Book Talk: Insurgent, The Movie (And Soundtrack)…With Spoilers

Book Talk is a sporadic feature where I talk about bookish but non-book review things, and this time, I’m talking about Insurgent! Be warned, there are going to be major movie/book spoilers ahead.  You have been warned!

Book Talk

I really liked Insurgent, but not as much as I liked Divergent.  It’s great movie and a great adaptation, but for some reason, I’m just not as enthused about it as I was Divergent.  I saw it a couple of days ago, and while I really liked it, something about it seemed off, and I can’t pinpoint why.

I didn’t mind the changes they made for the movie.  It’s very streamlined and condensed, but I thought they did a great job with that.  It’s been a while since I’ve read the books, but I didn’t realize how much was cut until I started re-reading the book when I got home from the movies.  Like, most of the time at Amity and Candor were cut, as was the time back at Dauntless. And even some of those events were at Candor instead of Dauntless. I didn’t mind it, because the movie had a lot going on and something had to go.  It does make me curious about how some of the events in Allegiant are going to be handled with such a condensed movie.  But since there’s this trend where book trilogies become four movies (which I assume is going to happen with Allegiant), maybe there will be a little more they can put into the movies.

Because so many of the faction/faction-less scenes were cut from the movie, things were changed, and they actually made a lot of sense.  And were actually interesting.  Like, the scanner technology that knew what faction you were and if you were Divergent and how Divergent you were.  And all of the scenes in Erudite to get the information is easily solved by the simulation box that can only be opened by a Divergent.  Which does also explains why they’re looking at the percentages, because they need someone who’s Divergent enough to open the box.

Given they never mentioned that Tris is immune to the different serums, they really needed to explain it and set it up for Allegiant.  Actually, I didn’t mind that they didn’t explain it, since the percentage thing kind of implied that Tris is really special, while also setting it up to be explained in Allegiant.

It is a very different movie than Divergent, which I expected since it has to wrap up things from Divergent while setting up Allegiant.

I feel like I really need to talk about the soundtrack really quick!  I loved the Divergent soundtrack a lot (it’s been out for a year, and it’s still played on repeat quite frequently) but I didn’t really fall in love with it the way I did with Divergent’s soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong, all of the songs fit the movie and book so well.  They definitely go together very well, but it just didn’t grab me the way I thought it would.  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a lot of listening to music time right now (which is a completely different story, and entirely possible) and made myself listen to it in the middle of the night because that’s the only time I could get myself to listen to it or other reasons I’m too lazy to think of right now.  Given I’ve been in a low-energy funk lately, it could be that.

It is half the length of the Divergent soundtrack, and while the songs go well together, there was something about it that seemed like they weren’t as carefully chosen as it’s predecessor.  And I felt like the soundtrack wasn’t as integral to the movie as Divergent’s soundtrack was.  But maybe the Insurgent score is super-awesome- I’ll definitely have to give it a listen if I can manage to carve out some music time.  And after actually buying it, of course.

Overall, I really liked Insurgent, and it really was a good adaptation of the book.  The soundtrack went well with the movie too, but I do wish you had some of the songs scattered throughout the movie the way you did with Divergent.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Book Talk: Mockingjay, Part 1, With Spoilers!

Book Talk is an occasional feature where I talk about book-ish non-review topics.

Book Talk

Today is all about Mockingjay, which I saw yesterday!  I’m not super-picky when it comes to movie adaptations, but The Hunger Games movies have been really, really good!

First, the non-spoilery part!  I really liked the movie, and thought it was pretty true to the book.  There are changes, of course, but I thought they worked really well.

Now, it’s time to get spoiler-y, so read at your own risk!

So, after seeing Mockingjay, I decided to re-read the book, since it’s been a while since I’ve read it.  (Admittedly, I only read part of it, because I kind of stopped a few pages after where they decided to split the movie into the 2 parts).

I think the biggest change was how we didn’t see most of survivors from District 12 in the movie- just her mom, Prim and Gale. Which was fine, because there’s enough going on.  All of the stuff with her prep team wasn’t in the movie, and a lot of their story (plus a lot of the story that features District 12 people) were incorporated into Effie’s story, which I liked.  They had to make cuts and changes, and they did make sense to me.  Having Effie…I just love Effie, and while she’s still her, she a more muted Effie. I do wonder if we’ll see her prep team at all, but I doubt it, since the movies really focused on her relationship with Cinna.

