I Love Home Fries

I am a fan of the Home Fries network.  It was started by Joy the Baker and they have a few different ones. 

Joy is doing a couple podcasts- one with Tracey from shutterbean where they talk about random stuff and the other is Joy interviewing different food bloggers and various other people.  Like Aarti from the Food Network and the lady who started the Cake Spy website.  At one point, I was listening to the Table Set, which is about entertaining and dinner parties and The Crush is about wine.  I’m not quite sure why I stopped, so maybe I need to give them another listen. 

It’s fun to hear her stories and thoughts on stuff and her conversations with Tracey!  And I’m curious as to who else she’ll be talking with on We’re About To Be Friends.  I laugh, and find myself jumping in on the conversation sometimes.  Come to think of it, I do that with a lot of podcasts I listen to…

Anyway, Home Fries has some interesting podcasts, and they’re what I’m listening to right now!

Adventures In Writing, Or Why I Don’t Edit.

So, I wrote this weekend.  A lot, but not as much as I’d like.  I’m a couple days behind for each, but that’s okay. 

I’m at 6,701 for my mermaid one, 6671 for my mistaken identity one, and a total of 13,372. 

Today, I’m going to share some funny stuff I’ve already written!  They’re all from the mermaid one, so enjoy!

  • “Don’t let her hear that, she is out of blood will go for the jugular,” Arabella awarned”
  • “Fine, all non-magicals and magical that aren’t refgistraerd on in the process of their tyrandfoamrion.”
  • However, when he opened the door, he didn’t see anywhere do.
  • There was only one things written on it.  KEEP HERE. 

I’m not sure what to say about any of that.  The only thing I can think of is *headdesk*

Seriously, sometimes, I think this is why I don’t go back and edit anything.  It’s entertaining, but with gems like that, why edit when I can read old novels and laugh at the insanity of a month?

Today’s plan is to sleep, since I’m tired, and to write.  And maybe some other stuff too. 


I Like Everything!

Seriously, there’s some good tv on right now.  Pan Am is growing me, and so is Person of Interest and Revenge.  House is going to be interesting, America’s Next Top Model is full of drama and I’m not sure about Terra Nova, since it’s really starting to remind me of Lost. 

I love Lost, but as Terra Nova goes on, it’s really starting to remind me of Lost.  I think it’s a combination of the Sixers (hello, the Others!), the mysterious runes on the rocks near the waterfalls and the fact that there is some mysterious purpose to Terra Nova.  You know, something besides the fact that they’re trying to save humanity by going back in time.

I’m getting to used to watching tv online, and it’s really not as bad as I thought.  There are ads, of course, but either way there’s going to be commercials.  I don’t really mind commercials since they’re good for bathroom and snack breaks. 

Going back to Person of Interest for a moment, it did give me some ideas for NaNo this year, so even t.v. can be provide inspiration. 

There’s not much else to talk about t.v. wise, so I’m off, and have a great day!


Book: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Pages: 313 (Hardcover)

A Review: Breadcrumbs is about Jack and Hazel, 2 best friends from Minnesota.  One day, Jack stops talking to Hazel, and she knows something is wrong.  His heart is frozen by the White Witch, and is taken to her palace in the woods.  Hazel goes looking for him, and finds that the forest is nothing like what she imagined.  When they come out, they are completely different than when they went in.

I really liked Breadcrumbs.  There was something very magical and enchanting about the book, and the first half of the book had a lot of references to Narnia and Hogwarts that I just loved. 

The ending felt a little rushed and ended more abruptly than I thought it would.  Quite honestly, I expected something a little better, especially since it was obvious that Ursu put a lot of thought into the rest of the book.  Ending aside, it was enjoyable, and I loved seeing Hazel’s quirks, insecurities, and her sense of wonder and awe.  It really is a lovely story of growing up and growing apart from friends. 

