Book Talk: I Hate This Low-Energy Reading Funk Thing

Book Talk is a sporadic feature where I talk about bookish but non-book review things.

Book Talk

Today is about…this weird reading funk that’s been going on for almost a couple of months now.  It started out innocently enough, with me not having the mental energy to read or focus on much of anything except coming home from work tired enough to go to bed at 5:30…but also just able to do not much of anything except sit on the couch and watch t.v.  February was a bit crazy for me, and because I was so low-energy and unable to focus on things like reading and crochet, I wasn’t doing much of either.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a reading slump, and I really did want to read, I just didn’t have the ability to focus on it very much. It has been a lot easier to deal with than the reading slump I had a few months ago- mostly because of having been through it, and knowing I’d come out of it eventually but it still sucked because the desire was there, even if the ability wasn’t.

So I started reading fewer books and at a slower pace, since that was really all I could manage.

But even though I’m not coming home from work exhausted, I’m finding that things are still pretty wonky.

Like, I’m back to reading now, and I have these random periods where I’ll go through most of a book in one sitting before finishing the last chapter or two a few days later.  Or I’ll start a book, only to find that I can’t focus on it, so I’ll put it on hold until I can focus on it.  There are also all of the times I tell myself I’m going to start reading a book, but then I never do, and so I put it on hold.  It is a lot better now, but I still find myself having some trouble focusing on some books.

I’ve also found that it’s seeped its way into blogging.  I don’t have energy for writing blog posts.  It’s why my posts have been Top Ten Tuesday posts lately, plus the odd movie review or monthly recap posts.  Even writing those posts have been really challenging- even on the weekend, when I have more energy.

I still want to review all of the books I’ve been reading (a few of which are from last month), so in the meantime, I’m planning on a few posts where I’ll talk a little bit about each book I read, instead of a full-on review.  I think I’ll be doing that for a while, because while I’m able to focus a little more than I was able to, I’m still not able to focus on it as much as I want to/used to.

I was able to sit down and write a couple of review round-up posts, and it was good to get back into the swing of (blogging) things.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started doing it again, and I know that everything will go back to normal. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, but it’ll happen when it happens.

Have an awesome week!

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