Book Review: The Plague Forge

The Plague Forge CoverBook: The Plague Forge by Jason Hough

Published September 2013 by Del Rey|448 pages

Where I Got It: I got the paperback (signed!) from Mysterious Galaxy

Series: The Dire Earth Cycle #3

Genre: Adult Science Fiction

You can find The Plague Forge on goodreads|You can find Jason on goodreads,  facebooktwitter and his website

Goodreads Summary: After discovering the first key in the wreckage of a crashed Builder ship, Skyler Luiken and his crew follow the migrating aura towers in search of the four remaining relics. But time is running out: the team learn that the next Builder event will be the last, and one of the objects has already fallen into dangerous hands…Will the survivors finally reveal the Builders’ plan?

I’d like to start off this review by saying that I know Jason, so my review is probably a little biased…but I’ll try not to be!

I’ve really enjoyed this trilogy, and The Plague Forge was such a good ending for the series!  We finally learn what’s going on with the Builders, and we actually see an emissary from the Builders…who explains everything that’s being going on, and I wasn’t expecting it at all!  While everything is resolved (well, mostly), there’s also room to think about where things are going and how it will go, because the ending is slightly open-ended.  I’m actually curious about what earth is like a few (hundred) years after the end of the trilogy.  It’s a really satisfying ending, and there’s a lot of action!

Characters!  We see a different side of Blackfield, which was actually nice, because he kind of falls into a shade of gray for me.  And Grillo…I’m not even sure what to say about Grillo, who is not a cool guy. And Prumble really came through for everyone- as did a few of the other characters.  I really liked seeing the different perspectives, because there’s a lot going on, and I finished The Plague Forge feeling like I had a really clear picture of what was going on.

I want to go back to the Builders, because that was one of my favorite parts of the book!  There’s so much mystery and you can’t help but wonder what they want and what the ultimate plan is.  And everything we learn about them is very well-placed.  It’s not disappointing or lame or anything, and it’s actually super-believable for this world.  Because I really had no idea what to expect or where things were going, and I’m glad everything led to we learned about them.

The Plague Forge is easily my favorite book in the series.  For the reasons I’ve already talked about…and there’s just something about this book in particular, although I could not tell you what that is for the life of me.

To Sum Up…

I am so happy with how everything ended!  Things are pretty much resolved, but there is a part of it that also leaves the door open for future books set in this world.  The Plague Forge gets 5 stars.

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