5 Shows I’m Glad I Watch

Today’s post is about the 5 shows I’m glad I watch.  They are in no particular order.

  • NCIS: I’m so glad I “discovered” this show back in January.  There a lot I like about the show- from the character relationships to the dialogue to the characters in general, it’s on my must-watch list.
  • Once Upon A Time: It’s done by the same people who did lost, and I really like the show.  Plus, there are random things that end up on the show, and it’s interesting to see what they are every week.
  • House: I wasn’t sure about what it would be like with Cuddy gone, but it’s starting to get back to the show I love.  The last season or so, it got a little weird.  But it seems to be getting back on course.
  • Pan Am: It’s fun, and while I don’t usually watch the retro/period piece t.v. shows, this one got my interest.  It’s interesting to say the least, and I do like the fact that one of the girls is a spy.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: It’s another show that got a little weird for me, but at least no one’s having hallucinations about a dead fiancee that they’re having sex with.  The character relationships are interesting, not to mention complicated, and there’s always something crazy happening. 

So, some are new, some are old, and another, while not new, is new to me!  I’ll be glad when everything is back to it’s regularly scheduled programming, because I’m getting tired of re-runs.  Maybe I should start watching the food network again…

From Christmas Music To Year-End Lists

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to turn off the Christmas music, and start paying attention to all those lists that seem to pop up this time of year.  You know, the one’s ranking the most popular songs of the year?  I’m going to miss listening to Christmas music, and while I could listen to it all year, it would be be slightly strange listening to Christmas music in the middle of April or something.  There’s always Christmas in July, I suppose, but it’s still weird.  Christmas music is definitely special because it comes around once a year, and I don’t want to (potentially) take the special-ness away by listening to it year-round.

I used to love listening to those year-end top 50 songs of the year countdown lists- back when I used to listen to the radio a lot.  I don’t listen to it as much now, except for Jeff and Jer, because they’re *awesome*!  But I have a bunch of stations I added to Pandora, and while I have no idea if I’ll actually listen to them over the next week, I’m sure I’ll listen to them eventually.

For me, it’s been an interesting year of things to listen to.  I definitely got into podcasts this year, and there are so many that I love.  I’m not trolling for any more podcasts at this point, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find some more to listen to.  I’m definitely glad that I stumbled across the world of podcasting, and there’s no way that I’m going to stop listening to them.

Come to think of it, I may have to come up with some of my own year-end lists, and not just for music but for other things as well…

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to talk about, and even thought about not doing something music or podcast related, but I was in a rambling sort of mood, so I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with something more substantial than random musings.  And next Monday, I’ll have some sort of best of list for music and podcasts.

Where Has All The T.V. Gone?

Now that it’s the holidays, t.v. has gone on a vacation until the new year.  It’s slightly annoying, but I guess the actors needs a break, right?  Besides, it’ll give me a chance to catch up on Revenge and Person Of Interest, since I’m woefully behind on both shows.  I definitely like Revenge, and Person of Interest is interesting.  I like it, but I’m still on the fence about it.

America’s Next Top Model had their season finale this week, and it was certainly interesting.  I wanted Allison to win, but no such luck.  However, the last 20 minutes!  That was a very unexpected twist- they had to reshoot the final judging, since information came out about Angelea that disqualified her from the competition.  And they wanted to judge both Allison and Lisa on their own.  Absolutely no explanation of what happened with Angelea, but all signs point to her winning and posting that she won on Facebook.  It’s just a rumor, but it does seem likely.  And the way she was portrayed would certainly indicate she’d be the type to shout it to the world.  But who wouldn’t?  Still, for someone who really wanted to win, why would you potentially mess it up to post it on Facebook or whatever?

Then again, who knows why anyone does anything?  I’m sure next season will be interesting too, but I’m sad Andre Leon Talley is leaving the show.

I’m not sure what else to say about t.v., other than I’ll probably get far too used to reruns of stuff.

Libraries Are Awesome

I’ve been to the library several times over the last week, and got so much done!  I finished a few books I was reading, I worked on my blog a little, and I did most of my writing for the week!  Oh, and I looked at a consanguinity chart too, and managed to make sense of it.