I loved Hazel, who is a very imaginative, smart girl who doesn’t fit in.  There was a certain innocence about her, and while she had to step out of the fairy-tale world she loves to save Jack, I hope it’s something she doesn’t lose. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.  I really liked it, and there’s certainly something very enchanting and lovely about this book.

My To-Read List Is Out Of Control

I love Goodreads.  I really do.  With all the reading I’ve done this year, it’s come in handy.  I love reading, but as much as I love reading, I decided that next year, I would set a lower goal for myself in terms of reading.  Like 50 to 75 books. 

And then I started exploring their recommendation section.  It reccomends books based on what you’ve added and based on similar books that other people have added.  I had a handful of books on my to-read list…like 4 books, so literally, a handful of books. 

Now I have over 200!  226 to be exact.  It’s ridiculous!  But I’m always looking for new books to read, and considering that it’s based on books I’ve added and rated, I’m sure that I’ve found a bunch of books that I’ll really like.  I’m definitely going to start working on that list, since some of the books I’ve requested having a long waiting list, and I’m going to need books to read while waiting for them. 

I definitely have 2 years of reading material, and that’s if I stick with the 100 book per year goal.  And now, I’m considering it just to make it through that list. 

I mainly use Goodreads to keep track of what I’ve read, am reading, and want t0 (or going to) read, and what I’ve rated it.  And it keeps tracks of when I’ve read something too, provided I add in the dates.  But I really like the recommendation feature, and it refreshes as you add books, so I’m sure I’ll find even more books to read. 

They have all kinds of lists of books, and in answer to the question you may be asking yourself, I found some books there too!  I haven’t looked it all too much, because it’s a little overwhelming, and I pretty much ignore the groups, quizzes, and trivia sections, but I find the giveaway section really cool.

Seriously, I love the giveaway area.  Let me tell you why I love this part of the website.  Publishers list books that they give away for free.  You can enter to win a copy of these books.  I entered a few, because those books look really interesting, and if I can potentially win a free copy of it…

So a couple days, I was checking my email…and to my surprise, I won a free copy of a book called Wildflower Hill!  It’ll arrive in the next 4 to 6 weeks, but I’m really excited, since I don’t win anything.  I’m looking foward to it’s arrival, that’s for sure. 

But 226 books!  226!  That’s a lot of books to read!  But there is a good thing about having such a long list.  I’ll always have something to read, since, you know, I have a really long list of books to choose from.

More Podcast Talk

I went look for some more podcasts over the weekend.  I got caught up on the one’s I listening to, and found a ton of new podcasts to listen to.  Some I found at iTunes, but there were a bunch I found over at Pride48, which had their 48 hour marathon event.  I guess they have it every year, and since some of the podcasts I listen to were participating, I thought I’d listen this year.

I had heard of some of the podcasts before, but never listened to, so I downloaded those.  And there were a bunch I downloaded that I had never heard of.  I’ve listened to a few of them, and I’ve definitely found some new podcasts to listen to.  There are definitely a few that I tried listening to months ago but couldn’t get into.  I think I’m going to give them another listen, because I definitely have a few podcasts that I tried listening to, deleted, and then listened again…and liked them.

Back to Pride48, though.  It was really fun listening, especially since all of the Vegas shows were live, in front of an audience.  There were quite a few shows that weren’t broadcast from Vegas, but overall, it was really fun.  It made me wish I was there, but that really wasn’t an option this year.  And I don’t know if a non-podcaster can attend anyway….maybe if I start podcasting, I’ll be able to go next year, even if I don’t do the live show thing.  And hanging out in the chatroom was really fun!  I mostly lurked, but every once in a while, I commented on something.  I can’t wait for next year!

Anyway, I have lots of potential new podcasts to try out, and maybe some of them will stick.  I’ll probably post some kind of podcast update when I get through everything.

Day Of The Video

Okay, since I have no clue what to write about today, I have some videos to share.  I’ve found them in random places, but they’re really entertaining.