The two scenes that really got me were in District 8- in the hospital- and when Jennifer Lawrence was singing The Hanging Tree. And I really loved seeing some of the rebellions in the districts, particularly the District 5 rebellion.  Although…they had her sing The Hanging Tree, but not Rue’s Lullaby from the first movie?  I’m still annoyed that wasn’t in the movie.

I also liked actually seeing the propaganda spots and the mission to get Peeta, Johanna and Annie out of the capitol.  When I first heard that they were splitting this book into 2 movies, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but so far, I’m actually glad that they did. There’s not a lot of action in this one, because of where they ended it, and it’s really setting up the last 100+ pages (or, part 2).

I was also curious about where they were going to end the movie, which is Katniss watching looking in on Peeta in the hospital wing.  It did seem like a good place to end the movie, but there was part of me that was hoping they wouldn’t end the movie with Peeta choking Katniss, which did seem like a possibility for a few seconds.  I’m glad they didn’t end it there, and gave us a little bit more.

I’m really happy with the movie overall, though.  I didn’t recognize Julianne Moore as President Snow, and it drove me crazy that I couldn’t figure out who it was.  I don’t pay a lot of attention to casting news, and while I’m sure I heard that, it also didn’t stick.  I liked the cast they went with for the new characters, and I really liked Pollux!  I think he’s my favorite minor character in the movie, and Jennifer Lawrence was completely awesome as Katniss.

I’m definitely looking forward to the 2nd part of Mockingjay!

Book Talk: This Reading Slump Is Getting A Lot Better

Book Talk is a new and occasional feature where I talk about non-review bookish things.

Book Talk

Today, I’m revisiting the topic of reading slumps.  I’ve been in one for quite a few weeks now, and it was really weird for me, because I don’t really remember going through one before.  It’s been a totally weird and new experience for me, but I’m also glad I’ve gone through it.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was really starting to come out of it, because my reading habits have gone back to normal…for the most part.

It was actually a big help to talk about it, and after that original post, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I definitely felt better about my disinterest in reading.  I really do feel like it was my mind’s way of telling me to take a bit of a break and to slow it down for a while.  You can only keep it up for so long before it catches up with you.

Looking back, I think I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to always be reading, and to be reading constantly, and to have a lot of books going on at once, even if I didn’t realize it at the time.  Now that I’ve had a bit of a break, and am not constantly reading something, I felt like I had to read all the time because otherwise, I’d be a horrible book blogger because I wasn’t talking about what I was reading.  I definitely felt like I had to read a certain number of books a week, and that I need to keep up with how much I’ve previously read.

But book bloggers talk about all kinds of things, and it’s okay to take a step back and talk about those other things.  Like reading slumps and cookbooks and anything else that comes to mind.  It’s definitely not the end of the world.  Getting back into reviewing has been a little bit hard, because I haven’t been doing it as much, but it’s also good to be talking about what I’m reading.  And to be excited about what I reading (sometimes) and to actually WANT to pick up a book again.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been nice to read less than what I have been, but I also missed reading that much, so I’m glad to have several books going on at once.  

Still, I’m definitely going to try to keeping things at 4 or 5 books, because while I can handle 6 books, I also don’t really want to right now.  And I’m definitely going to be working in more audio books, because listening seems more my speed right now than reading.

I’ve definitely learned a lot from this reading slump:

  • For one thing, it’s okay to have periods where I don’t read as much or where I’m not super-interested in reading.  It doesn’t make me a horrible reader, and sometimes, I just need to curl up in bed with some good t.v. or sit on the couch crocheting. Just going with it and not stressing about it is really important- I think it’s just part of being a big reader and a book blogger.
  • And another thing is to try listening to audio books- there is something about having a book read to you, and it’s something I’ll have to try the next time I’m in a reading slump.  And maybe try print too?  For some reason, e-books weren’t doing it for me, so switching formats is something that’s worth trying out.
  • Also: re-reading books may work.  That’s another thing to try the next time I’m in a reading slump- reading old favorites may get me back to reading (but I also won’t know until I try, so there is that).
  • Another thing for next time: switching genres and reading things outside of my YA comfort zone.  Why did I not think of this earlier?