It’s nice and quiet, there are comfy chairs, tables, free wi-fi and outlets!  The outlet part is especially important because the battery in my laptop is pretty much dead, and I can’t afford a new one, which means that I am attached to the power cord at all times.  It tends to be inconvenient when I want to work on something at a place that is not called my house, since I need an outlet, and most places don’t seem to have a lot of outlets.  If they have any at all, that is.  I mean, I can write out some notes or an outline or brainstorm…but if I want to actually work on one of my novels, I need to be plugged in to do so.  It’s not that big of a deal, because it nevers hurt to brainstorm, but at the same time, I can’t access any of my typed notes.  I did write down the notes I had typed up, so at least I have a written copy in my binder.  And looking at my notes when brainstorming could help me come up with ideas.

Now that I’m done whining about how my battery is dead, I don’t know why I didn’t think of adding my library to the list of place to go to.  Coffeeshops are also good places, but it’s harder to justify staying at a coffeeshop for a few hours.  At least for me- and I tend to get slightly more distracted at a coffeshop than at the library…the library is a magical place.  I feel like I have to be productive at the library, especially when I look around and see people studying and stuff.

I think that’s enough rambling for now.  There’s no doubt I’ll be rambling about something else soon!

Could I Make It Through A Day With No Technology?

Here’s a prompt for today (courtesy of The Daily Post, done by wordpress): Your phone, laptop, tab, ipad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most?

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, as in, I’ve had the email since mid-April.  What with the possibility of the end of the world, I thought I’d finally answer it.  Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve done a writing prompt, so it’s about time.

I have major issues with this question.  What kind of phone are they refering to?  Because I rarely use my cell phone, so I’d be fine if I didn’t use it.  However, because I rarely use it, I only need to charge every 1-2 weeks.  Or do they mean landline?  Why wouldn’t my landline or my cell phone work?  By tab, do they mean a tablet?  Because I don’t have one, nor do I have an i-Pad, so that wouldn’t be a problem.  Why wouldn’t my desktop work?  As for my laptop, there’s no way I could use it.  My battery is now completely dead, so it needs to be plugged in at all times.  I can’t afford a battery, so hopefully I won’t need to rely on battery power anytime soon. 

This question really isn’t worded very well- it definitely needs to be more clear, but I’ll do my best.  It seems like it’s geared toward what we would do if there were no power, so that’s how I’ll answer it.

So what would I do?  Probably read, or attempt to work on my plot bunnies, and do a little outlining.  Maybe edit the 2 novels I actually have printed out.  Try to learn to crochet or knit, since I have a crochet for dummies, and a book about how to knit. 

I don’t work right now, so work wouldn’t be affected, but since I listen to a lot of podcasts, and work on my novels, I’d probably miss my laptop the most. 

Since the question doesn’t mention handheld gaming systems, like the DS, mp3 players, or tv, I’d totally listen to my iPod, watch some tv and play some video games. 

I would definitely be able to get through a day with no technology, although it would probably be really hard, especially the first few hours.  If I absolutely felt the need to write, I’d probably turn to pen and paper.  I hate handwriting actual novels- mostly because part of my first nano was handwritten, since I worked on it while taking the bus everywhere, and then I’d type it up when I got home.  It was a pain, and I never did it again.  So I’d probably outline it, and type it up whenever the power comes back.

Two Season Finales This Week

I’m pretty excited about the season finales for both NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy that air this week.  I’m looking foward to both, because it looks like both episodes are going to be big. 

I really can’t believe that I didn’t get into NCIS before, but the whole Port-to-Port storyline has been really interesting.  I’m really annoyed that they killed Mike Franks, because he’s always been a really interesting character.  It’s too bad Muse Watson had a recurring role, because I would have loved to see him as a regular cast member.  Random side note: I love Agent Fornell, and it’s a shame Joe Spano only gets to be on a couple of episodes every season.  Anyway, I can’t wait until tonight, because tonight’s episode is going to have serious effects for next season, and is going to change things for the world of NCIS.  Well, according to the interviews I’ve read. 

