GG 2 x 3: Red Light On The Wedding Night

Red Light On The Wedding Night originally aired October 16, 2001.  It was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Gail Mancuso.

We open this episode with Rory and Lorelei taste-testing different cakes at a bakery in Stars Hollow.  Rory printed up some quotes for the invitations…which is super weird because THE WEDDING IS IN TWO WEEKS!  I get this is a low-key wedding planned that has been planned in 3 months, but who prints up invitations for said wedding TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?!?!  I’ve never planned a wedding, and I have never been involved in the planning of a wedding, but shouldn’t the invitations be one of the first things you take care of?  Rory wonders about the ethics of taste-testing when Sookie is going to be making the test.  And then Fran mentions something about a coffee-flavored cake.

Next, Max and Lorelei hire Kirk, of all people, to be their wedding photographer.  I know any scene Kirk is in is going to be funny in a very strange way, but again, why are they leaving stuff until 2 weeks before the wedding?  The chairs, catering and location are taken care of right away, but you wait a couple months to hire a photographer and to print invitations?  That seems a little backward to me.  Anyway, Lorelei asks Max to stay over, because his apartment is going to be painted, and that way, he doesn’t have to go back and forth.

Rory and Dean are talking about their plans for the evening, when Rory brings up going on a double-date with Lorelei and Max.  We find Max cooking dinner, and Rory thinks the food smells good, even though it’s weird that someone is actually cooking in the kitchen.  They seem surprised by the fact that the oven has a broiler, and I’m not sure if they’re just joking around, or if they’re being serious.  Maybe it’s both!

Later that night, Lorelei goes to talk to Rory, because it’s weird for her to have Max there.  Rory tells her that it’s just Max, but Lorelei starts talking about how their life will change once Lorelei gets married, because it won’t be a girls-only, no boys allowed club anymore.

At breakfast the next morning, Taylor is in a good mood because Stars Hollow is getting its first traffic light.  This doesn’t go over well with Luke, who uses it as a way to get out of talking about Lorelei’s wedding.  We go on the double date, which ends with Max learning that there’s no need for him to be a parent with Rory.  Basically, Max comments on how Rory and Dean are still on the porch, wonders what he should do if he comes home and they’re making out on the couch.  Lorelei says that since Rory’s all grown-up at the age of 16- I think she’s still 16- at this point, so let’s go with that- there’s no need for him to parent Rory because she’ll handle it.  Lorelei doesn’t see the problem, and Max wonders what his role is, other than answering the phone and making garlic bread.  He asks Lorelei if she’s even thought about how their future, because they’re taking two very different lives and melding them together.  Not surprisingly, Lorelei hasn’t thought about it, but says she’ll start thinking about it.  Seriously, two-ish weeks before you’re getting married, and you’re just now talking about stuff like Max’s role in Rory’s life?  They make up minutes later, and so we find Lorelei and Sookie talking about Lorelei’s bachelorette party at the installation of the traffic light.

Fast forward to the party- which takes place at a club, and somehow Rory manages to get in, despite the fact that she needs to be 18, and is currently 16.  I sort of have an issue with this- I mean, Lorelei and Rory are super-close, and you’d think it would occur to Lorelei that maybe her bachelorette party should be somewhere that Rory is, oh, I don’t know, actually allowed to get into?  Unsurprisingly, Rory actually gets in, and they find Emily sitting at a table.  Everyone (Michel, Sookie, Miss Patty, Lorelei and Rory) order drinks, and Emily talks about how excited she was the week leading up to her wedding.  Emily shares that she would try her dress on every single night.  Sookie calls Jackson, Rory talks to Dean and Lorelei calls…Chris.

She goes off into a corner, and just wanted to share her news with someone who knew her, but it turned out that Rory had told him Lorelei was seeing Max.

The next day, she’s at work, and Michel, Sookie and Lorelei are all hung over.  Max shows up, because he wanted to drop something off, but couldn’t, because he doesn’t have keys and there was no one to let him in.  Lorelei apparently keeps forgetting to give him keys, and he’s trying to not read too much into it, but he eventually tells her to think of someone besides herself.  He apologizes immediately.

Later, Rory asks Lorelei why she called Chris at her bachelorette party, and Lorelei blames it on the Long Island Ice Tea.  Which is totally weird, because she ordered her drink and talked to Chris, like, a few seconds later.  At this point, I think she’s having doubts, especially after what Emily said, and just needed to blame it on something.

Luke built a hoopah for Lorelei, and they talk about weddings and relationships.

The episode ends with Lorelei cancelling the wedding because she didn’t try on her wedding dress everyday, and Lorelei and Rory going on a road trip.

So, here’s what I’ve been not saying the last couple weeks.  I’ve seen each season several times, so I knew that things wouldn’t work out between Lorelei and Max.  At least Lorelei didn’t actually get married, but watching it this time around, it really seemed like Lorelei wasn’t sure about getting married from the moment Max proposed- maybe even saying yes, because that’s what people expected her to do…which is really unlike Lorelei.

Favorite lines:

Rory, in reference to ethics: Highly subjective and completely over-rated.

Lorelei: I hate funny bottoms.

Pop Culture:

Billy Jack, Mussolini, Brady Bunch, Yogi Berra, AI (the Haley Joel Osment movie)

Final Thoughts:

This really was a frustrating episode- much more than what I remembered.  Honestly, it seemed like Max was much more willing to be in a serious relationship than Lorelei.  I found myself agreeing with Max several times throughout the episode.  Just because Rory’s 16 doesn’t mean Max shouldn’t have a role in raising her.  Just…this was a really frustrating episode.  It gets 2 mugs of coffee.


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