I’m definitely glad to be reading again, and even though it was weird at first, I’m glad that it’s over and that I went through it. I know that sounds weird, but I think it’s been good a take a bit of a break.

Book Talk: This Reading Slump Thing Is Absolutely HORRIBLE

Book Talk is a new feature where I talk about bookish, non-book review things.

Book Talk

So, two Book Talk posts in a row!

All because of this stupid reading slump that I’m currently in.  It’s weird, because it’s the first reading slump I’ve experienced since starting the blog…and the first one I actually remember paying attention to overall.  I’m sure I’ve had them before, but it was also something I didn’t think about before the blog.

As much as I love reading, I just don’t want to read.  I have zero interest in reading, and it’s something that I’ve slowly slid into.  It started out innocently enough with not being super-excited about anything I was reading, and I just figured I’d come out of it with a really awesome book.

But that hasn’t happened, and I’ve really felt it over the last 3 or 4 weeks, to the point that I just want to watch something on Netflix or crochet.  With as much I’ve read the last few years, it was bound to happen- I’ve read hundreds of books since I start posting book reviews, and I think the constant reading and having anywhere from 4-6 books going on was bound to burn me out eventually.

I just really hate that reading, which is such an important part of my life, is something I have no interest in doing.  

And I just don’t know what to do.

I mean, I feel guilty that I’m not reading like I used to, and I feel like it makes me a horrible reader because I have no interest in this thing I love so much.  I’m a reader, and I’m always to be supposed to be reading, even when it’s the last thing I want to do.  I’m so torn, because I feel like making myself read will make it better, and not reading means I’m somehow inferior to people who aren’t in a reading slump…but I don’t want to force myself to read because what if that makes it worse?  And if I don’t make myself read something, will I ever come back to reading?

Now that I see the words on the screen, it seems so stupid.  I’m a reader, and I always find my way back to it.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I really have to trust that I’ll come back to it in my own time.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of my reading life, and while I know that it’s okay to not always be reading and to do other things, there’s still that part of me that feels weird about not doing something I feel like I’m supposed to be doing.

Maybe, for now, I just need to read at a slower pace, read fewer books at one time, and not be reading constantly.  What’s a little weird is that when I do read, it’s enjoyable and fun.  It’s just that getting myself to read is the hard part.

It’s just frustrating because I don’t know how to deal with it.  It’s all new to me, so I’m just trying to figure this thing out, and how I can get out of it.

I don’t know that talking about this slump I’m in has given me a better idea of what to do, but I am feeling a lot better about this reading slump, and I’m really feeling like I will come out of.  And that it’s okay to have one sometimes.

Has anyone else experienced a reading slump?  And how did you get out of it? Or suggestions or advice on how to change things up?

  Have a happy weekend!

Book Talk: Cookbooks

Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature where I talk about non-book review bookish things.

Today is all about cookbooks!  I really like to cook and bake (but I prefer baking), and I feel like I’m always talking about the cookbooks I buy when I do my currently obsessed feature.  It just seems like the perfect time to talk about what I look for in a cookbook and why I’m so drawn to them.

I definitely like simplicity as far as cookbooks go- I like ingredients that I can get at one of the several grocery stores near my house.  I definitely like recipes that are simple and easy to make, and not overly complicated, with a lot of steps or ingredients.  I also look at how much certain ingredients are used- mostly spices, oils and vinegars- because if I’m going to buy cardamom or champagne vinegar or coconut oil, I really want to make sure it’s something I’m going to be using quite a bit.  I just don’t want a random assortment of spices that I only used that one time because it definitely takes away from the space I could be using for things I actually use on a regular basis.

While I’m a big fan of e-books and audiobooks, I actually prefer my cookbooks in print.  I have no problem setting up my laptop on a counter with a recipe I found on a blog or on pinterest.  But it does make me nervous, because I tend to be messy when I’m cooking (much more than normal cooking messes) and knowing me, I’d spill or splatter something all over my laptop.  I don’t mind as much if food splatters over the pages of a cookbook, but I’m really hesitant to have my computer right next to the stove.

And with print, I love pouring over every single recipe to see what I want to make- I just love marking which things I want to make, and adding notes when I do make things.  Things like if I’d make it again, if I made it at all, and any notes I have about the recipe, and why I would or wouldn’t make a recipe again.  I could do these things with a digital copy, but for whatever reason, I’d rather do this with a print copy.