First, we have the Crazy Honey Badger video.  I recommend having the sound ON while watching this, because the narration is really what makes the video great.  And if you have the sound off, it’s just a bunch of nature footage.

Next is the Original Badger Song.  I never knew this video existed until I saw it posted on Facebook.  As a proud Hufflepuff, I bow down to the Badger.

The next video is the Potter Rock Anthem (Now I’m HufflePufflin).  Is it weird that I started singing along?  I think it’s one of my favorite parodies.

We R Slytherins is a parody of We R Who We R by Ke$ha.  I think I found it while watching the video above, but I can’t remember for sure.

And the final video for today is Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.  I found it over at The Last Muggle, and it’s one of my favorites.  I’m amazed they managed to condense 7 books into 99 seconds!

I hope you enjoyed the videos, I may post a few more another day.

I Got In!

Yesterday was monumental…I got my Pottermore welcome letter!  I was checking my email (one of them, I have 2), and I was surprised to find an email from Pottermore.  I completely forgot that I had originally registered with my yahoo email; there were some weird issues going on the first day with Yahoo, and felt confused as to why I hadn’t gotten after an hour.  So I signed up with my gmail, got that confirmation email, and impatiently waited for my welcome email.  So imagine my surprise when I got my pottermore welcome letter!

I jumped up and down screaming, and calmed down long enough to log in.  I still wasn’t sure what to expect, but you go through the entire book chapter-by-chapter.  Within each chapter are “moments.”  And within the moments, you can collect items and galleons and you can click different things to learn more about the characters and places.

I’m really impressed with all the art: it’s beautiful, and whoever worked on the art did a fantastic job.  I have my wand, Cypress, 11 inches, Phoenix feather core, slightly springy.  I have a cat, and most importantly…

I’m a Hufflepuff!

I was hoping to be in Hufflepuff, and failing that, Ravenclaw would have been my second choice.  Gryffindor would have been disappointing, and Slytherin would have been a shock.  It’s nice to know that the House I feel the strongest attachment to is the house I ended up in.

For both the wand and the sorting, you answer a bunch of questions.  For the wand, I remember there being a question about my height and my eye color, and a few other random questions that I don’t remember.  For the sorting, some of the answers, you could pinpoint to certain houses, but there were others that were super random and you couldn’t attach them to any of the houses.  Or at least, I couldn’t.

It wasn’t as interactive as I thought, and certainly not in the way I was expecting.  The story itself (Philosopher’s Stone) wasn’t very interactive, but the wizard’s duel part seems to be pretty interactive.  And you get to make potions and practice spells!  And the common room and Great Hall seem to be a mix between Facebook and Twitter, although I’d say that it leans more towards facebook.  Some of the pages are a little awkward, which I’m hoping they change for the next 6 books.

I think that’s it for now, so have a great weekend!

I Love The 90’s

I like all kinds of music, but 90’s music is one of my favorites!  One of the local radio stations here in San Diego had a best of the 90’s weekend, and so I just had to listen to it!  This is my list of essential 90’s music:

  • N*Sync:  I have a soft spot for boy bands, in particular the Backstreet Boys, so no 90’s weekend is complete without boy bands!
  • Alternative and Grunge: it was a really important part of the 90’s, and I heard a lot of bands like Garbage, No Doubt and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  And no 90’s weekend is complete without Nirvana- it always seems like Smells Like Teen Spirit is at the top of any best songs of the 90’s list.
  • Will Smith: when he actually had a music career!  Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It is an essential 90’s song, and it’s another fun song.
  •  Insane In The Brain: I love this song, and it’s so fun!  It’s a fun song is something I’ll probably be saying a lot.  Back to the song really quick, it’s insanely catchy.
  • Nothing Compares To You: It’s not a 90’s weekend until you hear Sinead O’Connor!  Of course, this is the only song of hers I know, so I wouldn’t know anything else of hers, but it’s an essential part of any 90’s playlist.
  • New Kids On The Block and Color Me Badd: I have no idea why they’re not included with the other boy bands, but whatever.  Hangin’ Tough and I Wanna Sex You Up…why I like those songs, I have no clue. 
  • MMMBop: I love this song.  So much, in fact, that I’ll randomly sing the chorus.
  • Macarena: Oh, macarena.  The macarena was annoying, yes, but oh so fun!  They played it, but I missed them playing it.  😦
  • Spice Girls: I’ve mentioned a bunch of boy bands, it’s only right I mention the Spice Girls.  Girl power!  Sadly, I never heard them play the Spice Girls…and I have no idea what they were thinking.

