Currently Obsessed With: March Was Mostly Boring

Currently Obsessed With is a once-a-month (but sometimes more) feature where I talk about my favorite things I’m obsessing over.

Currently Obsessed With

March was a weird month, and I talked about how I still felt pretty low energy with reading and blogging. Hopefully April will be better!


I don’t have much to say, since I’ve already talked up my month in nails, but I did want to talk about that super-sticky base coat I got (since I forgot to mention it).  I did notice that my nail polish started to chip within a day, which is weird because I didn’t do anything different.  But other than a few small chips (and one sort of big one), it’s been okay.


I haven’t really been working on anything- I just haven’t been in the mood or have the energy to crochet anything, except whatever it is I’ve been doing during yarn group.


I went to a book signing, for Prudence by Gail Carriger, and it was super-fun.  I don’t think I laughed during a book signing so much before, it was absolutely hysterical.  I also got City Of A Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster as my audible pick, and I’m excited because I’ve wanted to read it for ages.


I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things, like Revenge and Blacklist!  I also loved the season finale for Hart Of Dixie, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get canceled, but something about the episode made me feel like it might be, because it felt more like a final send-off.

I saw Insurgent, which I already talked about, and I also went to Cinderella, which I loved.  The costumes and sets were beautiful, and I had Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo stuck in my head for a week.  I do wish the one song that Cinderella and her mom sing were on the soundtrack, but maybe there’s another version I can hunt down.

Around The Internet:

I’ve found a few awesome things I really want to share!

Like this post about Harry Potter Spin-Offs and this hilarious post of Harry Potter Parodies.  I think Sorted This Way is my favorite one of the bunch, but they’re all really cool!

This is a really interesting post about re-reading, and this is an interesting one about pelvic pain and YA.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has a hilarious post about clippy bookmarks and romance novel covers.

I really like this post about the history of Harlequin.  It’s totally worth checking out, even if you’re not a romance fan.

This blog post about a culture of reading/a culture of buying made me think a lot!  As did this one about e-book pricing…and I think I will never understand e-book pricing.

This blog post about reading diversely reminds me that I really want to do my own post about it (even though the thought terrifies me for some reason).  It also makes me glad I’m such a YA fan, because it seems like there’s a lot of resources for YA fans, but that could just be that it’s on my radar a lot more than adult books.


I haven’t listened to a lot of music, but I do have a few new albums I haven’t had a chance to listen to. Hopefully, I’ll have more to share next month!

That’s actually it for March!  I really hope April is much more exciting and eventful for me.  Happy Thursday!

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