Actually, now I’m curious if a majority of cookbooks are even available as e-books.  I’m sure some are, but it’s not something I’d even think to look at.  For some reason, I can’t see cookbooks being a big thing in terms of e-books.  And cookbooks are pretty visual, which is why I can’t see a lot of them being an e-book.  There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and if it’s what someone prefers, that’s cool with me.

I feel like cookbooks say a lot about people- what they like to cook and eat, and cookbooks definitely say a lot about the people behind them too.  I’ve never really thought about what my cookbook collection says about me- and going off of that, you’d get that I really like to cook, but not that I love to bake.  But other than that…I’m not really sure.  I may have to think about this.

And I’ve never thought about this before, but cookbooks do tell a story- certain smells and foods bring up certain memories, and they’re such a good peek into a certain place and time.  Like, I love seeing recipes from the 1800’s or some other time period.  It’s just so interesting to me to get a peek into a time and place where people ate something completely different than I do, and it’s cool to see how much has changed.

I know I’ve rambled a lot but I can’t help but love cookbooks!  Have a happy Thursday!

Book Talk: If I Stay, The Movie

Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature where I talk about book-ish things that aren’t book reviews!

Today’s discussion is about If I Stay, which I saw yesterday in theaters yesterday.

Here’s the non-spoilery part of my review: I think fans of the book will like If I Stay.  For those who haven’t read If I Stay- you will like this movie if you like books/movies  that deal with similar topics…but if that’s not your thing, you may or may not like this movie, so maybe read some reviews of the movie before making up your mind.

Now, onto the part where I spoil the movie- so if you don’t want movie spoilers, stop here! (Or skip down to where I talk about the soundtrack- there’s a note there saying that spoilers are done).

So, I liked If I Stay a lot!  It’s weird, because I thought it was a great adaptation, but as a movie…not so much.  I mean, I still liked it, but it’s one of those books that seems hard to translate to the big screen.  With all of the flashbacks, and the amount of time you spend in Mia’s head…I wasn’t sure how well it would work in a movie, which is so very visual.

There was a lot of voice-over narration by Mia, which wasn’t annoying.  At least to me, but other people may be annoyed with it. And, as you’d expect, there are changes made to the movie.  Like, the name of Adam’s band is Willamette Stone, and not Shooting Star, like it is in the book.  And the distraction used to get Adam into the ICU is different- those are the only two major changes, but there are a few minor ones throughout the movie.  And of course, not all of Mia’s flashbacks made it into the movie.  Which I didn’t mind, because that would be a lot of flashbacks.  And I get why quite a few of them are so focused on Adam and her relationship with them, but I do wish that some of the flashbacks were more focused on her family.

Still, I get the idea of focusing on why she should stay, even when she has so many reasons to go.  And the flashbacks really stood out, because you really do see how much her life is going to change if she stays, and what she’s no longer going to have if she stays.

And the music!  The music was awesome, and I loved that we got to see Willamette Stone play!  And I loved that we saw Mia play the cello- which actually makes me curious those scenes.  Like, did they get shots of Chloe Grace Moretz holding the cello, and then have someone actually play the cello, and then do whatever it is they needed to do to make it look like Moretz was playing the cello?  Because I kind of feel like that’s what was done…although, if she really could play the cello like that, I’d be really impressed (but I also think we would have heard about that).  Still, whoever is playing the cello did a great job.

Overall, I felt like the movie stayed pretty true to the heart of the book, and one thing that really surprised me was the ending of the movie.  So, the movie ends with Mia waking up, and choosing to stay- just like it happened in the book.  I really was expecting there to be another scene after that, but I was also glad that the movie ended the way it did in the book, because anything else would have felt so inauthentic.

I will say that lead to one of my favorite moments, because the screen goes white as she’s deciding, and everyone was waiting to see what would happen, and then she woke up, and then the screen went to black, and everyone was just kind of sitting there…and when the credits started rolling, you could hear someone say “No!”  And then we all laughed…and the mood definitely shifted after that, because you could hear all kinds of sniffling going on in the movie, so it was good to have that moment.  Which isn’t all the surprising, really.  Oh! There were quite a few funny moments throughout the movie, which was actually really nice, because it balanced the overall seriousness really well.

