Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Characters I Want Sitting At My Lunch Table

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Top Ten Characters I Want Sitting At My Lunch Table

This is such a good topic, as it’s back to school time!  I’ve been out of school for quite some time, but if I did find myself back in school, this are the characters I’d want to be sitting with.

  1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Everyone needs a Luna in their life, and she’d be great to have lunch with because she’s so quirky.
  2. Mia from Princess Diaries.  Mia and I would so be friends in real life.  We’re totally the type of people to freak out about stuff, so we’d probably get along great.
  3. Meg from A Wrinkle In Time.  I love Meg, and she’s another character I would probably be friends with in real life.  I feel like we’re a lot alike.
  4. Claire from Morganville Vampires.  I feel like Claire and I would be friends in real life, because we both seem to be into school, and trouble seems to find her, she’s also a pretty nice person.
  5. Anna from Anna And The French Kiss.  It would be so fun to go to the movies with her!
  6. Iko from Cinder.  I love Iko, and she’s such a loyal and good friend that I’d totally want to have lunch with her.
  7. Joanne from Weather Wardens.  I really want her sense of fashion, and she’d be a great person to shop with!
  8. Ana from Incarnate.  Is it surprising that I think Ana and I would be friends in real life?  Because I’m pretty sure that we’d be good friends…I feel like we’ve both struggled with being different and finding our place.  While it’s something we all experience, I feel like I’d totally invite her to sit with me.
  9. Tonks from Harry Potter.  Mostly because Tonks is fun and tough, and I’d like to think that maybe some of that would rub off on me.
  10. Fred and George from Harry Potter.  I know it’s weird that Hermione isn’t on the list, but Fred and George are really funny, and it’d be hilarious to have them around.

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