I noticed they tended to repeat certain songs and artists.  I was sad I didn’t hear Aqua, Right Said Fred, and Kris Kross. At least they played TLC.  Waterfalls is a good song.  Actually, there were a bunch of songs I never heard, but since I wasn’t glued to the radio for the whole weekend, it’s possible they played it when I wasn’t listening…if they played them at all. 

It was fun listening to 90’s music almost all weekend, and I found myself singing along quite frequently.  Have a great day!

More Thoughts About Seeing Deathly Hallows

I have more thoughts about Harry Potter- some stuff I thought was weird, some stuff I wish were included, some stuff I wish were done differently, and some other stuff that I liked about the movie.

  • Why did George have 2 ears?  He should only have one, because the ear that got cursed off wasn’t able to be fixed.  Did he magically get a prosthetic ear or something?
  • Cho Chang: First, she was hiding in the room of requirement, and then she was a student in the Great Hall.  There are two things wrong with this.  One, she should have graduated from Hogwarts, so why is still a student?  Two, if she’s a student, then why would she need to hide in the room of requirement?  It makes no sense.
  • I wished that Harry killed Voldemort in front of an audience.  There was also no celebration either, which was sad.  Harry takes down one of the most evil wizards of all time, and no one seems to care?  How did Harry explain that to everyone?  “Oh, hey guys, I killed Voldemort.  I’m pretty sure he’s dead because he just vaporized.”  The movie was just over two hours, I’m pretty sure they could’ve worked a celebration in there.
  • As much as I loved the duel between Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix, I expected it to be a lot more epic.  It was still really cool, and I loved how Mrs. Weasley got all don’t-mess-with-Mama-Weasley-or-else. 
  • I loved the soundtrack: it didn’t overpower the movie at all.  In fact, it added a lot to the movie.  I loved hearing Hedwig’s Theme and Harry’s Wondrous World a lot.  And the music definitely added a sense of urgency to all of the battle scenes. 
  • Breaking into Gringott’s and then riding away on the dragon was a fun scene to watch.
  • One thing I thought was really cool was showing how destroying the horcruxes affected both Voldemort and Harry.  And when Harry went to the forest- the scene with him, Ron and Hermione was really touching. 
  • More thoughts on the epilogue (aka, the 19 years later bit): I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought it was really well-done.  And honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the epilogue when I read the book…but now I don’t mind as much.  Seeing Harry just be a normal guy, and passing the torch to the next generation was pretty touching.
  • Why didn’t Harry fix his wand with the elder wand?  I suppose they could have filmed it and then it didn’t make the final cut, but again, it is something they could have added without worrying about the length of the movie.
  • Another scene I wished they included was Harry going into Dumbledore’s office.  Would’ve been nice to see Harry talking to Dumbledore’s portrait.
  • I loved Neville’s speech to Voldemort, but I kinda wished that it was a little more like the one in the book.  I definitely expected it to be more in line with the book, but it still made me cry! 
  • Speaking of the chaos of the battle, what was going on with the Slytherins being banished to the dungeons, but none of the younger students being escorted to safety?  Yeah, Voldemort doesn’t care if he kills an 11 or 12 year old (he did try to kill a 1 year old, after all), but really?  Was there no one to escort them to safety? 

Seeing it a second time was amazing!  I still loved it, and I still laughed and cried.  I think it’s one of my top favorite movies in the entire series.