Now that I’m done talking about the movie…I thought I’d talk about the soundtrack to the movie, because with a movie-centric movie, I can’t leave it out!  

The soundtrack is great, I wholeheartedly recommend the soundtrack.  Movie soundtracks aren’t something I’m typically drawn to, but I knew I had to check out this soundtrack in particular, because I knew the songs would be awesome, and I’m glad I wasn’t wrong.  You can’t go wrong with any of them, and the ones by Willamette Stone (Adam’s band) are particularly great. But I thought I’d share a few of the songs that really stood out to me as great choices.

1- Promises by Ben Howard.  This song gets me so emotional every time I listen to it, and it’s such a good choice for the soundtrack.

2- Halo by Ane Brun and Linnea Olsson.  It’s a great cover of Halo- and at first, I didn’t even realize that it was Halo, but I couldn’t figure out why it seemed so familiar.  I also love that it’s accoustic, because it fits Mia and her cello so well.

3- Heal by Tom Odell.  It’s such a beautiful song, and it’s perfect for both book and movie.

Hope everyone has a happy week!

Book Talk: The Giver Totally Surprised Me, But In A Good Way

Book Talk

Book Talk is a new feature here at Reading Books With Coffee, where I talk about bookish topics that aren’t book reviews!

Today…I am talking about The Giver as a movie!  Before I get started on what I thought of the movie, I thought I’d explain a little about my thoughts on movie adaptations of books.

I’m definitely in the minority, because I’m big on movie first, book second.  I hate going in with every last detail hanging over my head, and the last thing I want to do is go into expectations of how the movie should be.  I’m pretty relaxed about changes made, because it’s something I have no control over, so why spend the movie talking about how this is different and that thing is all wrong, and why on earth would they do THAT?!?!?!  (However, that’s my preference, and everybody should go into a movie adaptation however they want).

And now, there are going to be spoilers for both book and movie (but mostly the movie), so if you don’t want spoilers, this will be where you’ll want to stop reading.

When I first heard The Giver was being made into a movie, I was surprised, curious, happy and nervous.  I loved the book as a kid, and it held up pretty well when I re-read it as an adult a couple of years ago (see my review here).

There are definitely changes- the two biggest being the characters are several years older in the movie than they are in the book, and Fiona and Asher, who are BFF’s with Jonas, have different jobs.

Let’s start with the characters being a few years older- this really worked for me, because it made the story much more believable.  Being the one person who has ALL the memories is not an easy job, and it’s one that has to take its toll.  After re-reading the book this week- after seeing the movie, of course- it’s actually hard to believe that an 11-year-old would be able to handle the things that Jonas has to deal with.  And it’s no wonder that the previous Receiver-In-Training asked to be released. I felt like everything explored in the book was explored differently (in a good way) because the characters were older.  Like Jonas and Fiona- there are hints of romance there (which I did see in the book) but feelings of romantic love were better suited with 16-year-olds.  And I felt like everything Jonas learns about his community and his reaction towards what they did, and what things used to be like were there but much more subtle than they were in the book.

It’s not as jarring as it was in the book, and a lot of that has to do with Jonas being older.  Older, movie Jonas experiences things very differently than younger, book Jonas, and I found that the story works really well no matter how old the character is.

As for Fiona and Asher having different jobs- it works, given how everything unfolds, especially in Asher’s case.  Speaking of Asher and Fiona, I liked that Fiona had a bigger in the movie than she did in the book, and that you do see how her relationship with Jonas changes over the course of the book.  She did seem open to what he had to say, and that she was willing to help him, even if it meant she would get into massive trouble. We’re talking Release to Elsewhere trouble.  Asher, on the other hand…I just didn’t love movie Asher at all. It was like he had some issues with Jonas, and I couldn’t help but wonder what his deal was.  However, Jonas does change, because he knows of things like love and war.  I wonder if Asher didn’t like the changes he saw in Jonas, and was acting differently because he felt like he was losing Jonas.

I LOVED that part of the movie is in black-and-white, and that you get random splashes of color throughout the beginning part of the movie…and that it’s black-and-white until Jonas starts receiving memories from Giver.  Going from black-and-white to color really added to what was going on, and it highlights what this society is missing out on when they erased memories.  It adds to the feeling that this society is not as perfect as it seems.

