Book Review: Thin Air

Thin Air CoverBook: Thin Air by Rachel Caine

Published August 2007 by Penguin Group|Pages: 336

Where I Got It: E-book|Nook Store

Series: Weather Warden #6

Genre: Adult Paranormal

Goodreads|Rachel Caine’s Website

Summary: After preventing Mother Earth from destroying the planet, Joanne Baldwin lost her memories thanks to Ashan the djinn-and they will remain lost forever unless Joanne can recover her identity-and destroy the demon who is impersonating her, fabulous shoes and all…

I absolutely loved Thin Air.  This series…it’s really addicting.  Seeing Joanne have to deal with trying to get her memories back and working with Venna and Ashan because he’s the only one who can do it.  And Demon Joanne, who convinces everyone she’s Joanne, but she’s really not Joanne.  Being a demon and all.

We see a separation between the dijinn- there’s the Old Dijinn, led by Ashan, and the New Dijinn, led by David.  Ashan’s not the biggest fan of us pesky humans, while David is.  So it would make sense that the Dijinn would separate into 2 different factions.  I wondered when this would happen, and it turns out that it happens in Thin Air.

Joanne really intrigued me in this one.  A lot of it is because she’s lost all of her memories, and she’s trying to get her memory back.  Along the way, we learn Imara is the new Oracle in Sedona, which means she’s too new to help Joanne.  And…we learn that Joanne has the abilities of a Fire Warden, a Weather Warden and an Earth Warden, which isn’t too surprising.  There’s part of me that wishes Joanne didn’t hit the trifecta, just because it’s a little too obvious.  Had this been any other book, I’d be worried about Joanne coming across as really perfect with tons of super-powers.  But she’s not perfect, even though she has to make a decision between Lewis and David, and even though she has these new abilities that she has to figure out how to use while keeping Mother Nature happy.

It really will be interesting to see how everything plays out- except for the Lewis-Joanne-David thing, because I know she’ll end up with David.  That’s totally not a spoiler, because it’s in the summaries for at least one of the last three books.  I’m starting to get really intrigued with the new Dijinn and the old Dijinn.  Partly because of Outcast season, but also because the divide between the Dijinn was there, even though it wasn’t a huge thing for a lot of the series.

Thin Air is a really good addition to the series.  Every book builds on the last one, and I feel like we’re peeling away the different layers of this world Caine is building.

Final Thoughts:

Thin Air is pretty freaking awesome.  Joanne’s powers are definitely interesting, now that that’s she on the same level as Lewis.  And I really loved seeing how the Dijinn ended up splitting into 2 groups.  Thin Air gets 5 stars.


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