I fell further and further behind, not wanting to work on it at all.  I’ve since abandoned my NCIS fanfic in favor of writing short stories for the rest of the month.  I did a couple flash fiction pieces, and I’ve done 4 Harry Potter fanfics.  They’re fairly short, but they’re not as involved as something longer. 

The only problem I’ll have is coming up with 4 more ideas, so I’ll have to give that some thought.  I’ve been sticking to 1667 per day, so I’ll need 3 more ideas if I stick to that as my goal.  Maybe a few more, just in case the three end up being a little shorter.  I’m on pace to finish early, which will be a relief. 

I’m at 45,049: 38,341 for my NCIS fanfic and 6,708 for the other stuff I’ve written.  Now I’m back on track after being behind for most of the month!

Today, I’m going to come up with some ideas for some short stories, and I’ll go from there.  And I also need to figure out what I’m writing next month, because I definitely want to do Camp NaNo again.  I have an idea, but I’m not sure what direction to take it, so I’ll need to figure that out in the next few days.


Yesterday was an odd writing day for me.  I didn’t really want to write, but I told myself I had to write something…I just wasn’t feeling it, and I don’t know why!

Yesterday was not a catching up kind of day, and since I’m already behind, I didn’t want to add to that if at all possible.  I’m not sure when I’ll catch up, but I will at some point during the month. 

As for my actual wordcount, I’m at 26,151, so if I’m going to get to 50,000 words this month, I need to write at least 1,703 words a day.  I can manage that, my only problem right now is actually writing.

I’ve been in a fan-fiction mood the last few days, so I’ve been reading a fair amount of it.  I’m not so much looking for new stories as I am reading a lot of the stories I loved when I first started reading fanfiction.  And I’ve been listening to the HP soundtracks a lot as well as listening to a lot of wizard rock.  I’m definitely feeling nostalgic, which I think explains a lot of it…and I’m thinking about doing a bunch of Harry Potter related posts this week.  I’m definitely going to do a review of the movie this week, but I’ll make sure to put up a spoiler alert when I do. 

I have a bunch of books to read, so that’ll keep me busy, and today, I’m going to see Harry Potter again!  That movie review might come sooner than you think… 

I suppose I should get some sleep, and hopefully, I’ll manage to get somewhat caught up on my reading and writing today.