I actually loved seeing Jonas react to the different memories he received, and what he experiences really changes his relationships with people- particularly his friends and family.  I loved the scene where he showed Fiona what sledding was like, and I love that we get those moments.

His parents were colder than I remembered, and I wished that we had that one scene in the book, where it’s dinner and his sister and parents are sharing their feelings, and Jonas knows that they aren’t experiencing true emotion.  That scene in particular stands out as one that highlights how isolated Jonas is becoming as the Receiver, and how isolating of a job it is. We sort of get that throughout the movie, particularly with the Giver living so far apart from the community.  And I think Jonas’ changing relationship with Asher shows that as well.  It did seem to be very subtle, and shows up in other ways, but part of me still wishes that we had more of that.

The only other thing I didn’t like was that Rosemary wasn’t a big part of the movie.  You get the basics of her story, but our real introduction to her came at a weird time, and I felt like her story really influenced the selection of future Receivers.  It’s a shame that you don’t really see how much has changed in the last 10 years as far as what it means to be a Receiver, and why certain rules were in place.  Especially since Taylor Swift seemed like an AWESOME Rosemary.

Actually, I thought the movie was cast really well!  Jeff Bridges really stood out as the Giver, and I can’t imagine anyone else in that role- and I can honestly say that about ALL of the actors cast.  Meryl Streep was awesome, and Odeya Rush, who plays Fiona, and Brenton Thwaites, who plays Jonas were also great choices. There was something so sweet about Odeya as Fiona, and I felt like Brenton brought a sense of joy and wonder to receiving the memories.

Oh, the memories!  One of my favorite scenes of the entire movie was when you saw the memories come back to this community.  You don’t get it in the book, where I had never thought about what happened to them when they had to deal with the memories.  But I LOVE that they included it in the movie.

And one other interesting thing is this scene between Giver and the Chief Elder, where Giver is telling the Chief Elder that he knows she feel’s Rosemary’s loss.  Which I thought hinted that there was something between Giver and Chief Elder.  It didn’t go any further than that, but it was interesting because it added something to their backstory.

Overall, I thought it was a great adaptation, especially given that I only had a couple of issues with the movie.  It has everything awesome about the book, and it felt like it was made with a lot of care to the original story.  It really is The Giver brought to life, and that was the one thing I kept thinking during the movie.

I’ve only seen one review of the movie, which I like (and agree with very much).

And, of course, the two official trailers, below.  Enjoy!

Trailer #1 (All in color):

Trailer #2 (With the black-and-white scenes):

Book Talk: Introducing Book Talk

Book Talk

I came up with the idea for Book Talk a while ago, and I thought I’d actually (and officially) introduce this feature!

Book Talk is my way of talking about non-book review bookish things.  How I feel about different things (like movie adaptations of books) and I how approach and think about reading has changed so much over the last 3.5 years, and my reading life is so different now than it was when I first started book blogging.  I do a lot of reviews (okay, mostly reviews) and lately (like, pretty much all year) I’ve wanted to do something bookish but not the book review kind of bookish.

My reading life before the blog is a bit of a blur, but it’s been such a positive experience for me.  I get to talk what I’m reading and I’m so much better able at talking about what I’m reading and why I feel the way I do about books.  I feel like I’m better able to pick out books I’ll like and put down the ones I don’t.  I feel like I’m more open to different ways of reading- I feel like I’d try an app like Oyster (or similar apps) and different formats (switching between print, e-book and audio book is no problem now) and even genres that I don’t normally read (which isn’t as often as I want it to be).  I feel like I’m more aware of what I’m reading, and am more open to reading things outside of my reading comfort zone, even though I have a tendency to go for what I know I like, instead of truly making an effort to diversify my reading.  I’m more likely to check out an author’s other books if I like what I’ve read by them.

I could go on and on about how much my reading life has changed because of the blog, and I’m hoping to talk about all of these things and more.  There are so many things I want to talk about, but I have a tendency to get scared about sharing my opinions. I’ve started so many posts that I end up deleting because I’m worried that what I’m trying to get across isn’t coming out right or that I’ll come across as stupid (or some combination of the two).  Sometimes, I don’t chime in, because other people have (and have said it much better than I can) or because I’m not sure what my opinion is.  And often, it’s because I feel like I don’t have anything to add to the conversation.  But I really want to get over that, and I feel like this new feature will help with that.