As for Grey’s Anatomy, it’s going to be an emotional shoot-out (instead of an actual one, thank goodness).  They really like to go big for their season finales, and this one looks like it’ll be no different.  Watching the previews, I kept thinking “oh my god, that’s really happening…”  If Meredith and Derek really break up, and end up getting a divorce after they finally get married, I will not be happy.  Considering how long it took them to get together, and everything they’ve been through…grrr!  And it looks like Meredith gets fired for messing with the Alzheimer’s trial.  Looks like I’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Two Days In…So Far, So Good

May is my least favorite month of the year…you’d think it would be a happy month, on account of my birthday being in May.  But May will always be associated with my grandpa’s death.  And since it was about 10 days before my birthday, I always associate the two, probably because I was still grieving. 

Last year, for pretty much the whole month, I randomly cried, felt really depressed, and didn’t want to get out of bed at all.  So far, nothing out of the ordinary, and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I’ve been listening to this one podcast called Greetings From Nowhere, which I heard about on this other podcast, and it’s hysterical.  It’s these 2 women who live in Wenatchee, Washington, talking about their lives in Wenatchee and what it’s like living in a small town.  I’m slowly starting to catch up, but they make living there sound like so much fun!  The Viva La RLF, Schwanbeck Stories, and the CBS, you rat bastards episodes are my 3 favorites episodes so far.  I totally find myself responding to what they’re saying, and other times, I’m laughing hysterically at something they’ve said.

I still need to catch up on Inside The Podcasting Studio, which will happen after I catch up on Greetings From Nowhere.  There aren’t as many episodes, and they’re about half the length, so it won’t take as long.  From there, I’ll probably alternate between Accio Potter Wizard Radio and the Jane Austen Podcast until they’re both done. 

I have a nice stack of library books too!  Most of them are by Alison Weir, plus a David Starkey book.  And I checked out the first two books from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, to balance all of the long, non-fiction books I decided I needed to read.  Yay for being busy!

More Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

Now that I’m much more awake, I thought I’d talk more about the royal wedding.  I wasn’t all that into it, mostly because the amount of coverage going to it was insane, and I was really sick of it.  I did watch it, pretty much because I couldn’t sleep, and it was a nice distraction from everything going on in the world.  I was completely exhausted by the time I went to bed yesterday morning, because I had been up for nearly a day at that point.  At least I slept well.

Anyway, I loved Katherine’s dress- for the most part anyway.  I didn’t care for the lace. but overall it was a really pretty dress.  I didn’t care for the coverage before the wedding, so I attempted to sleep but I couldn’t, so I figured I might as well stay up.

Is it weird that I was bored?  I know people were all excited about it, but it’s a wedding.  Of a prince (with a bunch of other titles) to his college sweetheart who’s now a duchess of…somewhere.  I can’t keep track of all this duke and duchess and viscount and earl stuff, which means that I am going to have major issues when I get around to writing that historical fiction I’ve been researching.  Anyway, it was just a wedding of two people who just happen to be well-known.  Yes, it was nice to see, and yes, it was a nice distraction from everything else going on, but at the same time, why on earth are people so excited about it?  I.  JUST.  DON’T.  UNDERSTAND.

If only we had a DVR at my house.  Then I could have recorded it and watched it at a more reasonable hour.  But alas, I found myself awake for nearly 24 hours to watch a wedding.  My grandma was sad she missed it, but she ended up finding a replay of the wedding on some random station…and the commentators were translating everything into spanish, so she didn’t know what they were saying.  I guess she thought all the coverage started at 4 am, but didn’t get the whole 4 am on the east coast thing, so she ended up missing the entire wedding by a few minutes.

I have another funny story too!  My mom comes out into the family room wondering why me and my grandma are up so early, so I tell her we’re watching the wedding stuff.  My mom then asks me what channel it was on.

My response?

Pick one channel, any dang channel, and they’re probably showing the freakin’ wedding.  My mom’s like, okay, cool, and she wanders off.

Like, really?  It’s one of the biggest things to happen, ever, so like…hello.  Everyone’s going to be showing it.  Then again it was early, so she might not have been completely awake.

Have a great day everyone!