Another big reason why I’ve wanted to do something like this is some of the things that came up in a recent Top Ten Tuesday list where we shared some bookish/book blogger confessions.  I talked about how I feel guilty for not doing more discussion posts but I also shared how I wanted to do some non-review posts.  That post has really motivated me to get this feature going, because one thing that came to mind while working on that post was how I really do want to start talking about other book-related topics, and how I want to get over my fear of being a bit more open.

I also think it would be interesting to go back and look at it in a few years to see how much things have changed.  And I have so many ideas for what I could talk about- like not finishing books or what I think about series and or movie adaptations or even fun bookish events like when I went to a book launch party for The Kiss Of Deception.  Or even what I think of any adaptations, like The Giver (which I’m seeing this weekend) and If I Stay, which I plan on seeing next weekend.

Now I’m actually get really excited about it!  I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting the Book Talk posts, but for now, it’ll probably be once or twice a month.  Maybe more, but it depends on how chatty I’m feeling.

Book Talk: Book Signings Are Pretty Awesome

Yesterday was pretty awesome!  I went to the book launch party for The Kiss Of Deception yesterday, and had such a great time!  I reviewed it earlier this week, so when I saw that there was going to be a book launch party/book signing at Mysterious Galaxy (a local sci-fi/fantasy/horror/mystery/thriller/suspense bookstore), I knew I had to go.

Kiss Of Deception And Swag

I haven’t been to many book signings, but they’re always fun to go to because going makes me even more excited to read the book.  And going to a signing for a book I’ve read was fun in a different way.  I really enjoyed The Kiss Of Deception and hearing Mary Pearson talk about all of the different inspirations for the book and how writing her Jenna Fox books inspired her to write this new series definitely made me want to re-read it already!  Reading the book before going to a signing definitely adds a different element to it- I have no idea how to explain what a difference it makes, but it does.  And I’m definitely excited to keep reading, because I’m so looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Kiss Of Deception Poster Collage

Like, I love that she was inspired by lost civilizations and true love and lack of technology.  There is definitely this feeling of a world that’s not necessarily medieval Europe (which is pretty common in fantasy), but something slightly older than that.  The different songs and stories and histories of the different kingdoms really added to that, and it really is one of my favorite parts of the entire book.  And the map in the physical book really helped see where everything was.

Having read an advanced copy, I don’t think the map was included, but that map, plus the one pictured above really helped see where everything was in relation to all of the other places.  That map is one side of a pretty awesome poster that was given out at the party!  The other side is the cover of the book, which is also the side that happens to be signed.  That part is a bit hard to see, but it is there.  The cover is pretty awesome, and it sounds like she’s pretty happy with the cover!  Plus, the bookmark has a little heart attached, which makes is really cool, because it goes so well with the book, and what it’s about.

Kiss Of Deception Signed

I definitely want to go to more book signings, though.  I’ve had a blast at the ones I’ve been to, so I’m definitely going to have to go to more.  I just…don’t know how to find out about book signings- well, not completely.  I’ve been to a few at Mysterious Galaxy, because I get their newsletter (and a couple of those few were in support of a friend), and I only recently signed up for the newsletter for another local independent bookstore (Warwicks, which is allegedly 30-ish minutes from my house if there’s no traffic, according to google, but it seems like farther away than that) plus one for the county library…which I think should cover most everything.  But I don’t know if there are other places to look, so if anyone has other suggestions, I am certainly welcome to them!

I love that I can look at a signed copy of book, and have very strong and specific memories attached to that book, because it’s definitely memorable.  Although…actually reading the signed book makes me nervous, because I’m way too freaked out that something bad will happen to it, so the signed copy is the nice copy that looks like it’s never been read…because I likely haven’t actually read that copy.  So, chances are, I’ll have a 2nd (e-book) copy of the book that’s my reading copy.  Not that I would take bad care of a signed book, because there is no way I’m eating or drinking near that book, and I would definitely use a proper bookmark (instead a paper clip or folding the corner of the current page) and I probably wouldn’t take it anyway. Other. unsigned books?  I’d probably dog ear them and whatnot because I don’t really care, but not a signed copy.  Or something someone lends, because I totally take good care of books that aren’t mine.

I am so glad I went, and I definitely recommend The Kiss Of Deception!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!